Virtual Tour Using Google Earth - DOC - DOC by emu13578


									                     Virtual Tour Using Google Earth
Step 1: Open Google Earth By
going to the Finder 
Applications  and clicking on 
Google Earth

Step 2: Once the application
opens, click on Google Earth 
scroll down to preferences.

Step 3: Click on the Touring tab
                                       Change to 6
at the top of the page.

Check the box: “Show balloon
when tour is paused.”
                                                     Check this box
Change Tour Pause to: “6”
seconds  Click OK

Step 4: Hover mouse over My
Places  Hold down Ctrl Click
on Add Folder.

Rename folder to Native
American Tribes of North
Click OK

Step 5: In the search box type the
state where your Native American
Tribe lives.
Step 6: Click on the Place-marker.
                                     Name of place marker
Step 7: Name Your place marker.

Click on the placemarker icon and
select the icon you would like to

Under Description Write a brief                             Placemarker icon
description about your Native
American Tribe.

*Note: To change the font enter
the following code: (no spaces)
<font size=”_” color=”_” face=”_”>
To add an image use the code:

<img src=”paste image url here”>

Click OK when finished

Step 8: Once you have entered all
of the information you can view
your work by clicking once on the
place mark.
Step 9: Save your work often.
Click on File Save  Save
Place As.

*Note: Make sure that you have
your original folder highlighted
before you save. (Native
American Tribes of North

File will be saved as a .kmz
Keyhole Mark-up Language. You
will need to replace the old file each
time you save a new one.

Step 10: If you want to go back
and add extra info or make any
changes ctrl click on the placemark
icon and select Get Info.

Step 11: View Your Tour!

When you have finished adding all
five Native American Tribes, you
can view your map by highlighting
the folder you saved the locations
to and clicking on the play button       Make sure this slider is all the way to the right

*NOTE FOR HTML CODES: FONT Size should be between the #1-7 (1= very small 7= very
large). Colors can be any color just type in the name ex) BLUE. Make sure you spell the Font
face the exact same as it is listed in your font drop down menu ex) Arial Narrow. All numbers and
words should be contained within the quotes “_”. Just replace the line with your font and color
choices. Youtube Videos can also be embedded within the map by copying and pasting the code
into your description.

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