Submitting a Grant Proposal Required Components Applicant Organization Include the by captainrhoades


									                  Submitting a Grant Proposal: Required Components

Applicant Organization
   • Include the address, telephone, fax, email

Contact Person, Project Director
   • Include address, etc., if different from above
   • Cheque should be made out to ………………

Project Title

Project Description
   • Summarize the activity or activities the grant will support;
   • Describe how this grant addresses BC Problem Gambling Program objectives;
   • Describe the primary beneficiaries of this project;
   • Estimate the number of people that will benefit from this project;
   • Describe your approach to the issue and what gives it a high likelihood of success;
   • Outline the organization’s timeline for achieving project objectives;
   • Indicate how the project will be announced and/or launched;
   • Name any partners, such as community groups, individuals or the gaming industry.

   • State the mission of your organization or agency;
   • Describe the work of your organization and population served;
   • Describe your experience collaborating with other community groups;
   • Indicate who will take primary responsibility for the project (include a short bio);
   • Outline who else will be working on the project (e.g., staff, volunteers, students);
   • Describe your capacity to carry out the project;
   • Submit any other supporting documents.

Project Objectives
   • List the project’s identifiable objectives and activities;
   • Describe planning activities that will take place before project start-up;
   • Indicate any plans to continue the project beyond the funding period.

   • Describe the expected outcomes of the project;
   • Describe how will each of the project objectives and activities will be evaluated;
   • Describe the documentation process of the successes, challenges and impacts of the
   • Indicate who will design and carry out the project evaluation;
   • Provide a timeline to complete an evaluation.

   • Provide a detailed budget, including the calculations used to estimate costs;
   • Indicate whether you will be receiving other support, financial or in-kind, from any other

   • Include the date, a signature and title if applicable;
   • Include the following statement: I/we hereby certify that all information contained in this
      proposal, including supporting documentation, is true and correct to the best of my/our
                                    General Tips and Advice

Before You Begin

   •   Read the application instructions carefully.
   •   Follow all directions.
   •   Don’t become overwhelmed, break down the proposal into manageable pieces.

When Complete

   •   Your proposal is well written, concise, and organized.
   •   Your proposal is clear, complete and persuasive.
   •   Your proposal addresses all review criteria.
   •   You have proofread your proposal (no spelling errors, sloppy formatting, and arithmetic
   •   You have identified what you want to do by defining your goals and objectives.
   •   You have outlined all steps and activities, who will be responsible for each, and the
       associated timelines.
   •   You have described why you believe your project objectives will have the desired
   •   You have identified your target population.
   •   You have described how you plan to evaluate the project and included a timeline.
   •   You have described any community partners that will be involved in the project.
   •   You have included information about your organization, and provided evidence that you
       have the capacity to meet your stated goals and objectives.
   •   You have included a detailed budget.
   •   You have signed and dated your proposal.

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