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					Why ?
Why do we need an
eco-friendly campus?
An environmental-friendly school campus
  refers to
    a green school or eco-friendly school
              created , maintained and enjoyed by

                   the joint / collective actions

                      of the whole school community
                                       natural resource   and
 Principles of being eco-friendly
Respect        Respect God’s creation.
Re-use         Use whatever is reusable
                 Organize a bazaar to exchange unwanted things

Reduce           Reduce the harmful effect caused by
                                                   pollution                and
                                                   waste of natural resources
Replace          Replace non-green products with green products

Responsibility We should have a sense of responsibility

Recycle          Encourage using recyclable green products ( such as stationery
                 supplies. Buy in bulk to reduce cost (S.U. + P.T.A.)

                 Buy in bulk to reduce cost (S.U. + P.T.A.)
                                   Student Union + Parent Teacher Association
           slow down        and

                     the devastating effects
                                      of global warming
                                               caused by
                           eco-irresponsible           behaviour
                      (environmentally- irresponsible)
 Our moral education should include how to promote
 a green school.
Why ?      Aiming …
-to encourage schools to
 implement plan towards
 a green school ;
-to enhance environmental
         - to develop environmentally
           friendly attitude
          - to inspire students to
          study environmental
          science to save the
     Walk around and look
     What are being wasted?
     What are being polluted?

What    , for example,

Where   , for example,

H ow    , for example,
Wh ich
How   much
                         What are being wasted?
             Book mark ; e-mail ;
             Weblog (save information)
Reuse Reduce Recyle
 Print both sides
 Use less ink
   Select draft option

It is better to
refrain from
using them for
they contain
toxic ingredients
and also create
plastic trash.
Instead, simply
cross out
mistakes or use
                 Are you sure it
a rubber eraser (correction fluid)   is
which also takes non toxic ?
care of ink.
            What can be saved
 Infrared sensor operated
 No more leaky water taps.
 Save water!
Does your school have these things ?
Natural resources


  What kind of water ?       from flush water
                             from water taps
   Where ?                   in our school toilets

   What kind of energy   electricity
   For example :             used by
                                  computers and
    How ?

    When they ( air-conditioners, lights , computers, printers)
    are not in use
            we should
                 turn them

       Besides, we should use
          energy-saving           light bulbs and
                                 computers .
In addtion , we can re-paint the walls using suitable colours
          to reflect most light        , and so we can
             brighten the classrooms and save energy.
                                  Over use of
                             What is being wasted?
                          Do you wear these in the classroom
                          while enjoying air- con in summer?
Be mature! Be sensible!
Accept your
body development
Stop playing basketball
5 min. before lunch            Or use
Lose weight by                 another
eating healthily               material ?
Boys should respect girls.
The temperature of the air-conditioners
       should be adjusted
                         to    25 °C
To save water      ,
    we can use

          infrared sensor operated
                faucets / water taps
                       to replace
                             leaky water taps
       we can use modern water closets
         dual flush device which
           allows users to choose the volume of discharge ,
             such as half-flush or full-flush .
                                Toilet /
                                Water closet
                                with dual Flush
來也匆匆      Half flush   Full flush
              Save water !

           Two buttons to
           control the volume
           of discharged
           water for
           flushing the toilet
 School refurbishment
      Half flush   Full flush
              Save water !

 Two buttons to control the
 volume of discharged
 water for flushing the
School refurbishment
      To reduce tree cutting ,
            we should use less paper
                      printing on both sides of the page.
                               Many teachers don't mind if you
                               turn in a paper like this-- just ask
 Bookmark / keep the data by using email
   Also, you can consider cutting down on the things your print out.
   Do you really need to print out that web page, or can you just
   bookmark it or keep it by using email?

What’s more, we can use some
handkerchiefs to replace paper tissue.
What are those things that can pollute our school environment ?
E.g. Lunch boxes made of        foam rubber           and

     non eco-friendly stationery products
            such as correction fluid ,

    We should replace this kind of disposable lunch boxes,
                       plastic chopsticks, spoons and forks.
         washable and reusable products .
  Plastic bags Where ?
  Our school tuck shop
The school or Student Union should advise our
tuck shop to replace plastic wags with
recyclable and hygienic brown paper bags.
By simply reusing or recycling your
Christmas decoration, wrapping
paper and cards you will be able to
help reduce the million tons of
holiday garbage created each year.
Printer ink
Many printers have multiple settings or print quality.

We can use the high high quality setting

                                     for things that have to look nice,

   but use the low quality setting
                                     for things that don't.

 Correction Fluid
We should av___ using correction fluid
because it is tox___.
Trash is C ash
           Do you subscribe to newspapers ?
Which is better ?
Which is more
eco-friendly ?
Which is better ?
Which is more
eco-friendly ?
                     Air quality
                     What can we
                     plant ?

Do we have a green
school campus ?
To save cost, we can buy recycled products
(such as stationery supplies and the said)
energy-saving items ) in b____ ?
        Organize a walkathon to r____
        money to buy these items .
                           We can propose
                           changes :
                           A green school with
                           Heating and
                           Cooling system
                           How does
                           geothermal heating
                           and cooling work?

We can prop____ School
           ose           Refurbishment.
         Heating and

         How does
         geothermal heating
         and cooling work?

School Refurbishment
         Heating & Cooling

         Geothermal systems
         transfer heat
         between the ground
         and a building.

School Refurbishment
         Heating & Cooling

         In the cooling mode
         they absorb heat
         from the building
         and transfer it to
         the ground.

School Refurbishment
         Heating & Cooling

         Typically they do
         this by circulating
         water through the
         ground and then
         through a heat

School Refurbishment
         Heating & Cooling

         Conversely in the
         heating mode they
         absorb heat from
         the ground and
         transfer it to the

School Refurbishment
         Whole-school approach to
         actualize an
         eco-friendly school
                We cannot work
                singlehandedly ;
                We have to work
                together to
To conclude …   implement /
                to actualize
                a green school
School Refurbishment
The Geothermal Heating and Cooling
is a closed loop heat pump system with
384 bore holes, 450 feet deep located
over the playing fields and parking lot
and serves the high efficiency water
source heat pumps located in the
elementary wing. Energy recovery
units re-capture exhaust air
temperature to provide energy savings
and comfort.
Roof mounted photovoltaic panels
generate a maximum of 25KW of
electricity in a grid connected
Power is also “Net-Metered” so that
the school can benefit from selling
electricity back to the Utility
provider when excess power is
Atrium 天井 and stair light wells, as
well as sunscreens, will be utilized to
control the natural light into spaces.

Daylighting systems reduce the need
for electric light thereby lowering the
overall electricity usage costs while
allowing the air conditioning system
to be reduced in size.