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									                                                                                                                                                                                                          THE EXAMINER, Monday, July 13, 2009 — 23

pledge to buy locally wherever possible.

  Businesses & Organisations
Les Grant Financial Services Launceston        Paddy Pallin                   Launceston       REIT                                 Hobart    Sir Loin Breier                     Bicheno     Tasman Metal Industries       Rocherlea      Tint-A-Car                    Launceston
Leven Gourmet Meats            Ulverstone      Pages of the Mall              Launceston       Remount Gravels                                Smedley Sports                                  Tasmania Zoo                     Riverside   TLC Removals                     Hadspen
Levis Stace & Cooper           Devonport       Paintspec Decoratives        S Launceston       & Landscaping                     Mowbray      Management                    Launceston        Tasmanian Automobile                         Tobacco Station
Lily White                   George Town       Paraphernalia                  Launceston       Rescom Property & Finance                      Smilicious Treats Kiosk                Burnie   Chamber of Commerce            New Town      Kings Meadows            Kings Meadows
Lilydale Antiques                   Lilydale                                                   Services Launceston            Launceston      Sodium                        Launceston        Tasmanian Builders Association Invermay
                                               Pastimes                         Rosevears                                                                                                                                                  Toledo Furniture              Launceston
Lionel Morrell                Launceston                                                       RFCS Tasmania                  Launceston      SoleProvider                        Legana      Tasmanian Chocolate Studio Launceston
                                               Patch’s Longford                   Longford                                                                                                                                                 Top Notch Kitchens            Launceston
Lister Electrics              Launceston                                                       Richardson’s Harley Davidson Prospect          Somers Security             George Town         Tasmanian Clothing Co         Devonport
                                               Paul Ellis Agencies          S Launceston                                                                                                                                                   Top Video St Helens               St Helens
Longford Lunch Box                Longford                                                     Richmond Hill                       Kayena     Sports Authority              Launceston        Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Co Evandale
                                               Pearts Variety Store           Launceston                                                                                                                                                   Tops                          Launceston
                                                                                               Ricoh Business Centre          Launceston      Sports Rider                  Launceston        Tasmanian Greens                    Hobart
Longford Newsagency               Longford     Pedder Patter Child Care S Launceston                                                                                                                                                       Totally Workwear                 Invermay
                                                                                               RIH Screens                       Invermay     Sproal & Associates           Launceston        Tasmanian Independent
Lton Chamber of Commerce Launceston            Peppers Calstock                  Deloraine
                                                                                               Ringarooma General Store Ringarooma                                                            Retailers                        Prospect    Tourism Industry Council             Hobart
Mabella                       Launceston       Peter Gutwein                  Launceston                                                      St Andrews Inn                  Cleveland
                                                                                               Riverside Pharmacy                 Riverside   St Helens & District                            Tasmanian                                    Towns Shearing                Launceston
Macquarie Oil Co                     Cressy    Petland                   Kings Meadows                                                                                                        Refrigeration Co         Kings Meadows
                                                                                               Robbies Computers                              Chamber of Commerce                St Helens                                                 TP Jones & Co            Kings Meadows
Margaret Miller                   Prospect     Phil Boorsboom                 Launceston       & Security Pty Ltd               Wivenhoe                                                      Tasmanian Regional Arts      Launceston
Margo’s Beauty Therapy                         Phil the Plumber                East Tamar                                                     St Helens Bait & Tackle            St Helens                                                 Tractor & Diesel Spares          Invermay
                                                                                               Roberts Mobile Carpets         Launceston      St Helens Newsagency               St Helens    Tasmanian Special Timbers Queenstown         Transtegic Pty Ltd            Launceston
& Massage                           Bridport   Photobat                       Launceston       Roberts Real Estate             Devonport      St Helens Self Storage             St Helens    Tasmanian Timber Doors       Launceston
Market Place News & Lotto       Mowbray        Picnics Sandwich                                                                                                                                                                            Trethewie & Partners          Launceston
                                                                                               Rockmans                   Kings Meadows       St Helens supa IGA                 St Helens    Tasmanian Wool Centre                 Ross
Martin Yates Financial                         Bar & Takeaway                 Launceston                                                                                                                                                   Trevallyn Grocer                  Trevallyn
Service                       Launceston                                                       Roses Newsagency                 Scottsdale    St Helens Super IGA                St Helens    Tassie Home Loans             Devonport
                                               Pictures Plus Photo                                                                                                                                                                         Trevallyn Newsagency              Trevallyn
Master Builders Assoc         Launceston       Centre                    Kings Meadows         Rosslyn Guy                        Riverside   St Lukes Health               Launceston        Tassie Pools & Spas             Invermay
                                                                                               Rotary Club of                                                                                 Tassie Top Woodcraft             St Helens   Truly Tassie                  Launceston
McCulloch Safety                  Riverside    Pierre’s                       Launceston                                                      St Marys Newsagency                 St Marys
                                                                                               Launceston West                Launceston                                                      Tastel Community Telco       Launceston      Tryvisual Image               Launceston
McKillop Insurance Brokers Launceston          Pirtek (Lton) P/L              Launceston                                                      State Security Service        Launceston
                                                                                               Route 66                       Launceston                                                      Tasweld Safety                  Invermay     Tuckers Retravision             Scottsdale
McLean Healthcare             Launceston       Platypus Park Country Retreat       Bridport                                                   Statewide Constructions Kings Meadows
                                                                                               Routleys                       Launceston                                                      Temtrol                                      Tudors Pack N Wrap                Riverside
McPherson Chainsaw                             Playgroup Tasmania               Newstead                                                      Statewide Real Estate              Prospect
& Mowers                       Scottsdale                                                      Roxanne French                   Scottsdale                                                    Technologies Pty Ltd        George Town      Twinkle Toes Baby Hand
                                               Plexus Computing               Launceston       Royal Australian Artillery                     Stevens Publishing            Launceston        Terese Tanner
Meadow Mews                                                                                                                                                                                                                                & Feet Sculptures                  Karoola
                                               PM & BD Spencer                   Bracknell     Association of Tasmania Inc      Newstead      Stewart McGee Family                            Marriage Celebrant           Scamander
Pharmacy                  Kings Meadows                                                                                                       Trust                      Bishopsbourne                                                     Uniquecomputers              Beaconsfield
                                               Pratt Engineering         Kings Meadows         Royal Launceston Show          Launceston                                                      TFGA                         Launceston
Medi Repair Services             Invermay                                                                                                     Stewart’s Sewing                                                                             United Customer Electronics Launceston
                                               PRD Nationwide Real Estate          Legana      Royal Oak Hotel                Launceston                                                      TG Financial                 Launceston
Michael Hodgman QC MP                Hobart                                                                                                   Machine Centre                  Devonport                                                    University of Tasmania          Newnham
                                               Precious Treasures                  Lilydale    RSL Club George Town          George Town                                                      The Beach Hut               George Town
Migrant Resource Centre                                                                                                                       Stillwater River Cafe         Launceston                                                     Valiant Tasmania                  Prospect
Northern Tasmania Inc.        Launceston       Precision Jewellers            Launceston       RSL Scottsdale                   Scottsdale                                                    The Carlyle                      St Helens
                                               Presbyterian Care Tas             Norwood                                                      Stitch n Bead                  launceston                                                    Value Plus IGA                Mole Creek
Millers Retail                Launceston                                                       Rutherglen Residential Club       Hadspen                                                      The Complete Garden          Launceston
                                               Presbyterian Care Tasmania        Norwood                                                      Stratton Engineering             Wivenhoe                                                    Victoria Cosmetic
Mojo Music                    Launceston                                                       Ryan Contracting                 Newstead                                                      The Complete You Salon           Prospect
                                               Prideclean                Kings Meadows                                                        Streefland Homes                   Prospect                                                  Medical Clinic                Launceston
Mole Creek Swimming                                                                            Ryanna Vineyard                  Newstead                                                      The Denture Centre           Launceston
Centre Assoc Inc              Mole Creek       Prime Thoroughbred                                                                             Stuart & McLauchlan P/L         Whitemore                                                    Victoria’s for Flowers            Prospect
                                                                                               Salon Nolas                    Launceston                                                      The Examiner                 Launceston
Motors P/L                     Launcston       Owner Tas                     Beauty Point                                                     Studio Hair & Beauty          Launceston                                                     View Tasmania P/L                    Hobart
                                                                                               Sandors on the Park            Launceston                                                      The Federal Group             Sandy Bay
Mt Elephant Pancakes               St Marys    Prince of Wales Hotel             Evandale                                                     Stylemaster Mensland        George Town                                                      Village Cinemas               Launceston
                                                                                               Sandstock Retractable                                                                          The Fish Van                   Triabunna
Musicians Union                                Prince’s Square Newsagency Launceston           Awnings Blinds & Shutters          Trevallyn   Sue Napier MP                 Launceston                                                     Vista Ridge Pure Mountain Water Lilydale
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Flower Shoppe            Launceston
(Launceston Branch)       Kings Meadows        Printer Supplies Tasmania       Youngtown       Scamander Kookaburra                           Suncoast Carpet Cleaning Binalong Bay
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Garden Shed             George Town      Waverley Woollen Mills        Launceston
National Automobile                            ProEdge                             Legana      Caravan Park                   Scamander       Supa IGA Shearwater            Shearwater
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Glenrea Shop             Launceston      Waves Hair Design                 Prospect
Museum                        Launceston       Professional Lawn                               Scarab Design Advertiisng Launceston           Susan Price                     Ambleside
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Good Dry                                 Wavesong Art Studio             Beaumaris
Natural Effects Landscaping       St Helens    Company                   Kings Meadows         Scooter Shop                   Launceston      Swansea News & Post                Swansea      Carpet Cleaning Co             Newstead
Natures Works             Kings Meadows        Prospect MarketPlace               Prospect     Scope Insurance Brokers        Launceston      Swell Internet Café                 Bicheno                                                  Wendy’s Meadow Mews            Punchbowl
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Living Room              Launceston
Neil Buckby Motors            Launceston       Prospect Supa IGA                  Prospect     Scott Signs                       Invermay     Synergy Spanish               Launceston                                                     Westpac Banking
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Mac Shop                 Launceston      Corporation                   Launceston
Newstead Flowers                Newstead       Prospect Timber & Landscape Prospect            Scott’s Motorcycle Spares           Legana     Tamar NRM                     Launceston        The Mill Providore           Launceston
Newstead Hotel                  Newstead       Providore 24                         Stanley    Scottsdale Art & Framing         Scottsdale    Tamar Valley Dairy                Invermay                                                   White Sands Resort        Ironhouse Point
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Northern Club            Launceston
Nice ‘N Sweet                     St Helens    Quadrant                              Hobart    Scottsdale Canvas & Saddlery Scottsdale        Tamar Valley Organic                Rowella                                                  WHK Garrotts                  Launceston
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Oven Bakery             George Town
Noni B                    Kings Meadows        Queechy Cottages                   St Helens    Scottsdale Liquor Market         Scottsdale    Tamar Valley Rose Shops       Launceston        The Pasta Merchant           Launceston      Will Hodgman                         Hobart
North East Landscaping                         Queenstown Central                              Scottsdale Visitor                             Tankworld Tasmania       Kings Meadows          The Pet Connection           Launceston      Willard Estate                Launceston
Supplies                          St Helens    Antiques                      Queenstown        Information Centre               Scottsdale    Tant Pour Tant                Launceston                                                     Wills                         Launceston
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Picture Place            Launceston
North West Shoe Repairs      Ravenswood        Queenstown Taxis              Queenstown        Seahorse World P/L            Beaconsfield     Tap Into a Better Tasmania             Exeter                                                Windara Orchard                    Sidmoth
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Sebel Launceston         Launceston
North-East Jewellers           Scottsdale      Quest Launceston                                Sebachi                        Launceston      Targett’s Pharmacy                 St Helens                                                 Windmill Educational Pty Ltd Launceston
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Sheeps Back!             Launceston
Northern Children’s Network     Newstead       Apartments                     Launceston       Second Office                  Launceston      Targetts Schoolwear                             The Sports Arena             Launceston      Winflo Curtains               Launceston
Norwood Newsagency               Norwood       Quick Fix                 Kings Meadows         Self Help Workplace             Youngtown      & Footwear                    Launceston        The Spudman                  Wesley Vale     Winnaleah Friendly Grocer      Winnaleah
Norwood Store                    Norwood       Quixell Launceston Metro          Invermay      Serendipi Tea House               Westbury     Tas Acrylics & Signs P/L        Blackstone      The Tasmanian Chamber of                     Woodrising Farm                      Cressy
NRM North                     Launceston       Racecourse Newsagency          Launceston       Serenity Gongs & Gifts         Launceston      Heights                                         Commerce and Industry               Hobart
NTD                           Launceston       Raine & Horne                          Exeter   Sewknit                        Launceston      Tas Gas Retail                Launceston                                                     Woolcock Partners             Launceston
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Tasmanian Seafood
Nursecare Personnel           Launceston       Randall & Lisa Wadley            Scottsdale     Shade Creations                     Legana     Tas Land Developments              Prospect     Industry Council              Sandy Bay      Yeltuor                       Launceston
OMS Certification Services Launceston          Rapidbuilt Kit Homes            Youngtown       Sharee Marshall                         Lton   Tas Printer Cartridge Co      Launceston        The Village Store & More         St Helens   Youngs Vegie Shed             Launceston
One Two Buckle My Shoe        Launceston       Red Dragon Nursery                  Karoola     Sharmans Fine Wines                   Relbia   Tas-Ag                   Campbell Town          Theatre North                Launceston      Yummies of Lilydale                Lilydale
Oriel Studio                          Exeter   Red Herring                           Hobart    Sidach National P/L            Launceston      Tasdance                      Launceston        Three River Theatre          Launceston      ZAB Window & Flooring         Launceston
PABS Discount Car Parts          Invermay      Redback Boots                  Launceston         Simply Enchanted Soaps           Prospect    Tasma Upholsterers            Launceston        Timber Communities Aus        Scottsdale     Zinmoto                          Invermay

                      Just yesterday at Aurora Stadium these people
                       committed to Buy Locally wherever possible.
David Shields                   Youngtown      Nigel Saunders                      Dilston     Bob Saunders                      Longford     Linda Jones                       Prospect      Rita McDermott              Ravenswood       William Simmons                  Mayfield
Melissa Shields                 Youngtown      Liz Saunders                        Dilston     Randall Saunders                   Legana      Dion Christie                     Trevallyn     Jason Morrison              Geilston Bay     Barry Ward                         Hobart
Shane Crooks                  Beaconsfield     Robert Saunders                   Prospect      Luke Saunders                      Legana      Susan Christie                    Trevallyn     Cheryl Ryan                 Ravenswood       Phylip Ward                        Hobart
Gerda Phillips                Beaconsfield     Rebecca Saunders                  Prospect      Jenna Cooper                     Mowbray       Laurice Rainbow                   Alanvale      Petina Kettle                    Legana      Gino Bernadi              Kings Meadows
Norelle Phillips              Beaconsfield     Tony Saunders                     Prospect      Mat Cooper                       Mowbray       Philip Nordern                      Lebrina     Mark McDermott               Youngtown       Carlo Bernadi             Kings Meadows
Paul Morgan                      West L’ton    Patricia Saunders                 Mowbray       Lisa McCumiskey                   Bracknell    Julie Rainbow Nordern               Lebrina     Maureen Goldfinch        Clarendon Vale      Tony Radford                    Newstead
Maree Morgan                     West L’ton    Michael Saunders                Underwood       Roger McCumiskey                  Bracknell    Anthony Morrison              Ravenswood        Greg Goldfinch           Clarendon Vale      Patricia Bowen                  Mowbray
Tim Donaldson                    Newnham       Annette Saunders                Underwood       Debbie McCumiskey                 Bracknell    Chris Hately                      Alanvale      Linda Goldfinch          Clarendon Vale      Jan Chaplin                      Newman
Paula Donaldson                  Newnham       Glenn Saunders                   Glengarry      Juanita Cassidy                  Newstead      Jill Mitchell                   Summerhill      Ben Goldfinch            Clarendon Vale      Lynne Stevens                    Longford
Royce Yates                       Norwood      Tracey Saunders                   Longford      Ken Claridge                    Summerhill     Narelle Mitchell                Summerhill      Nicholas Goldfinch       Clarendon Vale
Lynda Yates                       Norwood      Kate Saunders                     Mowbray       Debbie Claridge                 Summerhill     Jason Tucker                    Summerhill      C. Rowbottom                   Prospect
Yvonne Smith                       Legana      Viv Saunders                      Longford      Peter Jones                       Prospect     Damian Sulzberger                   Lebrina     Phillip Rowbottom              Prospect

                            You are invited...
  To learn about customer service from a company widely regarded as one of the best – Virgin Blue,
  and understand the science behind the Buy Locally campaign.                                                                                                                                        Time: 6.00pm for 6.15pm
      • Guest Presenter is Stewart Tudor-Jackman,                                                                                                                                                          Concluding at 7.45pm
           Service Delivery Manager with Virgin Blue Airlines
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Venue: Horton Auditorium
      • Dr Tony McCall, Honorary Fellow, Australian Innovation Research Centre (AIRC) Lecturer School                                                                                                       Scotch Oakburn College
           of Government, University of Tasmania                                                                                                                                                            85 Penquite Road
      • A panel of local leaders, including Frank Dixon, (Launceston City Council), Colleen McGann                                                                                                          Launceston
           (St. Lukes Health) and Daniel Hanna (Tourism Industry Council)
                        We hope you can join us to hear first-hand the positive difference                                                                                                           Cost: FREE
                                   this campaign is making in our community.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        (Parking is available in the adjacent car park)

                                                                                                                                                                                                            to Jane Bowles on 6336 7251 or

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