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									SIG Enterprises

Is a Lahore based brand activation company
And we are introducing new era of Vehicle
Advertising in
We are introducing new era of vehicles in Pakistan it
is the most affecting tool comparing with others.
We have introduced vehicle wrapping of your
product in a very cost affective way.
Vehicle wrap advertising is used for mass media and
direct advertising
We currently offer the use of our cars in Pakistan for
your mobile advertising needs.
V-WRAP ADVERTISING (Turing vehicles into moving BILLBOARDS)
    It is moving media of marketing all over the city/country. This source is
also called moving billboard.
    Don’t hope your target market finds your message take it straight to
them with vehicle advertising.

Why Use Vehicle Advertising
Imagine daytime traffic in your typical city, with its steady stream of plain
sedans, vans and trucks. Then along comes a head-turning vehicle with
extremely vivid graphics carrying an advertising message. HEADS TURN.
JAWS GAPE. EYES ROLL. Thousands of gawking drivers and pedestrians
alike have just been broadsided by the power of Vehicle Advertising.


  Satellite Tracking System (GPS) with enhance real time GPRS
  Branded solution with Motorola and AT&T wireless
  Multi-Layer Maps up to street level details
  Auto refresh latest position every minute
  Nationwide Coverage
  24 Hours Call Center Services
  Self Land Mark Generation
  Online Real Time Web Tracking
  Crystal Reporting
  Geo-fencing Facility

 We are offering all these facilities in just Rs. 5000/per month.
   Population Total 6,319,000 -
Density 3,566/km2 (9,238.3/sq mi total
area of the division was 17,154 sq mi
          Area: 2014 SQ. KM
  High-cost Advertisement                       EXPERTS AGREE Vehicle Advertising is
  Billboards are normally leased for 6-       the most cost-effective form of advertising
12 months.
  A billboard measuring                         Your Vehicle Advertisement NEVER
  20* 60=approximate price per month          STOPS working for you.
                                                The statistics speak for themselves:
Needs 2400 watts Rs.
                                                       98% Vehicle Advertising creates a
  30*90=approximate price per month
                                                     positive image for the advertiser
 Needs 4800 watts Rs.
                                                       97% Remember seeing a specific
  Around 700 billboards have been
                                                     Vehicle Advertisement
affected on the pretext of controlling load
                                                       96% Notice words and pictures
                                                     displayed on vehicles
  You'll pay extra for lighting, three-D
effects, and any elements that extend off       Reach consumers when & where traditional
the main surface.                             media cannot on the road where they are
  The production cost is fairly steep. A      highly attentive & receptive to advertising.
billboard may take six weeks to make.           You can’t turn it off, turn the page, or click
  Billboards don't target an audience; they   to the next website.
reach a mass audience. However, you can         Cut through the clutter of traditional
think of the target audience as everyone      advertising.
who travels in the vicinity of the church.      Reach every demographic imaginable.
                                                Vehicle Advertising reaches your TARGET
                                              MARKET any time you want, anywhere you
                                                          You Can Make a Difference.

                                              Vehicle Advertising        Eco-friendly
 TV - Much too expensive, often ignored.
                                                 Vehicle wrapping is better and eco friendly because
  TV Relatively expensive in terms of         it doesn’t requires generator to light up the billboard.
creative, production and airtime costs
                                                Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition
  Radio - Much too expensive, does not        15 times greater than other advertising media.
target non-driving audiences, can be
ignored.                                         Mobile marketing reaches nearly 85% of people in
                                              all income levels.
  Newspaper - Mildly expensive, does not
target non-readers, ads often too small to      Mobile advertising media reaches consumers not
be noticed.                                   exposed to newspaper and television.

 Billboard - Expensive and also stationery.     30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they base
                                              buying decisions on ads they see.
  Approximate price of billboards per month
is 700,000                                       Powerful visual messages can target consumers of
                     Billboards Price only    all ages and ethnic groups.

                                                 The opportunity to reach commuters on highways,
Rs           700,000 x 6 = 42,00,000          city streets, and parking lots.

Increased generator usage in Pakistan           Every traffic jam becomes a marketing opportunity.
is an environmental hazard.
V-WRAP Proposal for Telenor Pakistan
Presented by:
                Syed Imran Raza Gilani

                                   Designed by:
                                             Sana Farooq

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