Topics to be discussed in a communications and research by ite20319


									Topics to be discussed in a communications and research skills course:
Alternative title for the course: Effective Communication in Science

Details of writing:
    • Capitalization
    • Numbers, units, dashes, punctuation in equations, line spacing
    • In-lining expressions
    • Fonts for different section types and headings
    • Using Latin words
    • Basic grammar and punctuation (brief review)
Effective titles and abstracts for articles/presentations
Tailoring writing for experimental/theoretical proposals/articles
Conference writing
Proposal writing
Writing Styles (APA, ACS, AIP, etc.)
Industry standard software packages for publishing
Available templates for specific journals
Bibliography management (including software managers)
Citation methods, when appropriate to omit citations which are included in another citation
Peer reviewing: What do they look for? Strategies for effective and successful submission to reviewers.

Communications in General (includes writing and presenting)
Ethics: what constitutes plagiarism, crediting original authors vs. review articles
Legitimate reference sources
Differentiating collaborators, authors and acknowledgements, and citing each properly
Uncertainty in measurements
Tailoring lectures for your audience/forum
Debating a topic or other article / How to correctly respond to published criticism on your own work
How to give a journal club talk
Media options (powerpoint, whiteboard, etc)
Personal appearance

Research Skills
How to navigate scientific literature
Thinking critically as a scientist

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