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					One Whanau Summer Camp
  Auckland 2009 – 2010

      Precamp 3
Precamp 3 is ready (yay!!!) and is full of information for you all!
It contains many reminders, some new information and hopefully will continue to make you all excited about the
fantastic adventure that you are about to embark on!
We are planning on making this Summer Camp the best that we can for all involved!
We are really excited that we will be meeting you all in about 2 months!!!

As always, feel free to contact us if you are have questions or need further clarification about anything in this precamp
(or about the Summer Camp in general)!
As always write to us at
Yours in CISV,
One Whanau Summer Camp agents 

                                         “One Whanau, Many Differences”
                          (remembering that the word Whanau is the Maori word for Family)

In New Zealand the Maori word WHANAU means more than just family. It includes all the people that surround us
and have helped us to be who we are today.

Having a theme means that everyone can start preparing for camp now! You can do this by planning activities and
energizers that are somehow related to our theme “One Whanau, Many Differences”.

This theme is open for your own interpretation. It doesn’t have to mean exactly the same thing for everyone! There are
no right or wrong answers. You can choose to discuss a situation that affects you, or your country, or the world. We can
look at this theme in so many different ways to generate ideas towards our activities. Activities can be about difficult,
bad or troubling issues in the world; or they can focus on good, amazing, awesome things that are happening on planet
earth, even the crazy, weird bizarre things! “One Whanau, many differences” can be related to any issue you feel needs
to be covered.

Below we have given you some of our brainstorming ideas about our theme. It would be cool if you and your delegation
could brainstorm and discuss your own ideas about these questions that we have given you, so when you arrive at camp
you will be able to share these with everyone and you will also be able to use your ideas when it comes to planning
activities. You could also give planning an activity that relates to this theme a go, and bring it to camp to share!

1. What does Whanau (family) mean to you?
    - Your blood relations?
    - Step relations?
    - Past or present friends?
    - Neighbours?
    - Colleagues?
    - Pets?
    - Teachers / Leaders?
Does it mean more than this to you?

2. What about ONE Whanau (family)? What does this mean to you?
    - Being / working together?
    - Supporting one another?
    - Understanding each other?
    - Unity?
What else?

3. Many differences make up the people in our world… What do you think?
    - religion
    - race
    - beliefs
    - rich / poor
    - stubborn / willing
    - good / bad habits
Are there any more differences that you can think of?

                            “Open your arms to difference, but don’t let go of your values”
                                    - Auckland CISV Summer Camp Staff Agents

At camp we will need to understand the differences of our whanau (family) to be able to work together as one, but at
the same time hold onto our own values that are important to us.

Are you willing to change and not stay stuck with your same own ways?
By changing our own lives first, we are then able to make changes in the world. If we are able to make positive changes
in the world, we will make the world more peaceful place for ourselves and our whanau. It all starts with an idea and a
person/group of people who are determined, and have the courage to put the idea into action.

We hope that you will work on these ideas at home with your delegation, so that you will arrive fully prepared with
heaps of great activities and ideas to share with everyone else.

Where to now?
Step 1: Brainstorm your personal IDEAS and create your own QUESTIONS of what the word ‘Whanau’ means to you and
your delegation. Bring your ideas to camp to help share with our activities and discussions as this will help us to achieve
the goals of our Summer Camp.
Step 2: Discuss the questions related to the theme and your cultures that we have stated in this pre camp. Then work
as a group to think of games, activities and workshops that relate to this theme and bring to summer camp and share
with everyone else.

To be able do all this, and to make this theme work for us we need your help. Remember that this is YOUR Summer
Camp and we need everyone to think of activities that will support the theme.

How can we incorporate our theme “One Whanau, Many Differences” and our own culture?

       Create a new fun activity or use an old one and change it to demonstrate something about your own culture
        and our theme.
       You may want to bring certain things that may relate in some way to our theme. These may include:
        newspaper or magazine articles or anything from your country that shows a “wider idea” of family.
       Bring materials brought from home (posters, instruments, newspapers, pictures, and silly objects). If you need
        equipment when you get to New Zealand just let us know beforehand and we will do our best to help you.
       A final discussion or presentation is a great way to express your thoughts, opinions and ideas about our theme
        as it relates to your own country/culture.
       If you’d like to share with us your country’s food specialties, please let us know beforehand. Please check with
        us what is available here, so you won’t have to bring all the ingredients with you. We will do our best to
        purchase them for you, but we might have to charge you, depending on the cost.

Goals of a Summer Camp

Below are the goals and content areas for CISV that are related to our summer camp programme. Read through this
with your delegation to understand how CISV works and what we want to achieve as CISVers in the big wide world.

CISV’s purpose is to prepare individuals to become active and contributing members of a peaceful society. CISV
endeavours to stimulate the life-long development of amicable relationships, effective communication skills,
cooperative abilities, and appropriate leadership towards a fair and just world.
CISV volunteer programmes and activities are planned to promote personal, cultural, intercultural, and international
learning. This enables individuals to develop awareness of and positive attitudes towards others, and the skills and
knowledge to live, play and work with them, irrespective of cultural background. Through participation, individuals
come to better understand themselves and their own culture as well as others and their cultures.

The four main content areas of Peace Education in CISV Programmes are:
Explores the identity of the individual and then asks us to consider ourselves within our own and the wider community.
Human Rights
Considers how human rights affect every aspect of our lives and how violations can lie at the root of problems such as
poverty, violence and lawlessness.
Conflict and Resolution
Helps us to understand how conflicts can arise deliberately or other wise and what can be done to help bring a peaceful
Sustainable Development
Looks for integrated ways to promote economic and social well being, while protecting the environment through the
responsible use of natural resources.

The goals of the International Summer Camp Programme are:
 • Developing Intercultural awareness - To aid in the understanding and appreciation of other cultures, including their
own, through being part of an international camp.
• Developing Leadership Skills - To provide an opportunity for youth to develop leadership skills through participating
actively, creatively, and responsibly in decision making and programme planning.
• Developing Self-awareness - To provide an opportunity for youth to help build self-confidence and to stimulate critical
• Developing Co-operative skills - To provide an opportunity for youth to live in a peaceful society where they can learn
the values of consideration for others and the benefit of co-operation with fellow campers.

                     Now for a whole list of Reminders!!!
Camp dates
Our Camp will run from the 29th December 2009 until the 18th January 2010.
Leaders are required to be at camp on the 27th December 2009.

Open Day
Our Open Day will be held on Sunday the 10th January 2010.
If you have family or friends in New Zealand, they are more than welcome to attend the Open Day.
You will be setting up displays of your country on the Open Day. You may wish to bring along some posters or items
from your country to display.

Cultural Activities/ equipment needed
A reminder to start (if you haven’t already started) thinking about the cultural activity that your delegation are going to
share with the rest of the camp. Your activity needs to be related to the theme. You can do this activity at any time of
day (and it can take more than one activity session if you like).
Please make sure that you inform us, with plenty of time, if you need any specialist equipment. We will try our best to
get it for you and will have better luck if you tell us sooner rather than later – everything starts to close in NZ for
Christmas and our summer holidays (and we get busy as we are teachers who need to finish the school year!)

Dietary requirements
PLEASE let us know ASAP as to any dietary requirements that you may have (not food you don’t like, but food/s that you
are allergic to or cannot eat!)
These can be things such as vegetarian, have an allergy (e.g. peanuts), are lactose or gluten intolerant or cannot eat
something for a religious reason, etc. We will do our very best to ensure that your requirements are met, but require
your help if we are to prepare for this before camp (like letting our kitchen staff know!)

Letters from home
It is always nice to receive letters from home during a Summer Camp.
Families should make sure to write early as New Zealand is very far away from most of your countries and we want to
make sure that delegates receive letters/ postcards before they go home.
CISV Auckland Postal Address (for letters and postcards)
                                               Delegate’s Name and Country
                                                One Whanau Summer Camp
                                                     C/o CISV Auckland
                                                       PO Box 20575
                                                         Glen Eden
                                                        New Zealand

Back packs for Homestays
All delegates will stay with a host family upon arrival in Auckland. It is a good idea to have enough clothes and toiletries
in an overnight bag that you will be taking to your homestay, so that the rest of your luggage can go directly to the camp
site. It is not much fun sorting this out at the airport once you have landed after a long flight, so we suggest that you
have this overnight bag packed before you leave your country.
Please note that you will not be able to carry any toiletries onto the aeroplane (airport regulations), so make sure that
your toilet bag is close to the top of your suitcase. This means that you will be able to pull it out quickly.

Communication via the internet
Delegates will not have access to the internet, but parents may email their children via . Emails will then be printed out for delegates.
Parents: Please write your child’s name and country in the subject line of the email.
There is going to be internet access for the leaders to email home to delegates families about their progress and exciting
opportunities they are going to be part of. Leaders – you will also be able to check your personal emails, although this is
going to be very limited due to amount of computers on site. The camp email address will be checked regularly by the
staff so we can answer questions from leaders before camp, and enquires from NA’s or Chapter representatives during

Parents, please do not expect to receive more than two or three update e-mails. The internet and computer access at
the site will be very limited and besides which, leaders will be busy interacting with the delegates, making sure that
everyone is having fun and that everything is running smoothly!!

There is a pool at the camp site which we will be able to use.
Remember, No Permission to Swim– No Swimming!
See the forms section for more information about the swimming form

We would like to point out again to remember to bring sun block / sun screen as we wouldn’t like you to end up
sunburnt. (SPF 30 is the most protective to buy) The sun is very different down here as we are under the Ozone Hole.
This makes the sun particularly strong and it is very easy to get sunburnt, and it happens very quickly! It may be a wise
idea to buy this during your first homestay weekend on arrival in New Zealand so that it is NZ strength.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please send us your Delegation Information Form and Travel Information Form as soon as possible
(ASAP) if you have not already done this!!! THEY ARE NOW OVERDUE!!!

Please check the information on forms that you need to email before camp and the forms that you need to bring with
you to camp!
Remember to photocopy each form 3 times, bringing the copies and originals to camp! You should store some forms in
a separate place in your luggage during the flights (just in case) and leave copies of the forms with your parents and
Parents: Please read the forms very carefully and make sure that you fill out all appropriate questions and tick all of the
appropriate boxes.

  What?                                 When?                       Who?                        Give to whom?

  Friends Registration                  As soon as possible         Everybody         
                                        November 1st)
  Village Delegation Form (VDIF)        November 1st (as soon       Delegations                 Email to camp staff
                                        as possible!!!)
  Delegation Information Form           November 1st                Delegation                  Email to camp Staff
  Travel Information Form               November 1st                Delegation Leader           Email to camp Staff
  Health Form (HF2000)                  Filled before camp &        Participants Doctor/        Camp Director or Staff
                                        brought to camp             Leader takes to camp
  Adult Legal Information Form          Filled before camp &        Adult Leader                Camp Director or Staff
  (ALIF)                                brought to camp
  Youth Legal Information Form          Filled before camp &        Participants Legal          Camp Director or Staff
  (YLIF)                                brought to camp             Guardian / Leader takes
                                                                    to camp

                            NEW REQUEST FROM STAFF
                      Thanks to all of those delegations who have filled out the
                      Delegation Information form that the staff created. We have
                      loved reading your responses!
                      However, we have realised that this form does miss some of
                      the vital information (such as addresses) that you fill out in
                      the VDIF form.
                      We would like you to fill out both forms!! – the VDIF form
                      and the Delegation Information Form that your Summer
                      Camp Staff created.
                      These forms have been sent out with this precamp.
                      We do know that it is slightly more work, but it gives us much
                      more information about your delegations.
                      We would appreciate this very much 

Note: in Precamp 2 we mentioned a Swimming permission form. We have since realised that this is part of the Youth
Legal Information Form (YLIF). We have not, therefore, sent you through an extra form.
Please make sure that you fill out this part of the form or you will NOT be able to swim at any time during the Summer
Camp or homestays.

Leaders: could you please check ALL of the forms carefully before you bring them to camp. This will ensure that all
correct information is filled out. It saves hours of faxing and communication if we discover missing information from the
forms once you arrive at camp!

Visa requirements
Please make sure that you check whether or not you will need a visa to come to New Zealand. You may need to contact
the nearest New Zealand embassy to find this out (it may not be in your country...). We would hate for your not to be
allowed into NZ because you forgot to find out!
If you need anything from us (like a letter or official invitation), let us know and we will arrange this ASAP!

According to CISV Rules everybody MUST have medical insurance; this should not cover less than that of the official CISV
Insurance Coverage (from AON).
It is mandatory that all CISV delegates, leaders have adequate medical and travel insurance for the duration of the time
they are attending a CISV programme. The insurance should cover any doctor’s or hospital bills and provide emergency
return home, if necessary, as a result of severe illness or injury.

Just a reminder that we have set up a facebook group so that leaders can get to know each other, ask the staff questions
and begin planning for camp. There is a lot of exciting and interesting information on this page already, so you should
check it out! If you have not been invited, just send an email to the staff and we will sort this out straight away. This
group is strictly for Leaders and Staff; if participants wish to create their own groups they can organise this for

You will not need to bring a lot of money with you to camp and we would prefer if you stick to the assigned amount.
This will mean that everyone will have the same amount of money. We have set this at $NZ 350.
Please bring money in €Euro/ $US or $NZ. There are some currencies that are very difficult to change in New Zealand.
You should try to exchange your money at the airport on arrival in New Zealand.
It will be difficult to change money before you come to camp if you do not change it at the airport as banks are not open
until the 29th Dec due to public holidays.
You do not need to change all of your money as we will have access to banks during the camp.

Things to bring
1. Clothes- you will need to bring at least 10 days worth of clothing.
2. Sleeping clothes- Please bring clothes that you can sleep in.
3. Footwear- please bring 1 pair of running shoes and a pair of jandals (flip flops).
4. Socks and underwear
5. Semi-Formal Clothes. At least one set; just in case we decide to dress decently for a change.
6. 2 sweaters/jackets it can be cool and rainy in summer in New Zealand.
7. Swimwear- please bring togs for water games and pool fun.
8. Towels- please bring 2 towels (i.e. 1 beach towel and one bath towel.
9. Personal Toiletries: soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, insect repellent, sun block,
    hairbrush, etc
10. Personal Medicines: and Medications, including prescriptions (bring enough for the whole camp)
11. Costume and Other Stuff Needed for your Cultural Presentation (National Costume is optional!) Including 1 national
    flag per delegation
12. Small Gifts: Trading / Swapping Stuff, giveaways. For example Things to trade or to display at open day, or swap with
    friends on camp. Something small for your host families might be nice as well.
13. Hat, sunglasses, sun cream (SPF 30+) and insect repellent.
14. Prescription Glasses and spare contact lenses if you need them
15. Backpack- useful for travelling and daytrips
16. Camera.
17. Power Adapters and chargers for all of you electronic stuff. The power outlets here are 3 flat pointed 240-volt
    outlets. Your local travel shop should be able to advise you on connectors.
18. Laundry Bag
19. Posters of your country (as a delegation
20. CISV T-shirts For airport arrival and swapping if you wish.
21. Some “Crazy clothes”: for activities and dress ups (e.g.: silly hat or brightly coloured shirt). If we all have some crazy
    clothes we will have more fun!
22. CISV spirit!!!!!

                        Contact numbers and addresses
Contacts prior and during camp:
Adele Griffin
17 Temuka Gardens
Blockhouse Bay
Auckland 0600
New Zealand
Home / Mobile - 0064 21 101 4476
Fax – 0064 9 6264880 (ATTN Adele Griffin, Auckland CISV)
Email –

Rebecca Berry Eden
26 Tuhimata Street (please note a change from pre camp 1)
St Heliers
Auckland 1071
New Zealand
Home Phone - 0064 9 5852006
Mobile – 0064 21 1152028
Fax–0064 9 8184966 (ATTN: Auckland CISV) (please note a change from pre camp 1)

Email –

                         Who’s Coming? (The answers)

                               And some new information!
Musical instruments/ songs
We have been asked about musical instruments. There will be lullabies each night at camp. None of the staff are
particularly good at playing a musical instrument (although some of us consider ourselves pretty good singers!) and we
would LOVE for some other musically talented people to be involved with playing/ leading lullabies! If you play an
instrument like the guitar, please let us know! – doesn’t matter if you are a youth delegate or a leader! We might even
be able to get some kind of band going!!

We are currently looking into the possibly of having a website for our camp. We will let you know about this as soon as
we have more information.
The website will have precamps and forms on it. We would also try to update it daily with photos and information about
what we have been doing. This will be password protected, so parents will have to get the user name and password
specifically. We will be emailing leaders with this password once we have organised the website. Please pass this onto
your delegate’s families.

Leaders Nights Out
During the course of the summer camp there will be two Leaders nights out. These nights will give the leaders a chance
to leave the camp site for the night and relax a little. Leaders will need to pay for their own dinner and drinks on these
evenings – we will discuss where we are going and how much it will cost when you get to camp.
Parents; don’t worry! Your children will be in good hands. We have arranged for members of our CISV chapter
committee and Junior Branch to come to camp and entertain the campers!

                  What can your delegation get on with?
Activities/ topics for camp
As your delegation thinks about different activities and discussions to be had around the theme, remember to bring your
brainstorm/ list of possible ideas with you to camp. Your ideas may spark an idea for someone else and you may be able
to use them in your activity planning.

Just a reminder for both delegates and leaders to bring an A4 sheet of paper which is a collage about themselves
(laminated if possible). Make it a big mixture of pictures and photos of your family, friends and things that you like to do.
Be colourful and creative! This could a fun activity you could do with your delegation  . These will be our placemats for
the whole of camp! And will let us get to know more about the others who will share our Summer Camp.

Family Tree
Since we are focussing on our Whanau (our family) and what this means to us, the staff thought it would be cool to hear
about your families and where they come from!
So……… each person in your delegation should ask their own families where their family originated from. You may have
to go back a few generations to find this information out. If it is possible for you to do this we would love to hear where
your family comes from – you never know we could have all orientated from a similar area! It would be cool to find out!
If you could collect this information from your family and bring it with you to camp, that would be awesome as the staff
has an exciting idea to do using your family trees 

Open day display for tables – something to showcase your country!

And of course your cultural activity! See above for more information.

  Would you like to know some information about your
                                   staff??? Read below!!!

I’m Rebecca Berry Eden and I am really excited to be one of your staff. I have been involved
in CISV since I was 11 and have attended Village (Chile), was a JC (Christchurch), Seminar
Camp (Brazil) and was a staff member at our last village here in Auckland.
I am 24 (25 soon after camp!) and am a secondary school teacher, teaching German and
Social Studies (a mix of history, geography and economics).
I am happily married to Michael and we have a cat!
I love the sun, summer, ice cream, travelling and meeting new and old friends!

                             Hey Everybody,
                             My name is Rowan and I will be your junior staff on One Whanau Summer Camp. I am 19
                             years old and live in West Auckland with my family. I currently study Science at the
                             University of Auckland which is alright except I have no idea what kind of job I want to get
                             afterward. I have done many things CISV before including being a delegate, a JC, seminar
                             and attended to two regional conferences. Also I am currently the junior NJR (National
                             Junior Representative).
                             I like to do other things that aren't CISV as well. I love to play sports (basically anything but
                             my favourite is water polo), travel (when I can afford it) and hang out with friends.
                             I am looking forward to meeting you all in a few months. I am sure we will have a great
                             summer camp together.

Kia Ora! My name is Adele and I am really looking forward to our wonderful experience
and friendships we are going to have at One Whanau summer Camp.
I have been staff for Koru Village here in Auckland, New Zealand as well as a leader at 2
CISV summer villages in Guatemala and Thailand and I have also been Kitchen Staff for a
village in Christchurch, New Zealand. I have also been a leader at a summer camp in the
Philippines recently. I enjoyed these 4 villages and summer camp and have made some
very good friendships along the way!
My current job is a Primary School Teacher and I specialise in teaching Dance and Drama. I
teach children between the ages of 10 - 13. My hobbies are travelling to other countries
and around my own, sports (especially running at the moment) creating art, socialising,
dancing and making new friends.
I am looking forward to showing everyone our lovely country, meeting everyone and
having an amazing time at One Whanau Summer Camp!

                               My name is Bronwyn Presland. I am 21 years old and live in Waitakere City. I live with my
                               parents, younger brother and sister.
                               I have been involved in CISV for 10 years. So far I have attended a village in Auckland, I was
                               a JC in Germany, I went to seminar camp in Perth and have been to three JASPARCs and
                               am looking forward to next year’s JASPARC in Vietnam. I am one of the Asia Pacific
                               Regional Junior Branch reps.
                               In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends and drinking A LOT of coffee.
                               I am studying at Auckland University hoping to end up with an arts degree in politics and a
                               science degree in Environmental Science and Geography. I am also thinking about doing a
                               teaching degree at the end.
                               I am absolutely excited about being a staff member at the One Whanau Summer Camp
                               and look forward to meeting you all soon.

Eric here! There is no way to tell you all that I am! All that makes me the way I
am now heheheh! But there is a lot to do with CISV! Just wait and well meet!

Eric is our international staff from Brazil! You will have to wait to camp to get to
know Eric better!!!


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