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									The Astral: Till the Day I Die
Author: V. J. Banis

Shot while trying to prevent the kidnapping, murder, and brutal despoilment of her thirteen-year-old
daughter, Southern California book editor Catherine Desmond has a "tunnel-of-light" experience. "There is
something only you can do," the spirits tell her, and she is returned intact to her former life -- or is she?

When she recovers, Catherine finds herself gifted -- or cursed -- with astral projection, and to her dismay
finds herself linked psychically with her daughter's murderer. But he too can project himself, and while
she searches for a way to bring the brutal killer to justice, he begins stalking her as well, setting in
motion an ethereal cat-and-mouse game, with life -- and death -- hanging in the balance!

"Another cutting-edge supernatural mystery, romance, and action thriller from a master of the genre.
From the criminal world of child pornography to the hunt for a ruthless killer, Banis exhibits a sure touch
in exploring themes relevant to the modern world. We care about these people, and we care about this
story. First-rate!" -- Robert Reginald.

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