Using Geometry with Google Earth by emu13578


									First and Last Name              Teacher-Period                             Date

             Using Geometry with Google Earth
1. Your first step is to type in ‘Hedrick Middle School, Lewisville, TX’ in the
search bar.

         Type here

Let it fly to Hedrick MS without clicking or moving the mouse.

Here you are going to find the perimeter of our
school using the ruler located at the top toolbar.
Select it and choose Path, units of measurement
should be set to feet.

Once you zoom in to the school building, you will need to start at one corner
and create a line to the next corner. On the ruler floating toolbar you will
see the total number of feet for that side. This is when it is important to
be zoomed in because you will need to begin your next line by clicking the
mouse as close as possible to where you left off. Continue to the next
corner. This will add the total number of feet together. Continue all the
way around the building. Make sure you do not include the elementary school
next door and answer the following question.

Total Perimeter of HMS:
First and Last Name             Teacher-Period                           Date

2. Now that you are a little more familiar with Google Earth, you are going
to type the Dallas Convention Center in the search I beam and find the

       Count as many as you can for:
          o Right angles:
          o Obtuse angles:
          o Acute angles:
       At the round dome find:
          o Radius:
          o Diameter:
          o Circumference:

3. Type the Energy Plaza in the search I beam.
      What type of triangle is the Energy Plaza?
         o Height:
         o Length:
         o Width:
         o Total Area:

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