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                                                                                                                           Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2007

Wellstone’s legacy legislation
Insurance parity for mental health – one of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone’s major
legislative goals – inches ahead in Congress. But there’s still a chance that it
could be derailed again.
By ADAM GRAHAM-SILVERMAN                              its two-week Thanksgiving recess, back-                an insurance industry that did not want to
                                                      ers of a stronger measure named for Well-              absorb the cost, blocked a vote. Now, with
   WASHINGTON, D.C. – Not long after                  stone expect to get a floor vote in the House.         Democrats in control, supporters are hope-
the fifth anniversary of the death of Sen.            The two sides are already in discussion on             ful.
Paul Wellstone, Congress is inching closer            how to reconcile the bills.                               “I certainly think that the change in
to enacting one of his signature legislative             “I’m confident that we’ll be able to pass           leadership in Congress has made this bill
goals: insurance parity for mental health             a good strong bill in the House and work               possible,” said Elana Wolowitz of Wellstone
problems like depression, schizophrenia and           out some differences and get it to the presi-          Action, a progressive group. Wellstone’s son
drug addiction. But the shrinking congres-            dent yet this year,” said Minnesota Republi-           David has lobbied extensively and testified
sional calendar and impending retirement of           can Rep. Jim Ramstad, a longtime mental-               before Congress, and Wellstone Action is
several key players on the issue threaten to          health advocate who will retire at the end of          mounting a nationwide grassroots campaign
derail it once again.                                 2008.                                                  to meet with key lawmakers.
   In September, the Senate passed a com-                Backers of mental health parity pushed
promise bill worked out among insurers,               to enact a law in the wake of Wellstone’s
small business groups and mental health               death in a plane crash in October 2002. But            INSIDE Twenty-seven states have some
advocates. Soon after Congress returns from           Republicans, backed by businesses and                  form of mental health coverage, page 4.

 The iBOT effect
 The Segway’s pricey ‘mobility system’ enables those
 with disabilities to stand tall. It entered the market-
 place in 2003, but the iBOT still suffers from low
 recognition. “The problem is, people just don’t know
 about it,” said Bob Stimson, who says his iBOT is
 anything but a wheelchair. He blames Medicare’s
 refusal to approve it for the fact that there are only
 about 400 in the United States. page 5


MINNPOST.WORLD                                        DAVID BRAUER Media critic Brian Lambert               lady-killer Pedro Infante back to the big screen
Tonight, the eight GOP presidential candidates,       heading to Mpls.St.Paul magazine. page 3              with two films featuring the Mexican pop star.
some reluctantly, meet the hi-tech generation in                                                            page 7
the CNN/YouTube debate. page 2                        G.R. ANDERSON JR. Minneapolis Police
                                                      Chief Tim Dolan comments on the Ngo                   LINDA MACK Local architect Vince James’
COMMUNITY VOICES                                      settlement. page 6                                    firm wins three of seven Minnesota Honor
Crime, justice and families: Society must                                                                   Awards. page 7
regain its public voice on the importance             ROB NELSON Parkway Theater brings
of marriage. page 8

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YouTube debate definitely not politics as usual
By DOUG STONE                        ness,” he said in an interview.
                                     “The debate is an acknowledge-
    Will the snowman appear again    ment of the importance of the In-
asking about global warming?         ternet in politics now and in the
    Will the Republican presiden-    future … YouTube is one of the
tial candidates have to answer a     most effective ways to reach a
question from Democratic candi-      large Internet audience.”
date Sen. Chris Dodd?                   He said that one of the prob-
    Will the recent Mitt Romney-     lems candidates have had is to
Rudy Giuliani feuding continue?      not taking the Internet seriously.
    In St. Petersburg, Fla., the     They should not treat the Internet
eight GOP candidates, some re-       format as a joke, he said. “It’s
luctantly, meet the hi-tech gen-     important for the candidates to be
eration in the CNN/YouTube de-       authentic.” Jacobs plans to watch
bate at 7 tonight. Following the     the debate closely.
format of the July Democratic
CNN/YouTube debate, the Re-          New format, new responses?
publicans will answer about 40          Across town at Macalester                                                     By JASON REED, REUTERS
video questions chosen by CNN        College, Political Science Pro-      Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney (left) and Rudy Giuliani
from more than 3,500 submit-         fessor Adrienne Christiansen         talk after the GOP debate in Dearborn, Mich., last month. Will the recent
ted. They run the gamut from gay     said the debate has “the potential   Romney-Giuliani feuding continue at tonight’s debate?
rights to gun control to national    of engaging a part of the elector-
security to the environment.         ate who haven’t been engaged,
    “The White House hopefuls        that is young people. The vast       campaign answers and failing              And to underscore the point
– accustomed to the political        majority of YouTube and Internet     to acknowledge the new media          that the merger of politics and new
tradition of stump speeches fol-     users are under 30. You get nor-     world in which they were debat-       media is here to stay, ABC News
lowed by queries from journal-       mal people asking questions who      ing. She hopes the Republican         and Facebook, the popular social
ists – have no idea exactly what     don’t normally get to ask them.      candidates react differently, but     networking site, have joined forc-
to expect,” reports CNN. “Each       You might get a young mother         is not confident they will. And       es and will sponsor the Republi-
of the eight will answer to real     asking about child care, for ex-     she also hopes that questions         can and Democratic Presidential
people displayed on a 25-foot        ample. What TV moderators are        some of her students submitted        debates in New Hampshire Jan.
screen. The candidates will have     interested in is quite different     for the debate are used.              5, three days before the important
to deal with the person asking the   from what normal everyday peo-          The new format debate has          primary in that state.
question as if that person were in   ple are interested in.”              spurred new ways of covering              This is definitely not your
the room.”                              While Christiansen is encour-     it as well. Student journalists       father’s political campaign.
    Will such a national conversa-   aged by the new format and what      from Michigan State University
tion be more entertainment than      it can provide, she said that the    in conjunction with the Detroit       Doug Stone is director of College
substance?                           Democratic candidates last sum-      News will use “clickers” to re-       Relations at Macalester College
    Not at all, said University of   mer didn’t respond to questions      spond to professors’ questions, a     in St. Paul and a former reporter
Minnesota Political Science Pro-     “in any new way. They didn’t         form of real time polling the re-     for the Minneapolis Tribune and
fessor Larry Jacobs. “It is a sign   respond in any fundamentally         sults of which will appear on the     assistant news director at WCCO-
of the times. It is serious busi-    different way,” giving standard      paper’s web site. Other students      TV. The views in this article are
                                                                          will blog about the debate.           not those of Macalester College.

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Media critic Lambert leaving the Rake for Mpls.St.Paul
           DAVID BRAUER                 not disclosing his pay – “now          Lambert, who was a freelancer at the Rake,
                                        why would I tell you that?” – he
               Come Monday, the         relented to say he’ll be making        gets a considerable salary bump to become
            magazine that heralds       more than he did at the Pioneer
            the 50 Top Plastic          Press, who pushed him out the          an MSP staff editor.
Surgeons will also feature the          door in January 2005 by turning
slicing and dicing of Brian             his media beat into a suburban
Lambert.                                one.                                   stuff and then leave [the site].      to his blog, such as video. (“I
    Lambert, the dean of online            Lambert leaves with no              There was not a lot of sell-          won’t miss the four-a-day sup-
media critics (he’s been doing          similar vitriol for Rake publisher     through.”                             port calls,” Bartel says. “Brian –
it since December 2006), is             Tom Bartel, a guy who loves to                                               and I don’t think he would deny
moving from The Rake to Mpls.           mix it up and micromanage it.          Does the Rake make money?             this – is not the most tech-savvy
St.Paul magazine as of Dec. 3.          “I enjoyed the guy – no com-               For months, rumors have           guy out there.”)
It’s a big media deal because           plaints,” Lambert says. “My            burbled that the Rake is unprof-         The biggest fear for Slaughter
Lambert is a franchise player           only regret, and I suspect it’s        itable and Bartel will dump the       fans is when MSP gets over the
in the local online world where         one we share, is that it didn’t        print version and go web-only.        thrill of the conquest, they’ll
even glossies know they must            work out on the magazine side,”        “Well, it’s been discussed, but I     get cold feet and dull Lambert’s
stake a claim to the future.            where he had trouble getting           don’t know if it’s realistic,” he     blade. Lambert says he has no
“Lambert to the Slaughter” is           features into the print pages.         says. “All of our revenue is in       explicit assurances that his style
usually the top-read thing on              For his part, Bartel quips,         print. Of course, all the cost side   will be honored at MSP, but re-
the Rake’s site – and a stiff jolt      “they offered him at least twice       is in print.”                         ports that editor Brian Anderson
of scoop for a title that is often      what he was worth” – that’s Tom            Is the Rake profitable? “I        “didn’t see any problem with
anything but a must-read. Sec-          in a nutshell. “MSP never had an       don’t think that’s anybody’s          anything I’d written.” Lambert
ond, Lambert’s blunt-yet-stylish        original thought of their own, so      business,” Bartel replies.            says the MSP honchos view
disemboweling of various local          they decided to go after him.”             No one has similar doubts         their web site as a less-ruly beast
media poohbahs may herald a                Retracting the rapier, Bartel       about MSP’s haul, and Lambert         than the magazine, which it had
new, more aggressive era for the        adds simply, “They offered him         says the magazine’s sizable staff     better be if MSP wants to truly
fat, profitable and oft-cautious        a lot of money and more work           may allow him to add features         broaden its reach.
MSP. (Disclaimer: I also write          that we had, so I told him he
for MSP, though you never               should take it.”
know after this post.)                     Bartel says Lambert’s in-
    Lambert, who was a freelanc-        ability to get into the magazine
er at the Rake, gets a consider-        was due to a long backlog of
                                        features (couldn’t something be
able salary bump to become an
MSP staff editor. His job breaks
down into thirds: one part edit-
                                        bumped?), adding that Lambert
                                        will have a long piece in the
                                                                                          Your ad here!
ing the City Limits blurbs in the       Rake’s January issue. Bartel
front of the magazine, one part         acknowledges “Lambert to the
writing features, and one part          Slaughter” was one of the web
media blogging, possibly with           site’s top draws, but notes “he
recent writing partner and Strib        had a very loyal group of readers
ex-pat Deborah Rybak. While             who would come and read his

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Wellstone’s legacy legislation
continued from page 1                  One remaining sticking point is paying for the program. Since higher

    But when Congress returns to       premiums would reduce wages, income tax revenues also would fall
Washington Dec. 3 for a three-
week session, members’ packed          – to the tune of $4.2 billion over 10 years. But an actuarial study from
agendgas could include such
big-ticket items as a farm bill,       Milliman Inc. showed that even in a worst-case scenario the program
an Iraq war spending bill and the
children’s health program known        would cost $2.40 per member per month.
as SCHIP, as well as finishing the
11 of 12 annual spending bills         schizophrenia. Ramstad says he’s       coverage, the benefits be on par      he said at the July hearing.
that have yet to be signed into        been on the road to recovery from      with traditional coverage. Self-         “Would you say the same to
law. That deadline may motivate        alcoholism since he awoke from         insured companies, which in-          someone with cancer?” Patrick
Congress to reach a compromise         a drinking-induced blackout in a       clude many large companies, are       Kennedy responded. “Are you
on mental health, but some say         South Dakota jail in 1981.             exempt, however, and thus fall        going to play with someone’s life
there’s just not time.                     Two other champions, Sen. Ed-      under federal law.                    who has cancer that way?”
    “I don’t think you’d find many     ward Kennedy, D-Mass., and his                                                  In 2002, President Bush
folks who are really optimistic        son, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I.,     Details, details                      backed mental health parity but
about a vote in this year,” said       also have a personal connection.           One remaining sticking point      cautioned that a plan must not
Rich Buckley, the head of the          The elder Kennedy’s sister Rose-       is paying for the program. Since      “significantly run up the cost of
Washington office of pharmaceu-        mary was disabled for life after       higher premiums would reduce          health care.” In 2003, a presi-
tical company AstraZeneca. The         a lobotomy in her 20s. And after       wages, income tax revenues also       dential commission on mental
company joined groups like the         crashing his car in the middle of      would fall – to the tune of $4.2      health supported the idea but did
American Psychological Asso-           the night on the Capitol grounds       billion over 10 years. But an ac-     not include it in a list of specific
ciation and the National Alliance      last spring, Patrick Kennedy an-       tuarial study from Milliman Inc.      goals, and the president has not
on Mental Illness to back the Sen-     nounced he has bipolar disorder        showed that even in a worst-case      mentioned it since.
ate bill after determining it would    and is addicted to alcohol and pain-   scenario the program would cost          Given that Congress may have
not impose excessive mandates          killers. Ramstad became his Alco-      $2.40 per member per month.           only to the end of the year to find a
or costs. (Sales of Seroquel, As-      holics Anonymous sponsor.                  Supporters say in the long run,   compromise, the broader support
traZeneca’s antipsychotic, would           But father and son are now         the program will pay for itself.      for the Senate bill may win out.
also be likely to see a boost if the   backing different approaches to        Ramstad says untreated mental            “If the House doesn’t accede
bill goes through.)                    the problem. In the largest dif-       illness cost the U.S. economy         to the Senate point of view, then
    Once 2008 rolls around, much       ference, the stronger House bill       $550 billion last year. He says       the opportunity to get this thing
of the congressional agenda will       would refer to psychiatry’s Di-        150,000 Americans died from           passed disappears for a long
be given over to issues designed       agnostic and Statistical Manual,       chemical addictions in 2006,          time,” said Buckley, who pointed
to help or hurt the congressional      known as DSM-IV, to determine          and 34,000 committed suicide.         out that the House bill could not
and presidential candidates. And       coverage.                              Mental health parity would affect     get through the Senate.
the pressure for immediate action          “Without this requirement,         about 113 million people.                “What do you want?” asked Do-
will be off.                           insurers and employers could               The bill still must be revenue-   menici, who backs the Senate plan.
    In addition to Ramstad, one of     decide, without the benefit of sci-    neutral to avoid procedural road-     “If you want every last drop, then
the key Senate champions of men-       ence or medical expertise, which       blocks in Congress. Patrick Ken-      you’re not going to get a bill.”
tal health parity, Republican Pete     mental illness or addiction diag-      nedy suggests increasing taxes           Meanwhile, advocates say
Domenici of New Mexico, also           noses should be covered,” David        on pharmaceutical companies’          the anniversary of Wellstone’s
will retire at the end of next year.   Wellstone told a House subcom-         direct advertising, or establishing   death would mark a fitting time
Wellstone joined forces with Do-       mittee in July.                        a sin tax on items like liquor that   to enact legislation. In a speech
menici in 1996 to enact a law re-          The Senate bill does not de-       contribute to mental illness.         on the Senate floor commemorat-
quiring parity between traditional     fine what would be covered,                “Captain Morgan’s as well         ing Wellstone, Republican Sen.
and mental health coverage for         an approach that could exclude         known as Cap’n Crunch,” he            Norm Coleman said: “I cannot
annual and lifetime benefit limits.    diseases like alcoholism and an-       said.                                 imagine a better way to honor
He’s continued to be a major force     orexia but also lower its cost to          Opponents like GOP Rep.           Paul’s legacy than sending a
behind the effort in the Senate, but   businesses.                            John Kline, who represents Twin       strong mental health parity bill to
he was recently diagnosed with a           Twenty-seven states, including     Cities suburbs, say the bill con-     the president of the United States
degenerative brain disease.            Minnesota, already have some           stitutes an employer mandate.         and have him sign it into law.”
                                       form of mental health coverage.            “It seems ironic that at the
Like father, like son                  The Kennedys reached a key             time many of my colleagues in         Adam Graham-Silverman covers for-
   Like Ramstad, Wellstone and         compromise when they agreed to         the majority profess to offer so-     eign policy and economics for Con-
Domenici, other key backers            loosen a restriction in the Senate     lutions to decrease the number of     gressional Quarterly in Washington
came to support the bill through       bill that would have pre-empted        uninsured … they’re proposing         D.C. and is MinnPost’s Washington
personal circumstances. Domeni-        state laws, even if they provided      issuing coverage mandates that        correspondent. He can be reached at
ci’s daughter and Wellstone’s          stronger coverage.                     appear to do the exact opposite
brother both suffered from                 Minnesota’s law requires that      by making coverage more costly
                                       if insurers offer mental health        and leading to less availability,”
MinnPost in Print                       A THOUGHTFUL APPROACH TO NEWS                     Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2007 • PAGE 5

Pricey iBOT brings emotional freedom, too
By CHRISTINA CAPECCHI                                                                                                   “I know I wouldn’t have done it
                                                                                                                        without the iBOT.”
    Bob Stimson used to bike 100                                                                                           Not every entry endorses the
miles a week, ski all winter and                                                                                        iBOT. Nov. 7’s was titled “Stair
globe-trot year-round. So when                                                                                          function is pretty much useless,”
the Bloomington entrepreneur                                                                                            an observation others have made.
lost strength in his legs three years
ago, he lost a lot.                                                                                                     Benefits outweigh problems
    ALS put him in a wheelchair                                                                                             Still, the benefits far outweigh
and, in many ways, relegated                                                                                            that disappointment, Thomas said.
him to a second-class citizenship.                                                                                      “It has transformed my life. There
“When you’re in a wheelchair,                                                                                           isn’t a day that has gone by that
you tend to get dismissed,” said                                                                                        I haven’t thought, ‘Oh, my gosh,
Stimson, 65. “People tend to talk                                                                                       I wouldn’t be able to do this if I
to the tallest person in the room.”                                                                                     weren’t in my iBOT right now.’ ”
    Shannon Thomas, a 37-year-                                                                                              The physical freedom, Thomas
old artist born in St. Paul, met a                                                                                      later e-mailed, is only half of it.
similar fate when she was only                                                                                          “It’s the emotional freedom I’ve
8. A drunken driver crashed into                                                                                        gained that has been the biggest
the car she was riding in, break-                                                                                       surprise to me.” For years, she has
ing bones that caused swelling of                                                                                       taken a drug to combat her intense
her spine and led to chest-down                                                                                         society anxiety; three weeks after
paralysis.                                                                                                              receiving the iBOT, she stopped
    Last week, Stimson and Thom-                                                                                        taking it. “For the first time, I felt
as celebrated their first Thanks-                                                                                       like I could do fine without it. And
giving with the iBOT 4000 Mo-                                                          By CHRISTINA CAPECCHI            I have!”
bility System. They are bursting        Bob Stimson says using his iBOT is liberating. “I don’t consider it a               Bob Stimson has experienced
with gratitude for the ways it has      wheelchair,” he says. “With this iBOT, I don’t feel like I’m disabled. I just   similar liberation since receiving
enhanced their lives.                   feel like I’m inconvenienced.”
                                                                                                                        his iBOT in February. “I don’t
    Years before entrepreneur                                                                                           consider it a wheelchair,” he said,
Dean Kamen invented the Seg-               And yet, for many, the price is      Coast offering to sell his rarely       perched in his open living room,
way, the large, two-wheeled de-         prohibitive. It was for Thomas, a       used iBOT at a substantial dis-         his white beard and chocolate eyes
vice marketed to the likes of mail      soft-spoken brunette who nearly         count. He had been looking to           looking regal. “It’s almost like ro-
carriers and tourists, he was con-      cried when she discovered the           sell it and had stumbled across her     botic skin. With this iBOT, I don’t
templating another use for gyro-        iBOT on “60 Minutes.” She was           blog online. Thomas received the        feel like I’m disabled. I just feel
scopes, one that would extend the       the 199th person to request in-         iBOT in October and now chroni-         like I’m inconvenienced.”
mobility of wheelchair users.           formation from Independence             cles its impact online.                     Frequenting trade shows, for
    Kamen’s six-wheeled iBOT            Technology, the division of John-           On Oct. 15, she described her       instance, is much easier. “Moving
operates in five different modes.       son & Johnson that manufactures         “first party as a tall person”:         through a crowd in a wheelchair,
In standard mode, it can reach 7        iBOTs.                                      “On Saturday night, I went to       you get tired of getting in the way
mph, a couple of miles faster than         Overcome with excitement,            the first party in my life where        and apologizing,” he said. “Now I
a standard wheelchair. In four-         Thomas started a blog (www.             everyone’s butts weren’t in my          just plow ahead.”
wheel drive, it can mount curbs         wheelchairrevolution.blogspot.          face. I stayed in Balance Mode              Businesspeople look him in the
and navigate rocky terrain. In stair    com).                                   the entire time, and wow, it was so     eye and talk to him, not the person
mode, it can scale steps, rotating         Soon, Thomas’ inability to af-       much nicer to look at people eye        at his side. And he can travel free-
its wheels front over back. And in      ford an iBOT sunk in, and she           to eye rather than looking up to        ly. Stimson just returned from an
balance mode, it can lift users to a    used the blog to explain the iBOT,      everyone, straining to hear what        Alaskan cruise, where the iBOT
height of nearly 6 feet, employing      imagine its impact and post her         they were saying and yelling so         functioned beautifully.
six gyroscopes.                         photography.                            that they could hear me.”                   “It’s kept me in the game,” he
                                           She wrote with touching can-             On Oct. 24, she wrote: “I found     said. “It’s kept me in my life.”
iBOT price in line but still            dor. In one entry, titled “Stairs,      out this morning that I can reach
prohibitive for many                    Stares, Everywheres,” she wrote,        the top shelf in the frozen sec-        Christina Capecchi writes about
   The iBOT costs $23,900 – a           “Going to a New Year’s Eve party        tion at the grocery store. I had a      culture and the social impact of
$5,100 markdown from its origi-         tonight at a friend’s house. Stairs     craving for veggie sausages, and        technology. She can be reached at
nal price when it entered the mar-      to get in the house, stairs to get to   sure enough, they were on the top
ketplace four years ago. That’s         the basement. Ugh. I don’t worry        shelf. It was so nice to not have to
only a few grand more than some         so much about them dropping me,         ask anyone for help.”                   More at
high-powered wheelchairs, once          but I worry about them hurting              On Oct. 30, she displayed art-
you add a seat function, alternate      themselves.”                            work at a meeting intended to           iBOT’s creator better
drive controls or special electron-        Five months later, Thomas            help people with disabilities start     known as Segway inventor
ics.                                    heard from a man on the East            their own businesses. She wrote,
MinnPost in Print                    A THOUGHTFUL APPROACH TO NEWS                    Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2007 • PAGE 6

Chief Dolan on the Ngo settlement:
‘I thought it could have been higher’
          G.R. ANDERSON JR.                       investigation. Ill will persisted.                to avoid going off to military duty, a notion
                                                     This week, the city finally settled Ngo’s      quickly laid to rest.) Both officers’ actions that
               November has been a rough          $22 million suit for $4.5 million – the largest   February night were called into question in all
            month for Minneapolis cops in         payout in city history over a police incident.    circles. “Morale has settled down,” Dolan said.
            the line of duty. On Nov. 1, Park                                                       “Most of them don’t even know Duy; we have
Police officer Mark Bedard was killed when        MPD blue, anyone?                                 maybe 300 new officers since then.”
a MPD patrol car hit him during the chase of          Still, MPD Chief Tim Dolan sounded re-            Storlie eventually left the department
a shooting suspect. Then, early morning on        signed, if not entirely relieved, on the phone    and is working for a private contractor in
the Friday after Thanksgiving, one officer was    Tuesday. “I thought it could have been            the Middle East. If there’s any silver lining
punched and another slapped by a group of         more,” the chief said – especially if the case    to this, Dolan offered, it’s that “there’s been
people after entering a house on a shots-fired    had gone to trial. “Regardless of the finger-     a lot of major changes on how we handled
call. And early Monday morning, Officer           pointing and what happened, a jury would          critical incidents and plain-clothes officers.”
Daniel Grosland was shot in the ankle after       feel very sorry for the injuries Duy had.”        For instance, undercovers are not allowed
responding to a 911 fight call in the Ware-           Dolan also offered up a frank assessment of   to work alone without a supervisor knowing
house District downtown.                          some controversies from that fateful night, and   about it, and with another officer “whenever
    Later Monday, a reminder of another street    what the MPD has done in response. Dolan          practical.” Much evidence was misplaced or
incident gone wrong surfaced when the city        said that while this may close one chapter of     tampered with – inadvertently or not, depend-
of Minneapolis settled the Duy Ngo lawsuit,       the story, it’s more important that Ngo’s prob-   ing on whom you ask – so some other rather
which stemmed from one of the wildest events      lems will never go away -- and the incident has   unbelievable missteps have led to seemingly
in the department’s history. Ngo was working      never been far from the minds of some cops. “I    common-sense changes in MPD policy.
undercover in south Minneapolis in 2003 when      don’t think there’s anybody who would trade           “A forensic piece has to go from A to Z
he was shot in his car by an unknown assailant.   places with Duy,” Dolan said. “He’s got seri-     when handled from a scene now,” Dolan
Ngo was injured, and put in a call for help.      ous injuries for the rest of his life.            said. “There have been investigation changes
When officers arrived, one of them, Charles           “Everybody knew it was going to be high,      – there should have been 10 on this incident
Storlie, opened fire on Ngo. When the confu-      the highest settlement in the history of the      and there were only two. And that vehicle,
sion was over, Ngo had been shot six times        department,” Dolan continued. “A lot of           Duy’s vehicle, was allowed to be released
in the leg, arm and torso, totaling 15 exit and   officers were just wondering when the thing       and sold. It was never reviewed, and that
entrance wounds from the incident.                was going to be done.”                            never should have happened.”
    Accounts of the incident were disputed.           The incident sparked much animosity               Still, the Ngo shooting leaves a bitter taste.
Ngo’s name was smeared. Investigations were       within the department, some siding with Stor-     “Nothing changes the fact that one MPD of-
botched. Cops were suspended. The Bureau          lie, some siding with Ngo. (Some cops even        ficer shot another officer,” Dolan concluded.
of Criminal Apprehension conducted an             spread the rumor that Ngo had shot himself        “And Duy’s going to need a lot of care.”

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MinnPost in Print                     A THOUGHTFUL APPROACH TO NEWS                    Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2007 • PAGE 7

Bringing up Infante: Parkway pays tribute to Mexican idol
          ROB NELSON                  teur Joe Minjares of neighboring
                                      Pepitos – has two days remaining
                Think George Cloo-    in its “Festival Infante” series,
            ney is a lady-killer?     billed as a U.S. exclusive.
            Legend has it that            The Parkway’s program today
Mexican women committed sui-          and tomorrow includes double
cide upon discovering the death       features of “Los tres garcía”
by plane crash of Mazatlán-born       (1946) and “Los tres huastecos”
crooner and screen hunk Pedro         (1948): In “García” (Wednesday
Infante at the yummy age of 39.       at 7:15 p.m. and Thursday at 9:35
    The impressively beefy man,       p.m.), Infante plays the most
who appeared topless in many          charming of three cousins who
of his 60-odd films, had been         vie for the hand of young Lupita
married for many years. But his       (Marga López); in “Huastecos”
ever-broadening number of mis-        (Wednesday at 4:50 p.m. and
tresses gave hope to female fans      Thursday at 7:15 p.m.), he plays
until the end and even beyond.        three siblings – a priest, a soldier,
Another legend has it that Infante    and an atheist outlaw.
somehow survived his terrible             Both films are proto-Bol-
crash in 1957 and lives incognito     lywood musical comedies and
in the Sierra Nevadas.                irresistible tributes to the Mexican
    Minneapolitan fans needn’t        pop star whose flirtatious ranchera
travel that far to see him, though,   tune, “They Say I Am a Woman-
as the newly revived Parkway          izer,” proves that what “they” say                                     By PELICULAS RODRIGUEZe, S.A. de C.V.
Theater – now owned by restaura-      can sometimes be true.                  Serial lady-killer Pedro Infante in 1946’s “Los tres garcía.”

Sweeping architecture: Vince James’ firm wins three of seven awards
          LINDA MACK                  (also by HGA), and the Clure            Bridge was inspired by the arc      that Breuer himself might have
                                      Project, three houses in Duluth         of an oar stroke. The Lake of the   applauded.
              Minneapolis archi-      (including his own) by David            Isles house James designed for          The student center at Tulane
           tect Vince James is a      Salmela.                                philanthropists and architectural   is VJAA’s largest project to
           man of few words and          The Honor Awards, which              aficionados Kenneth and Judy        date and its most magnetic. The
few projects, but all are worth       recognize projects designed             Dayton is impeccably detailed       existing closed-in student center
paying attention to. Last week,       anywhere in the world by Min-           and serene. A vacation house in     was gutted and expanded to
VJAA, the 18-person Minneapo-         nesota architects, work this            Wisconsin and lofts in Chicago      become a beacon of light and
lis firm headed by James and his      way: Each year a jury of three          and New York manage to be           airy spaces.
partner Jennifer Yoos, won three      highly respected architects from        both minimalist and warm.               Also finished this year were a
of the seven Minnesota Honor          around the country spends a                 The Wisconsin boathouse is      guesthouse for St. John’s Abbey
Awards given in the annual            day and a half paging through           a simple two-story box with big     and an extraordinary five-build-
competition.                          more than 100 black booklets of         scoop windows on the north to       ing student activities complex
    That’s what you would call a      photos and selects the projects         let light and natural ventilation   at the American University in
sweep.                                they deem worthy — without              into the practice floor.            Beirut. Strangely enough, none
    The projects are the Porter       knowing the names of the archi-             The addition to St. John’s      of these recent VJAA efforts is
Boathouse at the University of        tects. This year, the jurors were       Abbey Church is understatement      in the Twin Cities. Perhaps this
Wisconsin-Madison, the Pet-           urban designer David Dixon of           epitomized — exactly what           year’s awards sweep will turn
ters Pavilion, an addition to         Goody Clancy in Boston, Josh            was demanded. Designed by           some local heads VJAA’s way.
the renowned St. John’s Abbey         Shelton of el dorado architects         Marcel Breuer, the 1961 church          Want to see, hear more about
Church in Collegeville, and the       (architects love that lower-case        is a modernist icon in which        VJAA?
Lavin-Bernick Center for Stu-         thing) in Kansas City, and Victor       unadorned concrete creates a            James and Yoos will speak
dent Life at Tulane University in     “Trey” Trahan of Trahan Archi-          compelling spiritual space. But     and show their work at the
New Orleans.                          tects, Baton Rouge, La.                 after 40 years of use, includ-      Walker Art Center’s “Drawn
    Other winners in the Ameri-                                               ing many weddings, the church       Here” series at 7 p.m. Thursday,
can Institute of Architects-          Disciplined design                      needed some extra spaces            Nov. 29 in the McGuire Theater
Minnesota competition are the            VJAA’s sweep was no                  — handicapped-accessible            at the Walker, 1750 Hennepin
Plymouth Public Safety Build-         surprise. Every project the firm        bathrooms, a bride’s room and       Ave., in Minneapolis. Free tick-
ing and City Hall by the BKV          completes demonstrates uncom-           groom’s room, a new chapel and      ets are available at the Hennepin
Group, the Ramsey County              mon restraint and intellectual          an updated Chapter House for        Lobby starting at 6 p.m. For
branch library in Maplewood           rigor. The sweeping roof of             the Benedictine monks.              more information, call 612-375-
by HGA, the Wall of Discovery         the Minneapolis Rowing Club                 The pavilion is so precisely    7600.
at the University of Minnesota        Boathouse under the Lake Street         married to the existing building
MinnPost in Print                       A THOUGHTFUL APPROACH TO NEWS                      Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2007 • PAGE 8

Editor’s note: This is the final of three excerpts from a major study conducted by the Council on Crime and Justice of Min-
nesota’s criminal justice system. The study, “Justice, Where Art Thou? A Framework for Minnesota’s Future,” generated a
report, recommendations for improvements, and a collection of community essays and research papers. Today’s installment
highlights a third essay commenting on study findings. Today’s essay is by Mitch Pearlstein, founder and president of the
Center of the American Experiment, a conservative and free-market think tank in Minneapolis. To see the entire report, visit
the group’s website,

Society must regain public voice on importance of marriage
By MITCH PEARLSTEIN                     what remains the definitive pas-         do as well, on average, as kids        better off than children raised by
                                        sage on the connection between           who grow up under the same             one parent alone. However, and
    Before beginning, permit me         family breakdown and crime.              roof with their married biological     the following point is central to
three caveats.                          “From the wild Irish slums of the        parents. The same bad news (fre-       Edin and Kafalas’s analysis, “these
    First, when talking about the       19th century Eastern seaboard, to        quently even worse news) applies       abstractions are largely irrelevant
importance of re-institutionalizing     the riot-torn suburbs of Los Ange-       to children living in stepfamilies.    to their lives,” as the poor women
marriage, particularly in inner-cit-    les,” the scholar and future senator     A recent report of the National        spoken about here “must calculate
ies, the only kind I’ve ever advo-      argued, there is one unmistakable        Marriage Project at Rutgers Uni-       the potential risks and rewards of
cated are healthy, nonviolent, low-     lesson in American history; a com-       versity sums things up succinctly:     the actual partnerships available
conflict, equal-regard marriages.       munity that allows a large number        “The trend toward single-parent        to them and, given their uncertain
    Second, in no way is my inten-      of men to grow up in broken fami-        families is probably the most im-      future prospects, take a ‘wait and
tion to single out or gang up on sin-   lies, dominated by women, never          portant of the recent family trends    see’ attitude toward the relation-
gle moms, as I’ve always sought to      acquiring any stable relationship        that have affected children and        ships with the men who father their
make it clear that I respect and em-    to male authority, never acquiring       adolescents. This is because the       children.”
pathize with the very large number      any set of rational expectations         children in such families have            More harshly to the point, Edin
of unmarried women who are, in          about the future – that community        negative life outcomes at two to       and Kafalas argue that this ap-
fact, raising their children success-   asks for and gets chaos. Crime, vi-      three times the rate of children       proach “makes enormous sense,
fully, even heroically, under often     olence, unrest, disorder – most par-     in married, two-parent families.”      as the men in the neighborhood
very hard circumstances. I also al-     ticularly the furious, unrestrained      2. How have societal attitudes         partner pool – the only men they
ways try to acknowledge that life is    lashing out at the whole social          shaped family breakdown?               can reasonably attract, given their
inescapably messy.                      structure – that is not only to be ex-       Sociologists Kathryn Edin and      own disadvantaged place in the
     I’m quick to point out, for in-    pected; it is very near to inevitable.   Maria Kafalis, in a detailed and       marriage market – are of fairly
stance, that my wife and I are each     And it is richly deserved.”              sympathetic study of single moth-      uniformly low quality.”
in our second (and last) marriage.           The more I’ve thought about         ers, “Promises to Keep,” write            3. How will family breakdown
She was a single mom for a long         these linked issues, the more I’ve       about how all aspects of family        affect the justice system in the fu-
time after her divorce and before       grasped how miles beyond sad they        life “have shifted dramatically to     ture?
we met. My three stepsons have          are, starting with millions of young     the left since 1960 – shifts which        Might one expect matters to
turned out great despite it all. You    American men, disproportionately         now mean that having sex, estab-       improve any time soon? Not if
get the idea.                           of color, whose lives are crippled       lishing a common household and         answers to a survey question that
    And third, even though father-      barely after they’ve begun. What         having children have all become        has been asked of thousands of
lessness increases the odds against     a calamity for themselves, their         decoupled from marriage.” In the       high school students over nearly
children doing well, it does not in-    families, and our country.               ’60s, they write, two-thirds of all    three decades continue on their
evitably consign them to troubled            Yet as severe as Moynihan’s         Americans thought that sex before      same injurious trajectory. Start-
lives. Many kids growing up with        strictures were in 1965, it’s in-        marriage was morally wrong. By         ing in the mid- to late 1970s,
only one parent at home (or in          cumbent to recognize the immense         the ’80s, that proportion had fall-    national samples of high school
other “nontraditional” arrange-         degree to which families have con-       en by half, to one-third. Similarly,   seniors have been asked if they
ments) are doing very well, while       tinued to weaken and fall apart.         in the ’60s, half of Americans         agreed that “having a child with-
many other kids, growing up with        Back then, about 5 percent of all        believed that married couples          out being married is experiment-
both their biological parents are       American babies were born out of         who didn’t get along should stay       ing with a worthwhile lifestyle
not doing well at all. But in the       wedlock, with the number for Afri-       together for the sake of their chil-   and not affecting anyone else.”
main – and the point is central         can-American children at about 25        dren. Only about one-fifth now
– growing up without a father at        percent. In updated and localized        believe unhappy parents should         Read the complete article at
home, especially in tough neigh-        contrast, 43.6 percent of all births     tough it out and remain married.
borhoods, invites trouble.              in Minneapolis in 2005 were to                This is not to say, Edi and Ka-
    To the three questions posed:       unmarried women, with the cor-           falis take pains to add, that low-     Mitch Pearlstein, Ph.D., is
     1. How has family breakdown        responding number for U.S.-born          income women believe that having       founder and president of Center
affected the way the justice sys-       African-American women a hard-           children outside of marriage is ide-   of the American Experiment, a
tem looks today?                        to-grasp 86.6 percent.                   al. They claim that surveys show       conservative and free market think
    More than 40 years ago – which          I know of no sphere of life –        that low-income women are more         tank in Minneapolis. He previous-
is to say, not long after the Council   not a single statistical category        likely than middle-class women         ly served in the U.S. Department
on Crime and Justice came to be         – in which boys and girls who            to say they believe that children      of Education and as an editorial
– Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote         grow up in single-parent homes           raised by two married parents are      writer for the Pioneer Press. owns the copyright in the MinnPost publication. grants its readers a limited license to print
and distribute copies of the MinnPost publication for personal use and for free distribution in full to others.

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