Senior Leadership Strategic Planning Meeting

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					Exhibit B - Program Portfolio Evaluation Meets Mission Test (Meets Population/Values)
Demand Does Not Meet Mission Test


Leading Provider

*CORE Limited Alternative Services
(for population)

Leading Provider NonCore

Non-Leading Provider

Level of Community Engagement with Catholic Charities

Alternative Services Exist

Limited Alternative Services
(for population)

Alternative Services Exist

**Supportive Programs

Mission Driven

Archdiocesan Directed

** Supportive Programs are those programs that would not exist alone – they support other programming.

M = Maintain as is N = Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis A = Alliance/Partnership E = Expand T = Transition C = Consolidate I = Improvements Needed P = Program F = Facility V = Vision * = In Development (goal is to become leading provider)

Drop-in/Day Shelter Shelter/Supportive Housing Youth Out-of-Home Placement Youth Homelessness Youth Treatment, Prevention & Follow-up Family Stabilization and Preservation Newly Arrived Immigrant and Refugee Services Archdiocesan

Updated 1/17/2009