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									The Small House at Allington
Chronicles of Barsetshire

Author: Anthony Trollope

Lily Dale is sublimely happy when she becomes engaged to Adolphus Crosbie, assistant secretary in a
government agency. Lily is the niece of Squire Dale, an embittered old bachelor fixedly stuck in the
"Great House" at Allington. Crosbie spends a weekend away from Lily, and becomes attracted to Lady
Alexandrina De Courcy, Who is from a noble Family. He asks for her hand in marriage, jilting he former
love, Lily. John Eames, a young government clerk, has loved Lily Dale for years. He tries to get Lily to
notice him after she gets jilted, but she still loves Crosbie, and maintains her love for him despite his
treachery. Crosbie, however, soon finds that his noble bride brings no money into the marriage, but
continues to spend it as though she had. His "noble" marriage is a debacle from start to finish. All Lily's
friends urge her toward Eames, but Lily stubbornly clings to her hopeless love.Please Note: This book
has been reformatted to be easy to read in true text, not scanned images that can sometimes be difficult
to decipher. The Microsoft eBook has a contents page linked to the chapter headings for easy navigation.
The Adobe eBook has bookmarks at chapter headings and is printable up to two full copies per year.
Both versions are text searchable.

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