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The HotWires

Author: Samantha Hunter

EJ Beaumont is one big flirt. Not exactly the best trait for a cop, but it's an asset on his current
undercover investigation for the HotWires team. He's flirting big-time with sexy online psychic Charlotte
Gerard, who's reportedly running a lonely hearts scam. He is going to nail her cute butt but good!
Charlotte can sense there's something special about her newest client, Ethan Jared. All the cards point
to the fact they will be passionate lovers—soon. But it's the hints of danger troubling her most. And when
she's forced to run to him for protection, can she really trust him with her heart and her life?
Author Bio
Samantha Hunter
Samantha has spent her entire life in the Finger Lakes region of central New York, where she lives with
her husband, her yellow lab and her two cats (more pets are always an imminent possibility!). Sam has
been writing since she was able to hold a pen, creating all kinds of stories, poems and even small books
in her childhood. She was educated in creative writing with a focus on poetry as an undergraduate and
then earned her master's in English and taught writing at a local university for more than ten
years.Discovering a deep interest in the environment, particularly the status of the world's coasts and
oceans, Sam quit teaching and earned another dual master's degree in environmental geography and
public administration. Sam's first book, Virtually Perfect, was sold in January 2004 while she was
searching for environmental jobs upon completing her degrees. Receiving "the call" was a turning point
that encouraged her to take another detour and pursue a full-time career as a romance author.Keeping up
with environmental interests, Sam supports several environmental organizations in addition to writing.
She'd eventually like to merge her two major interests by writing sexy romances with environmental
themes. Sam's favorite activities include building and paddling sea kayaks with her husband, gardening,
candle making, cooking and collecting and reading tarot cards. Her future goals include traveling more
and writing many, many books!

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