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                      Newsletter of the Sustainability Victoria
                         Waste Wise Schools Program
                                              October, 2005

                                                              COMPUTER REUSE AND RECYCLING
SUSTAINABILITY VICTORIA                                       SERVICES
You may have noticed a change in the Waste Wise
Schools logo. On October 1 2005, EcoRecycle                   Bendigo - Enhance IT
Victoria joined forces with the Sustainable Energy            T: 5446 3477
Authority Victoria to become Sustainability Victoria.         Camberwell - Byteback
Sustainability Victoria continues to support the              City of Boroondara Waste Transfer Station
Waste Wise Schools program. You can still access              648 Riversdale Rd Camberwell
all of the handy online information that was provided         Open weekdays 1-4pm and weekends 8am-4pm
through EcoRecycle (great for fact sheets and                 T: 9278 4444
information on services) by visiting the new website:         Byteback accepts:                                 Personal computer systems including desktops,
                                                              laptops, computer mice, monitors, printers,
Or contact the Infoline for information on products
                                                              scanners, keyboards, computer power supplies,
and services previously provided by EcoRecycle
                                                              printed circuit boards, motherboards, network &
Victoria: 1800 353 233.
                                                              memory cards, disk and CD drives.
ITS ZERO WASTE WEEK OCT 23-30                                 The following items are not accepted:
Check out the Sustainability Victoria website to find         Joysticks, play stations, electronic games, software,
out what’s on near you and how to get involved!               digital cameras, electronic equipment, TV's, videos,
                                                              hi-fi equipment, mobile phones, printer cartridges
E-WASTE                                                       and copiers.
E-waste is a popular term for electronic waste such
                                                              Abbotsford – Green PC
as computers, printer cartridges, fax machines,               Refurbishes computers & monitors for general sale
televisions, stereos and mobile phones and is a               T: 9418 7400
significant problem in the waste stream. If E-waste
                                                              Campbellfield - MRI
goes to landfill, environmentally toxic materials can         Refurbishes and recycles TVs, computers, batteries,
leach into the surrounding environment and                    mobile phones.
valuable resources go to waste.                               T: 9305 4611
Avoiding E-waste in the first place can be achieved           E:
by purchasing products that are durable, can be               Collingwood – B2C Recylers
upgraded, or can be readily recycled.           Ask           Free drop off service. Refurbishes computers for
manufacturers! There is increasing pressure for               community groups or recycles components for those
manufactures to become more responsible for E-                beyond repair.
waste.      Help close the loop and consider                  T: 94162604
environmental benefits when purchasing or leasing             E:
electronic equipment.                                         Geelong and Tullarmarine - PC Graveyard
There are also re-use and recycling opportunities             Free drop off and collection in Geelong area, or collection
for E-waste. Check with service providers before              service with fee in Greater Melbourne.
                                                              T: 5275 8835
dropping off any equipment, as different services             E:
accept different products. All services listed here
offer a free drop off service.
                                   Waste Wise Schools Newsletter, October 2005
               Program Manager: Gould League P (03) 9532 0909 F (03) 9532 2860 E:
Melbourne West – Computer bank                               • Make sure you have a committee to help share
Refurbishes computers for community groups                     the load and bounce ideas.
T: 9600 9161
                                                             • Contact the Regional Education Officer from your
Richmond - PC Recycling
Refurbishes computers & monitors and ships to the              Regional Waste Management Group; they are
developing world.                                              there to help.
T: 9421 2736                                                 • Promote your school achievements as much as
Ringwood - Equipment Recycling Network Inc                     you can to staff and students and provide positive
Free drop off service. Refurbishes and distributes             rewards to encourage more support and
unwanted computers & monitors to people with                   environmental awareness. It works!
                                                             • Keep the Principal well informed and involve
T: 03 9879 5211                                                him/her as much as possible.
                                                             • At assemblies, ask the environment committee
MOBILE PHONE AND PHONE BATTERIES                               students to deliver the messages; better coming
Mobile phone retail and repair outlets often accept            from students than the staff.
mobile phones and batteries for re-use and
                                                             To find a Support School near you, check out the
recycling. To find a collection point near you visit
                                                             Waste Wise Schools web link:
the AMTA website, which has a mobile phone         
recycling location finder:
                                                             WASTE WISE ACCREDITATION
GREEN SCHOOLS                                                Are interested in becoming an Accredited Waste
Across Australia a network of Green Schools is               Wise School but would like a bit of help? Please
being established by Conservation Volunteers                 email requesting the Draft
Australia and Vodafone Australia. The program will           Application for Accreditation Booklet.
give a selection of schools assistance by volunteer
teams taking practical actions to help them become
a Green School. If you’re just getting started, or           2005 WASTE WISE AND SUSTAINABLE
already have an environmental program but could              SCHOOLS AWARDS
do with some extra arms and legs, visit the Green            Congratulations to all those who entered the 2005
Schools website:                                             Waste Wise and Sustainable Schools Awards! This                               year’s Awards received a record 115 entries from 63
                                                             schools. The State Finalists for Waste Wise
                                                             School of Year are:
WASTE WISE SUPPORT SCHOOLS                                   Berwick Secondary College, Croydon Hills Primary
HOT TIPS                                                     School, Corio South Primary School, Fountaingate
The Waste Wise Schools program includes a                    Primary School, Tintern Girls Grammar School and
network of Support Schools that can provide advice           Leongatha Secondary College.
to other schools setting up waste and litter                 Other finalist schools include:
programs. The following hot tips have kindly been            Bairnsdale Secondary College, Bayles Regional
provided by both primary and secondary Support               Primary School, Bulleen Heights School,
Schools:                                                     Castlemaine Steiner School, Darley Primary School,
• Collect all sorts of materials for reuse in science        Doncaster Primary School, East Bentleigh Primary
  and technology.                                            School, Greenvale Primary School, Hughesdale
                                                             Primary School, Kings Park Primary School, Lara
• Use the intranet instead of printing for messages          Secondary College, Macclesfield Primary School,
  from staff and committee meetings                          Mildura West Primary School, Mount Scopus
• Take digital photos and only print those you really        Memorial College, Northcote High School,
  need.                                                      Osborne Primary School, Princes Hill Primary
• Sell multi-compartment Tupperware at school;               School, St Mary's Primary School (Rutherglen),
  great for rubbish-free chips and dips, or give away        Syndal South Primary School, Tyabb Primary
  for environmental prizes.                                  School, Yarra Primary School
• Allow only nude food outside - a great way to              Winners for all categories will be announced in early
  reduce litter dramatically.                                November. And remember the Awards will be on
                                                             again next year!
                                   Waste Wise Schools Newsletter, October 2005
                 Program Manager: Gould League P (03) 9532 0909 F (03) 9532 2860 E:

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