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									Circling Home
Author: Cheryl Brown Rush

Ms. Rush's poetry both enlightens and sustains as it explores the past and anticipates the future. By
taking uncompromising risks, she makes startling connections between love and death, loss and victory,
and what she accomplishes with her poetry has been compared to what Eugene O'Neill did in the theatre:
an in-depth exploration and re-evaluation of the much loved myths of the American family and American
Dream. As a descendent of the original Mormon pioneers and child of the West, she knows her subject
matter intimately. She questions what values we should choose to propel us safely into the twenty-first
century and by peeling away accepted layers of hypocrisy, she captures intense pain and ecstasy with
both clarity and passion. "Her poems are marked by acute observation...Penetrating insight presented in
clear and compelling language." —Senator Eugene McCarthy.

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