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									Plagiarism Detection

Presented by
   About SafeAssign
   How it works
   Live Demo
   SafeAssign vs. Turnitin
   How to get started
   What to do if detected
   Campus Resources
   Plagiarism detection service offered by
   Helps educators prevent plagiarism by
    detecting unoriginal content in student
   Educates students about plagiarism and
    importance of proper attribution of any
    borrowed content.
   Submit paper using Blackboard SafeAssign
   SafeAssign checks paper against several
   An originality report is generated after the
    matching process.
Submitting Papers

   Instructor sets up SafeAssign       Instructor sets up Direct
    link                                 Submit link
   Students submit papers              Instructor submit papers (one
                                         at a time or all at once)
   Submitted papers are
    delivered to instructors along      Submitted papers are
    with the originality report          checked and originality
                                         report generated
   Paper added to Institutional
    Database and Global                 Paper added to the
    Reference Database                   Institutional Database only
   Creates a column in the             Does not create a column in
    Gradebook automatically              the Gradebook
Matching Process
   Internet - documents available for public access
   ProQuest ABI/Inform database – over 2.5 million
    articles; updated weekly
   Institutional document archives - all papers
    submitted to SafeAssign
   Global Reference Database – papers volunteered by
    other students
Originality Report
Interpreting Matching Scores
   <15 %: include some quotes and few common phrases or
    blocks of text that match other documents. Do not require
    further analysis.

   15 - 40 %: include extensive quoted or paraphrased
    material or they may include plagiarism. Should be
    reviewed to determine if the matching content is properly

   > 40 %: very high probability that text in this paper was
    copied from other sources. Includes quoted or
    paraphrased text in excess and should be reviewed for

   Windows Live Search       Webcrawler search
   Works in Blackboard
    LMSs                      Integrates with most
   Opt-in Global
                              Auto added to Global
    Reference Database
                               Reference Database
   Packaged (free) with      Annual subscription
    Blackboard license         ($50K)
   SafeAssign & Direct Submit
    ◦ Available to all Purdue campuses using Blackboard

   Turnitin
    ◦ Shutting down service in May 2010
    ◦ More info:

   TLT currently supporting both
    ◦ New users encouraged to use SafeAssign
   FERPA Compliancy
    ◦ Student consent not required, if
      noted in the class syllabus
   Create SafeAssignment in Blackboard
    ◦ Refer:

   Post student tutorials about SafeAssign in
    ◦ Refer:
   Instructor’s responsibility to take action
    ◦ Factors that influence instructor’s action
         Degree of violation (as defined in the class syllabus)
         Previous occurrences
    ◦   Do not ignore
    ◦   Double check student work
    ◦   Intervene to reform student
    ◦   Require explanation
    ◦   Use the teaching moment
   ITaP Knowledgebase (GOLD ANSWERS)

   ITaP Customer Service Center

   ITaP Teaching & Learning

   Other resources
    ◦ SafeAssign wiki;

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