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Hal Holbrook In Mark Twain Tonight!
Hal Holbrook's landmark one-man show is most startling in the freshness of
Twain's stinging commentary on politics, the art of lying, religion, patriotism,
slavery and man's notion that he is the Creator's pet.

The Hallelujah Trail
Based on the novel by Bill Gulick.
Western comedy about a hard-nosed cavalryman with orders to escort a
precious cargo of 40 wagonloads of whiskey bound for Denver.

Hamlet (1948)
The classic version of Shakespeare's Hamlet, the towering tragedy of the
Danish prince who feigns madness to trap his father's murderer.

Hamlet (1980)
A dramatization of William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet starring Derek Jacobi
and Claire Bloom.

Hamlet (2000)
Based on the play "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare.
A contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare's epic story of passion, betrayal
and revenge. The president of the Denmark Corporation is dead, and already
his wife is remarried to the man suspected of his murder. No one is more
troubled by this than her son, Hamlet. Now, after this hostile takeover, trust is
impossible, passion is on the rise and vengeance is in the air.

Hanging Up
Based on the book by Delia Ephron.
Three sisters struggle to deal with each other and their aging father.

Hanover Street
An American bomber pilot falls in love with a British nurse, and then must
escort her husband on a mission behind enemy lines.

Hans Brinker
Based on the story "Hans Brinker" also known as "The Silver Skates" by Mary
Mapes Dodge.
A Dutch boy and his sister, whose father is injured and cannot remember
where he hid the family's money, work to not only save their father's life, but
attempt to compete in an upcoming skating contest which has a first prize a
pair of silver skates.

Happy Gilmore
Although Happy dreams of becoming a professional hockey player, he
discovers that his hockey slap shot translates to an astonishing 400 yard tee
shot. So when his grandmother loses her home to the IRS, Happy decides to
earn the house back by joining the pro golf tour, bringing his ferocious temper
and outlandish antics to the well-tended fairways.

A Hard Day's Night
A fictional account of an average day in the life of the Beatles as they take
Paul's grandfather under their wing while preparing for a television special in
London. This special edition includes 18 minutes of rare additional footage:
the theatrical trailer for the 1982 re-release, a revealing interview with
director Richard Lester and, in its entirety (11 min.), Lester's experimental
film,"The Running,Jumping & Standing Still Film" starring Peter Sellers.

Hard Times
Set in Victorian England, dramatization of the Charles Dickens novel of
broken dreams and family failures.

Harold And Maude
A black comedy about a rich, disturbed, young man, fascinated with death
and funerals, who has an affair and a series of adventures with an eccentric
and independent 80 year-old woman.

The Harp In The South
An Irish family moves to Australia where they find hardship and kindness.

Harriet Craig
Based on the 1926 Pulitzer Prize-winning play Craig’s Wife, by George Kelly.
Because of a childhood trauma, Harriet (Joan Crawford) is obsessed with
maintaining control over her life, even at the expense of her husband (Wendell
Corey) and cousin (K.T. Stevens).

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
Based on the novel by J.K. Rowling.
Finds young wizard Harry and his friends Ron and Hermoine facing new
challenges during their second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
Wizardry as they try to uncover a dark force that is terrorizing the school.

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
Based on the novel by J.K. Rowling.
El joven mago Harry y sus amigos Ron y Hermoine hacen frente a desafios
nuevos durante su segundo ano en la Escuela Hogwarts de la Brujeria y la
Hechiceria mientras intentan encontrar una fuerza siniestra que aterroriza la
Young wizard Harry and his friends Ron and Hermoine face new challenges
during their second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as
they try to uncover a dark force that is terrorizing the school.
In Spanish. (Spanish dubbed).

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban
Based on the novel by J.K. Rowling.
Harry, Ron and Hermione, now teenagers, return for their third year at
Hogwarts. There they are forced to face escaped prisoner, Sirius Black, who
poses a great threat to Harry. In addition to new experiences, Harry must
overcome the threats of Dementors, outsmart a werewolf and finally deal with
the truth about Sirius and his relationship with his parents. Harry and
friends master advanced magic classes, cross time barriers and change the
course of more than one life.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
Based on the novel by J.K. Rowling.
Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy with a
great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School for Wizards
and Witches.

Comedy about a good-natured fellow whose constant companion is a six-foot
tall invisible rabbit. His sister is determined to marry her daughter off and
decides to commit her brother to a mental hospital to get him out of the way.
Due to a mix-up the sister is committed instead, and it is up to the kindly
brother and his imaginary friend to straighten things out!

From a story by Harry Kurnitz.
John Wayne heads a group of highly skilled professional game hunters in
Africa who capture the ferocious big game with strong rope and cameras for
zoos and circus attractions.

The Haunting
Dr. Markway, a trained anthropologist with a special interest in psychic
research, wants to try what he hopes will be a true exercise in terror. He’s
heard about the reputation of Hill House, which claimed the lives of several of
its young inhabitants, and wishes to explore the horrors of the unseen and the

Based on the novel by James A. Michener.
Tells the story of Hawaii, from the arrival of the first missionaries in 1820.
The white man came with the intention of bringing God to the natives, but
instead they brought disease and destruction.

Heart Like A Wheel
Speeding along on her Daddy's lap in his 1946 Cadillac, little Shirley knew
she was born to race. But little girls grow up to be women, and women have no
place in the macho world of hot rod racing--until Shirley. The film takes us
through her childhood as the daughter of a country western singer, a doomed
marriage to an auto mechanic and, finally, her tumultuous rise to the top of
drag racing.

Heart Of The High Country
She is a woman alone in an unforgiving land, determined to make a better life
for herself. Her only tools are a heart filled with hope and a will that cannot
be broken. In the grand tradition of Catherine Cookson's and Barbara Taylor
Bradford's best-selling novels, comes this sweeping drama about a young
woman whose dreams are repeatedly dashed against bitter realities.

The Heartbreak Kid
Lenny Cantrow, an ambitious 27-year-old sporting goods salesman, meets a
girl named Lila in a Manhattan singles bar. Following a brief courtship,
Lenny proposes marriage. On their honeymoon in Florida, Lenny decides that
he’s made a mistake.

A "In 1910 Elinore Randall, a widow, and her seven-year-old daughter travel
by train to face two great unknowns-- a strange land and life with a man they
have never met. Elinore has contracted by mail to keep house for Clyde
Stewart, a rancher living in the remote frontier near Burntfork, Wyoming.
Captivated by the vast landscape, Elinore acts quickly on her secret passion: to
homestead a piece of land of her own. But fulfilling her year's contract with
Clyde may be as challenging as the oncoming winter-- a winter of devastating
blizzards, famine and isolation."--Container.

Hearts In Atlantis
Based on the short story by Stephen King.
As a mid-aged man's friend dies, Bobby takes a look back at his childhood
memories ... When mysterious out-of-towner, Ted, moves into the boarding
house that 11-year-old Bobby shares with his self-involved mother, Bobby
jumps at the chance to befriend an adult who talks to him straightforwardly.
Ted enlists Bobby to read him the newspaper daily - - and to keep an eye out
for the "low men" bent on capturing Ted, who possesses a strange mind-
reading power.

The Heat Of The Day
A suspense filled story about espionage and betrayal set in World War II

Heat of the sun
3 videocassettes.
In Heat of the Sun's three episodes, Albert Tyburn, a brash former Scotland
Yard detective transplanted to Kenya for a new assignment, applies a
somewhat less-than-saintly approach to bringing murderers to justice.
Private lives -- Hide in plain sight -- The sport of the kings.

Heaven Can Wait
A Los Angeles Rams quarterback accidently goes to heaven after a car
accident, and returns to earth in the body of another man.

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison
Stranded together on a Pacific Island, an Irish nun and a heroic Marine
sergeant hide out from invading Japanese troops who take over the island and
set up a base. Living under perilous conditions with unendurable hardships,
the sergeant falls deeply in love with the religious woman, refusing to believe
she won't forsake her vows to be with him.

Heavenly Creatures
Based on an actual crime, Heavenly Creatures is the story of two teenage girls
who form an intense bond that leads to shocking consequences.

Heidi (1937)
Heidi, an orphan, first charms her gruff grandfather who lives in the Swiss
mountains, and then the household where she is sent to be a companion to an
invalid girl.

Heidi (1989)
Based on the novel by Johanna Spyri.

The Heiress
Drama based on Henry James novel Washington Square: Catherine is the
only heir to her stern father's vast estate. When a dashing fortune hunter
named Morris Townsend wants her to elope, she is threatened with
disinheritance. On the eve of their marriage he deserts her. Seven years later
Morris returns, and a wiser Catherine plots her revenge.

Hello, Dolly!
Comedy about a young widow who has become a matchmaker and is trying to
find a match for a successful hay-and-feed merchant in Yonkers.

Ringo's life is imperiled by an ancient sacrificial ring stuck on his famous
finger. The ring makes him a target of a group of hilariously demented
oriental mystics, who chase the boys from London to the Swiss Alps to the

Henry V
Henry V is Shakespeare's dramatic depiction of England's Henry as he strives
to claim the crown of France. Henry finally establishes an alliance with
France when he meets and marries Catherine of Valois after his army is

Henry V
Based on the play by William Shakespeare.
Young King Henry of England asserts a hereditary claim to the throne of
France, gathering an army and embarking on a course that will lead to one of
England's greatest battlefield triumphs and forever change the face of Europe.

Her Majesty Mrs. Brown
Queen Victoria, the world's most powerful woman. John Brown, a simple
Scottish Highlander. Their extraordinary friendship transformed an empire.

Herbie Goes Bananas
Based on characters created by Gordon Buford.
Set amid exotic Central American locations, the internationally renowned
Herbie, everyone's favorite VW, further demonstrates his special brand of
humor as he sets sail for Rio de Janeiro's Grande Premio racing competition
.En route, he gets sidetracked by a smuggling syndicate, pestered by a pint-
sized pickpocket, and bullied by a raging bull.

Here Come The Nelsons
Ozzie mistakenly believes Harriet wants a younger man and sets out to prove
that he still has what it takes. Meanwhile, David and Ricky’s plan to help
their dad’s advertising agency gets the boys involved with gangsters. When
the hoods hold Ricky hostage, Ozzie concocts an ingenious rescue plan that
brings the whole town in on the act. A charming ‘50’s farce.

The Heroes Of Telemark
In Nazi-occupied Norway a tough underground leader and a scientist put
aside their differences and combine forces to try to destroy a top-secret nuclear
weapons factory.

Hi-De-Hi! No dogs allowed; If wet, in the ballroom
When he babysits a large dog, Jeffrey risks losing his position as
entertainment manager at the holiday camp. A series of rainy days stretches
the staff's ability to provide indoor amusements.

Hi-De-Hi! On with the motley; A night not to remember
Through events beyond his control, Jeffery becomes inebriated and is escorted
back to his chalet by the predatory Gladys. Rumors abound the next morning
that the two have spent the night together.

Hi-De-Hi! Peggy's big chance; Lift up your minds
Peggy the chalet maid interviews to become a Yellow-coat. Jeffrey tries to lift
the minds of the campers and the staff with a recital of classical music.

Hi-De-Hi! Hey Diddle Diddle; Desire in the Mickey Mouse Grotto
After a runner-up at the camp's Holiday Princess Competition is seen entering
one of the staff's chalets late at night, steps must be taken to pacify irate
parents. But what really happened in the chalet?

Hi-De-Hi! The Day of reckoning; Charity begins at home
The camp's riding instructor has a shady past that is revealed when he
believes one of the campers has been hired to kill him.The staff and campers
must smile throughout "Sunshine Smile Day" or they will have to pay a
shilling into the Campers' Amenity Fund.

Hi-De-Hi! The Beauty queen affair; The partridge season
The manager prohibits the camp's staff from enjoying perks when he discovers
that they celebrate birthdays every two weeks to prepare themselves for new
arrivals. His friends try to hide Mr. Partridge's drinking problem from the
senior staff.

The Hidden Fortress = Kakushi Toride No San Akunin
A princess must escape across enemy lines with the royal treasure, guarded
only by a loyal general and two greedy peasants. The Hidden fortress is
acknowledged by George Lucas as being his inspiration for Star Wars.
In Japanese with English subtitles.

The Hiding Place
Traces the life of Corrie Ten Boom, from the quiet years before World War II,
to her work with the "underground" in helping to save the lives of countless
Jewish families.

High Noon
A civic-minded marshal, on the verge of retirement, faces a revengeful killer in
a gun duel after the indifferent townspeople refuse to assist him.

High Society
Tracy Lord is trying to be remarried quietly but she is persuaded to allow two
reporters to cover the nuptials. By the time the wedding march begins, she has
accumulated several potential grooms.

Hilary And Jackie
The incredible true story of two sisters joined by music and torn apart by love
for the same man.

The Hill
A heroic officer is imprisoned for refusing to obey a suicidal order.

His Girl Friday
A comedy feature about a big city newspaper editor and his star reporter who
is also his ex-wife. On the eve of her remarriage he connives to get her back on
the newspaper staff and into his life.

Hold The Dream
3 videocassettes.
Based on the book by Barbara Taylor Bradford.
Paula Fairley mirrors the image of her grandmother, the family matriarch,
but begins to lose control of her life. Her life and marriage begin to crumble,
and a man who offers a different kind of fulfillment appears. Continues the
story, "Woman of Substance."

Based on the play by Philip Barry.
An iconoclastic young man who's engaged to a snooty heiress discovers he's
really in love with his fiancee's down-to-earth sister.

Based on the novel by Louis Sachar.
Young Stanley Yelnats finds himself at Camp Green Lake, where digging a
hole a day keeps the warden at bay and "builds character". An ancient family
curse still dogs Stanley and he's thrown headlong into the adventure of his
life. Stanley and his campmates will have to forge fast friendships to unearth
the mystery of what's really going on in the desert.

Home alone
When eight-year-old Kevin McCallister's family left for vacation, they forgot
one minor detail: Kevin!

Home Of The Brave
Based on an original play by Arthur Laurents.
For black GI, Peter Moss (James Edwards), the war never ends. Paralyzed
from the waist down, he wages a battle against horrifying memories of the
treacherous undergrowth of South Pacific jungle of Japanese snipers, and the
virulent racism of his soldier comrades.

Home To Roost
Henry is a contented divorce who has not seen his son Matthew in years. Then,
out of nowhere, the high-spirited teen shows up on his doorstep and Henry
reluctantly takes him in. A life of domestic disharmony begins.

The Homecoming
Set on a Depression Christmas Eve in 1933, this heart-tugging story centers
around the Waltons as they prepare to celebrate Christmas together.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
A fun-loving bulldog, a wise old golden retriever, and a hilarious Siamese cat
travel through the rugged Sierras in a search for their missing human family.

Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco
When the pets accidentally get separated from their vacationing owners,
Chance, Shadow and Sassy navigate the mean streets of San Francisco, trying
to find their home across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
An absent-minded inventor, working on a shrinking machine, accidentally
shrinks his kids down to 1/4 inch in height! When they are tossed out with
the trash, they have to make their way home through a backyard that has
become a jungle.

Honeymoon In Vegas
A low-rent private eye proposes a whirlwind Vegas marriage to his long-
suffering girl, but before they can say "I do," he loses her in a poker game to a
slick and sinister card-shark, and embarks on a wild quest to get her back.

The Honeymooners
8 videocassettes.
Two couples, the Kramdens and the Nortons, perpetually scheme to improve
their lot in life in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. v.1. Thick & thin friends -- v.2.
Money troubles -- v. 3. TV, fun & games -- v. 4. Jealousy loves company -- v. 5.
The Bensonhurst blues -- v. 6. At the lodge -- v. 7. Mothers-in-law and order -
- v. 8. Leave the driving to Ralph.

The Honeymooners hidden episodes. Volume 11
Vacation at Fred's landing (June 19, 1954) -- Teamwork: beat the clock
(November 20, 1954)

The Honeymooners hidden episodes, volume 12
Great jewel robbery (Feb. 22, 1955) -- Guest speaker (June 13, 1955)

The Honeymooners hidden episodes, volume 13
Love letter (Nov. 24, 1956) -- Champagne & caviar (Nov. 7, 1953)

The Honeymooners Lost Episodes. 30
Finders keepers: Ralph and Ed decide to buy a candy store, but they lack the
money. Two tickets to the fight: The visit from Alice's Uncle George may ruin
Ralph's night out at the fights.

A high-flying adventure from the magic of Steven Spielberg, Hook stars Robin
Williams as a grown-up Peter Pan and Dustin Hoffman as the infamous
Captain Hook.

Hoop Dreams
Follows the high school careers of two young men from Chicago's inner city as
they pursue their dream of playing professional basketball.

It's 1951 in Hickory, Indiana, a place that takes its basketball as seriously as
its religion. Into this tiny town strolls Norman Dalo, a once-hailed, now-
failed college coach taking up the unenviable task of coaching Hickory High's
eight-man hoop squad.

Hope Floats
After a very sloppy and painful divorce, a woman who comes back to her home
town in Smithville Texas with her daughter, has to deal with people in her

Based on the novel by Brian Garfield.
When Miles Kendig is fired from his top CIA job, he decides to tell all by
writing a book.

Horatio Hornblower: The Adventure Continues
Based on the novels by C.S. Forester.
Following his rapid rise through the ranks of the King's Navy, Hornblower is
assigned to the HMS Renown which is sailing to the West Indies to subdue a
pirate fleet. Her brutal captain is rapidly going insane forcing Hornblower to
take action that threatens not only his naval career but his life as well.

Horatio Hornblower: the new adventures
Based on the novel Hornblower and the hotspur by C.S. Forester.
Loyalty -- Duty.

4 videocassettes.
The epic saga of Horatio Hornblower, the legendary sea-faring, hero, comes to
life in these films based on C.S. Forester's classic novels. Set against the
bloody backdrop of the Napoleonic wars. Hornblower charts a course for high
adventure following the raw recruit as he battles the French, evades capture,
and rises through the ranks of the King's Navy.
Vol. 1. The Duel - - vol. 2. The fire ships - - vol. 3. The Duchess and the devil -
- vol. 4. The wrong war.

The Horse Dealer’s Daughter
A haunting short story of a young woman’s search for identity. Taken for
granted by her brothers after the death of her father, she struggles with an
uncertain future -- discovering her own self worth through the eyes of the
young town doctor.

Horse Feathers
Groucho is president of Huxley College in this parody of college life. The fourth
comedy by the Marx Brothers.

The Horse Soldiers
It is 1863, the rough and rugged Colonel Marlowe is in command of a motley
assortment of 1200 Union volunteers. Their task is to infiltrate 300 miles of
Southern territory and destroy the most strategic rail route in the entire

The Horseman On The Roof
In a world ravaged by revolution and violence, two strangers - - a handsome
renegade and a beautiful countess - - find their only chance for survival in
each other! Together they undertake a perilous cross-country journey where
they will also discover unmatched danger, excitement...and passion!
In French with English subtitles.

The Horse Whisperer
Fourteen-year-old Grace MacLean and her friend Judith go horseback riding
in upstate New York on a winter morning, but their horses lose their footing
on ice and slide onto a road, where Judith and her horse are killed by a
jackknifing truck. Grace has her right leg amputated, and the frightening
incident leaves a lasting trauma not only on Grace but also on her horse,
Pilgrim. Grace's mother seeking Grace's recovery, feels there's a link between
her crippled, embittered daughter and Pilgrim's behavior. Learning about a
horse trainer with a special gift, she takes Grace and Pilgrim to Montana
where horse whisperer Tom Booker lives on a ranch with his family.

The Horse's Mouth
Based upon the novel by Joyce Cary.
An eccentric down-on-his-luck artist, recently out of jail, will stop at nothing
to get money.

Hot Lead & Cold Feet
A two-gun terror and his brother turn an old cowtown upside down. A blazing,
rip-roaring riotous saga of brotherly competition in a winner-take-all battle
for an inheritance.

Hotel Du Lac
Story about the self-discovery of a romance writer as she learns the truth
about others.

The Hound Of The Baskervilles
Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead in strange circumstances. And when Sir
Henry Baskerville arrives from America, he finds a death threat waiting for
him at the hotel. Sherlock Holmes is called to investigate.

The Hours
Based on the book by Michael Cunningham.
In 1929, Virginia Woolf is starting to write her novel, 'Mrs.Dalloway, ' under
the care of doctors and family. In 1951, Laura Brown is planning for her
husband's birthday, but is preoccupied with reading Woolf's novel. In 2001,
Clarrisa Vaughn is planning an award party for her friend, an author dying
of AIDS. Taking place over one day, all three stories are interconnected with
the novel: one is writing it, one is reading it, and one is living it.

House Calls
A comedy about the on-again, off-again romance between a recently widowed
surgeon and a not-all-that-gay divorcee.

House Of Cards
When a mother finds her young daughter has withdrawn from reality, she and
a well-meaning doctor struggle to come to the aid of the child.

House Of Cards
The stinging, sharp-edged story of Francis Urquhart, a petty politician, who
schemes and backstabs his way to the top of his party.

The House Of Eliott
 6 videocassettes.
A glittering story of fashion, romance, and family fortune, unfolds in London
of the roaring twenties.

The House Of Fear
Sherlock Holmes is called in to solve the mystery of why the members of "The
Good Comrades" club are being hideously mutilated and murdered.

The House Of Mirth
Based on the novel by Edith Wharton.
The glittering yet treacherous world of New York High Society comes to life in
the heartbreaking story of Lily Bart, a renowned beauty of exquisite charm
who seeks a wealthy husband but winds up disgraced and discarded.

House Of Sand And Fog
Based on the novel by Andre Dubus III.
Kathy gets evicted from her home for failing to pay a tax she never should
have been charged to pay in the first place. The house is swiftly put up for
auction and bought by a former military officer from Iran named Behrani.
When legal efforts fail her, Kathy turns to a sympathetic cop who wants out of
a loveless marriage and who is willing to step over legal boundaries if it might
give him the fresh start he is so badly craving.

The House Of The Spirits
Based on the novel by Isabel Allende.
The core of this epic tale spanning three generations of the Trueba family is
the stormy, yet passionate, relationship between the supernaturally gifted
Clara and her controlling husband Esteban, who resists change both
politically and personally.

House On Haunted Hill
Vincent Price is the owner of a haunted house who offers five strangers
$10,000 to spend the night in his house. When they accept his offer, they soon
regret it. A great old fashioned ghost story with a wild finish and a new twist.

A House Without A Christmas Tree
A heartwarming story of a father and daughter who discover the real spirit of

Shows Cary Grant as a government attorney, living in a houseboat, widowed
and left with three unruly kids. He hires Sophia Loren and ends up falling in
love with her.

Shortly after an architect’s girlfriend turns down his marriage proposal, he
encounters a woman who decides on her own to move into his empty dream
house and pass herself off as his new wife - - with hilarious and romantic

How Green Was My Valley
A man looks back on his life as a boy in a small Welsh mining town. His
reminiscences reveal the disintegration of his closely knit family, while
capturing the sentiments and issues of their time.

How Many Miles To Babylon?
Alex and Jerry were close childhood friends despite their class differences, and
remain friends in the army. When Jerry is court-martialed for desertion, Alex
must deal with being in charge of the firing squad.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Based on the book by Dr. Seuss.
Why is the Grinch such a grouch? No one seems to know, until little Cindy Lou
Who takes matters into her own hands and turns both Whoville and the
Grinch's world upside down, inside out... and funny side up in her search for
the true meaning of Christmas.

How The West Was Won
A western adventure spanning three generations, the breadth of a wild,
unsettled country, and fifty of the most excitingly turbulent years of this
nation's history.

How To Be Absolutely Fabulous
A behind-the-scenes look at the television hit Absolutely Fabulous, with
highlights of most memorable moments, staff comments, out-takes, candid,
and a trivia challenge.

How To Make An American Quilt
A young woman visits her grandmother one summer to think over a marriage
proposal, and the women in a quilting bee confide to her the stories of the loves
that have shaped their lives.

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
The story follows J. Pierpont Finch as he makes a meteoric rise from mailroom
to junior executive, captures the heart of a pretty office worker and the
admiring eye of the president -- all in the morning of his second day at work.
It's only a matter of hours 'till his sights are set on the company boardroom.

Howards End
Tells the story of the idealistic, independent and highly educated Schlegel
sisters and their tangled relationships with a rich businessman and his
family, and with an unhappily married young bank clerk.

The Hunchback
Based on The hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo.
A hideously deformed foundling, a calculating archdeacon, and a beautiful
gypsy who dances for coins cross paths in this adaptation of the classic Victor
Hugo novel.

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Quasimodo, the hunchback bell-ringer of Notre Dame, rescues and defends the
gypsy girl, Esmeralda.

The Hunt For Red October
A new Soviet sub, the Red October, is heading for the U.S. coast. Government
experts think it is planning to attack- that is, all the experts but one. He thinks
the sub's commander is planning to defect, but he has only a few hours to find
the sub and prove his theory.

The Hurricane
Based on: The 16th round by Rubin Carter, and Lazarus and the hurricane by
Sam Chaiton and Terry Swinton.
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, in the prime of his boxing career, finds himself
wrongfully convicted of murder. Sentenced to life in prison, Carter's published
memoir, The sixteenth round, inspires a teenager from Brooklyn and three
Canadian activists who believe in the truth, to join forces with Carter to prove
his innocence.

The Hustler
Itinerant pool shark challenges the top man for the championship, sacrificing
everything until he realizes the stakes are too high.



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