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                                                                     Mainsail Welcomes New Brokers
                                                                      Westlake - Mainsail Financial Services recently hosted a
(and spring!) is in the air...                                        successful function in Westlake to welcome three new
                                                                      brokers. Paul Winder, Hedley Prince and Harold
                                                                      Eidelman who have recently joined Mainsail were
                                                                      introduced to clients and staff. CEO of Mainsail Tim
Mainsail Group has recently added                                     Jones welcomed Hedley, Paul and Harold saying "these
Mainsail Employee Benefits to its                                     are exactly the kind of client oriented brokers that
range of service companies. Already                                   Mainsail is looking for as it is so important in a service
including Mainsail Financial Services,                                based industry to have brokers who subscribe to our
Mainsail Health, Mainsail                                             vision of excellent service and advice".
Administration Services and Mainsail
BDV Platinum (our tax, auditing and
                                                                                                              Paul Winder (left)
business consultant partners),
                                                                                                              and Hedley Prince ,
Mainsail Group is bursting at the
                                                                                                              new brokers at
seams with more to come! Watch this
                                                                                                              Mainsail Financial
space for more exciting developments
                                                                                                              Services sharing
next month.
                                                                                                              thoughts at the
                                                                                                              recent Broker
Mainsail Employee Benefits will be headed up by Kevin
Creasey. A legend in the financial services industry, Kevin
comes to Mainsail with a huge amount of experience and
knowledge regarding the administration and management of
Employee Benefit schemes. Companies and employees face a
volatile environment, with numerous products, methods and
                                      options available, which
                                      can all have very different
                                      effects on long-term
                                      income stability.
                                      In the past, in large
                                      company pension funds
                                      (predominantly of the           BY Tony Goodman
                                      defined benefit variety) the
                                      trustees, working with the     The plethora of commentary relating to the momentous events
                                      experts, could devise a        in world markets of late, caused primarily by the sub-prime
                                      long-term strategy for         debacle and indulgence in liberally available credit (read
                                      giving pensioners near-        greed and recklessness), is overwhelming to say the least.
                                      inflation increases each
                                      year.                          Much of said commentary has become repetitive so here is an
                                                                     attempt at some original thought.
     Kevin Creasey                      This has changed! Now        I recall reading an article when the sub-prime issue surfaced,
                                        most employees belong to     the writer pompously stating that the world has come a long
defined contribution funds and must decide for themselves what       way since 1929 in that regulatory and legislative guidelines
capital to place into one or other vehicles - and must make these    that are in place coupled with the sophisticated financial
decisions without trustee intervention. Although vastly different    controls imposed world wide, would not allow a repetition of
and somewhat frightening this system can nevertheless offer          1929.
significant advantages working with a qualified advisor.
                                                                     Well, we now know this not to be the case! We are certainly
Having successfully consulted amongst many others to Cape            on the precipice and the jury is still out on whether the rescue
Town City (assets of R4 bil) and Naspers Media Group (assets of      packages will avert impending disaster. As I tap my keyboard
2 bil), Mainsail client companies are sure to benefit massively      the Rand has gone into free-fall (R10,20 to the $ and R17,56
from his leadership of Mainsail Employee Benefits. A warm            to the £, and R13,53 to the €) and the markets have tumbled
Mainsail welcome to Kevin.                                           yet again.                                continued on page 3
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New Para-planner
unlocks even
                                                                   MAINSAIL HEALTH
                                                                   I do so love this time of year!
greater service                                                    What not to love as we are finally getting into Spring , a time to
Mainsail clients can look forward to                               think healthy, eat healthy, get out and about and move our bodies
even better levels of service with the                             out of those lumpy winter woollies and into some light and happy
appointment of Graham Moore as                                     summer wear! Now is the time to maximise the benefits from our
para-planner. Graham's role                                        Multiply or Vitality Wellness programme partners, and of course
includes the regular review of client                              we get down to reviewing our Medical Aid packages for next year
portfolios in order to ensure up to                                .
date, relevant and cost-effective          Graham Moore
products are offered to clients to fulfill                         With this in mind please contact us should you wish to
their financial planning needs and goals.                          discuss or review your existing plan. Remember any
                                                                   changes for 2009 must be made before each scheme's
Completing the service circle and critical to our clients'         deadline. (Discovery Health cut-off 4th December 2008 other
financial well-being, is ensuring that all actions are compliant   companies still to be advised)
with legislation. From the preparation of a client-specific
financial plan and correctly archiving all reports through to      All our Employee Groups on the various Medical Schemes will be
the completion and recording of a Record of Advice, Graham         contacted to arrange a time for your 'Review date' .
will play an important role in achieving a 100% compliant
service to clients.                                                As your health care brokers Mainsail Health offers you the
                                                                   following valuable service:
Welcome, Graham! We trust that Mainsail will be both a             For all our medical aid clients we offer fair , independent advice
home and a place of growth for you.                                on your health plan - how do we do this?
                                                                                        For Employer- Employee groups we set up a
                                                                                        Review day with a presentation for staff and
  Debt - Consolidate or not?                                                            the availability of one-on-one appointments.
                                                                                        The presentation includes all the
                                                                                        enhancements, amendments and additional
      Author: Jessica van Sittert, Director of BrayCorp Financial Services
                                                                                        benefits for 2009 .
  We all know that it is imperative to reduce ones exposure to debt as much             We access individual members' claim
      as possible while interests rates remain high. The question on many               pattern for the past year and make the
                              consumers' minds is:                                      necessary recommendations to ensure
  Do I consolidate debt by paying off short term debt through my bond                   clients are utilising their Health benefits
      or not? Isn't it more expensive to pay interest over a long term?                 correctly on the plan they have chosen. We
   The trick to using your home loan to pay off higher interest & shorter term          also offer Chronic Benefit insight and advice
   debt is to keep paying what you were paying into the short-term debt, into           on upgrading (or downgrading ) depending
                                                                                        on past claims experience and potential
   your bond. Then you truly take advantage of the lower interest rate. If you
                                                                                        medical needs for the new year ahead.
  pay it off over 20 years then you will end up paying a lot more even though
                                 the rate is better.                                    Even if you don't get to see us - Please feel
    Did you know that at Braycorp we can also have your bond arranged for               free to phone or email
    you FREE OF CHARGE?! We can secure your home loan through the                       ( with any of your
  major banks (ABSA, FNB, Nedbank & Standard Bank), negotiating the                     queries. As your Health brokers we
     best interest rate and taking care of all the paperwork AT NO EXTRA                encourage you to involve us with any
                                  COST TO YOU.                                          problem claims you may be experiencing so
  This includes new bonds and further loans / 2nd bonds as well as switching            that we can assist you. Everyone should also
  of existing bonds to other financial institutions (including SA Home Loans)           receive direct correspondence from their
       when looking for a more competitive interest rate or better service.             Medical Aid around the end of October or
  This allows you to speak to one person who can arrange everything, rather             early November.
     than going to all the banks yourself, saving you both time and money.
                                                                                        With inflation sitting on 13.8% we will be
                                                                                        expecting the increases of most schemes to
                   Chat to those in the to Braycorp                         be around this figure (Discovery has
                                                                                        confirmed a 12.8% increase, Liberty
                                                                                        HealthCare 12.9% and Momentum Health a
        If you need any kind of home loan finance                                       12.8% - the rest are still to be announced. )
 (new, 2 bonds or switches) speak to those in the know.                                 Our next Mainsail Vitality Assessment day is
                                                                                        the week of Monday 3rd of November
                                                                                        Phone for a booking and GET TO GOLD!
                                                                                        (See elsewhere in this newsletter for further
                                                                                        details or contact us at (021) 7021660))
                                                                                        Yours in health
                                                                                        Jackie Steele
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                                                               Continued from page 1

                                                              For the majority of South Africans the main concern is
                                                              the South African economy and in particular, our

                                                              banks. Let me attempt to reassure our readers that
                                                              you need not be overly concerned in this area.

                                                              Contrary to U.S and European banks, our banks
                                                              actually have been subjected to rigorous controls with
                                                              regard to credit and have weathered the global crisis
                                                              extremely well. Because of this I believe the sub-prime

 Alarm Bells Ringing                                          fiasco will simply be an ill wind that passes us by, as
                                                              opposed to the Force 10 storm that has beset banks
Over the last few weeks we have received a larger than
                                                              The unexpected silence of my telephone is hopefully
normal number of house break-in claims particularly in        indicative of the maturity of our clients who understand
the Southern Suburbs. Unfortunately this often means          the volatile nature of the markets and who realise it
discovering what the "fine print" in your insurance policy    would be futile and possibly self destructive to make
actually means.                                               knee-jerk changes in the light of recent events.
                                                              Have we reached the bottom? I would suggest maybe
With this in mind I would like to your attention to draw      we have, but despite the apparent attractiveness of
your attention to the burglar alarm requirements of most      many shares, a word of caution before venturing too
insurers.                                                     deeply into the market too quickly. I leave you with
                                                              my favourite (unoriginal) quote:
                       Generally the alarm needs to be
                                                                "It is time in the market, not timing the market.”
                       linked to a 24hour armed response
                       and must be maintained regularly
                       and thus operate correctly. In
                       addition it must be activated at all
                       times when your home is
                                                               Tour de
                       One of the problems that we see
                       arising is when garages or
                       outbuildings are                        Well done, Mr Vaughan!
                       "discommunicated" (physically           Here's to many more...
                       detached or separate) from your
Trevor                 main residence.

If a break-in does occur in one of these outbuildings and
there is no alarm system as conforming to the criteria
described earlier, any claim arising can and will probably
be repudiated.

The best thing to do is to get your alarm company to
extend your alarm protection to any outbuildings as well.

Please also ensure that your insured values reflect current
replacement costs and any buildings are insured at
current rebuilding costs.

Feel free to contact us should you have any queries or
concerns regarding your cover.

Until next time, "Be safe".

Trevor                                                         Congratulations to Dave Vaughan who scooped
                                                               the "Tour De Mainsail" prize of a meal for two at
                                                               the seriously nice "The Square" restaurant at
                                 the Vineyard Hotel.
Tel: 021-701 5702
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BDV PLATINUM                                                             NEWS
BDV Platinum and Mainsail neighbours JBB Properties recently organised a fund
raiser for 29 year old Nikki Nichol. Nikki was diagnosed with advanced cancer a
short while ago and is currently ungergoing extensive chemotherapy.

Having previously worked in the BDV offices, her cause was taken to heart with BDV
Platinum purchasing a number of tickets for the lunch and auction.
                                  Numerous items on offer such as lunch with Percy
                                  Montgomery, a JBB manager auctioned as PA for a day
                                  and a Swarovski crystal cross by a local jewelery
                                  designer, ensured that the auction was a huge success
                                  and a total of R72000 was raised.

                                                                                               Tel 021 702 1660
                                                                                               Fax 0866 1515 86


Nikki and her husband, Jason.                       Rochelle Van Schalkwyk (left) and                Bridge House
                                                    Sally Peisl from BDV Platinum                  49 Bell Crescent
                                                                                                 Westlake Business Park
 Anyone wishing to contribute to Nikki's treatment is welcome to                                        Westlake
 contact the BDV Platinum offices at (021) 701 7620 for further info.
                                                                                                        P O Box 15
Vitality days are here again...                                                                      FSB No.: 26392
                                                                                                 CK No.: 2005 021 787 23
We will be hosting our second series of Vitality days from the 3 -7th November 2008. For          VAT No.: 4800229694
those who have already done one Fitness Assessment this year, remember that you can earn
booster points if your fitness levels have improved, but even if they haven't 7500 Vitality    Mainsail Financial Services cc.
points are allocated just for doing the test.Limited places available. Phone Audrey at 021-              t/a Mainsail
7021660 to book your place. Bookings are every hour on the hour from 9:00am to 3:00pm
Monday 3rd November until Friday 7th November. Book now!!                                                 Member
                                                                                                         Tim Jones
What you need: Dress in comfortable clothing and avoid alcohol or caffeine for 30 min
before. Bring along R160 (which can be claimed back from your MSA). The Discovery                      Associates
screening tests for cholesterol, blood glucose and BP are free of charge except if you have              J Steele
                                                                                                     GR Attenborough
done them once this year already. But for those who want to check if their values have
improved, bring along another R80 and a registered nurse will be on hand to carry out your
tests....We look forward to seeing you there!

                                   A BIG                                                                      around
                                   welcome                                                                    corner
                                                                                                              Tim Jones

                                   to Dawn...                                                                 Mainsail
                                                                                                              Six Pak.

                                  Dawn Pasqualle: "Welcome to Dawn,
                                  our new Service Manager. Well done on
                                  all you've achieved in such a short
                                  time. Hope you'll be very happy here!"

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