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					Volume VIII, Number 2                                                                                    Winter 2004

Living The ILAC Experience
Inspiration and adventure in the Dominican Republic
By Brian Sadowski                                               the first groups simply lived in the rural campo
                                                                communities and experienced a lifestyle wholly different

                  hen the plane touched ground, the cabin       from the “American way,” the current program allows
                  erupted with applause. Odd, I thought, on     students to provide medical and dental care and education
                  my first trip to the Dominican Republic—I     to the host communities while still learning about a the
                  assumed that the landing was included in      host culture through firsthand experience. The ultimate
the ticket price.                                                                                    goal is that the
But this customary                                                                                   participants
applause was the                                                                                     experience
first of many                                                                                        “conscientization,”
cultural                                                                                             a big word with lots
differences          I                                                                               of shades to it. It
experienced        on                                                                                means a deepening
my trip to the                                                                                       of understanding of
“DR.”                                                                                                self and others
  The first thing                                                                                    through        direct
that strikes you as                                                                                  contact with the
you exit the plane                                                                                   Dominican people;
onto a steep set of                                                                                  it      means      an
stairs down to the                                                                                   increased awareness
hot black asphalt                                                                                    of our own personal
of     a    recently                                                                                 poverty          and
completed airport                                                                                    limitations;        it
is the humidity.                                                                                     means developing
Hot,          sticky,                                                                                an ability to see the
suffocating; you might think you were in Omaha in July,         bigger picture of interrelatedness in the global
if not for the field of banana trees on the other side of the   community; it means finding hope in the compassion and
fence 100 yards away.                                           understanding that a participant gains through enhanced
  The Cibao Valley is the home of Creighton’s ILAC              awareness. The experience is potentially life-changing.
campus in the Dominican Republic. The Institute for               This past summer was my third opportunity to
Latin American Concerns Program has been sending                participate in the summer ILAC program. Part of the
Creighton students to the DR for 29 years now. Although                                         See Puerto Rico: Page 2
2    WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                             WINTER 2004

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Michael Kavan, Ph.D.
Editors in Chief:
Kris Kazlauskas
Yukari Kawamoto
This Issue’s Writers:
Marcia Cusic
Dr. Michael Kavan, Ph.D.
Linda Pappas
John Schmitz
Brian Sadowski                A Family Affair: Creighton’s very own Brian Sadowski (M4) poses for a picture with
Beth Kleweno                  his adoptive family in their hometown of La Guamita de Hatillo..
Anela Bonic
Jill Briggs
                              Puerto Rico: Unforgettable cultural immersion
                              Continued from Page 1
Mel Roca                      beauty is that each trip is different from the previous ones, and each one is very
Mack Eleid                    special in its own way. The first two weeks of the summer were spent at the
Erin ONeill                   ILAC center in Santiago, a large city of over 1 million people. During these
Mike Coffey                   two weeks, we took Spanish class every day and worked hard to learn basic
George Singletary             Spanish or improve the skills we already had. There were also coordinated
                              events designed to help us better understand the history of the country and its
Brian Nagao                   current social, economic, and political situation. A trip to the capital gave us a
Kyle Ulveling                 chance to explore the first European settlement in the western hemisphere;
Justin Birge                  visiting a “zona franca” allowed us to see American clothing being assembled
Pam Mudd                      by cheap labor for re-exportation to the United States. Seeing established rural
                              health clinic gave us a glimpse of the ultimate goal of the ILAC health
                              programs, and visits to local barrios surrounding the city showed us the living
                              conditions of those who move from the rural areas in search of a better life, only
Don’t forget about            to find low wages, long days, and often poorer conditions than they left.
CUSOM’s Cardoner              Finally, there were baseball games, nights out on the town, and merengue and
                              bachata dancing lessons to round out evening entertainment.
     retreat!                   The real “meat” of the program was the following four weeks, which were
                              spent in the rural communities. This summer, I lived in La Guamita de Hatillo,
    When: Friday, January     a 50-family farming community in the mountains about two hours by truck
    7th, 2005                 from Santiago. There is one dirt road going into and out of town, which
    Where: Skutt Student      becomes impassable after more than one day of hard rain. Most families have
    Center                    running water, cleverly diverted from nearby streams, but there is no electricity.
    Time: 5 p.m. optional     The nearest land phone is a 45-minute horse ride away. While there, I was
    mass, 6 p.m. dinner and   welcomed into the home of Mario Delgado, the community’s health promoter; I
    reflection                shared his small four-room home with him, his wife, two daughters and two
                              sons. As is a common experience for ILAC participants, I was given my own
      Contact Marcia Cusic
                              room and my own bed, as the rest of the family squeezed into the other two
         ASAP if you are      bedrooms. I was the center of attention and was taken care of as a family
            interested!       member. This experience of complete and selfless giving and the immediate
                                                                                              See ILAC: Page 6
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                  WINTER 2004        3

                                                                                  By Dr. Michael G. Kavan, Ph.D.,
                                                                                  Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Fighting Test Anxiety, the Holiday Blues and SAD

           his version of Shrink Rap includes a                take an exam. A recent study in the Journal of Clinical
           hodgepodge (wow, I can’t believe I used that        Psychology (2004) noted that those students with test
           word in a sentence) of advice that may help you     anxiety who used these strategies had a better pass rate on
           cope more effectively with what many see as         the USMLE Step 1 than those who did not. So, start
“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Okay, so, let’s         training now!
get to it.                                                       The second issue is holiday stress. As many of you
  First, as examination time approaches, I thought it may      know, the increased demands of the holidays such as
be worthwhile to talk a little about test anxiety. Now, I      family get-togethers, shopping, financial pressures, and
realize that just about everyone gets a little anxious when    unrealistic expectations can be a real hassle. This source
an exam approaches. In fact, this is a good thing since           of stress can cause excessive worrying, physical
stress does serve to motivate. In addition, stress                     symptoms such as headaches, GI distress, and
has been shown to have numerous positive                                   upper respiratory infections, among other
benefits including increasing out ability to                                 ailments. In order to nip these in the bud,
pay attention and driving us to be effective                                   you should pace yourself and learn to say
and efficient problem solvers. According                                        “no.” Be realistic about what you can
to Bowman and Allen, the Human                                                   accomplish in the time you have.
Function Curve demonstrates that stress                                           Second, keep up with your exercise
does increase productivity – to a point.                                          program (if you aren’t exercising –
At some point, too much stress actually                                           start). Third, watch your habits. Try to
results in fatigue and exhaustion, which                                          eat and drink in moderation. Fourth,
results in decreased productivity.                                                spend time with supportive family and
Therefore, moderating its effects is                                             friends. Finally, find time for you. Set
crucial.                                                                        time aside to relax at home, stroll through
  How is this done when facing an                                              the Old Market, and so forth.
important exam? It all begins with taking a                                    Finally, how about those holiday blues?
proactive stance. That means: Don’t wait to                                As you know, people do get depressed
get stressed out by an exam, but instead do                             (remember SIG E CAPS + Mood) during the
something ahead of time such as establishing an                   holidays due to situational reasons (e.g., those who are
exercise program, eating a balanced diet, and participating    alone are reminded of that this time of year, excessive
in relaxation exercises. Then, make sure that you watch        stress, unrealistic and unmet expectations, poor health
those nasty thoughts that can actually cause you to feel       habits) as well as due to the season itself in that there is
anxious. These include: “Gee, I’m not prepared.” “I know       less exposure to ultraviolet light. The Winter Blues affect
I’m going to fail this.” And so forth. Many of you may         25 million persons each year in the U.S., whereas
even catastrophize and begin to think of the implications      Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects approximately
of a potential failure of the exam that includes failing the   10 million each year. SAD involves a pattern of
course, failing out of medical school, being disowned by       depression in which the onset and remission of symptoms
your family, and eventually living in a van down by the        occur at characteristic times of the year. The prevalence
river and eating government issued cheese. Hey, it’s not       of the winter type varies with latitude (prevalence
as bad as one thinks. But, please keep it in check and do      increases in those in higher latitudes), age (those who are
what you can to think realistically and positively and to      younger are at greater risk), and sex (no, not whether you
practice deep breathing strategies as you approach and                                         See Holiday Blues: Page 10
 4    WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                   WINTER 2004

                  Spotlight on a Specialty:
                              Psychiatry with Dr. P.J. Malin, M.D.
                              by Anela Bonic

      f Barbie was a physician, she would be….If you        Have you ever wanted to be anything
      guessed a psychiatrist, you were right on the money.  other than a psychiatrist?
      However, her full name would be PaulaJo Malin           I was unfortunately one of those very
      and only her patients would be allowed to think of    narrow, tunneled-vision students that came to medical
her as Barbie. For those of you who do not know Dr.         school knowing exactly what they were supposed to do.
Malin, look for a tall blonde, stylish, perfectly           In high school, I had a lot of orthopaedic injuries, saw a
coordinated in the latest fashions with a smile that can    lot of surgeons and was absolutely convinced that I was
melt an ice berg— or a red Volkswagen bug driving down      meant to be a surgeon. The summer between my M1 and
the 30 Street blasting disco music.                         M2 year, I shadowed numerous surgeons and saw a ton of
  It was an honor and a privilege to spend one month of     surgeries.
my M3 year on Dr. Malin’s service at CUMC, which              When I got to my M3 year and the surgery rotation, I
undeniably, was one of the most                                                 had a pretty good time just like I
profound experiences of my life. Her                                            thought I would. At the time there were
presence on the hospital floor and in a                                         a lot of competitions for the students to
patient’s room is an emotional version                                          inspire us about getting really good at
of a “Kodak moment”— it is priceless.                                           the subtleties of surgical techniques.
If you ask her how she got to be such                                           Whatever competition there was in
an amazing physician, she will                                                  surgery-I won it. I was really good
seriously deny any compliments                                                  with my hands. I loved it. I remember
regarding her bedside manner or the                                             at night I would go home, watch
knowledge of medicine. With humility,                                           Seinfeld and practice suturing all night
passion for psychiatry and love for                                             long on a stuffed animal. All the
humanity she is a role model second to                                          surgeons were so impressed with my
none.                                                                           suturing skills. I remember, one of the
  Dr. Malin obtained her undergraduate                                          plastic surgeons saying I was the best
degree in psychology from CU in 1991,                                           suturer he had ever seen and that I
and completed her post-baccalaureate                                            could get a wrinkle out of a scrotum. I
work in biology at UNO in 1993. She                                             thought that surgery was pretty cool
graduated from CUMC in 1999 and                                                 because, I felt, I was doing something.
completed her psychiatry residency                                              I liked how you walked in to the OR
training at the CUMC/UNMC joined                                                and x amount of minutes/hours later
program in July 2003 where she shined Don’t Call Her Barbie! Just call her one you walked out and it felt like you
as the most highly awarded and of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.           finished something tangible and
decorated resident. She won numerous                                            concrete. I liked that feeling.
‘Outstanding House Officer of the Year’ and ‘Teacher of     When did you realize that you wanted to be a
the Year’ awards, and was inducted into the Alpha           psychiatrist?
Omega Alpha medical honor society. In 2000, she was           When the time came for me to do the psychiatry
selected to cover the American Psychiatric Association’s    rotation, I absolutely did not want anything to do with it. I
annual meeting as the ‘Resident Reporter.’ In 2002, she     just thought that two months of psychiatry would be a big
was awarded the highly prestigious Laughlin Award, an       waste of time. I went to ask Dr. Kavan if I could do four
annual award given only to the top 15 psychiatric           months of surgery instead of psychiatry rotation. He said
residents nationally. Unfortunately, you will not see any   that all the students had to do all the rotations, and even if
awards in Dr. Malin’s office……they can be found in the      I did not want to do psychiatry, he was confident it would
basement of her house!                                      help me become a better surgeon.
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                    WINTER 2004       5
  I was assigned to the consultation-liaison service at the      plans. I remember getting a letter from my grandma who
hospital and the very first day it changed my life. To this      wrote to me “Oh, PaulaJo, we are so sorry to hear the
day, I remember the patients we had that day. There was a        unfortunate news. We thought you were doing so well in
criminal that was handcuffed to the bed and was hearing          medical school up there in Omaha. Your parents told us
voices, a woman on OB who had miscarried and was very            that you are going to drop out of medical school to
distraught and a post op ICU patient who was delirious,          become a psychiatrist.”
extremely agitated and combative. I remember driving               I was from a small town, where we did not have a
home that night being so mesmerized by the variety of            psychiatrist in the community. Before starting the
pathology that I had seen. I was just blown away. More           psychiatry rotation, I did not know anything about
importantly, I felt fascinated for the first time in my          psychiatrists except from the movies and TV and they
medical school carrier.                                          were not portrayed very well. I knew that people went to
  It kind of daunted on me that first night, although I was      see a psychiatrist in the big city only if they had major
good at surgery, I was not fascinated or mesmerized by it.       mental trouble. Back in those days, depression was not as
I did not think about it at night as I did about these three     prevalent, dementia was most certainly not as prevalent
patients that I had seen my first day of psychiatry. It was      and neither were substance abuse or eating disorders, so
also the only rotation where I paid attention to other           the need for a psychiatrist was not as great. I was afraid
medical students presenting their patients instead of            that my family and friends would not understand my
thinking what I am going to eat for supper. It was the only      decision.
rotation where I could not wait to see all the patients. By        Once I made the decision, I did not look back. I knew it
the end of the first week, I knew I was going to go into         was the right decision. When I told my family, they were
psychiatry.                                                      extremely supportive, which was the biggest blessing for
Was it difficult to make the mental switch from surgery          me. They made the mental shift quicker than I did. By
to psychiatry?                                                   the beginning of the 4th yea I was at peace with my
  Yes, it was difficult. It took time to shed that notion that   decision and felt really good about it.
I was going to become a surgeon. When I look back on it,         What surprised you the most about psychiatry?
90% of the difficulty was all self- induced. I had come to         Other physicians always tell me, ‘Oh, I would not want
the medical school thinking that I was going to be a             to be a psychiatrist. I would not want to have to work with
surgeon. I had started the third year not wanting to do any      antidepressants because it takes months for them to
other rotation but surgery. I really closed my heart and         work.’ They don’t realize how efficacious psychiatric
mind to the field where I would be ultimately the                medicines truly are. I was just stunned at how you can see
happiest.                                                        all of the pathology dissipate away within 24 hours in a
  After I made the decision to go into psychiatry, I really      patient ravaged and tortured by hearing voices but treated
wrestled with it. At first, I thought, I liked psychiatry        with antipsychotic medication. Psychiatric medications
because I had a great attending. However, the second             change the quality of a patient’s life very quickly.
month of psychiatry, I did not care for my attending at all,       A lot of time people say, ‘Don’t you get depressed
but I still loved the patients and their pathologies. That is    being in psychiatry?’ I don’t find it depressing at all.
when I called my family to tell them about my future                                                 See Psychiatry: Page 16

                                          It’s time for a tender holiday
                                           moment with Adam Duke:
                                       What is the one thing you want for Christmas? —- “Whirled Peas”
                                       What is you favorite Christmas CD or song? —- “I have Alvin and the Chip-
                                       munks on vinyl.”
                                       Who is the one person you hope to meet under the mistletoe this season? —-
                                       “Just one? . . . I guess Pam Mudd. She’s hot.”
 6    WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                  WINTER 2004

ILAC: No habla espanol? No problema!
Continued from Page 2                                         talk about the US or world problems, or just review the
acceptance of a stranger were humbling and unique.            day with friends. I have a renewed appreciation for a
  Mornings in the campo were spent in clinic, seeing          “home cooked” meal after watching three women spend
patients from our community as well as people who came        two hours in a smoky, poorly lit and ventilated outdoor
on foot, by horse, or truck from communities an hour or       kitchen, over an open fire “stove,” cooking breakfast for
more away.         We gave as much as we could—a              us, and then start work on our lunch as soon as the
compassionate ear, temporizing pain medications,              breakfast table was cleared. This summer, I remembered
antimicrobials, and most importantly, education on how        what simple fun felt like, spending hours playing with
to live and work smarter and healthier. Our supplies were     kids in the river, making a see-saw out of a fence post, or
limited, followup was difficult, and the knowledge that       playing cards or dominos with my family. Finally, there
few patients could afford chronic medications we may          was time to sit and reflect—what was I learning in the
start all frustrated us as we wondered if we were really      DR, how was the experience changing me, what would I
making a difference. It is not the “let’s go save the         bring back to the US? While it sounds simple, this
world” ideal that we may all wish to fulfill. It is a tough   activity was the most powerful, the most unsettling,
lesson, but the gratitude of the Dominicans softens the       because it had the potential to change the way I think, the
situation; the heartfelt “gracias” spoken from the elderly    way I relate to others, the way I live.
woman reminds us why we are here.                               A discussion of the “DR Experience” could consume an
  Afternoons were free time not spent in the clinic, and      entire evening and would necessarily involve a fat photo
this is where much of the learning and growing occurred.      album, storytelling, and laughter. Each picture has a
I have a renewed appreciation of relationships among          memory as well as a feeling that can be talked about but
people; hours spent drinking coffee in rickety homemade       not truly known until participating. I have found
chairs talking about my family or local happenings were a     something beautiful in the DR through this program, and
daily experience. At night, I’d huddle into the kitchen       hope that I can make participation in it as a professional
with the other six in my family and two or three neighbors    part of my future life.
and, by the light of a single kerosene lantern, tell jokes,

                   Where did you get that SMILE.?!!?!?

         1                                                                                            2

                                                        Answers on Page 17
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                                       7

                                     Mack in the City
                                       Destination: San Francisco
           By Mack Eleid               Internal Medicine Rotation
                                                              Omaha- primarily AIDS and
                                                              related opportunistic dis-
                                                              eases. Secondly, as a medi-

           wo months ago I woke up and realized that in a     cal student you will learn
           matter of hours I would no longer be in my be-     about practicing medicine in
           loved home base of Omaha but rather I would        a private hospital as com-
           be in a famed city completely foreign to me.       pared to a primarily aca-
After delaying packing late into the previous night as is     demic facility like CUMC.
custom in my lazy ways, there were a few last-minute am       This is to your advantage in
essentials for me to toss into the bags before I headed off   that you can discover your
to the airport with my partners in crime Arshad Bache-        own likes and dislikes about
lani, Jocelyn Rowe, and Greta Larsen. Now while Omaha         each system and develop a
is a famed city in its own right (see previ-                              preference which
ous issues of Mack Around Town), I think                                  will help you
we can all agree that San Francisco is con-                               when      choosing Omaha’s adopted son takes a
sidered to be a more exciting and happen-                                 residency      pro- wild ride on one of the city’s
                                                                                                    famous Cable Cars.
ing place. So there I was. On my way to                                   grams. Similar to
San Francisco for a whole month of Inter-                                 Creighton, Saint Mary’s is committed to treat-
nal Medicine with some free time to find                                  ing the underserved and has a significant indi-
out what the city’s all about. And all the                                gent population primarily due to its proximity
time all I could think about was what I was The San Francisco treat.      to Golden Gate Park. Its patient population is
going to write about in Mack Around Town.                               a very diverse mixture of middle class, home-
Now that is commitment…                                       less, IV drug users, and it’s also the official hospital of the
  First let’s talk about the Internal Medicine month at St.   San Francisco Giants.
Mary’s Medical Center before we get too carried away.           The house where Creighton Medical Students reside is
The advantages of spending one month of your medicine         provided free of charge to students by Brother Michael
clerkship in San Francisco are twofold: first, you gain       Ortiz, a professor at College of Saint Mary’s who has had
exposure to a variety of illnesses that are less common in    this arrangement with Creighton for over 4 years now. 4
                                                              medical students go each month and there are two rooms
                                                              with two single beds in each room on the second floor of
                                                              the house. It’s located in the Inner Sunset district of San
                                                              Francisco, near UCSF and adjacent to Golden Gate Park.
                                                              The UCSF library is a useful and convenient place to get
                                                              some reading done when you have spare time. Golden
                                                              Gate Park is a great place to walk, run, or step out of the
                                                              city for a while. You can also pretend you are Zen at the
                                                              Japanese Tea Gardens (instead of admitting you are Type
                                                              A and anal – don’t lie to yourself). The neighborhood is
                                                              packed with amazing restaurants and is actually very busy
                                                              with young people, college students, professionals, etc.
                                                              Practically any type of food you can think of from any-
                                                              where in the world you can find within walking distance
                                                              of the house. Evidence of this can be taken from
                                                              Jocelyn’s now famous quote, “I didn’t know they ate in
Ghiradelli Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, and “The City” skyline.                                See San Francisco: Page 10
 8    WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                    WINTER 2004

                     Enriching                                talked about their experiences and their “all-consuming
                                                              medical life” before coming to the DR. Now, this time in

                    Your Life                                 the DR afforded the students many opportunities for re-
                                                              flection. Who am I? Where have I come from? Who will
                                                              I become? -And how? How do I express and share love?
                with Reflection                               What have been my challenges and how have I met chal-
                                                              lenges? What does it mean to be a member of humanity?
                                                                 Reflection allows us to have conversations about our
Foreword by Marcia Cusic                                      life experiences, put meaning into them, and finally allow
CUSOM Chaplain                                                us to gain a deeper, personal insight into our life experi-
                                                              ences. With reflection, we open ourselves up to a deeper

           his past summer I was fortunate to have been       appreciation about our beliefs, our values, our purposes
           given the opportunity to spend some time in the    and our relationship with God and with others.
           Dominican Republic with members of the sen-           I was, and still am, overwhelmed with my experience in
           ior class. What an awesome experience it was!      the DR especially the power and absolute need for all of
I went to the DR asking every student along the way,          us to spend time in personal and spiritual reflection. As
“Why have you come to the DR?” “Tell me about your            you continue to progress through your medical education
experience.”                                                  and your medical career do not lose that essence of who
  As I write this, I feel a very deep emotion inside, be-     you are-- your personal spirit. You might ask, “How is
cause my questions were answered in very powerful             this possible?” My answer: spend some time every day
ways. I now more fully understand the experience of be-       in personal reflection. Combine quiet reflection with your
ing with humanity, the power of presence, and sensing the     physical exercise but also engage in reflective conversa-
over-whelming need for personal reflection as we go           tion with people in your lives.
about living our very busy lives.                                Reflection, that opportunity to discover and rediscover,
  Dr. Joe and Terri Lynch had talked about the refection      from your reservoir of experiences, who you are in rela-
piece, that part of the experience, which we all encoun-      tionship with yourself, others, God, and with humankind.
tered. All of the students with whom I spent time with,

STUDY TO YOUR                                                 indicates a desire to first process individually but then a
                                                              need to find a study buddy to process that information out
                                                              loud. It also means being careful not to contemplate too
PERSONALITY’S                                                 long on one area of the information.
                                                                The second preference addresses the way we like to

                                                              process new information; in the form of a textbook, a
                                                              lecture or test questions. A Sensing preference means
                                                              preferring to first deal with the concrete facts. A student
By Linda Pappas                                               with this preference
Academic Success Counselor                                    needs to make sure to
                                                              allow enough time to

          or the past three years I have given the            also      develop        an
          personality inventory titled the Myers-Briggs       understanding of the
          Type Indicator to the M1 class. I have enjoyed      overall concepts, not just
          the opportunity to do a group interpretation in     memorize the facts.
the fall semester. I thought it might be helpful to revisit   Practicing test questions
the results and make a few suggestions for your continued     and making sure they
academic success based on those results.                      don’t change answers are
  The first preference on the MBTI looks at where you         also helpful strategies.
like to focus your attention and get your energy in life.     The opposite, Intuitive
Extraversion means an external focus which indicates a        means a preference for
strategy of finding a study place free of those external      first understanding the
distractions. Often times studying in shorter, more           “big picture” of new
frequent sessions and studying with peers can be helpful.     information,                  How can I possibly study with a
The opposite, Introversion, means an internal focus which     See MBTI: Page 12            group when I feel so introverted?
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                      WINTER 2004      9

El Pollo Loco:                                                                        I refused to be

The Search For                                                                        Rise up, fellow
                                                                                      chickens and

Good Wings
By Meshann Fitzgerald

              enny’s usually isn’t the place people think of    they really weren’t that greasy, but their incredibly small
              when they want to eat Buffalo wings, but I        size accentuated the wings dip in the vegetable oil pond.
              found myself going quite often for their          Aside from the grease and small size, the wings lacked
              wings. People suggested that I should eat at      the flavor they claimed to have. The lemon pepper wings
Wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings. I brushed the                   were simply sprinkled lightly with lemon pepper
suggestions off and ordered another 12 piece. But then I        seasoning; the Hawaiian and teriyaki tasted remarkably
began to think, “Maybe people are right. Maybe there are        similar, and the garlic parmesan tasted like neither garlic
better wings out there.” So began my search for the best        nor parmesan (a new flavor perhaps). As far as the
wings in the big O.                                             variations of the “hot” wings go, the Atomic hot was hot,
  Wingstop “The best wings I’ve ever had in my life”--          the original hot was not. The mild and the Cajun were
Troy Aikman                                                     equally unimpressive.
I am often wary of food reviews, but when people start          At least Wingstop was
raving about buffalo wings (especially hot wings), I’ll try     consistent. My hope
‘em. So when I came across a coupon/ad for Wingstop:            for Wingstop was
The Wing Experts, a wing joint endorsed by the 3-time           probably set too high
Superbowl champ Troy Aikman (of all people) claiming            going in, but with
to have the BEST wings Troy has EVER eaten, it was like         phrase like “BEST
manna from Heaven. How could I not try them? So I set           EVER”, what else was
out to one of the 4 Wingstop locations in Omaha. For a          I to expect? In short:
                                  wing place, it had a          The good: they serve
                                                                                          There can be nothing positive about
                                  disappointing amount of       alcohol                           glowing hot wings.
                                  flavors. Wingstop has 8       The bad: the wings
                                  wing flavors: 4 variations    The ugly: they charge $ for their ranch dressing
                                  of “hot”, lemon pepper,          Undaunted, I press on…
                                  garlic           parmesan,       Buffalo Wild Wings “Voted best wing throughout
                                  Hawaiian      bbq,     and    the country”
                                  teriyaki. I wanted to try     I’ve eaten at BWW many times, and nearly each time
                                  all of the flavors in one     alcohol was involved, so I wanted to experience the wings
                                  sitting, but the people       w/o psychoactive substances. Like Wingstop, BWW has
                                  behind the counter started    4 locations in the Omaha area. This place boasts its
                                  acting really irritated       numerous “best wing” honors on its website. With a total
                                  about the “special order.”    of 12 flavors grouped in 3 categories, “easy on the
                                  But after appealing to        palate”, “spicy”, and “smoking”, it easily appeals to
                                  their sense of customer       different tastes. I am usually partial to the spicy category,
                                  service, they finally gave    but for the sake of research, tried them all. With the
                                  me my wings. Well, they       exception of Caribbean jerk, the wings actually tasted like
                                  could’ve     kept    them.    their representative flavor. (I think that the Caribbean
                                  They       were,      quite   jerk was a refugee from Wingstop-I’m investigating). It
                                  possibly,               the   was a good first step. The next step was determining if
 How do I stay fit? You guessed GREASIEST wings I               the flavor was good or not. I am not a fan of their bbq
      it– lots of hot wings.      have EVER eaten. Maybe                                           See Hot Wings: Page 12
 10 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                        WINTER 2004
                                                                 Right on Mission Street there are a number of new clubs
                                                                 as well as authentic Spanish and Mexican restaurants.
                                                                 Other popular places to go out include the Marina and
                                                                 North Beach Areas, both of which are more preppie areas
                                                                 but equally as fun and interesting. All of these places are
                                                                 readily accessible by the bus system or very reasonable
                                                                 cab fare.
                                                                   Need I list the countless attractions that make San Fran-
                                                                 cisco such a famous place? There are bike rentals on the
                                                                 wharf that you can take across the
                                                                 Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito,
                                                                 then a ferry can take you to Angel
                                                                 Island and back to the wharf. You
                                                                 need to check out China Town,
                                                                 home of the largest Chinese popu-
                                                                 lation outside of China and have            After a busy day
San Francisco: Mack goes wild                                    the obligatory Dim Sung. If you pooping on tourists,
Continued from Page 7                                            want to shop and spend all of that Sheila took a moment to
Ethiopia!” Also right around the corner is the BART              hard-earned loan money Union pose for the camera.
(Bay Area Rapid Transit) which can take you to all of the        Square is the place to do it. There
major parts of downtown San Francisco: the Civic Cen-            are a number of musical and cultural activities you can
ter, China Town, Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, etc.           check out at the venues located around the Civic Center
The public transportation system in San Francisco is very        district. If you want to visit Alcatraz I recommend the
convenient and if you can’t get somewhere on the BART,           night tour, you will learn the history of the island and
there is always a bus that will take you where you want to       penitentiary and tour it- it’s pretty interesting.
go.                                                                Basically, go to San Francisco for Internal Medicine if
   The night life in San Francisco is very diverse. The          you are able to. I learned a lot and had a great time. Now
Inner Sunset district where the house is located has a           I must get back to being a lowly M3 and getting stepped
number of fun bars filled with primarily college-aged            on by any and all hospital personnel but stay tuned be-
people. The bars in this area are pretty normal pub-type         cause I am rearing to check out more of Omaha in my
places. Nearby in the Haight-Ashberry district there are         next issue. Until then, keep up the Mackin’….
more happening new-agey dance clubs. One of the up-
and-coming hot spots in San Francisco is the Mission dis-        Holiday Blues: activity is the key
trict, which is composed of a large Hispanic population.         Continued from Page 3
                                                                 have it, but we find that women comprise 60-90% of
                                                                 persons with a seasonal pattern to their depression). It is
                                                                 characterized by low energy, hypersomnia, and increased
                                                                 appetite and weight gain.
                                                                   What can you do? First, be realistic about your
                                                                 expectations and catch any negative thoughts. Second,
                                                                 manage stress successfully. Third, even if you don’t feel
                                                                 like it, get out and do things – especially with others.
                                                                 Specifically, take up a new hobby and get involved in
                                                                 recreational and social activities. Also, add at least one
                                                                 pleasurable activity to your daily schedule. For example,
                                                                 go window-shopping or drive around and look at the
                                                                 holiday lights. Fourth, keep up with your exercise
                                                                 program. Finally, get some light. Open up those blinds in
                                                                 the morning and get active outside.
Cool Stallions and Hot Chicks– Following their photo shoot for     I hope these bits of advice help you cope effectively
“Sophisticated Male” magazine, fellow male models Mack Eleid     with the season and make it a happy and healthy time of
and Arshad Bachelani show wholesome Midwest girls, Jocelyn       year. So, take charge, be proactive, and enjoy the
Rowe and Greta Larsen, a wild night on the town.                 holidays!
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                   WINTER 2004        11

Doctor #5 is
out of line!
M4 Jill Briggs’ Step 2 CS Experience.

            he hotel shuttle departed for the test center at   potato salad, not filet mignon), 4 patients, a 15 minute
            7:30 a.m. (way too early!) Our scheduled test      break, 3 patients, and DONE! You are given 15 minutes
            time was 8:30 a.m. This gave everyone plenty       to see the patient. For all of the patient cases I was given,
            of time to stand around staring at each other,     this amount of time was very adequate. You receive a 5
making small talk about how no scores have been                minute warning. Myself and many other students were
released yet and how many people will fail and what kind       out of the room before it was announced that time was up
of lunch will they give you for $900?                          on every case. Then, you have 10 minutes to write the
  After registering, we were all instructed to put on our      note (plus whatever extra time you have left over from the
white coats and leave them on for the remainder of the         patient encounter.) You are given an option to type or
day. (One examinee got scolded at lunchtime for taking         write your note. Examples of both formats are available
his coat off to eat.) The only items we were allowed           on the website. Your note should include a history,
access to during the day: white coat, stethoscope, food or     physical exam, differential diagnosis (up to 5, but it can
beverages for breaks, and medications. We were allowed         be fewer) and work-up plan (labs, images). I chose to
to keep ID and some cash in our pocket “just in case we        write my note as it was easier for me to lay out the history
have to evacuate the building.” (Not kidding, that’s what      in the format that I wanted to. Plus, if I had more to say, I
she said.) You can put cell phones, books, etc. in a           could write smaller. On the downside, I had major hand
locked room until the end of the day. For those of you         cramping by the day’s end. I visited with several typers,
with lucky pens…sorry, not allowed.                            who felt it was faster and/or their handwriting was too
  We were given a clipboard with 12 (or 11, depending          messy to read. However, most of them ran out of room
on the test center) pieces of scratch paper, one for each      and had to be more liberal with abbreviations.
case and a pen. The clipboard had 2 plastic nametags             The patient cases were straightforward. Nothing a well
with a number on them, one to pin to the left sleeve, one      prepared Creighton student should have to worry about!
to clip to the lapel of the white coat. For the remainder of   The standardized patients were pretty good, some more
the day, you shall be known as Dr. #X. You are allowed         involved in their roles and better actors than others.
to introduce yourself to the patients however you choose.      Several patients just recited their script (“I have tarry
Then, one wonderful hour of orientation. The video is          pasty unformed stools. I have epigastric pain.” What
very similar, if not identical, to the one Dr. Kavan shows     patient says that?) I did have one telephone interview
at one of the 3rd year class meetings. After the video, you    with a mother of a baby and one personal interview of a
are invited to practice using the medical equipment            mother concerning a child. The patients are all supposed
available in each room (oto- and ophthalmoscope, BP            to ask one “challenging” question, which they tended to
cuff, reflex hammer, tuning forks, tongue depressors,          ask the moment you turn your back to wash your hands.
cotton swabs, toothpicks.) I knew I was going to be just       “Can you stop the pain, Doctor?” “I have to get back to
fine when I saw students racing over to practice with the      work, I don’t have time to stay for treatment of my (insert
tuning forks. More procedural stuff (only speak in             emergent condition).” “I can’t be pregnant, I’m not ready
English, please) and we finally got started at 9:30. They      to have a baby.” “Will I have to quit my job?”
lined us up by number as though we were in elementary            Overall, no problem. You’ve been well prepared by the
school and we started marching in. (This is where it was       OSCE’s throughout the years. It is a long day, but the
announced loudly that I (Dr. #5) was out of line when I        worst part was waiting to get started. There is little need
sidestepped one stride to ditch my gum. Sheesh.) We            to review treatments, just differential diagnoses for major
were treated like 3rd graders for most of the day.             chief complaints and work-up plans. And now it is over!
  After this slow and painful start, the day flew by. We       Good luck!
saw 5 patients, got a 30 minute lunch (sandwiches and
 12 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                         WINTER 2004

Hot Wings: Because nuggets are                                   MBTI: Tune in your personality
for lazy people who don’t want to                                and tune up your grades
work for their meat                                              Continued from Page 8
Continued from Page 9                                            understanding the “why” helps the student to remember
sauce at all; those wings had to go. 3 down, 9 to go. I          the facts. This type of student may want to practice
was impressed. It wasn’t just the liquor! I should’ve had        memorization strategies so they don’t overlook the
I should’ve had a drink before I had the Blazin, though. I       details. It is important to not “over think” test questions
was cautioned before I ate them. I usually avoid super           as well.
hot wings because I like to be able to taste my food, but          The third preference explains how we like to make
for the sake of research, I ate it. Yep, I only had one. I       decisions. My observation has been that this has the least
ate an habanero pepper once and my insides were on fire.         impact on academics but a strong impact on personal
This wasn’t quite habanero, but I think I did irreparable        issues. However, I have noticed several issues. Thinking,
damage to my taste buds.                                         which is a preference for an “analytical kind of decision
The good: 35 cent wing Tuesday                                                          making, a critique style” may lead
The bad: the bar can be pricey and the boneless wings                                   to a student being too self critical of
are really nuggets                                                                      academic performance which can
The ugly: touching your eye after eating a Blazin wing                                  have a negative impact on
The search continues…                                                                   performance. A Feeling decision
Quick Notables                                                                          making style tends more to an
Hooter’s “Delightfully tacky yet unrefined”                                             “other person, personal values type
Hooters claims its hot wings are nearly world famous.                                   of decision making”. Often times
They should be famous ‘cuz they are damned good! They                                   these students do better when they
are available both breaded and naked. The good: wings;                                  can understand the direct impact of
the bad: the rest of the food is pretty standard; the ugly:                             the information they are learning on
the Hooters girls wear thick nylons under those orange            Free coronary artery an individual.
                                                                     stent with every
polyester shorts-this was initially instated for public                                   The last preference has to do with
health reasons, but with the advent of “naked dining”, the                             how we “prefer” to manage our
nylons need to go.                                               lives and our time. The Judging preference indicates a
McKenna’s Blues, Booze, and BBQ                                  desire for an organized, plan-filled life style with a set of
McKenna’s doesn’t claim to be a wing joint, so it is a           clear expectations. These individuals are encouraged to
little unfair to judge it in the same category as wing joints,   increase their adaptability so as not to be set back by
but what’s fair? They have four flavors, the best of which       unforeseen circumstances. The opposite; Perceiving; is a
is the Louisiana. Interestingly, the Jamaican jerk wing          preference for leaving life open for more spontaneity,
tasted like Old Chicago’s Thai pizza. The good: the blues        more “go with the flow”. These individuals need to leave
and the Bloody Mary’s: the bad: the service is slow; the         their personal lives open to flexibility so as to not get
ugly: the BBQ honey wings-KFCs are way better.                   overly stressed by need for constant organization in
   So after all my attempts to find the best wing place in       medical school.
Omaha, I think that BWW wins overall and Hooters in a              I hope you enjoyed your revisit to your MBTI. Happy
close 2nd, but I still love Denny’s.                             studying!

                              What is the one thing you want for Christmas?
   COLEEN MULLEN’S                  -Well, if Santa really exists I
                                    want a Coach purse.
   HOLIDAY WISH               What is you favorite Christmas CD or
     -98 degrees Christmas CD or Platinum Christmas featuring
     Britney and Christina
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                 WINTER 2004       13

               Spotlight on a Specialty:
Family Practice with Dr. Virginia Aguila, M.D.
by Mel Roca

              ou have might have seen her picture posted        I was supposed to start in
              across the Omaha billboards. Or you might       Neonatology in Detroit, and thought
              have seen her on TV in the Creighton Medical    about whether the lifestyle of a Neonatologist would work
              Associates commercial, standing there with      with raising a family. I realized that there should be some
an ever-ready smile as she places her hands on her hips as    compatibility. I thought family medicine was more
if posing like Supergirl! And for good reason, she IS like    comprehensive in dealing with the newborns and also
Supergirl. Dr. Virginia Aguila is no girl, however. The       with the aged. The continuity of care is simply not
head of the Creighton Family Practice office in Florence,     present in other specialties. I had a patient once whose
she is Creighton’s superdynamo. Aside from teaching,          surgeon got me on the phone as they were wheeling her
running a busy family practice, and heading up different      down to the OR because she wouldn’t allow him to
committees at Creighton University Medical Center, Dr.        operate on her. I told her that I know the surgeon and he
Aguila --whose last name means “eagle” in Latin-- is          can be trusted. Just like that she said, “OK, you can
certainly soaring the limitless skies. Let us find out more   operate on me.” You cannot find that kind of doctor/
about Dr. Aguila as we zoom in to find the person behind      patient trust that grows with time in other specialties as
the familiar face.                                            you can with family practice.
When did you start teaching at Creighton?                     What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
   I finished my residency here at Creighton in 1983 after      When you just know you become part of a patient’s life
graduating from the University of the Philippines. A year     and you begin to know them without looking at their big
after that, I did a fellowship of one year, then I became     charts.     Like this one particular patient who was
full-time faculty and started getting involved with the       diagnosed with a tumor. Although she had seen an ENT
residency program. Along with the residency came              specialist and an oncologist, she still wants to see me.
medical students and inpatient teaching. Two to three         She was hysterical and called the office the other day
years after that, I became medical director of the            wanting to see me, and I made an exception for her to
residency clinic. Teaching medical students naturally         come in even just to talk She apologized that she was
followed.                                                     bothering me but I said, “That’s what I’m here for.” We
What do you do for medical students in general?               talked about setting her up for surgery, and I that will be
   I am involved with a small group of M1’s in Ethics         here through the rough time. This is the continuity of
class where I share my clinical views in which I have had     care. It’s also rewarding when their sisters, or their
experiences. We all come with a set of values, and it’s       sister’s friends or relatives would come because they have
good to have students get exposed early to clinical           heard about you and they want to see you. I suppose you
scenarios that may be bothersome. Then of course,             get as much as you put into it.
there’s the H & P where I get to show my techniques. I        What was the most memorable experience you had while
am also involved with M1s in the summer elective              in med school or residency?
program when they spend 6 weeks with me, get a stipend          When we were doing our residency, there were so few
and shadow me while getting some exposure to the art of       female and minority physicians. I found that you really
family practice (FP) doing some interviews, observing,        had to work hard, not to prove yourself but to earn each
listening to heart sounds, seeing how the clinic works and    patient’s respect. I came in once to this patient and she
interacting with residents. For the M2s, I have 6 that        asked me if I wanted the Tylenol that I ordered cosigned
follow me through the year for their longitudinal clinic,     by my co-intern. It was difficult to have orders taken
while the M3s spend a long month with me. The fourth          from a female resident since there were so few of us at
year has an outpatient elective aside from the inpatient      that time. Of course, I said no. It was tough, but it
family practice.                                              toughened me up even more because you don’t demand
What was the motivation to lean towards Family                respect, you earn it through hard work. I always share this
Practice rather than other specialties?                                                      See Family Practice: Page 14
 14 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                     WINTER 2004

Family Practice: combining                                   How would you compare university affiliated practice
                                                             with a private practice?
quality of care with your own                                   There is more demand for an academician. On top of
                                                             treating the patient, we take more time to teach. And you
quality of life                                              need to love to teach! Students can tell which faculty
                                                             love to teach. Yes, it slows us down but I certainly don’t
Continued from Page 13                                       want my students to miss a lesion or condition when it
advice with my residents: when they (patients) call on       presents itself. Academic family practice has conferences
you, you respond to the call. Nothing is an unimportant      and advisor meetings to attend. We cannot just stay in the
call-— whether it is just a headache or constipation or a    office. We are involved in the med school, hospital and
mother worried about her daughter. Patients will always      the university. Unlike private practice, you need to read
remember the intern who was always available.                and learn a lot and use evidence based medicine. We are
Do you have any specific advice for students who want        a multidisciplinary program: we have family practice resi-
to get into family practice?                                 dents and pharmacy students. You will have to do publi-
  They should feel what FP is like. That’s why we fought     cations or clinical research on top of everything. The
to include FP in your curriculum for a month-long rota-      sense of commitment comes hand in hand when you wear
tion when you’re an M3, as well as early exposure in the     many hats.
M2 year. Our strength is in the outpatient contact since     What is your typical day?
you don’t see much obstetric procedures, cardio or renal        For faculty, we make rounds in the morning and come
surgery. You need to shadow and see what the lifestyle is    to inpatient service meetings. There are always meetings,
like. You need to see if you are comfortable with the kind   and they are always at 7am or noon at the hospital. Every
of patients you’re seeing, the amount of work, hours, and    six weeks, I have a full week of rounding with residents--
satisfaction. As an FP physician, you have to give your      this ensures that I get to know them better. I have clinics
best, apply the comprehensiveness of medicine, and know      with M2s and M3s afterwards. Then, I have my own resi-
which specialty to use in referral.                          dents in the outpatient office. Also I just finished writing
What’s your comment on the disparity of pay scale            a chapter on breast cancer in Rakel’s Essentials of Family
among different specialties?                                 Practice which will be out by 2006. So, I’m thankful that
  We haven’t had any gains in general practice. There are    it is finished. We wrap up at the clinic around 4:30-5:00
more graduates doing specialties in radiology and anes-      PM by triaging both the late walk-ins and late phone calls.
thesia. I can see why we pay more for other specialties      I usually get home by 6-6:30 PM, unless there is a Board
since they have more education, i.e. fellowships and extra   of Directors meeting, again at the hospital.
internships. But we need more general practitioners. A       Do you bring your work at home?
lot of patients are being seen in the ER for minor things       When I am on call every six weeks, yes. I could get as
instead of being seen by a family doctor. In the urban       much as three calls on one patient alone. When I was
areas, the older docs need to be replaced. We are trying     writing that chapter on breast cancer, I also brought work
to make FP more attractive. We are doing more proce-         home. Now I get to watch “Law & Order” or read a mys-
dures like flexible sigmoidoscopy, culdoscopy and mole       tery novel. I used to cook every night when my kids were
removal in the office aside from biopsies. So we let our     home. We had family dinners when they were in high
new graduates do those to keep them interested.              school but both are now in college. So, now I rely on my
                                                             “second kitchens” and spend more time with Princess, our
                                                             major dachshund.
    Administration Fun Facts:                                What advice do you have for students contemplating
                                                             having a family while in med school?
                                                                One should choose a specialty that fits one’s family life.
                                                             The timing of having children is important. I had my first
                                                             child when I was a senior resident. I don’t get excited too
                                                             much with phone calls because I can guide my intern to
                                                             do the fielding. Husband and wife must realize that all
                                                             their hard work is combined into the same pot of raising
                                                             children. I personally would rather be a good mother than
     Associate Dean for             Bassist for              a good physician. Parenting supercedes medicine. In the
     Medical Education          “Liplock”– A KISS            long run, it will all be worth it. You get as much as you
         by day...             cover band by night.          put into it.
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                    WINTER 2004       15

                               Pediatric Fun in
                                Dayton, Ohio
 One Student’s Tale of her Air Force Externship
By Beth Kleweno

        initially arrived in Dayton, Ohio with a bit of          door on the left.”
       trepidation. I was here to begin the first externship       Now we faced another dilemma. At COT we had been
       of my senior year at an outpatient pediatric clinic at    drilled over and over on how to “officially” report for
       Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. My most recent           duty. We weren’t sure what customs and courtesies the
contact with the Air Force had been the Commissioned             student director would expect from us. Would she want
Officer Training (COT) course two years prior. My                us to salute? Did we even remember HOW to salute? To
memories from COT were foggy, but I do remember                  our relief, Dr. Chartrand was extremely personable. She
having my uniform closely inspected every morning and            simply shook our hands and took us on a tour of the
getting reprimanded for talking in the hall without              facility, putting us at an ease that would continue the
permission. Since my uniform had been in storage for two         entire rotation.
years, I now wasn’t even sure if it actually fit, let alone if     The rotation at Wright-Patterson turned out to be
every badge was centered perfectly. I had nightmares             relatively relaxed. The pediatrics residency (as well as
about arriving at work and having a drill sergeant yell that     several other specialties) is a joint military and civilian
my pants were ironed incorrectly or my shoes weren’t             program with Wright State University. Half the residents
polished to a shine. I could not imagine how the                 with whom I worked were civilians. Although the
regimental structure taught at COT could be maintained           medical student rotation was primarily located on-base,
in a bustling pediatric clinic.                                  most of the resident rotations take place at the large
  Luckily, when I arrived in Dayton another student was          civilian Children’s Hospital in downtown Dayton. All the
nice enough to volunteer to pick me up at the airport. It        residents seemed to truly enjoy the program. They were
turned out that she was also suffering from some of the          extremely friendly to the medical students and frequently
same little anxieties. The base housing was completely           invited us to their social events.
full, so all the medical students were billeted at hotels a        The city of Dayton also pleasantly surprised me. It is a
few blocks off-base. I had not brought a car with me, so I       medium-sized town (population of about 170,000). It
relied on the kindness of others to get around town.             seems to be an ideal town in which to raise a family. The
  The other student and I set off early on our first day of      medical students were able to visit the huge air museum,
work, hoping we looked like mature, responsible, and             quaint dairy farms, nearby amusement parks and attend
confident officers. Unfortunately, we suffered immediate         the annual air show. For those who crave larger cities and
delays. We had not realized the car needed a new parking         a little more excitement, Columbus and Cincinnati are
pass and were detained by guards at the visitor’s gate.          both about an hour drive away.
When we finally showed up at the clinic about 45 minutes           At the end of my rotation, the Wright-Patterson
late, we felt as if we were going to make a poor first           program had definitely made a positive lasting impression
impression. We must have looked pretty overwhelmed               on me. All my silly initial qualms had been relieved. I
and lost because the staff at the clinic took one look at us     learned that you can be a respectful and respectable
and said “student director’s office… third floor hall, first     officer and still have a lot of fun at the same time!

                         Diamond Rings and Wedding Bells!
                           - Doug Moore (M1) and Laci Rehder (from Logan, Iowa) got married on October 16th,
                           - Ashley Miller (M3) and Aaron Wheeler were married on June 12, 2004 in Greeley, CO.
                           - Erin Kearney (M3) got engaged to Jimmy Telasca on November 25, 2004.
                           - John Tinjum (M2) got engaged to Tally McEvers.
                           - Willa Crosby (M1) got engaged on August 29 to Ben Roope, a 1st Lieutenant with the
                           Air Force. they plan to marry during the summer of 2006.
 16 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                      WINTER 2004
                                                               treatment. For example, psychiatrists get reimbursed at a
Psychiatry: erasing stereotypes,                               higher rate if they do a 15 min medication check than if
changing lives                                                 they do 45 min psychotherapy. That forces them, to
                                                               become more engaged in medications checks at $70 per
Continued from Page 5                                          visit than 45 min psychotherapy that is $115 per visit.
There is a fair amount of humor in the field. Whether it is    They are busier than they have ever been and often have
a patient who thinks he is Jesus or who cannot wear the        to hire office psychotherapists because they don’t have
same outfit every day, the levity that psychiatry affords in   time to do psychotherapy themselves. This way they can
my daily life is greatly appreciated as I see a lot of         pay the rent on their building, pay the front office staff,
patients that have tough lives.                                pay for the office equipment and utilities and have a
  One of the biggest secretes about this profession is that    comfortable lifestyle.
people think of psychiatrist as doctors who talk to only          In the academic medicine, generally, the productivity is
depressed individuals. However, there are so many              not as essential as it is in private practice. The academic
psychiatric sub specialties that are incredibly fascinating    psychiatrist is the person who is able to still do
and very different from each other. Beside the general         psychotherapy and medication management. It does not
adult psychiatry, there is child and adolescent, geriatric,    matter how many patient’s you see because your salary is
forensic as well as substance abuse and addiction              guaranteed. They do a healthy amount of research or
psychiatry. I am a consultation-liaison psychiatrist, which    strong focus on teaching.
means that I deal with patients whose medical illness or       Is it harder for patients to deal with physical or mental
medications induce psychiatric symptoms in a hospital          illness?
setting. Beyond that, there are combined residency                I remember a patient from 5500 that initially kept his
programs in psychiatry and family practice, internal           diabetes under control and then slowly got burned out. He
medicine or neurology and even more fellowships if you         got sick of the daily blood sugars and just quit taking care
are interested in basic science or clinical research.          of himself. Years of hyperglycemia ultimately led to his
How difficult is it to match at a psychiatric residency of     leg being amputated. I was consulted to see him for
your choice?                                                   depression. He told me that experiencing his major
  Fortunately for a 4th year medical student, who wants to     depressive episodes was far more horrific than anything
do psychiatry, getting into a top notch residency is easy to   related to diabetes. He talked about the fog that rolled
do. Psychiatry is one of those less populated specialties      over him and how the ability to make decisions was
because students are reluctant to give up the “hands on”       robbed of him. He talked about feeling like a robot and
part of medicine that they have come to know and enjoy.        how things he used to enjoy in life, a cold glass of
Students can almost put their finger on a map and point        lemonade on a hot summer day, a warm bath on a cold
where they want to do their residency. It is by far one of     winter night, were not enjoyable any longer. He felt how
the best perks about psychiatry.                               someone has stolen who he was out of him in the middle
What is the difference between private and academic            of the night and left this empty shell to carry on. Diabetes
psychiatry?                                                    was a nuisance but it was not nearly as difficult to deal
  With the changes in health care right now, private           with as two months of major depression. So, definitely, if
psychiatrists have been maneuvered into an                     you ask the patients, any mental illness is by far more
uncomfortable position. The insurance companies don’t          difficult to deal with than the physical ailments.
reimburse or compensate psychiatrists on an equal parity       How would you describe the interaction with your
basis for medication management and psychotherapy              colleagues in other medical fields?

                              Happy Holidays from Carl Hoogesteger!
                              What is the one thing you want for Christmas?                     Carl
                              — Pass the anatomy final                                          rocks!
                              Are you on the naughty list or the nice list this year and why?
                              — Friday nights I am on the naughty list. Most other nights I am on the
                              nice list.
                              What is you favorite Christmas CD or song?
                              — I change the channel to whoever is not playing Christmas music.
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                 WINTER 2004       17
  I feel very valued and respected by other physicians. I        I was interviewed for a local paper here in Omaha and
think that other physicians feel burdened when their           they asked me, ‘If you could not have gone into
patients, in addition to their primary illness, have a         psychiatry, what would you have gone into?’ At the end
psychiatric illness. Patients will not take care of their      of my third year, when I was honest with myself, there
physical needs if they have mental and emotional               was nothing else that even came close to psychiatry. I
difficulties. I have found other physicians are incredibly     realized that if I could not go into psychiatry, I would
supportive and nurturing of psychiatry because they know       rather sell makeup at the mall and that my passion was
if their patients are not emotionally at their best, their     really working with students. My students read that in the
medical conditions can disintegrate and worsen.                paper and thought it was hilarious and they made a sign
Are you a psychiatrist at home?                                quoting me. It has been hanging in my office ever since...
  There is a saying, ‘If the solicitors come to your house     Any advice for the students when choosing their
at night, tell them you already gave a donation at your        specialty of choice?
office.’ Sometimes, I feel that I already gave at the office     Listen to your heart. Rhyme and reason will follow.
and I feel that my gas tank is too empty to listen. But it     Clues that you have found the right specialty:
has taken practice to realize that I don’t have to be my       -You wonder how your patients are doing over the
husband’s psychiatrist, that nothing is expected of me,        weekend .
that all he wants is my presence. All I have to do is listen   -You are not excited on Fridays that the week is over.
and I don’t have to say anything back. I think that my         -You look forward to Mondays.
husband would tell you that I am a wonderful listener at       -You are coming in on weekends just to see your patients
home, that I am terrible at returning the phone calls at       without writing any notes.
home, talking to friends on the phone, because when I get      -You hate your attending but still feel as above.
home I am really tired of talking.                             -You love your attending and you feel like you are on
What is the story behind the famous “make up” quote?           cloud nine.

                                Look who’s smiling at you!

              Meghan Sebasky M3                                              Nate Birgenheier M2

          4                                                                                                5

                                                         Bat Boy

                 Matt West M4                                                     Kayla Barnard M1
 18 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                       WINTER 2004

By John Schmitz
                                                  All M2 Eyes on the T-shirts!

           he fall intramural season has certainly felt the        the league. An end of the year showdown between the
           weight of the M2 class. There has been a high           class’s two teams ended appropriately in a tie with three
           level of participation, with the class fielding an      touchdowns apiece, and more importantly, no ill feelings.
           ultimate      Frisbee                                                         All three bowling teams (Rollin’ on
squad and three teams each for                                                         Dubs, The Tight Ends, and Big Erns)
bowling, flag football, and                                                            started the season strong. The teams
volleyball.                                                                            did not drop any games until they
  The disc flingers, cleverly                                                          stopped showing up because they
named Counter Spin,                                                                    realized that they could still drink
competed as a co-rec team                                                              without bowling on Thursday nights,
against other co-rec and all                                                           and that the bowling season goes on,
male teams. Counter Spin                                                               and on, and on. . .
finished the season 1-3 but                                                              Volleyball is still winding down,
earned much respect in the                                                             but to this point has been dominated
league and looks to improve                                                            by the M2 teams. The class’s three
quite a bit next year as they                                                          teams have a combined record of 19-
will return their entire starting                                                      1. In the co-rec playoffs, The
squad.                             The Tight Ends, M2 Ladies’ Flag Football Team, Ultimate Cremasters will clash with A
  The highlight of the flag gather to celebrate their championship status while Spike Lee Joint in a repeat of last
                                      they wait to get their championship T-shirts.
football season on the                                                                 year’s semi-final matchup. On the
women’s side was when they                                                             men’s side, Leaving With Your
captured the title of B- Champions. A small but loyal              Girlfriend will compete against a team they have
following of fans braved harsh weather conditions on               previously beaten in the championship match. Leaving
championship night to watch The Tight Ends shut out                With Your Girlfriend and A Spike Lee Joint are not only
their opponents 19-0 in the new Creighton soccer                   undefeated in match play, but have yet to drop a single
stadium.                                                           game.
  Despite dividing the talent pool on the men’s side, both           As the semester comes to a close, the Class of 2007 is
teams also had their share of success, each finishing the          eagerly anticipating the upcoming basketball season for
regular season 4-1. In the A league, Git er Done fell in the       another chance to expand their wardrobes with those
semi-final round to the eventual league champions. In B+           highly coveted IM championship t-shirts.
action, P=MD was knocked out by the by the #2 team in

                                 M2 classmates wonder...

          -What is the one thing you want for Christmas?
        Doug Forgit in a Santa hat wearing his nurse uniform

      -Are you on the naughty list or the nice list this year ?
              Doug is definitely on the naughty list.
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                     WINTER 2004        19
                                                                  ing a short “e” sound to a short “o” sound. The word

                   by Mike Coffey                                 ends up sounding like “saunt-i-meet-er” or “sont-i-meet-

                                                                  er,” and, frankly, I think it should be the subject of ridi-
                                                                  cule. You’ll never hear them say that their cup of coffee

                                                        t         cost only fifty “sonts” or that water freezes at zero de-
                                                     en           grees “sont-i-grade,” but to a surgeon, everything from

                                               St ace             abdominal hernias to zygomatic arches are measured in
                                           ed pe e
                                         M r                      “sont-i-meet-ers.” My advice to them: Get over your-

                                      er nne g th yS?             selves and learn how we pronounce words in the 21st
                                    tt d i       n da
                                 Bi n         ri i                “Sont-ury.”
                           a n a Fi        du Hol                   Something else that has brought joy to my life this win-
                                                                  ter is my recent success as a billboard model. Myself and
                                                                  three of my classmates participated in a photo shoot a

          easons greetings, o pursuers of wellness! As I
          write this article, I find myself in the Criss Com-     month or two ago for a billboard promoting CUMC. The
          puter Lab at 7:00 on a Friday evening. As recent        four of us stood there with dazed looks on our faces, pre-
          as last year, you couldn’t have paid me to spend        tending that we were being taught about seronegative
time at school on a Friday night. But,                                               spondyloarthropathies by one of
alas, here I am, toiling away on a week-                                             Creighton’s internal medicine physi-
end night in an attempt to bring balance                                             cians as the camera snapped shot after
to this publication.                                                                 sexy shot. I must admit that the end
  Even I, Captain Mike of the USS                                                    result was only half as gratifying as I
Cynicism, find much to be cheerful                                                   had expected. As if it wasn’t bad
about and thankful for this holiday sea-                                             enough that I had to wear makeup for a
son. Why, just today I experienced the                                               brief moment during the shoot, the pic-
tasty treat of being able to sleep in. My                                            ture they used has yours truly standing
alarm clock didn’t rouse me this morn-                                               at the very far left, and the left-hand
ing until 4:55 AM. How is that sleep-                                                border of the photo has cut out the pos-
ing in, you ask? Well, considering that                                              terior half of my body in the coronal
my wake-up call has been coming at                                                   plane. The image that I had envisioned
4:25 AM for the past two weeks, this                                                 as being a bastion of machismo to
morning was luxurious. You see, I’ve                                                 countless attractive women driving
spent the last two weeks of my life as                                               down I-80 has been resected to what
the M3 student on Neurosurgery, or as                                                can now only be identified as a white
other students so fondly refer to it,                                                coat with a forehead. My agent has
“Neuro-scourge-ery,” where the motto                                                 since been fired.
is “10 laps around the ICU equal one                                                   Here is my final list for 2004 of terms
mile.” To be honest, I’m not entirely                                                I’ve picked up in medical school that
sure why the word “surgery” is in-                                                   sound like the name of a rock band:
cluded in the name of this valiant disci-          Scutmonkey and proud of it.       Bulb Suction, Lithogenic Bile, Axial
pline, as I’ve only seen the operating                                               Flap, Ultrasonic Murphy’s, Vascular
room twice while on this service. I guess I can be thank-         Impotence, Medical Maggots, Osteoid Soup, Anastomotic
ful, however, that tomorrow is my last day as the “Neuro-         Leak, Psoas Shadow, Drop Attack, Stroke Chain,
scut-monkey” and that the staff and residents have been           Megacode, Mental Clouding, Anal Verge, Gastric Pull-
pleasant to work with. (To the M1s and M2s that have              up, Hemodynamic Impetus, Venous Leak, Peritoneal Re-
never heard the word “scut:” ask an M3 or M4 what it              flections, Gastric Bubble, and my personal favorite this
means and you’ll receive more than an earful.)                    time, Mesenchymal Riot.
  Another thing that perturbs me about the wonderful                It’s now 9:30 on a Friday night – time to conclude my
world of surgery is the time-honored tradition of using an        ramblings and head a few centimeters up the street to my
alternative pronunciation of the word “centimeter.” Until         favorite watering hole, where I’m known not as a bill-
recently, I was not aware that most self-respecting sur-          board model, but as the medical student who has to leave
geons, in an effort to distinguish themselves from mere           the party early in order to make it to Neurosurgery rounds
“physicians,” pronounce the first “e” in “centimeter” the         on time. Best wishes for a joyous holiday season and a
way that you would pronounce the “a” in “father,” chang-          relaxing break.
 20 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                      WINTER 2004

    Reflections on the First One-Eighth
By Brian Nagao

            maha is a beautiful city      flew into the ceiling of Doug’s                        muscles, except perhaps
            and I am glad that it will    bedroom and never came down.                           my brachioradiales
            be my home for the next       Doug was later advised to get                            For many of my M1
            four years.     And as        prophylactic rabies treatment                          classmates as well as
anyone who knows me would say, I          until the situation was resolved.                      myself, the first OSCE
have not stopped singing the praises        Many M2s, M3s, and M4s say that         was an odyssey in ineptitude.
of our Creighton community.               the first semester of medical school      Nevertheless, it was a valuable
However, the days in Omaha have           is so difficult because of the vast       experience in becoming comfortable
grown cold and short, and like            adjustment. Many M1s go from              with patients and the clinical setting.
anyone from Hawaii, I am not              being gods of undergrad to                I am inspired by the words of C.S.
amused. Perhaps, I am swayed by           worrywarts who tediously fumble at        Lewis, “Experience: that most brutal
the daily hypothermia from the two-       their courses. Success requires that a    of teachers. But you learn, my God
block walk between the parking lot        person plays to his or her strengths.     do you learn.” I believe that people
and school or the prospect of hitting     For example, I am a hands-on              are most receptive to learning when
every structure between 40th and 24th     learner; I learn best when I can          the unfamiliar experience moves
Street when I skid                            touch, hold, and manipulate the       them out of their comfort zone. If
down to school on                             new information.           This is    this is true, I was absolutely
our icy roads. On                             particularly helpful during           scholarly during all of my IPE
the bright side, the                            anatomy tests. On the test of       patient interactions. Though the
bats have migrated                              the upper limb, I frequently        breast exam was not one of my
away from this cold                             used my own arm to solve            favorite topics, the experience
weather and I will                                   problems, and this was         allowed me to learn and retain most
not miss them.                                       readily apparent to anyone     of the important skills. Still, no
During my first                                      sitting next to me. I am not   one’s experience should be
month in the Phi                                      alone in my learning          n e e d l e s s l y
                      The migration from Phi Chi
Chi, there were at                                    approach; Joe, who sits       uncomfortable. To
least fifteen bat                                     next to me, also struck me    avoid     such     a
invasions. For many of the incidents      as a hands-on learner. On the test        distress, I have
I performed pest control, a role that     over the perineum, we abstained           included         some
is not my forte especially when it        from such a strategy, as we did not       statements that one
involves large insects or rodents,        want to become the first med              should not say during a b r e a s t
flying or otherwise. One of my            students in Creighton’s history to fail   exam.
roommates, Arshad, proved quite           an exam because of lewd behavior.           Whoa!
helpful in one particular case. Bats      In retrospect, I do not think that my       I was worried about the skin
have sensitive hearing and Arshad,        hands-on learning approach gave me        depression between your breasts, but
keen to this fact, used high-pitched      an unfair advantage in anatomy. My        rest assured it was only your belly
shrieks to disorient the bat. On          body has a relatively limited             button.
another occasion, we did not know         reference of anatomical features.           Okay we’re finished. You can roll
what became of one of the bats; it        My arms have poorly defined               ‘em back up now.

                        What is you favorite Christmas CD or song?
                         Manhattan Transfer or Manheim Steamroller
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                  WINTER 2004        21

  By George Singletary

        know a lot of Wellness Chronicle articles focus on      of what you eat versus what you do. If you steal cars to go
       exercise and spirituality but I find that after a        eat fast food (instead of walking there), you get morbidly
       cardiology final nothing really hits the spot like       obese. While this looks pretty cool on screen, it makes it
       stealing a car and blowing things up. You may have       really hard to run from the cops. Trust me, I found that
heard about the Grand Theft Auto video game saga over           after I stopped participating in crimes that might require
the years, probably from parents groups. The following          stamina, I immediately put on
message is for those parents groups.                            weight. This occured some
  Warning: If you are opposed to random acts of violence        time since starting medical
in a videogame universe or are under 18 years of                school. I just haven't had the
age...go back to picking posies and stop reading this           opportunity to shoplift as much as
article!                                                        I used to (Robbins was just to
                                                                bulky, even under a baggy sweater).
                                                                But, back to the video game.
                                                                  Another 'upgrade' is your ability to respond to random
                                                                pedestrians. Just walking around the city people will
                                                                comment on your appearance and sex appeal. You can
  I resisted the video game craze for years and only gave       choose to respond positively or negatively. Be careful!
in to purchasing a Playstation 2 after playing Grand Theft      Some female pedestrian was commenting on how good I
Auto III (iow GTAIII) back before medical school. I was         looked and I chose to respond with "Don't you have some
hooked! This game lets you live out                                       kids to be taking care of!" Needless to say, she
your dreams of rampaging through the                                      pulled out an Uzi and quickly 'popped multiple
streets of an interactive city with a                                     caps in my ass' leading to my demise (an
cache of weapons ranging from baseball                                    overhead shot of your bleeding carcass on the
bats and samarai swords to bazookas                                       street overlaid with the word 'Wasted'.
and flamethrowers. OK, so those were                                        After completing enough 'jobs' in Los Santos,
my dreams but I must not be the only                                      you are sent into San Fierro (aka San Francisco)
one.                                                                      featuring the infamous Lombard Street (I
  The most recent installment in the                                      recommend just skipping those
GTA series (San Andreas) was released,                                    annoying switchbacks and
much to my dismay, during the middle                                      flying over the entire street in
of our cardiology unit (October 25th).                                    a s tol en mo to rcy cl e),
Since then it has sold 2 million units                                    ridiculously steep streets (you
grossing over $100 million in sales                                       can finally take them at full
(biz.gamedaily.com)! Fortunately for                                      speed and watch the sparks
my future in cardiology, I held off on                                    fly out from underneath your
purchasing it until after the final. Unfortunately for my       car, and you don't care cuz it's stolen
future as a nephrologist, I am now addicted.                    anyway), and an amazingly realistic
  GTA San Andreas has expanded the gameplay                     Golden Gate bridge (so realistic that
enormously. There are now three major cities to explore,        jumping off of it after miserably
each with their own personality. You begin the game in          failing a renal quiz actually brings some
Los Santos (a poorly disguised Los Angeles) where you           sickening inner peace). Don't forget to stop            by
are responsible for earning enough 'respect' to lead your       Jizzy's Pleasure Dome. Tell him George sent you; you
own gang to dominance through the successful                    will be kicked out immediately.
completion of retaliatory drive-by’s and 'tagging' over           My next destination is going to be Las Ventura (aka Las
rival gangs territories. While you are at it stop in and pick   Vegas). Unfortunately I am not really sure what to expect
up a bucket of fried chicken, or a salad meal if you are        here because I haven't gotten that far in the game.
watching your weight.                                           I know, it may seem kind of sick to run around sinking
  One of the 'upgrades' in this installment is the tracking                               See Video Game Review: Page 23
 22 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                               WINTER 2004

                  BRENT HOLMQUIST?

                      What is the one thing you want for Christmas?
                            -An MP3 player
                       What is your favorite quote from the movie ELF?
                            -“We elves try to stick to the four main food
                            groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and
                            maple syrup.”
                     What is you favorite Christmas CD or song?
                           -Trans-Siberian Orchestra

                                       SMG lead simply cuz they stepped        about my lack of sensitivity, follow
GTA III: Stealing cars                 on your puma but hey, it's a video      the sounds of screaming bystanders
                                       game! It's not like we haven't all      and echoing gunshots. We are
and causing mayhem                     wanted to do it before. And if you      usually trying to scare the bejeezus
in your spare time                     haven't, then don't! I, for instance,   out of Dr. Kavan and staff in the
                                       have found that I really don't like     Office of Student Affairs. Sorry Dr.
Continued from Page 22                 people so I MAKE SURE TO                K, you should have anticipated that
chain saws into people, chopping off   AVOID THEM!                             before putting the giant HDTV so
their heads, or filling them full of     If you need to find me to complain    close to your office!

                   GUYS LOOK ALIKE”
                          What is the one thing you want for Christmas?
                                -For people to stop calling me Jetson
                         What is you favorite Christmas CD or song?
                          -Britney Spears – All I want for Christmas                          Jetson, not Patrick

       This is Patrick   Who is the one person you hope to meet
                              under the mistletoe this season?
                          -If I want to live, I would say my girlfriend.
WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                      WINTER 2004        23

By Justin Birge
JB: What was the biggest change going from fourth year            time in the emergency room. The acute care situations
to residency?                                                     are very appealing to me, much more so than clinic, and
                      NK: There are a lot of little things, but   there is less paperwork!
                      the biggest one has to be the increase      JB: What advice would you give students who are on
                      in level of responsibility. As a student,   rotations?
                      you don’t realize all of the details you    NK: Students should try to learn as much as they can on
                      have to think about when taking care        any given rotation, even if that rotation is not something
                      of a pediatric patient. Even though         they are particularly interested in. Surely, not everyone
                      there are supervising residents and         will enjoy pediatrics as much as I do, but you should at
                      attendings, there isn’t always someone      least humor the residents and put forth your best effort.
                      standing over your shoulder watching        From my perspective, it is a major drawback to have
  Lack of sleep, but everything you do; you are much              students who appear completely bored out of their minds.
still a smiling intern! more independent and have to learn        On any rotation, if students show just a little bit of
                        to think on your own very quickly.        initiative, it really goes a long way.
                        JB: Do you feel like you have             JB: What caused you to choose the Creighton/UNMC
enough free time to actually enjoy it?                            program?
NK: Surprisingly, there has been plenty of free time. A           NK: I specifically liked the idea of working at three
nice balance exists between inpatient and outpatient              different hospitals. I wanted to get the exposure of
rotations in pediatrics, so the time you spend at Children’s      working in a freestanding hospital like Children’s but also
during a busy month balances out when you do a clinic             in the university atmosphere, which includes more
month. Plus, the 80-hour workweek limits the amount of            research and emphasis on academics. That and the
time we can be at the hospital, and staff are very                weather/road construction.
supportive about getting us out of the hospital when we           JB: What is the toughest thing residency so far?
are post-call. There are those months where you work and          NK: The hardest thing about pediatrics is seeing kids with
sleep, but generally I have time to work out and even             illness or debility that could have been prevented if they
relax a bit. You do have to manage the free time, but there       would have been provided with proper preventive health
is still opportunity to pursue hobbies like reading and           care and immunizations. It is also very difficult to deal
watching movies. I am partial to The Royal Tenebaums              with cases of injury that involve negligence or
and Emergency Imaging of the Acutely Ill or Injured               irresponsible child care.
Child or Widow for One Year. I love Richie.                       JB: What is the best thing about pediatrics?
JB: Did medical school adequately prepare you for                 NK: I am essentially required to say “poo-poo” and “pee-
residency?                                                        pee” on a daily basis.
I am not sure that anything can prepare you for some of           JB: What is the best piece of advice you can give to
the things that happen in the NICU, but overall I feel that       students preparing for residency?
medical school did a great job of preparing me for the            NK: Take responsibility for your patients and show
challenges of residency.                                          initiative now. Know what medications they are on, what
JB: Was it all (medical school) worthwhile?                       their labs are and their vital signs. Be thorough with your
NK: Yes, I wouldn’t trade it for any other job and I can’t        physical exams. Never having done a history & physical
imagine myself doing anything else…except for being a             or rectal exam on your own isn’t a good reason not to do
sex ed teacher. That has always been my secret back-up            it. Jump in while you are still expected to make mistakes.
profession in case pediatrics doesn’t pan out.                                     Don’t aim only for perfection, just do your
JB: What are you looking forward to most about                                        job with enthusiasm and a touch of
residency?                                                                            competence. You’ll still be learning long
NK: Being done with the intern year. As a second and                                  after graduation.
third year resident you begin to take care of PICU                                    JB: Favorite hospital food?
patients, which I am really looking forward to, and spend                          NK: Blueberry pancakes at Children’s.
24 WELLNESS CHRONICLE                                                                                            WINTER 2004

                 Winter Events Calendar
  By Kyle Ulveling Hope all is well at the end of another semester. There’s a whole lot going on in the
  metro the next couple of months. We got the return of 2 great B-Ball teams, 2 hockey teams, stage pro-
  ductions, concerts, stand-up and Extreme Motorcycle Ice Racing! Oh, before I forget, yes Dr. Jeffries, Sesame Street will be
  here for 3 days! Good luck with exams, and have a great Christmas!
  Dec 7 …………………..………………………………………………...CU MBB vs Kent State @ QCO
  Dec 9 …………………..………………………………………………...UNO Hockey vs Lake Superior State @ QCO
  Dec 10 …………………..………………………………………………...CU WBB vs Iowa @ the Civic
                                                                           Omaha Symphony @ the Orpheum
  Dec 11 …………………..………………………………………………...UNO Hockey vs Lake Superior State @ QCO
                                                                           Omaha Lancer Hockey vs Green Bay @ MAC
                                                                           Omaha Symphony @ the Orpheum
  Dec 16 …………………..………………………………………………...OLH vs Indiana @ MAC
  Dec 17 …………………..………………………………………………...OLH vs Tri-Cities @ MAC
                                                                   Omaha Symphony @ the Orpheum (runs through Dec 19)
  Dec 18 …………………..………………………………………………...CU MBB vs Wyoming @ QCO
                                                                           CU WBB vs Nebraska @ the Civic
  Dec 21 …………………..………………………………………………...CU WBB vs Kansas @ the Civic
  Dec 24 …………………..………………………………………………...Christmas Eve Mass @ St. John’s (5pm, 11pm)
  Dec 25 …………………..………………………………………………...Christmas Mass @ St. John’s (8am, 10:30am)
  Dec 26 …………………..………………………………………………...Mannheim Steamroller Concert @ QCO
  Dec 28 …………………..………………………………………………...CU MBB vs Bradley @ QCO
  Dec 30 …………………..………………………………………………...Extreme Intl Motorcycle Ice Racing @ MAC
  Jan 1    …………………..………………………………………………...OLH vs Tri-Cities @ MAC
  Jan 2    …………………..………………………………………………...Harlem Globetrotters B-Ball @ QCO
  Jan 4    …………………..………………………………………………...Sesame Street Live @ QCO (runs through Jan 6)
  Jan 6    …………………..………………………………………………...CU WBB vs Indiana State @ the Civic
  Jan 7    …………………..………………………………………………...UNO Hockey vs Northern Michigan @ QCO
                                                                   The Full Monty Play @ the Orpheum (runs through Jan 9)
  Jan 8    …………………..………………………………………………...UNO Hockey vs Northern Michigan @ QCO
                                                                           CU WBB vs Illinois State @ the Civic
                                                                           Omaha Symphony @ the Orpheum
  Jan 9    …………………..………………………………………………...CU MBB vs Southern Illinois @ QCO
  Jan 11 …………………..………………………………………………...OLH vs Sioux City @ MAC
  Jan 14 …………………..………………………………………………...Monster Jam Monster Truck Racing @ QCO
                                                                           Omaha Symphony @ the Orpheum
  Jan 15 …………………..………………………………………………...Monster Jam Monster Truck Racing @ QCO
                                                                           CU WBB vs Drake @ the Civic
                                                                           Omaha Symphony @ the Orpheum
  Jan 19 …………………..………………………………………………...CU MBB vs Drake @ QCO
  Jan 20 …………………..………………………………………………...Auto Show 2005 @ QCO (runs through Jan 23)
  Jan 21 …………………..………………………………………………...Toby Keith Concert @ QCO
  Jan 22 …………………..………………………………………………...CU MBB vs Illinois State @ QCO
                                                                           OLH vs Des Moines @ MAC
                                                                           Omaha Symphony @ the Orpheum
  Jan 25 …………………..…………………………………The Producers Musical @ the Orpheum (runs through Jan 30)
  Jan 27 …………………..………………………………………………...CU WBB vs UNI @ the Civic
  Jan 28 …………………..………………………………………………...OLH vs Tri-Cities @ MAC
  Jan 29 …………………..………………………………………………...Larry the Cable Guy Stand-Up @ MAC
  Jan 30 …………………..………………………………………………...CU WBB vs Bradley @ the Civic
                                                                           Omaha Symphony @ the Orpheum

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