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					             Post Graduate

             Orientation 09
             Joining Instructions
 A centre for quality education and research

Table of Contents

A Word of Welcome                         3

Orientation Day Schedule & Instructions   3

Rules & Regulations                       4

Academic Policy                           4

Conduct Policy                                 5

Payment of Dues                           6

Important Telephone Nos                   7

Undertaking                               8

Surety Bond                               9

SEECS Map                                 10

A word of Welcome
You are cordially welcome to NUST School of Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science, an institute that ranks                                    Documents Required
among the top few IT and engineering institutions in the                                      on Orientation Day
country. With its dynamic and progressive vision, SEECS has
significantly contributed towards the improvement of existing                            Medical Fitness Certificate (if
educational standards and the promotion of research culture                                  not already deposited at NUST HQ).
in Pakistan. We expect you to benefit from this distinctive
opportunity to enhance your professional and technical
                                                                                         Original SSC, HSSC (or
knowledge during your stay at SEECS. We, on our part, will
                                                                                          equivalent), Bachelor &
make all possible efforts to make your stay comfortable, and
                                                                                          Masters qualification
would be glad to facilitate your pursuit of knowledge and
equip you well to meet successfully the technological                                     certificates & Degrees along
challenges of today and tomorrow.                                                         with photocopies of each.

Careful reading and understanding of the information
contained in this document will aid your smooth transition to                            Undertaking regarding
this new phase of your academic life. An overview of various                              conduct (Specimen attached).
aspects of training and administration is provided so as to
help you settle down during the first few weeks at SEECS.
                                                                                         Surety Bond duly made out
We look forward to meeting you, and your embarking                                        on stamp paper worth
successfully on your degree program at SEECS.                                             Rs 50/- (Specimen attached).

Orientation Day Schedule & Instructions
                                                                                         Registration form in
At the start of each academic year, SEECS administration along                            duplicate duly affixed with
with faculty and staff organizes an exclusive one-day                                     passport size photographs
orientation program for newly enrolled students. The aim is to                               visit to download
facilitate new entrants’ integration into the world of                                       the form
university with ease and confidence. New students are
afforded an opportunity right in the beginning to ask                                    2x ID card sized photographs
questions and clarify doubts and concerns. The day is also a                              for Institute Identity Card.
great opportunity to meet fellow students.

For the academic year 2009, SEECS orientation program is                                 2x photocopies of National ID
scheduled at 0900Hrs on 28th Sep, 2009 at SEECS Campus,                                   Card duly attested.
H-12 Islamabad. Students who are desirous of availing hostel
accommodation      need      to     visit    NUST      website
( to apply on prescribed form which may be
downloaded. In case of inability to attend, the school must be
informed telephonically on the numbers listed at the end of
this document.
(Route map showing NUST/SEECS Campus at H-12 Sector is available at the end for guidance.)



Following is the dress code for students during regular classes at SEECS. There is no
specified uniform; however a proper dress code is to be followed, as specified below:


      (a)    Dress Pants and dress shirts of decent color (Shorts or Bermudas not
      (b)    Simple jeans
      (c)    T-Shirt.
      (d)    Shalwar Kameez of decent color (Properly ironed).


      (a)    Shirt with appropriate length and normal pattern shalwar (Low neck and
             sleeveless shirts not allowed).
      (b)    Dupatta or Shawl (compulsory).
      (c)    Small heel or flat shoes (high heels not allowed).
      (d)    Trousers with long shirts (trousers with slits not allowed).


As a constituent school of NUST, SEECS strictly abides by NUST regulations. The school
follows semester system of teaching. Grade is awarded on a variable grading system.
Semester Exam result is displayed on SEECS website Students will be
briefed by our staff about academic regulations within two weeks of joining the school.
Rules governing various academic aspects are appended below: -

      a.     Withdrawal. A student shall be dropped from the Master’s Degree program
             if:                                                                    -
             (1)  First academic Sem GPA is less than 2.00.

             (2)    Receives ‘F’ grade in more than one course or fails again after
                    repeating the course.

             (3)    CGPA remains below 3.00 after completion of course work even after
                    availing the facility of improvement of grades in two subjects.

             (4)    On disciplinary grounds when recommended by respective Discipline

      b.     Minimum CGPA to undertake thesis work is 3.00 at the end of course work.

      c.     Students can improve their grades in a maximum of two subjects to make
             their CGPA 3.00 otherwise will stand withdrawn as spelled in para a(3)


SEECS requires all students to adhere to high standards of integrity in their academic work.
The school follows a zero-tolerance policy for activities such as plagiarism and cheating.
Students found involved in such activities are subject to serious disciplinary action. This
may include being failed by the instructor, academic suspension or expulsion.

Plagiarism is defined as the use, whether by paraphrase or direct quotation, of the
published or unpublished work of another without full and clear acknowledgment.
Cheating includes the giving or receiving of unauthorized assistance on quizzes,
examinations or written assignments from any source not approved by the instructor.
Examples of cheating include but are not limited to:
       •   Submitting someone else’s work as one’s own with or without the permission
            of the individual concerned.
       •    Allowing someone to copy one’s work.
       •    Using a writing service or having someone else to write a paper for oneself
       •    Using someone else’s work without proper citation.
       •    Submitting collaborative and/or group work as one’s own.
       •    Stealing a test or question paper from a teacher or her/his office.
       •    Taking a course and/or examination for another student.
       •    Using unauthorized materials during a test or exam.

SEECS provides an environment that supports both intellectual and personal growth. This
requires striking a balance between upholding individual freedom and demanding respect
for the rights of others. Each student has the right to pursue peacefully his / her study, and
other students must respect this right.

It may be your first or recent experience with certain freedoms and privileges. The
university should not therefore be constantly watching your actions or judging your
behaviour. When your actions clash with the rights of others to a safe environment, the
university considers it obligatory to intervene and preserve the academic rights of students
as a community. You are therefore expected to demonstrate a high standard of conduct -
one that is necessary to maintain the educational quality of the campus.


All students will be issued temporary identity cards on arrival. However, permanent NUST
identity cards will be issued later. Students will be responsible for the safe custody of their

identity cards. In case of loss or theft, they will be liable to disciplinary action and a fine up
to Rs 150.00.


75% attendance is mandatory for the students to take a semester exam in taught subjects.
Students are required to be present in the classroom as per the training program. Those
who join late or leave the classroom without permission will be marked absent, and SEECS
authorities reserve the right to fine such students on case-to-case basis. Leave application
form is to be furnished only for any genuine emergencies.

Students are expected to furnish accurate and complete information on all university forms
and documents, including applications for admission and financial aid, references, local and
home addresses and for other types of records. Provision of any inaccurate/ concealment
of information may lead to termination from the institute.


Political activities are strictly forbidden on SEECS premises, and all students are required
to give a written undertaking at the time of admission that they will refrain from politics
during their stay at school. RECTOR NUST has full powers to terminate the registration of a
student found involved in political activities.

The following practices are considered unacceptable for SEECS students:

      Theft or damage to the property of school or of property of a member of school
       community or the property of a visitor to school or abetment to any of the above.

      Conduct that results in conviction of a crime or crimes in a court of competent
       jurisdiction may subject a student to disciplinary action including suspension or

      Possession of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or other weapons on SEECS
       campus, or the display or use of the above to intimidate, frighten or control

      Engaging in conduct which obstructs or disrupts teaching, research, administration,
       disciplinary procedures, or other activities of the institute.

      Keeping pets/animals, cassette players etc or possessing any morally/religiously
       objectionable printed material.
      Using drugs and smoking on the Campus.


All dues are payable on quarterly basis through Habib Bank Ltd or as intimated from time
to time. A fine will be levied as per scale stated below, if fee is not paid by due date:

      After first fifteen days up to one month, 5% of tuition fee.
      After one month, 10% of tuition fee.

      After 2 months of non-payment of all dues, the student will be suspended from the
       college/institute. He/she will be reinstated only after payment of admission fee
       along with other outstanding dues with 15% late fee.
      Students will be allowed to appear in final/end-semester examination only subject
       to clearance of all dues.
       Students living in the hostel are required to clear their dues by due date. In case of
       delay, late fee as stated above will be charged.
      Students desirous of leaving school due to personal reasons will be required to pay
       tuition fee for the month in progress of leaving school.
      Tuition fee from students withdrawn due to poor academic performance will be
       charged till the month of conclusion of semester.

                         IMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERS

                         For further information, please contact;

                     DG SEECS:                     051 9085 2000 (Office)
                     Dean SEECS:                   051 9085 2003 (Office)
                                                   0334 5133073 (Mobile)
            Registration Office (SEECS):           051 9085 2007 (Office)
                                                   0333 5542176 (Mobile)

                NUST School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
                                H-12 Sector, ISLAMABAD


                               (By the Student & Parents/Guardian)

I, Mr._________________________________________________________________________ son/daughter of Mr.
__________________________________________________, student of MS-IT/MS-CSE/MS-CCS/MS-EE
course, hereby certify that I have read the joining instructions carefully and that during my
stay with SEECS, I shall be responsible to abide by the rules/regulations mentioned therein.
I understand that I will be liable to appropriate disciplinary action for any misconduct or

Date: ____________                                          Signature: ___________________

                                                            Name: ______________________

                            COUNTERSIGNED BY PARENTS/GUARDIAN


(Note: Please deposit this certificate duly completed on first day of your arrival).

                                                                                         SURETY BOND
                                                                                                  (Worth Rs 50/-)

                                        (NUST STUDENTS)
1.       KNOW              ALL           MEN            BY           THESE             PRESENT        THAT        I,
Mr.___________________________________________________________(hereinafter         called    the    trainee)    and
Mr.        __________________________________________________________________________(Surety     No      1)     and
Mr. _________________________________________________(Surety No 2) (hereinafter called the sureties) do hereby bind
ourselves and each of us and heirs, executors and administration to abide by the terms and conditions of
NUST after having been selected against “civilian student of NUST” seat at NUST School of Electrical
Engineering & Computer Science.

2.        During studies, the trainee shall abide by the institute discipline and rules, regulations and standing
orders/procedures concerned and pay all expenses in due time. Any violations of these will make the trainee
liable to expulsion from the SEECS, which shall be without right of appeal in any court of law. During studies,
if trainee is expelled by the Institute on any ground, or deliberately fails and does not study, trainee will lose
his seat in the Institute and will not be allowed to continue studies in any of the NUST institutions.

3.        The trainee will abstain from any political activity during his tenure of studies at SEECS. Trainee, if
found guilty of an act which is forbidden by NUST/SEECS authorities including cheating/drinking alcohol, etc,
will be liable to expulsion from the SEECS.

4.      NUST (SEECS) authorities reserve the right to plan/issue extended schedule of classes/exams during
any part of the day, on as required basis.

Signature of the Student (Trainee): __________________________________

         Surety No 1 (Father/Guardian)                         Surety No 2 (Any Class 1 Govt Servant)
             Signature: _______________________                    Signature: __________________________
              Name: __________________________                     Name: _____________________________
              Son of: __________________________                   Son of: _____________________________
            Designation/Status: ______________                    Designation/Status: _________________
              _________________________________                     ____________________________________
             Address: ________________________                     Address: ___________________________
              _________________________________                     ____________________________________
              _________________________________                     ____________________________________

            Note: This bond will invariably be attested by Oath Commissioner/Notary Public.