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Ned Yorke

Author: Dudley Pope

It is February 1942 and the war in the Atlantic looks grim for the Allied convoys. The 'Great Blackout' has
started, leaving the spy centre of Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire at a loss as to what the Nazis are
planning. U-boat Command has changed the Hydra cipher. The Enigma code cannot be broken. Cipher
experts can no longer eavesdrop on Nazi command, which leaves convoys open for attack by packs of
marauding Nazi submarines. Winning the Battle of the Atlantic will surely give Hitler a final victory. And
who can stop him?
Author Bio
Dudley Pope
Dudley Bernard Egerton Pope was born in 1925 into an ancient Cornish sea-faring family. He joined the
Merchant Navy at the age of sixteen and much of his early life was spent at sea. He was torpedoed
during the Second World War and his resulting spinal injuries plagued him for the remainder of his life.
Towards the end of the War, he turned to journalism, becoming the Naval and Defence Correspondent for
the London Evening News. Encouraged by Hornblower creator CS Forester, he began writing fiction using
his own experiences in the Navy and his extensive historical research as a basis. In 1965 he wrote
Ramage, the first of his highly successful series of novels following the exploits of the heroic Lord
Nicholas Ramage during the Napoleonic Wars. He continued to live aboard boats wherever possible and
this was where he wrote the majority of his work. Dudley Pope died in 1997 aged seventy one.

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