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									British Library Update
8 January 2009

Peter Robinson
Customer Services
    Topics for today

   EThOS (Electronic Theses Online System)

   Adobe Digital Editions / Secure Electronic
    Delivery (SED)

   British Library Integrated Catalogue (BLIC)

   Systems development (IRMDS)

   Customer Services

   Questions.

   What is EThOS?

           EThOS (Electronic Theses Online System)
   EThOS offers free access to the full text of UK theses, allowing
    researchers to tap into this rich and vast body of knowledge.
An e-thesis can take a variety of forms. At the simplest level it may
be an electronic version of a printed thesis, such as an old document
  which has been scanned and converted into PDF. Alternatively, it
 could be a recently completed piece of work produced and archived
  as a Word document or a PDF, to be made available on the Web.
Delivered through a single web interface, the service includes theses
 stored electronically by the British Library, as well as those held by
 other universities. Theses will be digitised on demand as and when
                       required by researchers.

   Intellectual property issues

  Seeking permissions – given the number of theses within copyright,
would be hugely difficult, time-consuming and very expensive. It would
 make offering a viable system impossible and would severely limit the
number of theses which could be supplied. Even where the author could
be found, delivery timescales would be dramatically increased while the
              permissions were sought and administered.
  EThOS will therefore digitise, store and distribute existing theses and
  any submitted outside of the Deposit Agreement in future WITHOUT
 gaining specific distribution rights. The EThOS system, then, will adopt
                an „opt-out‟ approach rather than 'opt-in'.
 This decision is not made lightly and is made on the assumption that:
 The majority of authors wish to demonstrate the quality of their work.
 Institutions wish to demonstrate the quality of their primary research
 Should any author object to their thesis being made available via the
        service, there will be a clear notice and removal policy
                        on legitimate objection.

  Using EThOS

Because of the technical problems following the launch of EThOS
in September 2008 an interim, hybrid service is being offered by
       the British Library. We will supply copies of theses
                 in microfilm or in digital format.

  Since December 9 2008, a select group of users have been
 testing a beta version of the service, and an official re-launch
           date for EThOS will be announced shortly.

     The Hybrid BL / EThOS service

    The hybrid service will enable the ordering and supply of
  microfilm copies where the thesis is already held by the British
  Library. In cases where we do not hold a copy, the customer‟s
  order will initiate the digitisation of the original hard copy and
       delivery will be as a searchable PDF file on CD-ROM.
If the thesis was issued by an EThOS non-participating institution,
  the customer will be directed to apply direct to that institution.
Paper copies of theses may also be supplied in response to orders
          made via either of these hybrid service routes.
During the period that the hybrid service applies, the existing price
 structures for microfilm or paper copies will apply. The supply of
     newly digitised theses on CD-ROM will be free of charge
        (but only when not already available on microfilm).
    All other aspects of the service remain the same as before.

Adobe Digital Editions
    Secure Electronic Delivery

   SED is our fastest growing delivery mechanism (currently
    35,000 articles each month) and will become our most popular
    during 2009

   SED uses Adobe Content Server v3 to deliver the documents

   The customer uses Adobe Reader version 6 or 7 to read the

            ACS3                                Reader
                                                v6 or 7

Migration from ACS3 to ACS4

   September 2008 – ACS4 testing

   October 2008 – ACS4 integrated into SED

   December 2008 – March 2009
    - Begin phased release to customers via a switch based
      on customer code

   March 2009
    - No more Adobe Reader 6 or 7 installations
    - ADE forced upgrade to 1.7
    - ADE no longer able to read ACS3.

 ADE and Reader current position using ACS3

                               v6 or 7



Can use either Reader 6/7 or
ADE to read SED documents.

ADE and Reader Introducing ACS4
December 2008 to March 2009

                                    v6 or 7

     SED                                ADE
     ACS4                               1.6

       Reader 6/7 can only read ACS3;
          ADE 1.6 can read either.
ADE and Reader December 2008 to March 2009

                                           v6 or 7

     SED               Customer              ADE
     ACS4                Code                1.6

            Control is with a virtual „switch‟
             based on the customer code.
ADE and Reader December 2008 to March 2009

                                      v6 or 7

     SED           Customer             ADE
     ACS4            Code               1.6

        Until March the default is to send
                   from ACS3.
ADE and Reader December 2008 to March 2009

                                         v6 or 7

     SED                                   ADE
     ACS4            Customer              1.6

       If the customer confirms ADE is working and
        registers their customer code by using the
           „switch‟, they will get ACS4 documents.
How the SED switch works

   Switch controlled by „customer detector page‟

   Can also be controlled by „customer services
    application‟ (internal BL process).

Service Switch on

    Service Switch on

 BL Inside was connected by the SED switch on
    9 December 2008

   BL Direct and Relais connected 8 January 2009

   Most customers will only receive ACS4 documents
    after they have tested and registered their customer
    code for it

   However…
    All BL Direct customers can receive ACS4 documents
    from 8 January 2009 as the service does not have a
    customer code log-in.

Service switch-on for BL Direct

 Switch over to ACS4 8 January 2009

   From now on, customers must use Adobe Digital Editions

   Included in FAQ since September 2008

   Highlighted in Banner since December 2008.

How we are alerting customers

 Inside
      - Message of the Day
      - Links and text change in SED panel

   Relais
      - New text and links in the SED email

   Included in BL Direct FAQ since September 2008

   Highlighted in BL Direct banner since December 2008

   Featured on SED webpage

ADE and Reader MARCH 2009

                 No new installations of Reader
                     6/7 allowed by Adobe

                            v6 or 7

    SED                       ADE
    ACS4                      1.7

                      ADE 1.7 can no longer
                           read ACS3

ADE and Reader SEPTEMBER 2009

                       v6 or 7

    SED                 ADE
    ACS4                1.7

What you should do

   Move to Adobe Digital Editions
       as soon as possible!

    Hot news!

              Coming soon… an alternative to
                Secure Electronic Delivery!

Fileopen is another software option for accessing the documents
            you request to be delivered electronically.

                 (see the FAQs for more info)

It achieves exactly the same goals as SED but is compatible with
              Adobe Reader versions 4 and above.

It only requires a small plug-in and once downloaded, users will
          not need to update/migrate to new platforms.

  If you want to volunteer to test it, see me afterwards!
British Library Integrated
The BL Catalogue is changing.


The British Library Integrated Catalogue (BLIC) is changing.

        We need your comments to shape its future.

A beta version of BLIC is currently available for testing.

                 Tell us what you think.

     What else is new?

 The British National Bibliography (BNB) is now searchable as a
                      separate file on BLIC.

 The British National Bibliography is a record of UK and Irish publishing
       and items received by the British Library on legal deposit.

Included are pre-publication records and records created by legal deposit
                       libraries other than the BL.

Despite it being a legal requirement that these books are sent to
     us, items listed in BNB are not necessarily all held by
                        the British Library.

    Is everything else available for loan?


Most items in the Reference Collection (usually stored in the
       St Pancras building) are not available for loan.

     But some are… how can you tell which are which?

Systems Development
    Systems development

A major overhaul of our request processing system is underway.

   This involves running several legacy systems alongside the new
     integrated system, then moving to a seamless changeover.

                We are consulting users about what
            they would like to see from the new system.

              Let me know if you are interested in
             being part of the consultation process.

Customer Services
    Keeping in touch

   Customer Updates

   Customer education

   Representation on ILL stakeholder groups

   Public events

   Keeping track and monitoring trends (CRM)

   Key Account Management

   Agents

   Managing expectations

   Feedback / Customer Satisfaction

   Internal customers

    Special copy services

   Imaging Services (paper or digital copies of manuscripts,
    out-of-copyright books, music etc)

   Copy service for out of print items published by HMSO /
    The Stationery Office, Health and Safety Executive etc.

   Colour copies

   Near-Print Quality copies

   Replacement and Multiple copies

   Copies for the visually impaired using guidelines set out in
    the Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Act 2002

   Higher Education Scanning Service (HESS).

   General Enquiries (?)

 I have a copper pot I‟m trying to find some information on.
  Thought I would see if you could help.

 Do you recognise this picture of the railway station of
  Bombay which I found in a history book? I would like to
  publish it in a Swedish article about the colonial period of

 Sorry to be so vague, but wondered if you could help
  identify a popular song that includes the following lyrics:
  “I walked on high and I looked around, and the world that
  I saw….” I believe it‟s a British group but I‟m not sure.
  Any help would be appreciated.

 General Enquiries (?)

Dear Sir / Madam
My name is ****, and I am a suspense author. I write under the
name of *****. I am currently working on a suspense novel, and need
to have two questions answered, if you could find the time.
1. In my book, someone is murdered in London apartment. Scotland
Yard is doing the investigation. Where would Scotland Yard take the
body to ?
2. Is this the same place that someone coming to identify the
deceased would go? If so, do they use close circuit television
monitors so the people identifying the body can just look at the screen
to identify the body?
I sent an inquiry to Scotland Yard, but have not yet heard back from
them, and I thought you might be able to provide this information.
I just need to know if it is a morgue, forensics facility, or type of
building Scotland Yard uses for autopsy and deceased identification.

General Enquiries (?)

General Enquiries (?)

General Enquiries (?)

        Customer Services

   More than just a call centre!

   Variety and diversity - everything from ARTEmail to Zetoc

   A professional service at all times

   Highly responsive to customer concerns

   We can represent the views of the customer to colleagues and
    departments within the BL

   01937 546060 /



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