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									Daughter Of The Flames
The Gifted

Author: Nancy Holder

The nightmares haunt her. The visions control her. The unseen enemy is trying to destroy her. When a
mysterious stranger helped her discover her family's legacy of fighting evil, things began to make sense in
Isabella DeMarco's life. But could she marshal her newfound supernatural powers to fend off the
formidable vampire hell-bent on bringing Izzy down in flames?
Author Bio
Nancy Holder
>USA TODAY bestselling author Nancy Holder is thrilled to be back at Harlequin/Silhouette where she
sold her first two novels many years ago (for a young-adult line that no longer exists.) In answer to recent
queries, yes, she is "that" Nancy Holder, who wrote for Bantam Loveswept, and also Laurel Chandler.
She wrote thirteen category and women's fiction single titles before writing two erotic horror novels with
her coauthor, Melanie Tem, and a solo horror novel titled Dead in the Water, which received a Bram
Stoker Award from the Horror Writers Association.Soon after that, Nancy was asked to write an original
novel based on the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and working with other writers and solo, she has
wound up writing more Buffy and Angel material (including show guides) than any other writer. She has
written for Buffy since the show went on the air, and her latest Buffy effort is on the stands now. She has
also written tie-in books for Smallville, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Highlander and other "universes." She
also writes a lot of young adult and children's fiction, sometimes under various "house" names. She loves
retold fairy tales, and has worked on those as well. Nancy has lived in San Diego for most of her adult
life, and is a doting mother to her daughter. The Holder women recently sold their first collaborative effort,
a short story about Lightning the mouse, to an anthology. Lightning is a brown mouse that belongs to her
daughter. They also have two cats, Kittnen Snow and David. Nancy is a Jazzercise devotee and also
studies yoga. She dropped out of high school to become a ballet dancer in Germany, but a number of
injuries sidelined her. She figure that's just as well  she's very happy with being a freelance writer.Nancy
is a charter member of both RWA and HWA (the Horror Writers Association). She also belongs to the
IAMTW, the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers; and Persephone, which is an organization
for women horror writers.

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