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When the public news says we are beginning an economic meltdown, as when
they tell us anything, it is a done-deal. They feed us after-the-fact
information, via movies, TV dramas, books, magazines, news broadcasts and
documentaries, things that have been going on for ages—I suppose so they can
say when it all happens, ―we told you‖. Yet, as was found on a wall in
Auschwitz, written by a Jewish prisoner: ―The camp rule is this: Keep those
who are going to their death deceived until the end‖. As you see in pictures in
Holocaust museums, children going into the gas chambers or ovens, licking ice
cream cones. That’s what they have been doing to us in America since at least
the 1940’s—supplying us with ice cream cones, cotton candy, fantasy and
illusion—and now comes our entrance into reality!
Here is an update--March 18, 2008--about March 17, 2008 news, and the near
future. NBC took a pole taken and determined that 72% of the American
people were very highly concerned about the collapse of the economy. I had
said in a previous article that men like Donald Trump and the editor of the
London Telegraph newspaper have said that the coming economic disaster in
America will make 1929 ―look like a picnic‖ and ―a stroll in the park‖.
Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News came on last night, March 17, 2008, and
said: ―Not since the great depression has there been such a crisis‖.
Yesterday J.P. Morgan and Chase Manhattan Bank took over Bear Sterns—an 85-
year old investment bank that survived ―the Great Depression‖. Stocks in Bear
Stearns ended up at $2.00 a share. Investors lost hundreds of millions of
dollars and one lost a billion dollars in this sell-out.
All the money-people fear ―bank runs‖, 401Ks failing, and on and on. The FEDS
have been pumping paper into the economy for about a month, but it has done
nothing to stop the meltdown, and we have gone from inflation to recession.
Home prices are down 11%. There is a mortgage crisis in effect—and it is
severe. When people are now paying more for their homes than they are
worth, and they can’t pay their mortgage payments and credit card payments
and buy food, too, many are mailing their keys (―jingle mail‖) to their banks
and ―heading out of Dodge‖. This was actually shown on the night news—
amazing! – Truth, after the fact. I, and others like me, have been giving you
truth before the fact because we hear from the Father, and He has led us to
learn the workings of the world system and its devious plans for takeover.
I’ve been at this for over 42 years now. Pictorially, at first the forest loomed
in the distance. Now I am observing the core of pine needles, held in my hand.
There is a severe credit card crisis. When people can’t pay what they owe, the
lenders are already prepared (as they even admitted on the night news) to send
―pay up now‖ notices. What they did not tell you on the night news was that if
the loans are not paid off within a short time-period, the military will be ready
to take people to the ―labor camps‖—detention camps, concentration camps,
—whatever you want to call them--that are in abundance in America.

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The trucking industry is in great trouble, so the ―powers that be‖ are
resurrecting the train system. But, as you will read in my upcoming article
―Famine‖—that’s not good. The trains will be used to transport people to the
concentration camps as they were used in Germany and Poland during WWII.
They showed on the news people taking their gold jewelry to exchanges for
sale. There is a precious metals crisis too. Right now today, gold is selling for
over $1,100.00 an ounce on foreign exchanges, and silver, which was about
$15.00 an ounce a month ago, has jumped up to over $21.00 an ounce. By the
time many of you read this, it will be selling much higher. The foreign markets
are buying up gold like crazy. Our money is backed by nothing but the
President’s smile—and that’s scary.
What you need to know in all of this is that we are not going to ―ride it out‖ as
we did in the Great Depression. The Trilateral Commission—America, the E.U.,
and Japan--is ready to lose its first member. In my article, ―NAFTA and the Ten
Horns‖, I tell about the removal of the ―first three‖—the original ones—of the
ten economic world regions, called by the U.N.—―The Ten Kingdoms‖
(Revelation 17, Daniel 2 and 7).
This might be the time we shift to the ―Amero‖—it has been printed. That’s
the currency that will facilitate America, Canada and Mexico. However, as
Gary Kah, author of En Route to Global Occupation, talked about several years
ago, the financial power base would shift to the E.U. for a short time, before
the economic ―mark‖ cashless society would be demanded worldwide.
Right now the oil producing Arab nations, China, and other parts of the world
are dumping the dollar and shifting trade in euros and yen—E.U. and Japan
currencies. Today, the euro was 1.59 to the dollar.
When I sent out the articles ―The Shmittah Year Prophecy‖ and ―The Forty-
Eight Hour Transition‖, I was reluctant to be so specific. Then within 24 hours I
realized I was in the same flow as others that our Father is leading. As we
entered 2008, Gregorian calendar, I see that everything I wrote about is
In 2001, Father gave me about 26 things that the Bilderberger Group--Illuminati
think tank-spokesmen--put President George W. Bush into office to do. Today,
I can check off all of them. If you listen to the Spirit of the Father, you will be
miles ahead of others who only use their pea brains to tell them what’s going
on. Internet news, and what you can find via ―google‖, can only tell you so
much. Father’s Spirit, who is given to us to know what is coming (John 16:13),
knows more than anything you’ll get on google.
In the course of my research on these matters, which always begins with the
Word, Genesis to Revelation, our Father gave me Genesis 41—and the dream of
Pharaoh, which Joseph interpreted. You can read about it in ―The Shmittah
Year Prophecy‖. But, we have begun the final seven-year cycle—the cycle of
―kadim‖—the forward moving east wind that causes famine, war, uprisings,
destruction, and incurable diseases. (―Kadima‖—the ruling party in Israel).
My friends, America is one crop away from famine! We are at our lowest wheat

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production since 1947. Our rice, wheat, corn, soy, and other crops are being
destroyed, purposely--and have been destroyed purposely. What we are left
with at best is genetically altered grains that are of poor quality to sustain
human life.
If you have been smart, you have begun to store up grain products, and some
type of proteins. Lentils and wheat (like bread) = protein. Learn food
combining so that you maintain health and an immune system that can
withstand bird flu and etc. I do have articles on bird flu for the asking.
When Father finally instructed me to store food, I was surprised. But, I am
surprised no more. Food prices are going up at least 20% a month.
I am about to release an article this week on famine—planned famine—called
simply, ―Famine‖. The Mormon Church, whatever you think of them, have
been telling their people to store up food. At first they said for 6 months, then
a year, and now 18 months. This ―church‖--Masonic/Illuminati group--at the
top level, is warning their members. Is your pastor or congregation leader
warning you? If not, warn them!
On Steve Quayle’s short wave site last night, he told us of Genesis 47:13-26—
when the money failed and all they had to barter with was possessions and
silver. When that failed, they had to sell their property for food. This is
coming to us.
You have a window of time to prepare—use it wisely!
But, to my great grief, I have to agree with Steve Quayle who said: ―People
would rather stay comfortable and die than move forward and live‖.
I’ve been giving Father’s warnings for a long time about getting out of Babel.
The whole house of cards is coming down. If you want to fall with it, then do
If the news is predicting that by summer we might have gas rationing, because
it is going upwards to $4.00 a galleon, then we need to take note. But, it is not
the rise in price that will devastate most upper middle class people—it is the
lack of availability of food, gas, and other needs. Diesel, used by our truckers,
is over $4.00 a galleon in some places now. This is very serious.
Every week as you go to Walmart, or other favorite grocery store, watch the
rising food prices. Invest is what is going to appreciate, not what is
depreciating. Not a bad idea to invests in some silver coins.
We are in a Feudalistic society now—where there are ―lords‖, and there are
―surfs‖—rulers and slaves. If you are not free from debt, you are a slave.
―The borrower is the servant of the lender‖. (Proverbs 22:7) Our Father has
warned us: ―Owe no man anything but love‖ (Romans 13:8).
George Mueller practiced Romans 13:8 back in the 1800’s, and Father trusted
him with multi-millions of dollars that went into his hands and out of his hands
for the Father’s work. Father never failed him.
Quickly, as fast as you can, learn to walk by faith is like a toddler learning to
walk—it takes time. You can’t walk by faith if you trust in your own abilities or
some other human’s abilities for your security and wisdom!

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And, as the foolish virgins, when they went to ―buy‖, they missed the Kingdom,
because they were too late. (Matthew 25:1-12)
While most are doing little to nothing, waiting for the ax to fall, Russia is off
our west coast, our east coast, our northern border and our southern border,
backed by China and the whole gamut of our enemies. They are showing out in
the North West, even buzzing one of our aircraft carriers. In the meantime,
our USS Cole is off the coast of Lebanon, and Russian ships are just north, off
the coast of Syria. Ezekiel 38-39 is coming down fast. In our weakness, our
enemies will take advantage here in the US also.
I, and others, for years, have been warning, warning, warning people to
prepare in all ways—naturally and spiritually. I have been warning more about
spiritual preparation, because when the natural fails in all ways, and it will,
only what is in our eternal spirit will help us survive. Faith means active
trusting—how can anyone actually trust someone if they run to someone else
for help? In a panic, if you are not used to living by faith, you won’t put all
your trust in a ―God‖ you don’t know too well, and have never learned to trust
in times of trauma. Human nature clings to whatever life raft looks good when
they’re drowning.
Stay informed… but don’t get sucked into the Internet (tree of the knowledge
of good and evil) routine to get your info. Seek His face! Get His information
input, which will direct you to truthful facts that He wants you to know. He is
all for your living to see the return of His Son!
Our Elohim is the Elohim of Israel—He is practical. He is going to direct you to
do practical things. Just listen to the 30 minutes of evening news, and stay in
the Word. Let the Spirit direct you. If you don’t let Him direct you, then who
do you have that you can totally 100% trust that will give you all the right
answers and not leave you when the going gets rough? -- Maybe a spouse,
maybe a friend, maybe a relative? Take heed: Mark 13:9-13; Micah 7:5-6;
Matthew 10:34-39; Jeremiah 93-8; and Jeremiah 17: 5-9.
Ultimately, He is the only One who is trustworthy! Seek Him with all your
heart. Jeremiah 29:13: ―And you shall seek Me and shall find Me, when you
search for Me with all your heart.‖
Isaiah 26:3: ―He will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on
Him, for he trusts in Him‖.
I will report as long as I can. I have many up-coming trips through the U.S., the
UK, and Europe, and in Israel--please pray that I will be able to accomplish
them for His honor and His glory!
Much shalom in Him,
March 18, 2008
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