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									                  Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi
                  Department of Chemical Engineering
 Date: 18th Feb 2010                Ref: IITD/PLN03/C/BCHE/VVB/2009-10/HPC-Cluster

Department of Chemical Engineering invites quotations for a High Performance Compute
Cluster to be built with 2-Socket Severs (approximately 16 servers) with the following

Compute servers (Qty: approximately 15)

   1. Processors: TWO quad core processors (a total of 8 cores per server). Processor
      must be of latest generation with high performance integrated memory controller
      on the processor and with at least 8 MB L3 cache. The server should be able to run
      64 bit Unix, 32/64 bit Linux and 64 bit Windows Operating system.

      Provide separate options for latest generation AMD Opteron (with at least 2.6
      GHz clock speed) and INTEL Xeon (with at least 2.93 GHz clock speed)

   2. Memory: 12 GB (Registered DDR3-1333 MHz RAM for Intel Xeon and DDR2 for AMD
      Opetron ) upgradable to at least 32 GB. Mention the number of DIMM slots that will
      get used up for 12 GB and the number of slots that will remain free for future

   3. Storage: one 32 GB SSD hot pluggable disk ; should also be able to accommodate at
      least one additional hot pluggable SATA or SAS hard disks

   4. Interface ports: At least 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports, at least 4 USB and 1
      Serial port

   5. Infiniband 4XQDR card compatible with above mentioned server with IB cable of 1
      meter length

   6. Chassis: 1U/2U racking mounting with rack mounting kit

   7. Operating system: Systems to be supplied with 64 bit Red hat Linux.

   8. Other features: Should feature an embedded dedicated Service processor to enable
      lights out management, system must provide secure remote access using web
      interface over SSL and CLI, the product should be RoHS compliant.

   9. Warranty: 3 year comprehensive onsite warranty (inclusive of parts and labor costs)

Master server (Qty: One)

Master server should have the same specifications as mentioned above for the compute
server. In addition, the master server should have the following:

   1. Four 500 GB SATA with 10K RPM Hot Pluggable Disk, Should also be able to
      accommodate at least 8 additional hot pluggable SATA or SAS hard disks
   2. Hard Disk controller; PCI-E based RAID controller with 256 MB and support for RAID
      levels 0, 1, 5, 6
   3. DVD +/- RM, CD-RW combo drive (internal)
   4. Dual Redundant hot swappable high efficiency power supply
   5. 19” Flat panel monitor (1 No.), Key board with USB connectivity (1 No.) and optical
      mouse with USB connectivity and mouse pad (1 No)

Also quote separately for
        36 Port Infiniband 4X QDR Switch with 3 years warranty (Qty: One)
        42U Rack with accessories
Scope of Work:
The vendor will be responsible for setting up of the High Performance Computing
Cluster using a Infiniband or Gigabit switch based on 64 bit Unix/Linux with dynamic
resource management tool, dynamic resource balancing, policy based resource allocation,
cluster management tool, scheduler, management of concurrent computing of parallel
applications, compiler. Vendor must supply C, C++, F77 and F90 compilers required for
64bit Linux/Unix. Implementation of GNU and Intel compilers and MVAPICH2 and OpenMPI
with IB. Installation and configuration of batch queuing software like open PBS or similar.
Installation and configuration commercial flow solvers (available with the department) in
parallel mode using IB interconnects. Definition of scripts for changing the environment
variables for the MPI and Compiler stack. Web Based cluster Management utility.

Terms and conditions
   • The suppliers who can set up and manage the high performance compute cluster
      (as described in scope of work) are eligible to quote.
   • The supplier must have experience of setting and managing of at least one high
      performance compute cluster (with at least 16 nodes) using infini-band
      interconnectivity. The details of such (place, system description) should be
      provided with the technical bid.
   • The supplier must be an authorized dealer/distributor of the
      principal/manufacturer and should furnish the authorization certificate from the
      principal/manufacturer. Quotations without authorization certificate will be
   • The supplier should be able to install/set-up application softwares used by dept
      such as Ansys 12, Fluent, Aspen, including parallelization on the cluster.
   • The technical and commercial bids must be submitted in separate sealed envelopes
      subscribed with “Technical Bid” or "Commercial Bid" as appropriate. Both the
      technical and the commercial bids should be enclosed in an envelope subscribed
      "Quotation for High Performance Compute Cluster" and should be submitted to
      the undersigned.
   • Quotations should include all the terms and conditions i.e. applicable taxes, CIF
      Delhi in case of import, installation, warranty and delivery schedule.
   • Quotations must be valid for at least three months from the date of NIQ.
   • A special discount/rebate wherever admissible keeping in view that supplies are
      being made for educational purpose in respect of public institution of national
      importance may please be indicated.
   • The institute reserves right to accept or reject any or all quotations without stating
      the reasons thereof.

The quotations should reach the Head, Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian
Institute of Technology-Delhi, New Delhi 110016 latest by 5.00 pm on March 4, 2010.

Dr. Ratan Mohan / Dr. Vivek Buwa
Department of Chemical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi − 110016
Tel: 011-26591033 / 26591027

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