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					                       The Shepherd
   Published by the Couples for Christ, and its Family and Social Ministries, Vancouver, B.C.
   April-June 2006 Vol. VIII Number 2

         Highlights of the 8th CFC Western Canada Regional Conference

                                                                                                     Monroy, Daniel & Rita Tsen, and Kris Nery)
                                                                                                •	   Vancouver received the “Most Evangelistic Award”
                                                                                                •	   Victoria was given the “Most Determined Award”
                                                                                                •	   Awards were also given to other areas as follows:
                                                                                                     Most Creative - Calgary; Most Committed (100%+
                                                                                                     attendance) - Lethbridge; Most Persevering –
                                                                                                     Saskatoon; Most United Group - Fort McMurray, and
                                                                                                     Most Inspiring - Edmonton

                                                                                        CFC Edmonton started its first CLP in the Summer of 1995
                                                                                        with the support of Vancouver and some members from the
Once again, our Lord showed His Power and Majesty to His                                Philippines who migrated to Edmonton. From the first 3 couples
people through a spirit-filled conference in Edmonton on May                            who graduated from that CLP, the membership has grown to
25-28. Praise God for His Extravagant Love, His Faithfulness and                        form 2 chapters (132 couples as of December 31, 2005) with a
His Blessings! The theme for 2006 from Tobit 13:6:, “proclaim                           full complement (400 members) in all Family Ministries (KFC,
His power and majesty to a sinful world,” was effectively                               YFC, SFC, HOLD and SOLD). CFC is now in 8 parishes in
delivered by speakers from Manila (Robert Ardiente, Roquel                              Edmonton. The group is continuing to work in other parishes
and Nina Ponte) and Vancouver (Norma Borja, Ramir Locsin)                               as well as in neighbouring towns including Fort Saskatchewan
and supported by the very inspiring personal stories given by                           and Yellowknife, NWT.
the sharers.
                                                                                        2007 CFC CONFERENCE WILL BE NATIONAL
We honour our brothers and sisters in Edmonton who took the
challenge and put up a successful conference. Thanks must                               At the conclusion of the conference, Ricky Cuenca announced,
go to our hosts for their generosity, the smiles and patience of                        “East and West will meet in the center of Canada in 2007 in a
the Transportation Committee, a new kind of workshops and                               NATIONAL conference in WINNIPEG!”.
simple but effective program.
                                                                                                                                      By Ramir Locsin
The expected attendance unfortunately was not realized. Even
from BC, the mission center for the Western Region, out of a
quota of 200 couples, only 65 couples, 4 husbands, 2 Handmaids
(and more than a dozen kids) came. Nevertheless, those who                                           WHAT’S INSIDE
came tried to make up the shortage with their joyful and active
participation. Some highlights:
                                                                                                     Leaders’ Summit Highlights       2
                                                                                                     Reflections	         	           3
    •	   Burnaby Chapter’s participation in the Power Slam                                           Sharing	 	           	          4-5
         Opening Worship                                                                             Pro-Life	Ministry	   	           6
    •	   Vancouver Cluster’s creative interpretation of Talk #4                                      Family	Ministries	 	            7-8
                                                                                                     Mission	Work	        	           9
         Tobit’s Son with a “Household of Faith” presentation                                        Around	The	Chapters	           10-11
    •	   Bro. Ramir delivering a conference talk (Talk #4) for                                       Service	Transitions	 	          11
         the first time                                                                              Prayer	Petitions	    	          12
    •	   Worship Leader (Jimmy Arzadon)                                                              Calendar	of	Activities	         12
    •	   Praisefest Leader (Jimmy Dimaculangan)
    •	   Sharers (Joseph & Perla Martinez, Mike & Rinna
                      Highlights of the 1st CFC Western Canada Leaders’ Summit
                                                       Bro. Joe Buenacruz
The first ever Leaders Summit held in Western Canada was           chapter, if possible, by area, if there were not enough members.
held on May 25, 2006 in Edmonton, the day before the 8th CFC       Since the Summit was for CFC, each group was asked to develop
Conference (Western Region). This Summit was attended by 150       a plan to achieve the Go100 CFC Membership targets only. All
individuals with almost half of the attendees from BC. Robert      the BC groups were so eager to share their plans that Brother Nick
Ardiente, Roquel and Nina Ponte from Manila and Norma Borja        had to intervene to give other delegations the chance to share.
were the key speakers.                                             These written plans were submitted to him so in due time should
                                                                   come down to the chapters for implementation.
Brother Robert talked about Passion for Evangelization and the
GO 100! Program launch. He stressed what we need to win our        Brother Roquel talked about the foundation stones for mission
battles with Satan: prayers, tithes to sustain our community’s     which begins with us. We must maintain our passion, i.e., keep
work, and healthy households of united, happy, producing and       the fire lit after our CLP growing. How? Short term – bring CFC
reproducing members.                                               back to basics. Mid-term – support GK777 and being pro-life.
                                                                   Long-term – commit life to mission (bring glad tidings to the
The GO 100! Program means by the end of December 2007 the          poor). The second foundation is to build strong mission centers,
following will be achieved:                                        e.g., Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, etc., through vibrant leaders,
                                                                   strong governance structure, strong personal relationships, and
Go100 CFC Membership                                               financial stewardship. The third foundation is become holy men
   •	 100 couples per chapter                                      and women of God.
   •	 100% no dropout
   •	 100% coverage of all parishes                                Sister Norma talked about the model we must emulate, Mary
                                                                   the mother of Jesus — Mary who had steadfast faith in God,
Go100 Pastoral Support                                             utmost humility and unwavering love of Jesus. We can do this by
   •	 100% church relations buildup                                being faithful to our prayer time, meditating daily on Scriptures,
   •	 100% formation of all members                                regularly attending household meetings, attending all formation
   •	 100% tithe collections (vs. contribution)                    programs, helping fulfill mandate or direction, fostering unity
   •	 100% Africa mission funding                                  among members, being active in GK and Social Ministries. For
   •	 100% submission of evangelization reports by the end         women leaders – support husbands in their CFC work and rally
       of January 2007                                             other women to support the work of CFC as well.
   •	 100% monthly remittance to International Mission
       Fund (Manila)                                               After the talks, Sister Nina concluded the Summit with a very
                                                                   moving ceremony of Consecration of everyone present to Mary,
Go100 Family Ministries                                            mother of God.
   •	 100 persons per YFC, SFC and HOLD chapter
   •	 100% transition from KFC to YFC to SFC to CFC

Go100 GK
   •	 100 houses per chapter
   •	 100% mobilization of CFC and FM to embrace work
       with the poor

Go100 Pro-Life
   •	 100% awareness of Pro-Life Ministry
   •	 100% mobilization of membership
   •	 Support 100% Pure Programs of Family Ministries

Go100 Social Ministries
   •	 100% awareness of work of Social Ministries
   •	 Support of Social Ministries applicable to region (Flame
       and TEODORA)

Go100 Special Ministries
   •	 100% awareness of work of Special Ministries
   •	 Support of Special Ministries applicable to region

For the GO100! Workshop the attendees were grouped by
2                                                                                                               The Shepherd

                                                                 By Ramir Locsin
Taken from the book of Tobit (Tobit 13:6), the theme for this year,        given. Faithfulness with what you are for what you will become.
“Show His Power and Majesty” is an account of Extravagant                  When life is hectic, be faithful. When things go wrong, be
Love between God the Father and Tobit. CFC’s love affair with              faithful. When you have problems, be faithful. When people
God for the past twenty-five years is like the life of Tobit: God’s        do not understand you, be faithful. When you want to quit,
extravagant LOVE and FAITHFULNESS expressed, a grateful                    be faithful. When you want to cry, cry and be faithful. When
and faithful people responding in love and service.                        temptations come, be faithful. When Satan tries to get you to
                                                                           doubt God, be faithful. When friends entice you, be faithful.
This year, as we celebrate Couples for Christ’s Silver Anniversary,        When fears alarm you, be faithful. When sin allures you, be
we recall God’s blessings to us and His legacy of faithfulness to          faithful. When the world calls you, be faithful. When friends
an imperfect community like CFC. Likewise, we thank God for                forsake you, be faithful. When all else fails, be faithful.
the people who have been used by Him to renew and transform
our lives. CFC is God’s gift to us and our family. In our walk             In an era of change where urgency dominates every plan and
towards greater holiness, CFC has been our stronghold – our                perspective, we in CFC must respond with Faithful Love. It is a
household meetings, our assemblies, teaching programs and                  challenge of Love for Love. Over the years, we are recipients of
retreats. If we value God’s gift of CFC, then we need to do our            God’s love for us in and through CFC. We are blessed, indeed!
best to protect and defend it from all attacks; we need to live out        By God we are called, that was grace; by God we are formed,
our mission and vision; we need to pass on the torch and legacy            that was a gift; by God we are sent, that’s a blessing. The seed of
to the next generation.                                                    faithfulness will never grow unless we go and become a blessing
                                                                           to others. Others will not talk about how much we know but
 “As I put all of this together I am realizing how important it            how much we love and care. One of the profound and concrete
is for me to be a faithful man. I must be faithful to God. I must          expressions of God’s love to the community is Gawad Kalinga
be faithful to my wife and family. I must be faithful to my elders         (to give care). It is a mark of God’s love for the poor as well
in the community and to the Church. In and of myself I am not              as the rich. It gives the poor an opportunity for the restoration
capable of the kind of faithfulness God desires me to exhibit in           of their dignity, and for the rich, a chance of salvation through
my life. God can bring forth the fruit of faithfulness in my life, but     loving and serving the least of His brethren. It is an impossible
there are criteria I must be willing to meet. I must be willing to         dream made possible in the minds and hearts of a faithful people
recognize I am not my own but I belong to God, I need to submit            having a tremendous sense of responsibility, believing in the
my life to Christ, to be willing to seek and obey His directions           words: Less for Self, More for Others, Enough for All.
and plan for my life, and to do all this with a joyful heart”.
                                                                           God’s desire for us is the fullness of life (John 10:10). Life in
Faithfulness, as a fruit of the Holy Spirit, does not just happen;         CFC continues to be both challenging and exciting for those who
it emerges when we make choices, which are in accordance                   remain faithful to the call of the Lord. We can expect greater
with the will and word of God. When we make godly choices,                 blessings as we cultivate grateful hearts and obedient spirits to
He is more than willing and able to bring about much fruit in              His great commission not just for us but also for the generation
our lives, including the fruit of faithfulness, which is a mark of         to come. Together, let us not grow tired in doing good. Let us
strength and stability.                                                    preach and live the gospel despite obstacles. Let us continue to
                                                                           grow in holiness and to have our great love for the poor. Let us
God rewards faithfulness. The size and scope of the task does              pass on this legacy so that future generations may be blessed.
not matter at all. It is faithfulness that counts. When Jesus taught       This is God’s solemn promise to us in CFC. Let us allow the
about servanthood, His lessons always led to faithfulness. Paul            Holy Spirit to empower us to bring CFC into the future God calls
admonished his audiences in his epistles to be faithful. John              it to be. Only then can we say, “I have competed well; I have
appealed to the churches in Revelation that they might endure              finished the race; I have kept the faith” (2Tim4: 7).
with overcoming faithfulness. Abraham was singled out for his
faith and is remembered as the father of the faithful. Talent,             May the God of Love
without faithfulness, is useless. Pledges, without faithfulness,           find us Faithful.
become lies. Dreams, without faithfulness, remain dreams.
Marriage, without faithfulness, is a farce. Friendship, without
faithfulness, is betrayal. Parenthood, without faithfulness, is
confusing. Resolutions, without faithfulness, are worthless.
Treaties, without faithfulness, are dissolved. Good faith, good
intentions, and good ideas are only as good as the faithfulness
that ensures them.
Faithfulness is a basic requirement for the one who wishes to
serve the Lord. Faithfulness with where you are for where you
will be. Faithfulness with what you have for what you will be
The Shepherd                                                                                                                               3
          Sharing                Exiled In Blindness                                                     ByDaniel & Rita Tsen

In 2Cor.12V8, the Lord said to Paul…”My grace is all you need,         of death”. But the Lord assured me that He would be there to
for my power is strongest when you are weak”.                          guide us through to the light at the end of the tunnel and that this
                                                                       bleak period would come to pass, though it seemed eternity at
I never thought that what I had gone through in the past could         that time.
happen to me. My wife Rita and I were very joyful and excited
after graduating from our CLP in Vancouver on April 26, 1997.          I have never made so many Novenas in my life prior to that
Life was beautiful and exciting in the community of CFC. I             incident. Everyday besides other prayers, I made hourly Novenas
always say “YES” to serve the Master, our Lord Jesus Christ            and sometimes every half an hour using the 3 o’clock prayer of
who is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Heb. 13v8)              the Divine Mercy and at times using the psalms (Ps. 23 & Ps. 91).
                                                                       I made monthly Novenas to the Sacred Heart of Jesus every First
Then something happened in August 1999. Due to my busy                 Friday at St. Luke’s Church in Maple Ridge.
schedule entertaining visitors from Brunei, .my prayer life
suffered and slowly I experienced a period of spiritual blindness      I learned a hard lesson to never take Daniel’s spiritual life for
and dryness. Strife in the family resulted in strained relationship    granted especially since I know that he’s often called to the front
with my wife. I fell into a spirit of moodiness and loneliness.        line in this spiritual battle. The enemy is working overtime and so
I backslid in my walk with the Lord, and was intent on leaving         should I pray overtime. I had this mental picture of our Mother
the CFC community. I refused                                                                           Mary staying at the foot of the cross
to attend my upper household                                                                           at the “Darkest Hour” when she was
meetings, but reluctantly held                                                                         all alone and that she beckoned me
my lower household meetings. I                                                                         to come and kneel at the foot of the
turned down invitations to give                                                                        cross, interceding for my husband. I
CLP talks and refused to serve as                                                                      knew then what it means when St.
a worship leader in the General                                                                        Paul said in 1Thess. 5V17 “pray at
Assembly and even stepped down                                                                         all times” and in V18 “be thankful in
as a Lector in my parish. When my                                                                      all circumstances. This is what God
household head would visit me at                                                                       wants from you in your life in union
home I refused to see and instead                                                                      with Christ Jesus”. I also believe that
locked myself in my bedroom. My                                                                        what we went through was not an
negative emotions took control                                                                         accident but that it was allowed by
of my mind to the point that I                                                                         God for the purpose of demonstrating
gradually began to lose my faith                                                                       His Power and Majesty. For when
and even doubted the existence                                         to higher and more service. Daniel came out of it, he was called
of God. In my mind I was thinking all this talk of Jesus was
fabricated by the Jews to gain control of the world. You see, how      DANIEL
the evil one can throw negative thoughts into your mind. Thank         God, my loving heavenly Father is so patient with me, gently
God he cannot read our thoughts only God can.                          guiding me back to the community. But I still resisted until one
                                                                       day I heard Him reprimanding me through a Christian preacher
I had neither strength nor desire to pray, but the Holy Spirit         on the radio. Finally on September 19, 1999, He sternly spoke to
continued to touch me and even prompted me to recite the               me in the Gospel of John 5 v 37-44. (GNB) “You have never heard
Holy Rosary daily. He gave me a very loving and prayerful              his voice or even seen his face, and you do not keep his message
wife, who never stopped praying for me with the full support           in your hearts, for you do not believe in the one whom he sent.
of our brothers & sisters in the lower and upper households. If        You study the Scriptures, because you think that in them you will
not for their fervent prayers, I will not be standing before you       find eternal life. And these very Scriptures speak about me! Yet
this morning.                                                          you are not willing to come to me in order to have life.
                                                                       I am not looking for human praise. But I know what kind of people
RITA                                                                   you are, and I know that you have no love for God in your hearts.
                                                                       I have come with my Father’s authority, but you have not received
My husband was strong (still is) physically and spiritually. I         me; when, however, someone comes with his own authority, you
have a hard time catching up with him. Since our involvement           will receive him. You like to receive praise from one another, but
in the LSS in 1980 in Brunei, he was so gung ho for the Lord,          you do not try to win praise from the one who alone is God; how,
he almost never said NO to any service for the Lord. So when           then, can you believe me?
that incident happened I couldn’t believe it. I called that incident
“black September of 1999”. When he told me that he didn’t              I cried and repented of my foolish ways and confessed my sins
believe there’s God, that the Jews made it up, my whole being          to Him. Slowly but surely I returned home to the welcoming
crumbled inside of me. I panicked because I took it for granted        embraces of our brothers and sisters in the CFC Community who
that he didn’t need my prayers. In fact, I relied on him to pray       love me despite my shortcomings. I am glad that it was only a
for me. I felt like I was walking in “the valley of the shadow         “TEST” and not a “FINAL EXAM”.
4                                                                                                                       The Shepherd
         Sharing                Blessed For Generations To Come                                     By Michael & Rinna Monroy

It was such an honour and pleasure for my wife Rinna and
me to have the opportunity to share at the Couples for Christ
conference in Edmonton. It was for the last talk of the CFC
Conference entitled “Blessed for Generations to Come.”

Basically our sharing touched on our story of former CFC-
Singles for Christ members taking what we learned from the
teachings in SFC to our role as a young couple in CFC. Rinna
and I met at a Christian Life Program in 1998, me the CLP team
leader and she one of the participants. When we both joined the
community, little did we know that it would have a profound
positive influence in our lives — not only a place where we
found each other, but also a place where our Catholic morals
and values have been enhanced to the point where a Christian
lifestyle is the way we want to live the rest of our lives.
                                                                     normal anxieties that most parents-to-be have. Will our child
Rinna and I are expecting our first child in October. And we are     have good health? Will we be good parents? Will we be sound
excited not only to bring up another child in God’s kingdom, but     providers? But how can we let these worries get the best of us
to also receive the love and support from Couples for Christ. We     when we are surrounded with people with such strong faith in the
learned so much from our elders in CFC most especially those         Lord who are constantly discerning God’s will for us and helping
couples who have been the coordinators of SFC. From Tito             reassure others that God’s perfect plan is always at work in our
Nick & Tita Norma Borja, to Tito Prim & Tita Rose Javier, then       lives. Furthermore in this ministry we know that our precious
Tito Ralph & Tita Nette Aragon. And the wonderful support            child will be surrounded with other kids who at an early age will
from our Family Ministries heads in Tito Ramir & Tita Annette        already have a concept of God’s work, thanks in part to their
Locsin to Tito Chong & Tita Ogie Evangelista. If you know            parents who serve unconditionally in CFC.
the community in CFC Vancouver, you know that these are
some of God’s top servants in the Sector. What a wonderful           So as many of us former SFC and YFC members now start our
group of people the Lord has used as examples for us to follow.      young families, we thank God for all the wonderful servant leaders
These are couples who have not only embraced the mission             from CFC that He has appointed over the years to serve us, and
and vision of our community, but have the ability to mentor          to serve with. And we thank you for being patient with us, for
young singles and couples in order to keep this womb-to-tomb         guiding us and for teaching us the way of our Lord. He has used
community going.                                                     you well to prepare the way for generations to come. So rest
                                                                     assured that when the time comes, we can and will continue the
We feel really blessed to be chosen by God to be parents of this     work you have started in the first 25 years of our community, and
special life growing in Rinna’s womb. Of course, we have the         build on this momentum for the next 25 years and beyond.

Exiled....     (from page 4)

Living pay cheque to pay cheque is tough and I feel for our          Prov. 14v21 “If you want to be happy, be kind to the POOR; it is
community members who also struggle financially. Because of          a sin to despise anyone.
this I was not very supportive of Gawad Kalinga. Even though I
tithe and also support a child sponsorship program with a group,     SO, FROM NOW ON, I WILL NOT FIGHT AGAINST THE
and a GK house, I did it as an obligation not out of LOVE for the    LORD IN HELPING THE POOR.
LORD. But again God is so faithful to me that one day He touched
my heart regarding answering the cry of the poor. I realized that    I would like to end my sharing with Hebrew. 12vs 1b-4, &15).
while I was fighting HIM, it was His Plan for me to grow more        …let us rid ourselves of everything that gets in the way, and of the
like Jesus in my spiritual life. The grace of God has allowed me     sin which holds on to us so tightly, and let us run with determination
to realize that in order to remain under the anointing of the Holy   the race that lies before us. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on
Spirit I have to allow Him to touch my pocket too. Not only did      whom our faith depends from beginning to end. He did not give up
I experience spiritual blessings but also material blessings. In     because of the cross! So do not let yourselves become discouraged
my new job, I have received four raises in my wages in less than     and give up. For in your struggle against sin you have not yet had
two years. I also received a digital camera as a Christmas gift.     to resist to the point of being killed. Guard against turning back
Even my conference fee is being paid for by two couples of CFC       from the grace of God.
Edmonton. As in Prov. 19v17 “When you give to the POOR, it
is like lending to the LORD, and the LORD will pay you back”.
The Shepherd                                                                                                                            5
    Pro-Life Ministry                Embracing Pro-Life                                                ByAndrew & Rita Chua

We have been in the Couples for Christ community since the time       openness and receptiveness of people who invited us. Prayer
of its conception in Vancouver, circa 1994. What a blessing to        is our best weapon to concretely fight the evils of our time.
be a part of the first batch of six couples who attended the CLP.     Therefore, participation in the Archdiocesan Pro-life Mass and
Thank God for allowing us to be molded and formed by the CFC          Vigil is another baby step initiative we have done. So far, we have
teachings, and to grow spiritually into various types of service.     joined various Pro-life groups in supporting this Archdiocesan
With all our imperfections, we have been graced to change for         event. Our first participation was when Vancouver Cluster
the better as years passed by. Over the years, we served in various   members attended a Pro-life Mass held on May 6th at St. Francis
capacities starting from Coordinators in SFC, KFC, household          Xavier Parish in Vancouver.
head, unit head, YFC helpers, and many more. We have mastered
the ways and styles of worship, how to manage a CLP, how to           The second event was on June 3rd, when East Cluster members
handle the different ministries, how to organize successful events,   attended a mass held at St. Joseph’s Parish in Langley. CFC
how to deal with different people and personalities, and have         members in that parish sung during the mass and prepared food
acquired tons of skills necessary for any service. We have been       for the reception that followed. Afterward, there was a peaceful
very comfortable and competent to do God’s job. So competent          prayer vigil at Surrey Memorial Hospital. The Tri-City Chapter
until we came up to the point of saying, “We know WE CAN.”            also supported Our Lady of Assumption Parish Pro-life fund-
Give us any service and we can do it. Wow! God’s glory shone          raising event which was held on the same day. CFC members
through us. However, later we realized that each project became       were able to mingle with other Pro-life groups in this parish and
the fruit of OUR labor, and WE continue to shine. These disturbed     network with other groups who hold the same values.
us! They were NOT good signs! That means we DO NOT need
God anymore because we can rely on our own capacity. Then,            We will continue to support this Archdiocesan event held in
where can God’s action come in? When the strength, the wisdom         various parishes every first Saturday of the month at 9:00 a.m.
and the knowledge are coming entirely from us, where can the          The next one will be on July 1st at Immaculate Heart of Mary
Holy Spirit fill us in?                                               Parish along First Avenue (at Windermere), Vancouver. West
                                                                      Cluster members are highly encouraged to participate and
For these reasons, we said “Yes” to become the CFC Area Pro-          sponsor this event. Lastly, for immediate implementation in
life Coordinator. We struggled to get out of our comfort zone and     all household meetings: We will now include the “Prayer for
move to another direction where we DO NOT know anything,              Reverence for Life” as ending of our worship, after the A-C-
where we feel incompetent and uncomfortable. Then, we need            T-S format.
God’s power and majestic intervention to happen! Then came
our urgent prayer of surrender: “Yes Lord! Here we are your           People’s Yes, God’s Action
unworthy servants who want to follow your leading towards
CFC’s vision and mission. Please use us as we surrender to your       God’s work and actions can take place through people. Our CFC
will the direction of CFC Pro-life Ministry. We do not know           community is gifted with people who believe in our vision and
anything in this area, take over for us.” That’s our prayer from      mission, then willingly obey. These are His workers who said
the heart by which we believe God will honor.                         YES to serving in Pro-life Ministry:

What is Pro-life Ministry?                                                1.   National Council Pro-life Coordinator: Norma Borja
                                                                          2.   West Cluster:Bing & Josie Gaffney
In November 2005, Pro-life Ministry was added as the seventh              3.   East Cluster: Joey & Baby Soriano, Frank & Zen
pillar of CFC. It was introduced in Canada in March 2006. Pro-                 Oteyza, Peter & Ayee Dumlao
life Ministry is a response to Pope John Paul II encyclical, the          4.   YFC: John Acosta and Jenilee Hebron
Gospel of Life. There’s an urgency to act on this because we are          5.   SFC: Mike & Rinna Monroy
now living in a society where the culture of death prevails. This
is the time that all of us in the CFC community need to put our       For sure, there will be more workers who will say “Yes!” in
faith in action. While reviewing the various materials necessary      doing the many tasks of this new CFC pillar. Please pray, and
for this Ministry, we realized that the topics have already been      let your Chapter Heads know when you are ready to embrace
incorporated into our CLP (Christian Life Program) teachings for      this new service.
many years. The only difference this time is to do specific actions
and take strategic steps to live out God’s teaching concretely        Our Final Thoughts
based on Mk. 12:30, “To love the Lord our God with all our heart,
with all our soul and with all our mind.” We will take baby steps     Embracing Pro-life Ministry is equivalent to embracing
as we trod this path in the next few months.                          more challenges. God’s power and majesty can surpass these
                                                                      challenges only when all members of CFC have the willingness
Our Baby Steps                                                        to join us, to pray with us and to take baby step actions. Let’s
                                                                      pray to have the passion and courage to embrace the Pro-life
For almost two months now, various Pro-life Orientations have         Ministry. Let’s synergize our efforts, and God will make more
been presented in clusters and chapters. Thanks to God for the        miracles happen in CFC and all of its ministries!
6                                                                                                                   The Shepherd
   Family Ministries                Kids For Christ

By Marc Bawagan

It was another blessed event for the kids last April 29 when we
held our KFC Business Fair at the Don Bosco Youth Center
Gym. There were 4 booths for the KFC and 4 booths from the
OLGC Elementary School. It was a lot of fun and excitement
for the KFC who had the chance to show off their products and
earn some money. This was the culminating event for the Kids
Business Program. The event also coincided with the Fiesta
celebration of Don Bosco. The Tri-City team, SWEET BEE,
earned the “Most Organized” presentation and was able to raise
$88.75 for GK. Congratulations to all KFC and their parents
who participated in this program!

By Peewee & Beth Reyes

KFC and the PRAISE T.E.A.M. joined hands in launching
the KFC 100% PURE program with their musical production,
“Dare to be 100% Pure” presented last June 3rd at the Chandos
Pattison Auditorium in Surrey. The show was presented as a
video musical game. The two shows generated about $12,000
in gross revenues out of which they will be able to donate money
to build two GK houses.                                                  PRAISE T.E.A.M. is a dance and theatre arts ministry based in
                                                                         OLGC whose mission is to evangelize through the performing
We in the KIDS FOR CHRIST Ministry, Praise and Thank the                 arts.
Lord for this miracle; bringing people to watch the show, blessing
the performances and protecting everyone from harm during the            KFC WESTERN CONFERENCE
event. We also dedicate this success to our International CFC
Kids for Christ Coordinator, Marco Flores who will be moving             The next KFC event to watch out for is the KFC Western
on to do greater things for our Lord in CFC. We will miss Kuya           Conference come July 2006. It will be a weekend camp that
Marco, who has been God’s instrument in bringing KFC to what             will be held in Stave Lake in Mission. Prepare your kids for the
it is now, a really mighty ministry of CFC making a difference           camp. Have FUN with camping. Learn the FAITH with other
in our community, church and others.                                     kids. Enjoy the FREEDOM of the great outdoors!

       from Prim Javier

       The Family Ministries have been assigned to look after our Family Day this year, with the objective of doing something
       different as compared to previous years. So the ministry heads got together and came out with the following activities:

            •	   This year, the CFC couples will drive their family to the park, bring food (potluck) and then relax and watch the
                 activities during the Family Day. Our gathering time is 9:30am-10:30am. -Our kids will have sports activities in
                 the morning (starts from 11am to 12:30pm), with the YFC youth looking after these activities. In these activities,
                 winners/champions will receive medals as awards for each event. We will also have a pabitin for the kids.

            •	   After lunch, there will be a Band Competition (from 2pm to 4pm), wherein each group will have a representative
                 band. For this event, we will all gather together and watch the competition. The KFC group will not be competing
                 as they have been appointed to be the judge for the band champion. There will be entertainment presentations by
                 KFC and other groups as part of the program.

       Clean-up time will be from 4pm to 4:30pm. We all go home at 4:30pm.

The Shepherd                                                                                                                          7
     Family Ministries              Handmaids of the Lord                                                     By Lorna Sandiko

Coming home to the Philippines is always a pleasant experience      for the theme “Completely Yours, My Lord”.
despite some things we are no longer accustomed to, like            One of the Reflection Songs was “Do You Know Where You’re
traffic, heat, crowds, etc. But inconveniences like these pale in   Going To”. I’ve heard that song a hundred times before when I
comparison to the warmth, generosity and kindness of relatives,     was still in college and even sang it while in the bathroom, but
friends and ex-colleagues who really went out of their way to       I never felt the song in a spiritual way. This time, when Diana
give me the best treats ever – sumptuous dinners, mouth-watering    Ross’ voice echoed out singing, “Do you know where you’re
delicacies, world class ambience and unbelievable shopping          going to, do you like the things that life is showing you? Where
bargains. I have never been pampered in this way. And that’s        are you going to, do you know?” my heart just burst into joy!!
not all (above were just bonuses) because the real highlight of     Just imagine, how happy one must be when he or she knows
my trip was the HOLD International Leaders’ Conference held         for sure he/she is journeying towards the Lord, to behold His
in Baguio, at the Camp John Hay Convention Center, that I           Majesty and Power forever and ever!
attended. It was such an awesome, wonderful experience! I do
not know how I can describe the conference and my experience        The sharings of sisters from different walks of life were also
there in such a limited space but I will try.                       powerful witnessing of God’s glory, power and majesty. Like
                                                                    the story of Tobit and Sarah, God heard their prayers, sent
To begin with, what struck me most was the way the conference       them angels and reversed the ugly, hopeless and miserable
went so smoothly, so organized and so promptly. There were          circumstances of their lives. During the conference there were
2500 participants but there was hardly any fuss or confusion,       lots of moments that I was just so touched and moved that deep
considering they had to feed us five times during the entire        within me I was telling the Lord “ I really desire to be completely
weekend. There is of course only one explanation to this - the      Yours, My Lord”.
Holy Spirit was with us and with the organizers. Once more
I witnessed and felt how much the Lord loves the Handmaids.         Now, I’m back to the usual routine of my life and back to my
I witnessed again the excellent works of the many gifted,           service in HOLD. Looking back, it was not just a pleasant trip
talented and faithful workers God has planted in His beautiful      but a super glorious trip! What I continue to pray and hope for
vineyard.                                                           now is that God sees that I am completely His, doing His will
                                                                    and giving Him honor and glory in everything I do.
And consider the Talks, how divinely inspired they were. To give
you a glimpse, some of the topics were “Made for Heaven”,           And I know all of us in Couples for Christ desire the same thing in
“Journeying with the Angels” and “Woman in Love”. It was            our hearts. May we all glorify and praise God by boldly declaring
such a romantic weekend in a glorious way, fashioned perfectly

 8                                                                                                                The Shepherd
     Mission: Terrace, B.C.                   Led By The Spirit                                            By Monette Francisco

In September 2005, Art and I were assigned as the Area Head for the
Terrace mission area.

Where is Terrace? Terrace is up north, on the banks of Skeena River. To get
there is about a 9-hour drive from Port Coquitlam to Prince George and then
another 7 hours from Prince George to Terrace. If we were driving south
of the border, after 9 hours we could have passed several malls, several
factory outlets, casinos and even Oregon State of no sales tax. Not bad!
Add another 7 hours to that trip and you’d be in San Francisco. However,
the drive to Terrace on Hwy 16 isn’t adorned with outlets and shopping
malls. Our rest stops consisted of one Tim Horton’s to another, a small
gas station, or a 7-11 Store. On the other hand, it was in this long stretch
of Hwy 16 that God showed me His magnificent wonders of creation in
the form of peaceful lakes, beautiful rivers and mountains.

We have been to Terrace several times. Each trip was meaningful and
had its special memories. Each trip was fruitful and a blessed one. On
one of those trips, we chose to fly with Air Canada as opposed to driving.
Having a window seat, I was able to admire the snowcapped mountains
and the lush, verdant green forests surrounded by the blue, peaceful bodies
of water of beautiful BC! What an awesome creation God has filled the
earth with. And I praise God as my loving Creator. On another trip, I
was reminded of how God is our loving Protector. The Oteyza “Mission
Van” suddenly broke down in the middle of Hwy 16 and we were stranded
without transportation. Frank, John Acosta, and Art stayed behind to get
the van fixed at a garage before driving home. I, together with Nanie
and Renee Geronimo, Zen and Crystal Oteyza and Ralph Aragon took
the Greyhound bus home. I praise God for bringing us all home safely.
At another time, there was the Jetsgo’s $1 ticket sale…what a break! We
were ready for the trip with our $1 flight tickets. But just days before our
departure, Jetsgo declared bankruptcy. So Art and I had to make the 18-
hour trip via Greyhound bus once more. Due to the lengthiness of the drive,
our children joked that they hoped Art and I “would still be on speaking
terms by the time we got to Terrace and returned back to Coquitlam.”

The different challenges that we went through were difficult. They made
me nervous, but I always had to focus on the mission goal. My might
comes from the faith that God will take care of everything. He encourages
me! He moves me forward! And I praise God as my loving Father who
provides strength.                                                             Terrace gave us an extended family of 7 couples who
                                                                               finished the Christian Life Program — Toti/Alma Avila,
“We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom,           Tim/Hazel delaMatter, Casimiro/Gloria Desierto,
so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. To this end I labor,        Carolyn(Raul) Paragas, Tommy/Susan Uy, Eliseo/
struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me.” (Col.        Felicisima Valdez and Dennis/Angelita Villanueva.
1:28)                                                                          They are the beautiful and warm-hearted couples we
                                                                               call brothers and sisters in Christ. They are very kind,
Our most recent trip to Mission was in April 2006 for the Marriage             friendly, generous and welcoming. We really feel at
Enrichment Retreat I of the first CLP graduates. Art and I were joined by      home when we are in Terrace.
Ralph/Nette Aragon, Ochie/Nanie Geronimo, Ramir Locsin and Daniel/
Rita Tsen. MER weekends are special to us. Art and I believe that when         When God says, “Go.”, just pack and go. Whether near
a couple affirms their love for one another, it will surely produce fine,      or far, whether 25 degrees or 1 degree cold (brrrrrr!);
servant-hearted CFC couples. MER 1 puts into place the role of a Christian     He will show you His Power and Majesty and provide
husband and a Christian wife as we serve Him through our marriages.            for all your needs. We say this to you, as He gave us
“Keep on loving each other.”(Hebrews 13:1) The photos are evidence of          His guarantee. In the end, we want to hear God say to
our happy hearts as we serve the Lord. See the beautiful, happy faces in       us, “Well done thou faithful servants…. enter into the
the service of our God.                                                        joy of your master” (Matt 24:21).

 9                                                                                                                The Shepherd
     Around The Chapters
By Fil del Mundo                                                        The Bowladrome manager told Fil del Mundo at the end of the
                                                                        evening “what a good group” we were. He was impressed with
The word is out… something exciting is going on at Tri City!            the camaraderie, peace and joy that pervaded the atmosphere, of
                                                                        the generous giving, sharing and coordinated serving in different
It all started when each chapter was challenged to put up one           capacities, of Chong’s generosity in donating his 50-50 prize to
GK Village, an almost impossible task to accomplish given the           GK, the beautiful prayers led by Ralph, and the visible presence
enormity of the project. True enough, the idea didn’t sink in right     of families playing and working together side by side with their
away but when the Holy Spirit decided to move, the chapter felt         parents. It was beautiful to see all Family Ministries represented
undaunted and proceeded to go to work                                   - CFC, HOLD, SFC, YFC, and KFC. Even our CFC Elders
                                                                        had fun too - Ramir, Chong, Dante, and other leaders/members
Tri-City’s OPANEMA Team was tasked to identify creative                 from other Chapters. There were seminarians from Westminster
fundraising projects and to execute doable ones. No project             Abbey - JE, Chris, Vince, and Frankie. Truly, the community
was considered too small. The only key measurement is that              members’ spirit of generosity in reaching out to our poor was
each undertaking should make a modest contribution to the               contaminating as the Manager gave a discount of $100.00 which
GK Fund. As the creative juices from everyone kept flowing,             adds up to the funds for GK. When all the counting is done
several fundraising activities were identified and from there,          (including food sales, silent auction and 50-50), Tri-City will
the real fun began.                                                     be donating over $1,000 to GK.

The first project was the Movie Ticket Sales and as expected it         AND FROM THE CHAPTER HEAD
became popular to young and old alike because of the discounted
nature of the tickets. The May sales were so brisk that orders          On behalf of the Tri-City Chapter, thank you our dear CFC
were coming in much faster than can be filled. Because of other         brothers & sisters, Family Ministries and non CFC members
fundraising plans, this activity was halted. The short campaign         who are so supportive of our fund raising projects. May God
resulted in a benefit to GK of over $600. Not a huge success
but certainly worth considering as a year-round fundraising
activity.                                                               VANCOUVER III EVENTS
                                                                        By Luz Bucad
For June, the activity was aptly named FunBowl – where CFC,
its Family Ministries and friends can get together and bowl for         1. Pabasa
a good cause. (See below for results of this event.)
                                                                        The chapter hosted a Pabasa which started at 3:00 p.m. of April
The challenge for next month and the months ahead is to build           13th, Holy Thursday. At least 10 couples from the chapter and
on the successes of the first two projects and then move forward.       a few friends and family members took turns in singing and
Creating a GK Village is by no means an easy task and it will           meditating on the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. The
take quite some time before it can actually take off. As it is, the     Pabasa ended at 7:00 a.m.
surface has just been barely scratched and the work has just
started. Yet the brothers and sisters of the Tri-City Chapter are all   2. Knights of Columbus Convention
turned on the same page and are committed to make a difference
no matter how small. They just have to continue rolling up their        The chapter, with the help of other brothers and sisters from the
sleeves and working a little harder. After all, the poorest of the      community, served in the choir for the mass held at the opening
poor cannot afford to wait.                                             ceremony of the 85th Knight of Columbus Convention. This was
                                                                        held at the Sheraton Hotel in Surrey on April 27, 2006. State
                                                                        Deputy Dave Jones extended his thanks and praised CFC for
FUNBOWL NIGHT                                                           the vibrant and jubilant music provided. The Convention was
By Joey& Baby Soriano                                                   hosted by the Council 9479 of St. Joseph’s parish in Vancouver,
                                                                        of which a good number are also CFC members. This includes
Tri-City’s FunBowl Night at the Bowladrome in Port Coquitlam            our chapter head, Bro. Noel Bucad, who served as financial
on June 10, 2006 was another beautiful experience of Christian          secretary for the council.
unity and joy that we have in CFC. We in CFC and Family
Ministries do not only just pray and pray or just serve and serve       3. Eucharistic Adoration
but we also are able to have fun together. Though we did not
play or were not able to watch and cheer for our teams, we              St. Joseph’s parish annual 40-hour Eucharistic Adoration was
enjoyed seeing everyone having good, clean fun. That was truly          held on May 16-18, 2006. Our chapter spent 2 hours in adoring
amazing, thanks to the concerted efforts of the CFC-Tri-City            Christ in the Blessed Sacrament on Thursday, May 18th from
OPANEMA Team and the support and inspiration of our CFC-                7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. We spent an hour of vocal praising and an
Tri-City Chapter Leaders, Daniel & Rita Tsen.
10                                                                                                                   The Shepherd
hour of silent meditation. Fellowship followed at the Bucad

                                                                                                     IO   NS
By Petra Barao
                                                                                              N  SIT
It seems just like yesterday when we started the Christian Life
                                                                               C     ET
Program at the St. Joseph’s Parish. When my husband, Abner,
                                                                        SE RVI
was asked to be team leader in the CLP that started on March
11th, he felt quite hesitant at first. We prayed to God about
it, and true enough, God gave him the courage and strength          Ramir & Annette Locsin are now Sector
to accept this call for service. On the weekend we were at          Leaders. They leave their East Cluster
Edmonton for the 8th Western Canada Conference, our Lord            leadership position. They have served as
gave us a clear message that when you say “yes” to service,         inspiration to many of us for their deep
“God anoints, and when He anoints, He equips and empowers,          spirituality, servanthood and passion for
and then He provides.” Praise god! He provided us with a            God’s work in CFC.
good harvest on June 3rd on Dedication Day with one couple,
two SFC, two SOLD and 2 HOLD members.                               Chong & Ogie Evangelista are now the
                                                                    new East Cluster Leaders. They leave
                                                                    their Family Ministries leadership posi-
FIRST VANCOUVER CLUSTER                                             tion. They were one of the six couples
HOUSEHOLD LEADERS ASSEMBLY                                          who attended the first CLP ever conducted
By Mavi dela Torre                                                  in Vancouver in 1994. They have been
                                                                    serving faithfully in various leadership
The Vancouver Cluster headed by Bro. Ning Dinglasan held            positions throughout their years in CFC.
a meeting for all household leaders on May 20, 2006 at the
portable classroom of St. Joseph’s school. Among the issues         Prim & Rose Javier, who are recent
discussed were organization of CFC members by parish, the           returnees from California, now serve
conduct of a cluster-wide household/ unit leaders training          as our new Family Ministries Leaders.
(HLT/ ULT), and the extent of involvement of CFC in YFC             They were Cluster Leaders for Surrey/
activities. It was stressed that all members should always          Tri-City when they left in January 2002
support the parish where they are registered, regardless of         for Ottawa, Ontario to pursue career ad-
which chapter they belong to. On the other hand, joint HLT’s        vancement. In July 2004, they moved to
or ULT’s would maximize use of resources (e.g. speaker,             California where they became Chapter
venue), promote better exchange of ideas and experiences,           Leaders for the San Diego area. Welcome
and encourage fellowship and closeness among leaders of             home, Prim & Rose!
the three chapters. Lastly, all leaders were challenged to
serve in at least one youth camp, or any undertakings of the        Dante and Chett Serion requested to be
family ministries.                                                  relieved as Sector Leaders for personal
                                                                    reasons. They remain members of the
                                                                    Fraternal Household. They will also
     A REMINDER:                                                    continue to serve in CFC in whatever
                                                                    capacity the Lord leads them to.
     During household meetings, all members of the CFC
     household, husbands and wives, worship together. Then,
     for the discussion and/or sharing, MEN SHOULD
     advantages: (1) It will be possible to have two different
     topics for the men and the women; (2) There will be fewer
     inhibitions, especially when sharing about the situation     Let us thank God for giving them servant’
     with the spouse, home or family; and more importantly,       hearts and let us pray for them as they em-
     (3) the men support each other as brothers, and the          bark on this new and exciting chapters of
     women support each other as sisters. Once in a while,        their lives in the community.
     as an exception, there can be joint discussions/sharing,
     but these should be rare occasions. For your guidance        “Without cost you have received, without
     and compliance. Frank Padilla                                cost you are to give.” Matthew 10:8

11                                                                                                      The Shepherd
         Prayer Concerns                                                      What’s Happening
For the repose of the souls of:                                       CLP’s
                                                                         •	 June 22 CFC — at Our Lady of Lourdes, Laval, Coquitlam,
Nicolas Cruz (father of Bro. Iggy Cruz)                                     Thursdays @ 7:30 pm
Moises Cruz (father of Sis. Nessy Orcullo)                               •	 June 24 SFC – at St. Luke’s Parish, Portable #5
Raul Francisco (brother of Bro. Art                                      •	 July 10 HOLD – at CFC Richmond Office, Monday nights
Francisco)                                                               •	 July 15 HOLD – at Metrotown Meeting Room (above Sears),
Mommy Solita Dimayuga(mother of Sis.                                        Saturday mornings
Clarisse Salazar, Sis. Leny David, and Bro.
Alan Dimayuga)                                                        YFC
Elnora Molano (sister of Bro. Joseph & Sis.                           July 29 3-on-3 Basketball at Our Lady of Assumption School Gym,
Perla Martinez)                                                       Port Coquitlam.
Purita McFarland (aunt of Sis Norma
Brual)                                                                                    CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES
Minerva Olave (friend of Sis Norma
Brual)                                                                July 9                            Family Day (Langley)
Justo Pelingon (father of Bro. Joe                                    July 15-16                        KFC Conference, BC (Vancouver)
Pelingon)                                                             August 11-13                      YFC Conference (Montreal)
Sis. Rosalind Dorai (HOLD and mother of                               August 25-27                      SFC Conference (Winnipeg)
Bro. Reuben Joseph)                                                   September 9                       GK WALK ( Vancouver)
                                                                      September 22-24                   HOLD Conference (Calgary)
“ETERNAL REST GRANT UNTO THEM                                         October 1                         National Life Chain
O LORD, AND LET YOUR PERPETUAL                                        October 27 – 29                   ANCOP Summit ( Vancouver )

       Some Flame Items                                                          Advertisement

                                  Alan & Lyn Castillo          Flame Ministries Leaders       Joe & Meg BuenacruzTri-City
The Shepherd Staff                Noel & Marie Armea Vancouver I
                                  Rick& Meggy Villanueva       Vancouver II
                                                                                              Joseline Choa
                                                                                              Joji Saulog        HOLD East
                                                                                                                          HOLD West

       and                        Raffy & Mavi dela Torre      Vancouver III                  Justin McGovern             SFC West
                                  Toti & Arlene Lasa           Richmond                       Lesley Martinez             SFC Central
 Flame Partners                   Nanding & Flora Cortez       Burnaby                        Rho Rosales                 SFC East
                                  Elmer & Dang Tangco          Surrey II                      Baby San Jose               YFC

 12                                                                                                                       The Shepherd