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					                            Managing Workplace Bullying:
                   An Integration of Behavioral and Legal Perspectives
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Managing Workplace Bullying:
                                                                       $375.00 per person
San Francisco Bar Association, CA June 25th, 2009 9am-4pm

Discount for registration by June 10th 2009                            $295.00 per person
Registration Details:

   •   Group Discount: 5% of total if your organization registers 3 or more attendees, even if in
       different business units with independent billing. Please verify with Sandy Ryan* before
       sending your check(s).
   • Invoice Option: If you are a client of WTS we can invoice you. Please contact Sandy Ryan
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   • Cancellation policy: Tuition minus $50 admin. fee refunded if cancellation provided in
       writing (email ok) by June 18th. No refund for cancellation after June 18th. At any time
       another person may be substituted for the registrant without penalty.
Other Questions about registration?
*Contact Sandy Ryan: or (415) 398-8684 ext. 4.
Questions about the workshop?
 Contact Dr. White: or (925) 283-4340 ext. 2.