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					                      LAVERDA RACING TEAM KONSTANZ
                         „DAS LAVERDA-PARADIES“

                                                                                   Specialist knowledge through years of
Andy Wagner                                                                         racing LAVERDA motorcycles
Reichenaustr. 186                                                                  Large stock of spare parts: New & used
D-78467 Konstanz                                                                   Lead-free cylinder head conversions and gas
Tel. 0049-(0)7531 / 61198                                                           flowing
Fax. 0049-(0)7531 / 53737                                                          Engine work and tuning, TÜV approvals,
Internet:                                                   open carburettors and other TÜV registrations
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                AUTUMN NEWS LETTER 2000 (written by Renate)
                           This news letter is available in German, English and French
                           Cette circulaire est disponible en allemand, français et anglais
                           Dieser Rundbrief ist in deutsch, französisch und english erhältlich

          TELEPHONE HOURS: MONDAY TO THURSDAY 15:30 to 18.30
      As always:           If you want to visit our workshop, it’s necessary to make an
                            appointment. Give us a call to fix a date (Saturdays also possible).

Dear LAVERDA Friends
The days are getting shorter, the skirts are getting longer, the leaves are falling from the trees and all those of us who don’t wear long
underwear on our Laverdas will have noticed by now:...Winter is here (bbrrrr). So it’s time for our autumn news letter, as always
complete with information, tips and tricks, things to laugh about and news from the world of LAVERDA.
OK, LAVERDA friends: feet up, lean back, grab a beer and relax!!
Your LAVERDA team wishes you lots of fun.

As the saying goes, „Good things take a little longer!“
I don’t think I need to tell you how relieved we all are to get rid of this weight that we’ve been dragging behind us for the last (almost)
„5“ years. But now it’s finished and we’re really not promising too much when we say: „this catalogue is simply the best, and it was
worth all the effort and cost.“
Here is a small selection from the Masterpiece that is called the „1000/1200 - 180°/120° Catalogue“
      As in the 750 Catalogue, written in 3 languages: German, French and English
      More than 320 pages: technical tips, hot information, useful instructions....
      45 blow-up diagrams and more than 400 sensational pictures, including loads of modified and trick 1000 Laverdas (some of them
       so radical, you won’t believe your eyes!)
      A 60 page brochure on „Piston damage and its causes“, with 60 very interesting pictures
      Everything for the 120° LAVERDA

So I really recommend you to get yourself one. You won’t regret it, because a LAVERDA life without the 1000 catalogue is almost as
bad as a LAVERDA without petrol!!

Pre-ordered 1000 Catalogues
All previously received orders from foreign customers have been despatched on 29,09,00. So if you haven’t received it yet, you’ll need
to order one, because it wasn’t listed in our back-orders. We’d especially like to point out to our foreign customers that the catalogue
price of DM 30,- includes postage. This amount should be paid with VISA or MASTERCARD, as a shipment on COD basis would be
much too expensive.
If you haven’t got a credit card, you can send a Euro-Cheque to the value of DM 30,-. If there is absolutely no other way, you can put
DM 30,- in cash in the envelope. Don’t forget to mention whether you want the 750 or 1000 catalogue. Both catalogues together cost
DM 55,-including postage outside Germany.

A request to all of you: When reading the catalogue, please keep pencil and paper nearby. Jot down any mistakes you might find and
please let us know. We’ve read this thing at least a 1000 times, but we keep finding small (and big) mistakes. So we’re grateful for any
mistakes you might find so that we can improve the next edition. There’s no trophy awarded for finding mistakes, but you will get a big
fat „Thank you!“

At last: More time for tuning, repairs and restoration of LAVERDAs
Due to the heavy workload involved in the preparation of the 750 and 1000 catalogues over the last few years, we’ve had too little time
for other things. For example, repairs, tuning and restoration, even though it would have been more fun. But now the catalogues are
finished, we have the time to do other things, and the best part of all is that it means: „You can be there live when we take apart your
The big advantage of that is that you see personally what problems your engine has. Everything can be checked right in front of you, and
you get on the spot an exact breakdown of costs for parts and labour. So you can go home in a peaceful frame of mind and everything
will be ready in time for the agreed collection date. Lots of customers use this super service every year. We even had one customer from
Sweden bring us his motor, and more and more customers from other countries such as France are using this service. Communication
usually isn’t a problem, and in addition to German we also speak Italian and English. And in an emergency, we can also get somebody
here to speak French. So as far as our organisation is concerned, you can see that we have no problems. But you probably already noticed
that from our quick delivery service.

Please don’t forget: If you want to check in your LAVERDA for a repair session, you should contact us as soon as possible (from
October onwards) to arrange the date. That’s the only way we can plan everything to make sure that your bike or engine is ready in time
for next season. Appointments are possible Friday and Saturday, but these are usually booked pretty fast as the winter months have only
15 weekends for us.

Orders „PLEASE“ always with the Order No.
Here a big thanks to all of our foreign customers in possession of the 750 catalogue and already using our Order Form by mail or fax. So
we’d like to request all 1000 owners to order our new catalogue as quickly as possible , as it will make your LAVERDA life easier and
more comfortable. And when you make orders using our „Order Numbers“;
       fewer mistakes happen, especially for 180° and 120° owners,
       it reduces our telephone time considerably and gives others a chance to get through,
       it reduces the burden for our team and gives us time for other stuff, e.g. Video Part II (gonna be great!),
... so by the latest in spring next year, all 1000 owners should be able to say the order numbers in their sleep. So instead of „Good night
darling“ we’ll want to hear: „Order No. 52-52A Special seal for petrol cap, new version (yeah yeah, I know. Got to remove the old
seal first). Good night“

Digital telephone systems and our latest idea
Digital telephones aren’t new. It just took a while to reach us. Not a case of „don’t want“, but rather „no time!“ But now the catalogues
are finished, so there’s no more excuse. From summer 2001 we like to have 2 numbers:

      Tel. No. 1: For orders with Order No. Just like the big companies where everything works according to Order Numbers. In any
       case, it’s quicker and we can deal faster with all those calls at peak times.
      Tel No. 2:     For technical queries and problems, so that Andy and I have more time to help you.

We think it’s a good idea, because there’s nothing more irritating than a busy telephone line (right??).
Don’t forget: The best way to order is still by letter or fax, using our order form. (Technical questions to be clarified beforehand:
English no problem, and a French Hotline is available on request: ask us for the number). You can also e-mail us, but as already
mentioned in the Spring News Letter, it’s still not the quickest way.

For all those who don’t yet know: There’s a „new“ 750 catalogue 2000 edition
•       80 pages thicker; that means 256 pages instead of 172.
•       70 extra pictures
•       more technical information, helpful tips and points of assistance, all arranged more clearly
•       including a 60 page brochure on „Piston damage and its causes“, containing 60 interesting photos.
•       and most importantly: the new price list.
As this catalogue has already been available for some time, we will stop mentioning it when you order parts under the old prices. Of
course it can still happen that even though we have a brand new catalogue, the prices might change. It’s just one of those things, and to
prove it, here’s an example:
Flat handlebar (Order No. 15-45, 16-45 and 17-48) old price DM 79,- / new price DM 95,-.
If you still have the 1998 catalogue (orange colour), we recommend you order the 2000 catalogue right away (yellow colour). You’ll like
it a lot better, and most importantly, you’ll be up to date. The price remains the same: DM 30,- including postage outside of Germany,
and it’s really a worthwhile investment. „It ‘s never been better“!

And now we come to the ever popular topic...

                             LAVERDA - MEETINGS „How were they“?
As you surely all know by now, some people were simply born to ride LAVERDAS. Some of us more than others! On the other hand,
there are those of us who’d rather put their LAVERDA in the living room, or even build their living rooms around it. Whatever turns you
on!. But there’s one thing none of us should forget: A LAVERDA has always been a machine to be used! That means your daily ride,
going to work, down to the baker or butcher, going for some cigarettes or just for a quick run up to Sweden and back.
Once again this year, Andy and myself - despite all the catalogue stress -have managed to clock up 16,242 km on our LAVERDAS,
roaring down the roads with vibrating hands. So I ask you: „Is there really anything on this earth that even comes close to being so
good“? ( ..OK, maybe a pause now and again for a cold beer, or two, or three...!). We think one or two of you might be interested in
where we’ve been to and what mischief we’ve been getting up to, so here is a small exert from our „LAVERDA NAPALM DUO

•      May Rallye with our 60 friends from Konstanz                      8 Italy / Levanto                8 1960 km
•      Coup Moto Legende „Monthlery“, Amicale 750                        8 France / near Paris            8 1433 km
•      Rallye Pastis with 45 friends from Konstanz                       8 France / Digne                 8 1840 km
•      „Valée de la Dordogne“ Club of France                             8 France / Sarlat                8 2764 km
•      Amical 750 France Meeting                                         8 Italy / Breganze               8 1465 km
•      Club Sweden                                                       8 Sweden / Ydstad                8 3495 km
•      Engänder Meeting (on the 75cc and 100cc bikes)                    8 Switzerland / Büriswillen 8 150 km
•      Laverda Club Switzerland (only Andy, on 750S)                     8 Switzerland / Ebnatkappel 8 140 km
•      Weekend mountain pass trip                                        8 South Tirol / Laltern          8 1215 km
•      Motoristorante da „Pompone“                                       8 Italy / Monte Grappa           8 1460 km
•      Laverda friends Rohrdorf (on 75cc and 100cc)                      8 Ahldorf, near Horb        8 320 km

Although we didn’t break our record from last year (17 000 km), this year we hardly used any motor-ways, preferring to take only the
nicest and most remote country roads, some of which got very narrow and twisty. Some of you might ask yourselves „Why do they both
spend so much time at meetings in other countries, when there are so many great meetings in their own country“?
Of course you’d be right, but first of all, in Germany there are so many of those funny grey boxes at the side of the road, and secondly,
our LAVERDA friends abroad go too so much trouble to arrange their meetings; for example:

Club de France Meeting: this year meeting was held quite far south, near the Pyrenees. All I can say is, picture postcard
scenery, fantastic weather (37° every day), and the rides we did were simply top class. Lots of castles and chateau’s, each nicer than the
one before, exceptional curvy mountain roads and exciting trips (e.g. 40 LAVERDAS in the middle of a pedestrian zone - you should
have seen the looks!).
A refreshing boat trip and great excursions, together with wonderful food and drink, all combined to make this meeting a great success.
But just as last year, we were among the last ones to arrive (probably riding too slowly!). Talking about riders, I always knew there aren’t
only fast LAVERDA guys out there, and on this trip we met up with a very fast LAVERDA girl. The way she pushed her black 750S
through those French bends! You could get dizzy just watching. I’m sure a lot of guys have met more than their match with her, and
probably end up saying „oh, just didn’t feel like racing today“ or „today wasn’t my day“ or how about „the scenery was so nice“. Yeah
yeah! So keep on RACING SANDRIN. By the way, there were only two Germans there this year; Andy and I. But I’m sure those nice
French people would like to see more German visitors next year!

French Amicale 750 Meeting in Breganze:                            a lot of stuff happening here as well. Visit to a rice plantation, guided
tour of a really old fort, at one time occupied by the Germans, great roads, and best of all: Massimo Laverda himself was there. He and
his wife prepared a small brunch at his holiday home, and it was really exciting to chat with him for a while. As far as food and drink is
concerned, well what can I say: 3 course menus alla Italia, (... jum, jum, jum), accompanied by non stop songs and guitar from French
„Frank“! All simply wonderful!!!
Apart from one small hail shower and a bit too much „Grappa“ in the stomach, this was another absolutely top class meeting. As well as
we two Germans, there was a handful of Swiss there too.

Club Sweden:            The crossing over the newly built bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö was indescribable and unforgettable (first
you go below the water, then you ride up on to the bridge, and then you keep going for 20km over the water. Unbelievable!). The
meeting itself took place right on the Baltic Sea, with a white sandy beach and a stiff breeze. The sun didn’t come out too often, but we
didn’t have one drop of rain. The trips through the beautiful Swedish villages were a dream. Big prize-draw with mega prizes, and games
that made you break out in a cold sweat (.. amongst others, stilt walking!). The winners of these far from easy games was the „Gruppo
Sportivo“, made up of Dries, Roger, Peter, Andy and myself, and our special coach „Werner“. We got everybody wet and showed
absolutely no mercy, and as a reward we won some super prizes. Great fun!
The Swedes did a great job with the food and drink, with all you can eat barbecue and delicious pies. We even took a little Swedish
course for „Beginners and Advanced“. „Wil han in Öl“ - probably everybody can guess what that means: „I want a beer“ (what else?).
The problem was that Swedish beer is bit strong (6,2%), and I practised this sentence a couple of times too often. On top of that we had
this „BONAQA“ mineral water, which tasted strangely like Williams Schnapps. Oh yes, Dries, Werner and Andy had a hard time
carrying me..! (Thanks again guys. Without you I’d never have managed the long difficult way back to my air bed. But you could at least
have taken my shoes off!). Except for the after effects and 5 Aspirin, this meeting was worth every kilometre. It was a wonderful
experience, and we got to know quite a few new LAVERDA friends.
In addition to us, there were 4 other German LAVERDA pilots there, and maybe next year it’ll be a few more.

MONTLHERY. Highlight of the year:                          A race circuit with high banked corners 20km south of Paris, where every
year around end of March a classic bike meeting for everybody is held. I don’t know where to start describing it. Probably best to just
write a few key words, otherwise I won’t have enough space in this news letter to describe all the things we saw and experienced:

•      Number of bikers attending?? We guess it was more than 10,000 (sounds like a lot, but the place is huge and there’s plenty of
       space to spread out. Not so crowded as you’d think with so many people)
•      Number of bikers on the track?? About 1200 !!. That was the highest number of starters we’ve ever seen. But it was so well
       organised that everybody had 2 chances per day to get out for 5 or 6 laps on the high banked track. If you want to ride, you’ve got
       to register around two months in advance. Costs FF 300.
•      „Amicale LAVERDA 750“ and „Club de France“ were both present.
•      Too many 750 SFC to count. A sight we’ll never forget.
•      Piero Antonio Laverda was present, together with his son and the V6 LAVERDA, Augusto Brettoni (ex LAVERDA works rider)
       with the 750 he used to race on, Gijs van Dijk from Holland with his fully restored 1000 Bol d’Or works machine, Massimo
       Borgesi (publisher of the 750 Laverda Register Italia), and my good friend Luciano Rossi riding his works racer at Montlhery
•      not to mention all the LAVERDA owners and all their wonderful machines, simply too many to mention here. Pictures and
       information to be found on the Internet under:

What you could see there was unique. Andy and I both agree that we’ve never seen so many different „old/new“ bikes and combinations
in one place. And for those looking for spare parts for exotic bikes - no problem, thanks to a huge vintage market, where you can find
almost anything. Can’t even mention all the other fantastic things that were happening all around. During the day you could hear all the
bikes thundering around the track ...wwwrrooooomm (this time we could only look, but maybe next year ..? Who knows?). At least we
had a chance to climb up the high banked curve, although we never could imagine it would be so steep! But, needless to say, we
managed it! Then there was this unforgettably exciting „night“! Andy and I were lucky enough to be able to sleep right next to the „V6“,
and Piero Laverda asked us to watch over it for him! I can tell you, it wasn’t easy to get a wink of sleep. I’m sure everybody can imagine
what we were dreaming about!
By the way, the „Amicale 750 France“ and Manix van der Schalk from Holland have planned a „LAVERDA only“ race for next year,
more details to be made available in the spring 2001 News Letter.
As a final comment, we have to say that those of you who have never been to Montlhery are probably missing the best classic meeting
there is. This weekend is an absolute „must“ for every classic bike fan, and we’re sure to be there next year!

Motoristorante da Maurizio is probably known to all of you. For those of you who don’t know it, let it be said that this
meeting is not only held where all our hearts are (in Italy!), but also in the world’s best restaurant: at POMPONE! This is really one of
the cult meetings, and should not be missed. Every time a superb 2 day programme in a great atmosphere. John, the chef from Australia,
spoilt our taste buds us with the finest dishes: Lasagne, Gnochi alle Verdure, Saltimbocca and Maiale Umbriaco (which means „drunken
pig“). And best of all was the Spaghetti; for breakfast of course! And for those of you who never had the chance to bite into the
megaphone of a 750 SFC, you can make up for it with a piece of „Pompones Giant Super Cake“. I’ll say no more. Go there, be amazed,
and enjoy!
It was only the ride itself that didn’t proceed according to plan. Due to a tiny, but nevertheless serious problem, the rest of the
LAVERDA team had to leave us behind with tears in their eyes. But no problem is so big with a LAVERDA that it can hold you up for
long. Thanks to Andy Giesler for his spontaneous and courageous role in „getting hold of it“, an even bigger thanks to Sascha
Lenzhöltzer for „getting it up“, and I was really relieved that after a lot of „blowing“ everything worked out OK. I should mention here
that I had a flat on the rear wheel, no inner tube or pump with me, and no centre stand on the 1000 RGS. But with all that help, we finally
managed to get the problem fixed. Or what did you think I meant ?

1. LAVERDA ROHRDORF Meeting: and what a meeting it was! Weather was superb, as it should be for a first time
meeting, and as Ahldorf (near Horb) is only 150km away from Konstanz, we took the opportunity of taking our „little“ LAVERDAS (75
& 100cc) for a spin in the country. And as we were riding along, I was reminded of what I said the very first time after riding a
LAVERDA; „A LAVERDA isn’t better than sex, but it’s just as good“! Well let me tell you something: „Sex is nothing compared to the
„little“ LAVERDAS“.
Over 50 LAVERDAS and guests in small idyllic Ahldorf, together with lots of fun, steaks and beer. But best of all was the imaginative
prize that we won for having the oldest LAVERDA: A wooden piston with an Italian flag. Very nicely done! And that was of course a
very good reason for a party, and it was not only Andy and I that had more than our fair share to drink. We almost held out long enough
to see the sun come up in the East!! And I do emphasise „EAST“, right Joe!
So keep up the good work you guys in Rohrdorf (Orange, Präsi, Stellfi..). Here’s to next year „in ORANGE“!!

                                                SEASONS BALANCE 2000
1 Defect RGS Headlamp, 1 slightly bent RGS Petrol Cap, 1 small dent in the tank (that hurts!), a couple of bruises, various small
vibration damage, dirty fingers, 4 sets of tyres, circa 299 cans of beer (for 2!), 25 Aspirin and loads of new friends, lots of souvenirs and
even more blisters on hands and bottom! All in all a good season. And once again a confirmation of the 100% usability and reliability of

And despite all of these meetings, we lost only a minimum telephone time where you were weren’t able to reach us. Away for only 19
telephone sessions to be exact. So with a few days holiday and a couple of weekends, we managed to join a lot of great meetings, each
one as good as the next.

Coming soon: are the following „LAVERDA ORIGINAL PARTS“. There may be some parts here that you’ve been waiting years
to get hold of. Now you can get them from us, as we’re in the process of buying up a quantity of new/old stock. If you’re interested, give
us a call to reserve something, as quantity is limited

• Side panel badges: Mirage/1200 alu col. 1200 bl. Jota/Corsa                    •   Sticker: RGA 1000 / Jota
• Carburettor set, complete for 1000                                             •   Hydraulic clutch cover 120°
• Central Rod for 3 cylinder carburettors                                        •   Brake lever (compl.) 750 GT / S / SF
• Instrument temperature gauge for 1000 SFC                                      •   Set panniers 1000 Executive, in silver
• Complete instrument unit for RGS, RGA, Jota 120°                               •   Marzocchi Fork 38mm
• Headlamp brackets 750 / 1000 / 1200                                            •   Ceriani Fork 35mm & 38mm
• New tanks for 750 / 1000 / 1200 / RGA                                          •   Top fork yoke 1000 SFC
• New frames for various models                                                  •   Fork stanchion tube 41,7mm 1000 SFC
• „Floating“ brake discs 280mm diameter                                          •   Handlebar RGS / RGA / 1000 SFC
• Lafranconi silencers 1000 / 1200 - 180°                                        •   Luggage rack 750
• Black silencers 1000 SFC (RGA and RGS)                                         •   Crash bars 750 GT
• Fairings 1200TS / 1000 SFC / 1200 Jubilee 30th                                 •   Rear light 750 GT / S
• Screens 1200TS / RGA / 750 SFC                                                 •   Ignition Coils 120°
• Especially for Atlas: Fairing items / compl. Weber double                      •   Ceriani Fork 35mm for 750 GT with
  carb./ most stickers for tank and side panels / brake discs etc.                   yokes and fork leg covers
• New crank cases without engine no. for 750 / 1000 / 1200                       •   ND Speedometer in mph or kph
• Fuel tap (left). Original cube form - sorry r.h. not available.                •   Jota valve tappet (the short ones!)
• Special tools: Rotor extractor Bosch; crank holding tool                       •   Smith Speed and Tachometer 750 GT/S
  Bosch; Steering bearing adj. spanner; Clutch centring tool.                    •   Speedometer 1000 SFC in mph or kph

We probably forgot to mention one two parts, so give us a call if you looking for something hard to find. There’s nothing more important
for us than fulfilling your LAVERDA wishes.

      Rust remover                 For clean tanks, simple, quick, effective (see autumn 99 News Letter) DM 39,-

      Gasket sets for              50cc, 75cc (Series 1 & 2), 125cc, 200cc. Please ask for prices. If you haven’t got
       „little“ Laverdas            a „little“ Laverda yet, then go out and find one!

      Headlamp brackets            for 1000 and 1200, limited stock, Left and Right. DM 96,- each

      750 Starter motor            „New“ finally available again
       free- wheel gear

      Laverda Leather              Remaining factory stock. Brown leather with silver buckle. Laverda logo
       Belt                         embossed on the leather.

Technical Tips
Clutch problems?
If you have problems with a slipping or binding clutch, it can be caused by hardened or worn out clutch plates. That’s pretty obvious.
What most people don’t know, is that the friction discs and steel discs can also distort. The best way to check it is to lay the plates on a
perfectly flat surface and to move it from side to side. If the plates remain flat and motionless, they’re OK. If they wobble, all you can do
is junk them. If the friction plates are not perfectly flat, they won’t meet each other cleanly and the clutch won’t work properly. You
should replace the whole set and your problems will be gone. You’ll even be able to find neutral more easily.

Bio-Ecological Oil? No thanks !
Our test has proved it. After about 15,000 km our RGS motor started playing up. The diagnosis was „no compression“. And then
suddenly, compression was back! We didn’t know what the problem was, and because it only happened once, we didn’t see any reason to
tear down the motor. At 20,000 km it started again. From time to time simply no compression, and then suddenly back again. It was
obviously the exhaust side that was causing the problem, first no. 3 cylinder and then no. 1 cylinder. It got so bad during a trip to Italy
that we had to stop and remove the camshaft twice, as the exhaust valve adjuster shim had got jammed. (Thank God nobody saw us !).
Somehow we finally managed to make it back home and the next day the RGS motor was lying in pieces on the workshop bench.
Diagnosis: The exhaust side valve guides (they don’t have shaft gaskets) were totally clogged with burnt oil residue. We could only get
the valves out with the help of a hammer. So if you want to be good to your motor, don’t use „Bio Oil“, because LAVERDA engines
don’t like it one little bit. By the way, we’ve since heard from several people who work with agricultural machinery that Bio Oil can
cause problems. So now you know!

SFC Clogs (Klox)
What do clogs (wooden shoes) and LAVERDAS have in common. Nothing really!? Well that’s not exactly true. There’s a very nice
LAVERDA lady called Ulla Dagsberg in Ulm, who originally comes from Sweden. She has a very rare, beautiful, bright orange, fully
faired 1000 RGA Jota, is a member of the Laverda „Club Sweden“ and also happens to manufacture the aforementioned clogs. At the
following Internet Address - - you can not only check out the clogs, you can also buy them: also in SFC Orange.
Andy and I think they’re great, because despite 20° winter temperatures in our workshop, we still used to get cold feet. But thanks to our
„Klox“ that’s all over with, because they really keep out the cold.

We hope... that you enjoyed this News Letter, and that you had fun reading it. We also hope that your LAVERDA season 2000 was just
as good as ours was, and that we’ll meet up with one or two of you at some of the LAVERDA meetings in various countries.
To finish off, don’t forget: Make your appointments for motor repairs as soon as possible. Then you can be sure that your LAVERDA
will be fit in time for next Spring. And we wish all you 1000 owners lots of fun with the ultimate 1000/1200 - 180°/120° Catalogue, and
as you know - start learning those order numbers! It doesn’t only keep those brain cells in shape, it brings you even closer to the best
motorcycle that has ever been built on this planet:

                       „Green - White - Red“ greetings from Konstanz, from Andy,         Alfred and Renate