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					Controller assembly IP252mH for direct use
in SIMATIC-S5- and SIMATIC-S7-400 systems

• Digital control for up to 4 hydraulic axes
• Freely configurable controller variants:
  – Position controller (PDT1) with zero point compensation
     (integration action principle), residual voltage principle for
     proportional valves with positive overlap, command value
     feed forward (speed, acceleration, pressure)
  – Position dependent decelaration to the target position with
     velocity characteristic curve adjustment
  – Synchronisation controller (PI) to the master/slave principle or
     average value principle
  – Pressure/force controller (PIDT1) with differential pressure
• Cam switching mechanism with 32 cross axis cams
• The measuring systems used can be either analogue, incremental
  or absolute (SSI) encoders for position sensing or analogue
  transducers for pressure/force

Programming and system integration
• Use in the automation units SIMATIC S5-115U, S5-135U,
  S5-155U and S7-400
• Comfortable communication programme "COM252M" (MS-DOS)
  with the following features:
  – Commissioning and diagnosis functions
  – Controller configuration
  – Project data administration
  – NC sequence programming
  – Graphical measured data evaluation
• NC language in line with DIN 66 025, max. 2000 NC sets
• Extended NC command sets for pressure control, monitoring
  functions, change-over to open or closed loop control
• Data exchange with the automation unit via standard function blocks
• For VT16000 the adjustment of the hardware to the individual customer-specific
  application by means of up to 4 plug-in peripheral modules:
  – Combination module with 8 analogue inputs and 4 analogue outputs
  – Counter module for 2 incremental linear and/or rotary encoders
  – SSI module for 4 absolute value encoders with SSI interface
  – Digital module with 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs
• For two VT16005 permanently installed peripheral modules:
  – Combination module with 4 analogue inputs and 2 analogue outputs
  – SSI modules with 2 absolute value encoders with SSI interface

Type of electronics                                                                information:
VT 16000 (IP252mH)             Point-to-point control for up to 4 hydraulic axes   RE 29 788-P
VT 16005 (IP252mH)             Point-to-point control for up to 2 hydraulic axes   RE 29 788-P

                               Applications:    • Presses
                                                • Plastic processing machines
                                                • Machine tools
                                                • Transfer machines
                                                • Special machinery