Google Earth Activity Notes for Teachers by puy10969


									                Google Earth Activity: Notes for Teachers

Today’s activity focuses on estimating the location of the shipwreck and its distances from
various locations. Using the information obtained from the previous activity, we will track the
S.S. Central America’s path, shipwreck location, distance between the takeoff point and the
shipwreck, and the distance between the shipwreck and original destination using Google Earth.
Using Google Earth, we can predict the shipwreck’s location with the obtained data from the
previous lesson: distance from nearest U.S. city, distance below sea level ship was found,
approximate zone to search for ship, and the path taken from takeoff to original destination.

The attached pdf’s show the paths and zones created from the activity. The measurements
given were formed on one try. Teachers should note that latitude and longitude are close to
these locations.

Coordinates of cities and shipwreck:

   •   Cape Hatteras, NC: 35°13’25.70’’N and 75°32’19.00’’W
   •   Colón, Panama: 9°20’37.93’’ N and 79°56’16.45’’W
   •   New York City, NY: 40°35’56.81’’ N and 73°55’11.48’’W
   •   Shipwreck (Southeast of Cape Hatteras): 32°49’17.28’’N and 75°24’40.01W

Again the distances for the paths will drastically differ but the distances given can be used as

Pathways of ship:

   • Panama to Shipwreck ≈ 2300 miles
   • Shipwreck to NYC ≈ 550 miles

The created zone is 25 miles x 56 miles = 1400 square miles

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