Parent Teacher Association PTA Meeting Minutes June Call to Order by salazarcannon


									Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Meeting Minutes June 4, 2008 Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Gwen Fruend at 8:00 pm. Board Members present were: Gwen Fruend, Michelle Miller, Jenna Kues, Denise Diesen, Billie Albers, Crystalyn Huegen and Becky Kenow. There was no Faculty Representative present. Parents present were Sherri Diesen, Lynn Timmermann, Carey Markus and Melissa Kuhl. Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was presented. Transactions made since the last meeting were itemized in the report. Bills were presented for payment. Sophia Kenow was the winner of the “Bulldog Bucks” drawing and will have $25.00 paid towards her lunch account. Motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report and payment of bills. Motion carried.

A. The Board received Thank You cards from Home Room 6b, Kris Shubert, 2nd grade, Mrs. Hiptas’ Kindergarten class, Ms. Buehnerkemper’s Kindergarten class and 3rd grade for field day. A Thank You was also received from Joanie Becker for the Staff luncheon. B. Gwen asked if any Board members would be able to get together a stand for the 175th Celebration. No board member would be available to get it together. A motion was made and seconded to not have a stand at the 175th Celebration. C. Gwen informed the Board that the School Board will be purchasing $980 in Spiritwear Gift Certificates. The gift certificates will be for students of the quarter and for the teachers. D. Gwen informed the Board that the school parking lot will be resurfaced and paintings (four square, paw prints, hopscotch) will need to be re-painted. The Board agreed to re-do the stenciling in August before school starts.
Faculty Representative

Communication from the President:

A. No faculty present.
Open Business: A. Spiritwear: Spiritwear is currently being taken care of by the President, Gwen. Gwen asked if any of the Board members would be willing to take over Spiritwear. Carey Markus, Special Events, volunteered to take over Spiritwear. B. Cornerstone Fundraiser: The Cornerstone fundraiser that was held the week of May 11th raised $400 for the PTA. Thanks to Cornerstone and to all who participated in the fundraiser. C. Field Day: Field Day was held on Wednesday, May 21st. Another successful year and the kids really enjoyed themselves. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped out that day. Without your help, Field Day would not take place. Thanks to the staff for all there support. D. IGA Fundraiser: The IGA in Germantown is again sponsoring another fundraiser for the PTA. The fundraiser will be held on Saturday, June 28th. 3% of all sales will be donated back to the PTA. Information will be posted in the church bulletin and will be announced through ConnectEd. New Business: A. 2008-2009 Fundraiser: Yankee Candle will be the PTA’s fall fundraiser this year. The discount dine card will be discontinued. The anticipated timeframe for the Yankee Candle fundraiser will be around the first part of September. The Butter Braids will be the Spring fundraiser again next year. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm. The next PTA meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 16th, 2008, 8:00 p.m at Cornerstone. Submitted by: Denise Diesen, Secretary

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