Bench Lab promotion from Rigol by pengtt


									            RIGOL Bench Lab Special Offer
RIGOL’s Bench Lab promotion provides a complete lab setup of electronics test gear at an incredible
value to the education community.
Bench Lab is a flexible limited time offer: Buy units for your lab and receive a discount based on
the quantity you buy with no limitations on mixing. Buy one of each model or a lab full of the same
models and get a discount off of any of RIGOL’s popular lab instrumentation.

  Bench Lab starts with:
                                                   DM3058 5½ digit DMM
    DP1308A 80W DC Power Supply

                                                                  DS1052E 50 MHz Oscilloscope

                 DSA1020 2 GHz
                    Spectrum Analyzer

                                                 DG1022 20 MHz
                                                 Function/Arbitrary Waveform

  DC, AC, and RF test - a complete lab setup!
  $5995 for an entire lab or upgrade any instrument you choose for your ideal
  mix of professional lab tools.

                                                                         RIGOL Technologies USA
                                                                         7401 First Place Suite N
                                                                         Oakwood Village, OH 44146
                                                                         440-232-4488 / 1-877-4-RIGOL-1

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