CleanMed 2002 - List of Exhibitors by emu13578


									Holiday Inn Mart Plaza, Chicago, I L   24 - 26 October 2002


B. Braun Medical, Inc.                                       CleanSystems US
824 Twelfth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA, 18018                     3F Harbor Point Drive, Mill Valley, CA 94941
tel. 800.523.9676 | fax. 610.691.6249                        tel. 415.939.0301 | fax. 415.388.8041
website:                                   website:
Environmental Vision Statement:                              Environmental Vision Statement:
"B. Braun is the only U.S. manufacturer of a full line of    "CleanSystem is a company dedicated to the
basic IV solutions in non-PVC, non-DEHP packaging.           environment. Our revolutionary cleaning system, which
Made from biologically inert, non-toxic plastic materials,   uses the latest in microfiber technology can eliminate
EXCEL® and PAB® IV containers are easy to handle,            between 75% - 90% of the germicidal floor cleaner
and have rigid saddles and ports for safer and easy          used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Our
medication addition and administration set connection."      bucketless cleaning system also eliminates cross
                                                             contamination in patient care areas, which reduces the
Products to be Displayed:
                                                             water usage used in cleaning by as much as 85%.
  EXCEL® and PAB® Intravenous Solutions
                                                             Finally, the durable microfiber products far outlast
  PIC™ Irrigation Solutions
                                                             conventional cleaning materials which reduces the
  Introcan® Safety™ IV Catheters and Needle-free
                                                             amount of product in our solid waste stream."
                                                             Products to be Displayed:
Sponsor of Evening Reception at CleanMed, 2002                 Microfiber cleaning products for Environmental
                                                               Services, Infection Control & Surgical Services
The Clean Environment
PO Box 4444, Lincoln, NE 68504                               Corpak Medsystems, Inc
tel. 402.464.0988 | fax. 402.464.1175                        100 Chaddick Road, Wheeling, IL 60090
website:                              tel. 800.323.6305 / 847.537.4601 | fax. 847.541.9526
Environmental Vision Statement:
"We manufacture the most effective line of                   Products to be Displayed:
environmentally friendly cleaning products available. We       CORFLO Feeding Pumps, Bags and sets
have provided products to state governments, national
parks, hospitals, nursing homes, city governments etc.       Daniels SharpSmart, Inc
for 10 years. We endeavor to provide the safest              1772 Los Arboles #J112 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
effective cleaning solution for every cleaning problem.      tel. 805.905.1112
We have a complete line of environmentally friendly          website:
cleaning products to cover most cleaning needs."
                                                             Environmental Vision Statement:
Products to be Displayed:                                    "We will develop and distribute intelligent products with
Environmentally friendly cleaning products such as:          a strong environmental platform without compromising
  All Purpose Cleaner                                        Safety and Value for our customers."
  Glass Cleaner
                                                             Products to be Displayed:
  Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  Kitchen Degreaser
  Hand Dish Detergent
  Oven Cleaner and others
                                                               Access + Plus

DuPont Antron                                             Products to be Displayed:
175 Town Park Drive , Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30144          Elastyfree: Non-latex, powder free, accelerator free,
tel. 770.420.7963 | fax. 770.420.7900                       chlorine free, PVC free, ASTM F1671, and free of
website:                                  toxic by-product incineration sterile surgeons glove.
Products to be Displayed:
                                                          Ecologics Environmental
  DuPont(TM) Antron(R) Carpet fiber
                                                          P. O. Box 1136, Hanover, MA 02339
                                                          tel. 781.608.0997 | fax. 781.837.5620
E.L. Foust Inc.
754 Industrial Drive                                      Environmental Vision Statement:
Elmhurst, IL 60126                                        “Ecologics Environmental Corp. is committed to
tel. 800.353.6878 / 630.834.4952 | fax. 630.834.5341      eliminating all cleaning agents and hazardous chemicals
website:                                  whose components include toxic materials. This goal
                                                          will be accomplished by educating the consumer and
Environmental Vision Statement:                           institutional user on the merits of replacing these harsh
"Since 1974 E.L. Foust Co., Inc. has manufactured high    and hazardous materials with environmentally
quality air purifiers for use in asthma, chemically       responsible products that are safe to both the user and
sensitive and allergic patients. RECOMMENDED by           the environment.”
doctors of the American Academy of Environmental
Medicine, American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy,        Products to be Displayed:
independent test results are available. We also carry a     Environmentally responsible cleaning and disinfectant
wide variety of products for creating a safer               products.
environment in homes, offices, schools and hospitals."
                                                          EnvirOx, L.L.C.
Products to be Displayed:
                                                          1938 E. Fairchild Street, Danville, IL, 61832
  Air purifiers
                                                          tel. 217.442.8596 | fax. 217.442.2568
  AFM Safecoat products
  E-Z-1 Lubricant
  Everpure water filters                                  Environmental Vision Statement:
  NILFISK vacuums                                         "EnvirOx L.L.C. was founded with two goals in mind:
  FGI HVAC Filters                                        first, to structurally reduce the chemical toxicity
  Nitrile gloves                                          associated with janitorial cleaning tasks, and second, to
  Latex free masks                                        reduce the environmental impact of packaging,
  Educational books and tapes on how to improve your      transportation and manufacturing of those products
  environment                                             through the development of effective, multi-purpose,
                                                          concentrated technologies."
ECI Medical Technologies                                  Products to be Displayed:
2 Cook Road, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia,                      Hydrogen Peroxide based cleaners - H2Orange2 117
Canada B4V 3W7                                              Concentrate, Grout-Safe, Quick-Spot, ONE, Ultimate,
tel. 800.668.5289 | fax. 866.668.5289                       Glass Safe Dispensers - Spray Buddy (hand held
website:                                 personnel dispensing system) and Blend Buddy 2
Environmental Vision Statement:
“At ECI, our vision and goals are simple: Provide a
superior environmentally preferred medical product;
unparalleled customer service through distribution, EDI
and Internet; and by offering a highly trained 26
member United States sale force. Categorically,
Elastyfree is the clear choice and we invite you to
contact ECI for further details and samples.“

Flooring Alternatives                                     Health Care Without Harm
PO Box 924, El Cerrito, CA, 94530                         1755 S. Street, NW, Suite 6B, Washington DC 20009
tel. 510.550.4449 / 877.639.1345 | fax. 510.528.7960      tel. 202.234.0091 | fax. 202.234.9121                              website:
Environmental Vision Statement:                           Environmental Vision Statement:
"Flooring Alternatives provides high-quality durable      To transform the health care industry worldwide, without
wood floor products from renewable sources (such as       compromising patient safety or care, so that it is
Bamboo and Cork) as alternatives for conventional         ecologically sustainable and no longer a source of harm
hardwood. In addition, we seek solutions which are low    to public health and the environment.
in toxins, as alternatives to the petrochemical-based
floor coverings (such as carpeting and laminates). We     H2E
provide floors which are good for the environment and     P.O. Box 188, Lyme, NH 03768
good for your environment."                               tel. 603.643.6700 | fax. 603.643.6710
Products to be Displayed:
  Cork flooring                                           Environmental Vision Statement:
  Bamboo flooring                                         “H2E is a program sponsored by the American Hospital
                                                          Association, the US EPA, the American Nurses
HÅG, Inc.                                                 Association and Health Care Without Harm. In 1998 the
                                                          AHA and EPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding
108 Landmark Drive, Greensboro, NC, 27409
                                                          (MOU) to advance pollution prevention efforts in our
tel. 858.484.6624 | fax. 858.484.6624
                                                          nation's hospitals with the following goals:
                                                             Virtually eliminating mercury-containing waste from
Environmental Vision Statement:                              hospitals' waste streams by 2005
"HÅG is an innovator and pioneer in the development of       Reducing the overall volume of waste (both regulated
programs that gives waste a new life. In 2001 HÅG            and non-regulated waste) by 33 percent by 2005
started a new recycled material flow by initiating the       and by 50 percent by 2010
collection and recycling of used car bumpers and             Hazardous substances for pollution prevention and
household waste. HAG will use over 200 tons of               waste reduction opportunities, including hazardous
recycled plastic in 2002. And this plastic will have a       chemicals and persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic
longer life than the original one it was designed for!       pollutants”
 HÅG is ISO 14001 certified and is the first
Scandinavian furniture manufacturer to be EMAS (Eco       Interface Flooring Systems
Management Audit Scheme) registered. HÅG has              PO Box 1503 Orchard Hill Road
committed itself to adopting and implementing an          LaGrange, GA 30241
environmental policy, regularly reviewing environmental   tel. 706.812.6511 | fax. 706.812.6351
performance and reporting on it publicly. Over 35% of     website:
HÅG 's suppliers, including transportation companies,
have introduced systems such as ISO 14001 and             Environmental Vision Statement:
EMAS."                                                    "For nearly thirty years INTERFACE has consistently led
                                                          in innovations of carpet and modular systems. Interface
Products to be Displayed:                                 offers award-wining designs on patented backing
  HÅG H03                                                 systems for a variety of end-use applications. Interface is
  HÅG H05                                                 setting the pace for development of modular carpet
  HÅG Capisco                                             using materials and processes that take less from the
  HÅG Convention                                          environment, as it strives to become a company that, by
                                                          its deeds, shows the entire industrial world what
                                                          sustainability is in all its dimensions: people, process,
                                                          product, place and profits."
                                                          Products to be Displayed:
                                                            HC Collection

Lasan Plastics, Inc.                                       Mondo, USA
PO Box 7309, 10 Main Street, Gonic, NH 03839               1100 East Hector Street, Suite 160,
tel. 603.330.0700 | fax. 603.330.9100                      Conshohocken, PA, 19428                                      tel. 610.834.3835 | fax. 610.834.3837
Environmental Vision Statement:
"LASAN was started in 1994 by plastic and textile          Environmental Vision Statement:
engineers, with the goal of developing environment         “Today's healthcare facilities require flooring that is
friendly products as alternatives for industry.            aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, safe,
LASAN introduced technology to develop various             environmentally friendly, durable, easy to clean and
products for the medical market. One example was the       relatively inexpensive to maintain. Mondo is committed
development of PVC-free body bags. LASAN's                 to creating products that meet these goals and are
EnviroMed-Bag™ burns clean, with no hazardous              environmentally safe from the production stage all the
emissions.                                                 way through to storage, installation, use, and eventual
LASAN has since developed PVC-Free and Latex-Free          disposal. Every year, 12% of our revenues are invested
personal protection products, such as isolation gowns,     in Research and Development to develop new concepts
infection control kits, etc. We have also recently begun   that meet these high objectives."
developing PVC-Free mattress pads and a line of
                                                           Products to be Displayed:
biodegradable products. There is no reason to use
                                                             Contract rubber flooring for critical intensive care,
products that are damaging to the environment and
                                                             dialysis rooms, dry physical therapy rooms, energy
pose a health threat to employees.
                                                             rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, corridors,
LASAN has innovative technology to provide safe
                                                             patient rooms, procedure rooms and offices.
alternatives that offer superior performance and lower
                                                           Nora Rubber® Flooring /
Products to be Displayed:                                  Freudenberg Building Systems
  Biodegradable products                                   94 Glenn Street
  PVC-free mattress pads and body bags.                    Lawrence, MA 01843
                                                           tel. 978.689.0530 ext. 144 | fax. 978.688.4087
MCS: Health & Environment                                  website:,
P.O. Box 1732, Evanston, IL 60201
tel: 847.866.9630 | fax: 847.733.0665                      Environmental Vision Statement:
website:                          "A commitment to continually finding solutions for the
                                                           toughest floor covering problems in an environmentally
Environmental Vision Statement:                            sensitive way has made nora® Rubber Flooring, a
MCS: Health & Environment is organized for the             division of Freudenberg Building Systems, world leader
purposes of support, education, advocacy, and              in rubber flooring. Known for its consistent quality and
collaboration for and with persons who are sensitive to    cutting-edge design, nora® Rubber Flooring continues
chemicals in the environment (MCS = multiple chemical      to design new products for better safety, elasticity and
sensitivities).                                            longevity, wear resistance, easy care and lower life cycle
                                                           Products to be Displayed:
                                                             Nora® rubber flooring sheet goods, tile goods and

PharmEcology Associates, LLC                              RCD Engineering
200 S. Executive Drive, Suite 101                         63 Templer Drive, Ancaster, ON L9G 3X7, Canada
Brookfield, WI 53005                                      tel. 905.648.3277 | fax. 905.648.3277
tel. 262.814.2635 | fax. 414.479.9941
                                                          Environmental Vision Statement:
                                                          “We, at RCD Engineering, accept the inevitable burden
Environmental Vision Statement:                           that all process manufacturing places onto both our
"PharmEcology Associates, LLC is committed to             natural resources and the environment. However, we
providing the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry      firmly believe opportunities abound for minimizing the
with the information and systems needed to manage         negative impact by trying harder and keeping an open
pharmaceutical waste in a cost effective, compliant and   mind. Our attitude of not accepting the status quo as
environmentally friendly manner. We accomplish this       the benchmark coupled with our broad process
through educational seminars, on-site reviews, and a      engineering experience and professional liaison have
web-based subscription service providing access to        enabled us to generate many innovative process
responsible waste disposal information for over           solutions. We believe these applications will continue to
100,000 pharmaceutical products based on federal          make favorable impact to the operating efficiency of
regulatory and risk management criteria."                 many processes in many seemingly totally unrelated
Products to be Displayed:
  Educational seminars and training                       Products to be Displayed:
  On-site reviews                                           Prototype stainless steel Vent-Mizer unit that reduces
  Web based subscription service featuring access to        steam-boiler greenhouse gas emission and fuel
  over 100,000 pharmaceutical products with regula-         consumption by 1%
  tory and risk management disposal recommendations
  Research and consulting services                        SafeNow® Products
                                                          2505 E. Washington Street, Joliet, IL, 60433
Premier Inc.                                              tel. 815.722.0166 | fax. 815.722.2726
700 Commerce Drive Suite 100                              website:
Oak Brook, IL 60522
                                                          Environmental Vision Statement:
tel. 630.891.4130
                                                          "Cleaning products represent a major, but easily
                                                          replaceable source of airborne contaminants.
Environmental Vision Statement:                           SafeNow® Products use surfactant technology to
"Premier supports the healthcare industry's efforts for   replace harmful chemicals with safe, yet highly effective
the purchasing and use of products and services that      alternatives. SafeNow® Products are made to the
enhance a safe and healthy environment for patients,      highest standard of performance, safety, and
workers and the community."                               environmental responsibility."
                                                          Products to be Displayed:
                                                            All-purpose cleaner
                                                            Bathroom, window, floor cleaner
                                                            Ultra dish liquid
                                                            Laundry liquid
                                                            Carpet & Stain cleaners
                                                            VOC-Free high speed floor finish
                                                            VOC-Free and Floor Stripper

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics                                UMF Corporation
460 Milltown Road, Bridgewater, NJ 08803                         340 Ridge Road, Wilmette, IL 60091
tel. 908.218.8888 | fax. 908.541.0025                            tel. 847.920.0370 | fax. 847.920.0373
website:                                    website:
Environmental Vision Statement:                                  Environmental Vision Statement:
"Saint-Gobain recognizes the right of all citizens to live       “Reducing chemical concentrations and the waste
in an environment as free of industrial pollution as             associated with the cleaning and maintenance process
feasible. In this regard, it is Saint-Gobain's intent that its   while redefining clean.”
operations are in compliance with federal, state and
local environmental regulations, with an emphasis on             Products to be Displayed:
reducing or preventing pollution at the source.                    The PerfectClean line of high performance ultramicro
Maintaining the health and safety of our employees and             fiber materials and hardware designed for redefining
eliminating environmental risks to the community                   clean.
provides substantial benefits to everyone associated
with Saint-Gobain. Health, safety and protection of the          Welch Allyn, Inc.
environment will always be primary goals of the                  Medical Products
company."                                                        4341 State Street Road
                                                                 Skaneatelas Falls, NY 13153-0220
Products to be Displayed:                                        tel. 800.5356663 / 315.685.4560 | fax. 315.685.4091
  Silicone Tubing - Medical                                      website:
  PVC Replacement Tubing - Medical
  Plasticizer-Free Medical Tubing                                Environmental Vision Statement:
                                                                 "Welch Allyn, Inc., one of the world's leading
Shaw Specified Commercial / Shaw Tek                             manufacturers of medical diagnostic equipment and
1000 V.D. Parrott Parkway, Mail Drop 071-01,                     patient monitoring systems, is pleased to offer a full line
Dalton, GA, 30721                                                of mercury-free and latex-free products including
tel. 706.275.1707 | fax. 706.275.1719                            aneroid sphygmomanometers that include a free
website:                                    mercury disposal bit and allows healthcare professionals
                                                                 to safely return old mercury units to Welch Allyn for
Environmental Vision Statement:                                  recycling and disposal."
“Shaw S/C is committed to sustainability - a destination
fixed on the human horizon, reachable across a gulf of           Products to be Displayed:
generations, the only sanctuary for life on this earth.            Blood pressure devices
Through our culture, policies, practices,and products we           Thermometers
will push toward this goal. We will become
environmental stewards within the context of a free
market system, fulfilling the demand of the present,
while sustaining the ability of future generations to do
the same by leading the way for our industry.”
Products to be Displayed:
  Shaw TEK
  Green with Envy Collection

World Medical Equipment, Inc.
10030 270th Street NW, Stanwood, WA 98292
tel. 360.629.5000 | fax. 360.629.5050
Environmental Vision Statement:
"World Medical Equipment, Inc. offers refurbished
surgical equipment, which not only meets your needs
and saves you money, but also reduces overall waste.
Our equipment is purchased from facilities that no
longer need it and then completely restored to original
manufacturer's specifications. By reusing instead of
discarding this equipment, we help our customers
conserve financial resources and help our environment
by conserving the natural resources that would be used
in manufacturing new equipment."
Products to be Displayed:
  Refurbished operating room equipment
  Lights, tables, monitors, anesthesia machines and

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