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									The Streetwise Investor
The Streetwise Investor
Author: Alan Moore
Author: James Moore

Edition: 1

The Streetwise Investor is no ordinary personal finance guide. It fills the reader with the confidence to
make sensible, profitable investment decisions based on common sense. It helps investors understand
the problems they're facing and deal with them, and gives them the guidance they need to earn better
returns without risking it all.
Author Bio
Alan Moore
Alan Moore enjoyed a highly successful career in the financial services industry. In 1980 he founded what
was rapidly to become one of the largest firms of independent investment advisors in the country. In 1987,
backed by the recently retired chairman of ICI (Sir John Harvey-Jones), he became the Chief Executive of
Burns-Anderson PLC. Retiring at the age of 40 since then he has been an active private investor, studied
theology at Oxford, written a regular column for the Guardian and currently acts as a consultant within the
gaming industry. <br>

James Moore
<br>James Moore is currently reading Computer Science at Downing College, Cambridge. He is the co-
author of the highly acclaimed book Professional PHP Programming. <br>

"...a handy first step to making that first cool million..."

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