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P O Box Marblehead MA Three Year Lease Purchase Agreement by salazarcannon


									P.O. Box 870 Marblehead, MA 01945 ~ (978) 741-8141

Three Year Lease Purchase Agreement Name:____________________________ Amount: $__________

Address:__________________________ Sales Tax: $__________ City:_____________________________ Total: $___________

State:________________ Zip:__________ Mooring #:______________ Phones: (Home)___________________ (Office)___________________
I agree to make three yearly payments of $__________, first payment is due upon acceptance, & March 1st thereafter through March 1st 20_____. (A minimum of 5 business days is required after our receiving 1st payment to mooring equipment being set. All permit fees to the city/town must be paid. Failure to make timely payments will result in the removal of Mid-Harbor Marine, Inc. mooring equipment.) Service is included through the spring of 20_____, at that time the mooring top chain will be replaced as required by the Harbormaster’s Office. Fall service beginning 20_____ is at the owner’s expense. Replacement of mooring pennants, during this agreement, is at the owner’s expense. Under normal conditions with large smooth chocks & good chafe gear pennants will last many years. Mid-Harbor Marine, Inc. makes no warranty, its agents, officers, or employees make no warranty express or implied in respect to any of the services it provides except those which are provided by law. The renter of the above mentioned mooring understands the risk associated with mooring his/her boat in _____________ waters. The renter agrees to notify Mid-Harbor Marine, Inc. of all problems immediately upon discovery. I realize I am responsible for the full 3 year term of this agreement. I have read & understand this agreement; my payment is enclosed.

Signature:________________________________ Date:________________

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