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School: Address:

RE: School Record Request for: Child’s Name: Date of Birth:

To Whom it May Concern: This letter is to inform you that the above named child has been in the guardianship or legal custody of the State of Oregon, Child Welfare since INSERT DATE. If the child has been enrolled in your school after the date of guardianship or legal custody, the school is required by law, ORS 326.575 (3)(a) to request the student’s educational records, including cumulative, disciplinary (if applicable), and special education (if applicable) records from the child’s previous school, SCHOOL NAME, within five days of the student’s enrollment. This child is eligible for free and reduced meals under both state and federal regulations. Please exempt this child from any school payments for which s/he is eligible through ORS 339.147. The Department of Human Services, Child Welfare is required by law, ORS 419b.443 to report to the court a list of all schools the child has attended and length of time the child has spent in each school since being in the guardianship or legal custody of the agency, the grade level of the child’s academic performance, and the number of high school credits the child over the age of 14 has earned. If the child is in a special education program and a surrogate has been appointed, after you have provided us with the name of the child’s surrogate, I will contact the surrogate parent regarding the child’s special education needs. I am the caseworker for this child, and can be reached if there are any questions regarding this request. Please feel free to contact me at YOUR NUMBER or my
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supervisor, SUPERVISOR'S NAME, at SUPERVISOR'S PHONE #. If there are any questions regarding who should be picking up, visiting, or contacting the child at school, I can provide a list of appropriate persons. The Department of Human Services, Child Welfare is able to request records for this child under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), 20 USC § 1232g, except for special education records, which the child’s surrogate may request. In order for the Department of Human Services, Child Welfare to report required information to the court, I am asking that you please complete the attached School Records Request and return the information to me at YOUR ADDRESS or by FAX at INSERT FAX #.

The child currently resides with: Name of substitute caregiver: Address: City, State, ZIP: Phone Number: Sincerely,

Social Services Specialist

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