What is Google Earth by puy10969


									                                          What is Google Earth?
                                           Google Earth is a computer program
Google Earth                               that combines satellite imagery, maps,
                                           and Google search capabilities.
                                           Several Google Earth products exist:
        Emerging Technologies                Google Earth
          Workshop Series                    Google Earth Plus
                                             Google Earth Pro
                                             Google Earth Enterprise Edition

Google Earth                              Documentation
 Google Earth comes in a free version.     From within the program, there is a link
 No registration is required.              to the Google Earth User Manual.
 Versions are available for Windows        Google provides extensive
 2000/XP and Mac OS X (10.3.9+)            documentation of Google Earth at
 http://earth.google.com/earth.html        http://earth.google.com/support
 Today’s workshop will deal solely with    There is also a Google Earth
 the free version of Google Earth.         Community at http://bbs.keyhole.com

Other useful sites include…
 The Google Earth Blog
 (http://www.gearthblog.com)              Enough PowerPoint!
 Google Earth Hacks
                                             Let’s take a tour of Google Earth.

Google Earth file formats                                 Mashups
  Google Earth has two file formats, KML and KMZ.          Because Google Earth uses XML data,
  KMZ is a compressed version of KML, and may also
  include image files.                                     it’s easy to create mashups.
  And KML is XML - check out the first lines of a file…    A mashup is a web application that
                                                           combines content from more than one
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="http://earth.google.com/kml/2.0">
                                                           source into a new, integrated

Some mashups                                              programmableweb
  Weatherbonk                                              http://www.programmableweb.com/
  GeoIQ Traffic Heat Map                                   A directory of mashups, many using
  http://www.geoiq.com/gallery/google_tra                  GoogleMaps. 1241 mashups available
                                                           and more posted every day!
  BBC News Map

Sources of data                                           Geotagging photos
  WSFinder                                                 TripperMap
  http://wsfinder.jot.com/WikiHome                         arth.php
  A list of available web services and                     Flickr2Map
  APIs sorted by subject that can be used                  http://www.robogeo.com/home/flickr2map.asp
  to build mashups and other web                           Flyr (search Flickr for geotagged photos)
  applications.                                            http://flyr.whatfettle.com/
                                                           GMiF (Google Maps in Flickr)

Add-ons for Google Earth                       Google Earth and Libraries
 The 3-D Warehouse Network Link allows you      Chaomei Chen at Drexel University is
 to find locations in Google Earth where 3-D    using Google Earth to plot geospatial
 models are available.                          locations of citations.
 SketchUp is a program that allows you to
                                                Where on earth is my library?
 create 3-D models you can place in Google      http://blogs.talis.com/panlibus/archives/
 Earth (http://sketchup.google.com/)            2006/04/where_on_earth.html


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