Elite Cultures by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Elite Cultures
ASA Monographs

Editor: Stephen Nugent
Editor: Cris Shore
Table of Contents

List of Contributors. List of plates. 1. Introduction: Towards an Anthropology of Elites Cris Shore Part I
Elites, Politics and Peripheries 2. World Society as an Old Regime 3. The Powers Behind the Masks:
Mexico's Political Class and Social Elites at the End of the Millennium John Gledhill 4. Gente Boa: Elites
in and of Amazonia Stephen Nugent 5. Elites on the Margins: Mestizo Traders in the Southern Peruvian
Andes Penny Harvey 6. The Vanishing Elite: Political and Cultural Work of Nationalist Revolution in Sri
Lanka Jonathan Spencer 7. The Changing Nature of Elites in Indonesia today C.W.Watson Part II Elites,
Hegemony and Tradition 8. Settlers and their Elites in Indonesia Today C.W.Watson 9. Questions of
Cultural Rights: Cultural Heritage and Nation in Mali and Cameroon Michael Rowlands 10. The
Construction of Elite Status in the Southern Highlands of Madagascar Sandra Evers 11. Revising the
Past: the Heritage Elite and Native Peoples in North America Laura Peers 12. Revolution and Royal
Style: Problems of Post-socialist Legitimacy in Laos Grant Evans Part III Elites, Professionals and
Networks 13. How Far Can You Go? English Catholic Elites and the Erosion of Ethnic Boundaries John
Eades 14. Pre-symptomatic Networks: Tracking Experts Across Medical Science and the New Genetics
Monica Konrad 15. Epilogue Ronald Frankenberg

Drawing on a diverse, comparative ethnographic literature, this new volume examines the intimate spaces
and cultural practices of those elites who occupy positions of power and authority across a variety of
different settings.Using ethnographic case studies from a wide range of geographical areas, including
Mexico, Peru, Amazonia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Europe, North America and Africa, the contributors
explore the inner worlds of meaning and practice that define and sustain elite identities. They also provide
insights into the cultural mechanisms that maintain elite status, and into the complex ways that elite
groups relate to, and are embedded within, wider social and historical processes.

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