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					                           INSPECTION SERVICE

                           INSPECTION SERVICE for Heat and Flame
                           Protective Clothing and Related PPE

                           The question of how well textiles retain
                           their properties is always an important
                           issue particularly in fields such as
                           clothing providing heat and flame
                           The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive
                           requires manufacturers of PPE to give information
       Inspection          on obsolescence/lifespan. It is recognised that the
     programmes            manufacturer cannot have full control of conditions
 designed to meet          of use of PPE but shall assist the user in determining
  individual needs         when PPE is to be withdrawn from use.
    - fire brigades        FTS can assist manufacturers and users by
   - manufacturers         evaluating clothing and related PPE taken directly
                           from service for changes in flame retardancy, heat
- other users of PPE
                           penetration and most other protective properties.

                           There are several causes of “ageing” of
For manikin testing
                           PPE, defined as changing of the product
   or inspection           performance over time during use or storage.
 services contact          These causes can be one or more of:
  Paul Eaton on:                                                                                                    on whether this causes increases in
                           Cleaning, maintenance or                                                                 the heat penetration through the
+44 (0)161 929 8056
                           disinfecting processes                                                                   thermal barrier component thus
      or Email:
                                                                                                                    reducing the protection of the     Exposure to visible and/or ultra-violet radiation
                                                                                                                    wearer. Visual assessment, even if
   Visit our website       Exposure to high or low temperatures or to                                               this were possible with such an          changing temperatures                                                                    internal component, is insufficient
                           Exposure to chemicals and biological agents                                              to determine if heat penetration
                                                                                                                    may have fallen below the
        BTTG Fire          including humidity
                                                                                                                    minimum requirements of the
 Technology Services       Exposure to mechanical action                                                            product specification, eg EN 469.
         Unit 4B,          and “wear and tear”                                                                      FTS undertakes specific inspection
Stag Industrial Estate,    Exposure to contaminants such as dirt, oil,                                              programmes         for   users    and
     Atlantic Street,                                                                                               manufacturers of PPE, in particular
                           splashes of molten metal etc.
      Broadheath,                                                                                                   for fire brigades. It can advise users
Altrincham WA14 5DW                                                                                                 as to the protective properties most
                           With respect to clothing and related PPE for                                             likely to be reduced by the end-use
    United Kingdom
                           protection against heat and flame several of the                                         environment and then devise an
        BTTG 2006
                           above situations could apply. For example, the                                           appropriate sampling and testing
                           main concern to users of industrial fire protective                                      programme as an independent
                           clothing is that the flame retardant performance is                                      inspection service.
                           retained after the laundering process. In the case of
                           firefighter’s clothing which is made up of several
                           layers of different materials the effect of laundering
                           is also important but with the emphasis being

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