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TONIGHT Viva Bunbury

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WHAT’S HAPPENING IN OUR CITY . . .                                                                                                                                                               MARCH 11, 2009

 P U T I T I N Y O U R D I A RY                                   WORKS                                            PUBLIC COMMENTS
                                                                 Big Swamp Carpark reconstruction                  The following items are open for public comment
                                                                 The existing carpark at Big Swamp opposite
                                                                 Carob Street is being reconstructed.              Eliot Street upgrade
                                                                 The carpark is closed to the public while         Public comments are invited on the proposal to upgrade Eliot Street.
                                                                 construction is underway.                         The proposals include:
                                                                 Work is estimated to take about four weeks and    • converting the traffic to one way in a westerly direction from Victoria to Wittenoom Streets.
                                                                 be completed on 9th April.                        • provision of six a additional parking bays.
                                                                 For more information please contact Ric
                                                                                                                   • providing new road surface, kerbing and paved paths.
                                                                 Normington 0419 968 402 or
                                                                 9792 7307                                         • providing new street lighting and removal of existing overhead power cables.
                                                                                                                   • providing water sensitive urban design stormwater treatment.
                                                                  LIBRARY                                          • providing new street trees and vegetation to improve the visual amenity.
                                                                 Bookworm Club                                     • providing improved security camera surveillance.
                                                                 Hey kids - do you enjoy reading and talking       A concept plan of the proposed upgrade is available for viewing at our Customer Service Centre.
                                                                 about the latest books?
                                                                                                                   Written comments close 4pm Wednesday 25th March.
                                                                 Testing your brain power with quizzes?
                                                                 Having fun doing crafty things?                   For more information please contact Garry Nolan, 9792 7085.
                                                                 Bookworm Club is for children aged 8-11
                                                                                                                   Local Planning Strategy for Tourism
                                                                 It is held monthly during the school terms on     Revised First Draft
                       TONIGHT                                   Wednesdays from 4-5pm.                            Public comments are invited on the above strategy which aims to guide tourism growth in Bunbury
                          Don’t miss                             Membership is FREE                                in keeping with the goals of the City Vision Strategy and to provide information to investors and
                    Viva Bunbury                                 Register your interest NOW to join the
                                                                 Bookworm club by contacting Withers Public
                                                                                                                   Strategy documents are available for viewing at our Customer Service Centre, City Library,
               6pm – 10pm Wednesday 11 March                     Library on 9795 8033.                             Parkfield Street, Withers Library, Hudson Road or downloaded from website: www.
         Victoria Street between Clifton & Eliot Streets.        First Bookwork Club is on TODAY from 4-5pm
                 two hot Latin bands - two stages                (Wednesday 11th March) at Withers Public
                        two dance floors                                                                           Submissions close 5pm Monday 23rd March 2009.
                                                                 Library, Hudson Road.
                                plus                                                                               For more information please contact Development Services, 9792 7049
              a spectacular aerial performance by
                                                                 The next meeting of the City of Bunbury Council   Preston River Technology Park
                          Natural Wings
                                                                 will be a council committee meeting at 6pm        Public comments are invited on the following proposal under consideration.
                        plus the fabulous
                                                                 Tuesday, 17 March in the Council Chambers,        • Proposed local planning policy – Preston River Technology Park development design guidelines
                   Kuerazo Latin dance group
                                                                 Stephen Street, Bunbury (entry off Wittenoom      Details of the proposal are available for inspection at our Customer Service Centre.
  join us for a FREE night of music, laughter & dancing in the
                               street                                                                              Written submissions close 5pm Wednesday 1st April 2009.
                                                                 All meetings are open to the public and include
     visit for more information            a “public question time”.                         For more information please contact Tesh Tadesse, Planning Officer, 9792 7055.

        City of Bunbur y Customer Ser vice Centre is at 4 Stephen Street, Bunbur y. All submissions can be forwarded to the Centre or by post to PO Box 21, Bunbury, WA. 6231

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