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The Practice and Joy of Finding Inner Peace…


The Practice and Joy of Finding Inner Peace….

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									The Stillpoint Centre
16 Grove Street Toowong 4066
PO Box 70 TOOWONG QLD 4066

Tel: 3217 8992                                                                                       UPDATE – JUNE 2009

The Stillpoint Centre Ltd
Incorporating the Stillpoint Library – an ATO
endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient              The Practice and Joy of Finding Inner Peace….
                                                                                          Here in Australia we do not experience many of the
         STILLPOINT’S MISSION                                                             challenges that face those living in other parts of
                                                                                          the world, but we still struggle with the ups and
                  To provide a                                                            downs of life, and like the rest of humanity we yearn
      “still point in a turning world” by                                                 not only for peace in the world but for inner peace.
            responding to a call to:
                                                                                          This search for inner peace can be a lonely and
      Mediate the invitation of Jesus for                                                 difficult journey, but many men and women have
      deep peace and soulful rest                                                         found invaluable help and resources through
      Learn from His gentle and humble                                                    Stillpoint which has been life changing. This
      heart                                                                               certainly is true for one of Stillpoint’s dedicated
      Share with people in their struggles                                                volunteers who discovered Stillpoint in the mid
      and searching, recognising that                                                     1990s.
      each person’s story is different
                                                For Shirley, her association with Stillpoint began when the Spirituality Group she attended
                                                linked with the original Stillpoint group for quiet days and retreats.
1.    The Practice and Joy of Finding Inner     “A still point in a turning world was very meaningful for me. In the 10 years before I heard of
            Peace.                              Stillpoint, I had been very busy studying part-time for a Bachelor of Arts, bringing up three
2.    Reflection Day – Journalling.             children as a single parent and working full-time. I urgently needed that space and time for
3.    HELP! Financial Downturn Hits             silence and stillness.
      Retreat in Everyday Life.                 For some years I had regularly meditated and learned the value of taking time to
4.    The Enneagram: Taking it Further.         intentionally be still and give space to listen to God in my life rather than just talking to God.
      A Special Book.
      Seasons: Managing Grief and Loss.
                                                Joining with others for quiet days was an invaluable extension of that personal practice.
5.    A Monastic Day?
      Mother Teresa: Angel of Mercy.            I know how hard it is to quiet the constant chatter in our heads. We live in a world of sound,
      Weavings.                                 never silent, music, TV, radio in the background, everything accompanied by noise. It’s very
6.    Sacred Connections: Creative              difficult to stop that—your own thoughts just go helter-skelter all over the place in an
            Expression and Art Making.          incoherent stream of consciousness. All meditators find they have to learn how to relax and
      Artspace.                                 let go of this clamour and allow Christ’s peace to fill their awareness.
7.    All About Books, CDs and DVDs in
            Stillpoint Library.                 When I first learned about meditation someone remarked that it wasn’t for everybody. But I
8.    Calendar of Coming Events.
                                                think it is for everybody! While, because I’m an introvert by nature, it’s probably more
           OPENING HOURS 2009                   natural for me to look inward, extroverts can also find joy in just being in God’s presence.
            During School terms:
                                                People talk about practising meditation and I do believe it’s a matter of practising and not
            20 Apr. – 25 June                   giving up. Yes, it is hard to start with. I don’t think anyone should expect it to be easy, but
            13 July – 18 Sept.                  as you learn to let go of all your anxieties, of all your own ego stuff, and hand yourself over
            5 Oct. – 10 Dec.                    to God, the more regularly you do that, the richer the experience is. It’s given me such a
                                                tremendous sense of peace.
            Monday       9.00-4.00
            Tuesday      9.00-4.00              Julian of Norwich described this experience of inner peace at the time of the Black Death in
            & 7.30pm to 8.30pm                  14th century England. People were dying all around her and it must have been devastating.
            Wednesday 9.00-4.00                 Yet she could say, “...All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be
            Thursday 9.00-4.00                  well” because of her trust that God was there suffering alongside. Well, my life hasn’t had
                                                that level of turmoil, but I’ve had a broken marriage and other things that have been hard to
        Fridays, weekends and school            handle in my life including a sister who died at 52 from Motor Neurone Disease. So I’ve
                                                known some tough times, but in all of it there has been that sense that God was carrying
           holidays by appointment
                                                me, that Christ suffers with us, and the sense of peace and rest gifted by the Holy Spirit is

                                                                                                         Continued on next page…
I must admit I haven’t always thought or felt like that. In fact         During this time I discovered the answer again and again—
I was a big panic merchant and occasionally the feeling                  ‘I have met you at Stillpoint – help others to meet me in that
returns. But I keep learning to trust God. So when I find                place, to find me where there are no pressures to
myself thinking that I have to solve a problem, or I’m acting            constantly do.’
in way that I know that I wouldn’t if I was really listening to
                                                                         Upon my return to Australia I was invited to join the Still
God, I remember to live in the present and trust that “all
                                                                         Time Mission Group and a little later I led a Quiet Day. It
shall be well.”
                                                                         snowballed from there and gradually I felt I should offer
For me, being with God means sitting down and saying                     teaching on meditation and then lead a meditation group
‘Lord, I know you are present with me all the time but I’m               within Stillpoint. I’d also responded to the need for a
not present with you very much and right now I have                      Company Secretary since I had previous experience in that
nothing else that I want do. I want to spend time just sitting           role, and I offered to take it on for a few months but am still
with you.’ In reality, that’s how we are with our friends and            doing it three years later. Before this I had only had time to
family. If one person spoke all the time and the other not at            receive from Stillpoint in so many enriching ways but I
all, the relationship would be shattered; it couldn’t grow.              hadn’t really given anything back. What a lot of us do
We have to take that two-way connection into our                         overlook, because we are just in need of what Stillpoint can
relationship with God and be a listener. Often our prayer is             offer, are the opportunities for service as part of the
a shopping list for others and for ourselves, and I think it’s           Stillpoint team. Stillpoint doesn’t happen by magic, it’s a
good to be quiet and let God have a chance. Usually I’ll                 group of very committed people who would welcome you to
read some scripture to help me enter into that listening                 bring as little or as much as you can give to help us
place.                                                                   continue offering ‘a still point in a turning world’.
How do I know I’m ‘hearing from God’? Well it’s very hard                Stillpoint’s vision expresses and mediates the words of
to describe, some experiences are greater than words and                 Jesus in Matthew 11:28-30 through all that it offers. I
that’s why silence is so valuable. But a sense of very                   especially love the translation by Tom Wright, the Bishop of
serene peace seems to fill me. Other times it will be                    Durham:
something in the scripture that says this is what God wants
                                                                         Are you having a real struggle? Come to me! Are you
for me and it then can become a prayer to bring my life into
                                                                         carrying a big load on your back? Come to me—I’ll give
harmony with God’s will, which is acting in love, rather than
                                                                         you a rest! Pick up my yoke and put it on; take lessons
suddenly knowing a specific thing I have to do, although
                                                                         from me, I’ll be gentle with you! The last thing in my heart is
occasionally there are specific actions I’m led to take. It’s a
                                                                         to give you a hard time. You’ll see—rest you need, and rest
matter of letting God guide you.
                                                                         you shall have. My yoke is easy to wear, my load is easy to
This experience became very real to me when I retired at                 bear.
the end of 2004 and kept asking God ‘How can I serve you
                                                                         Through its opportunities for quietness, the activities and
in my retirement years?’ I went seeking the answer during
                                                                         teaching, the friendly welcoming space with people who
a personal pilgrimage in 2005 when I visited Christian
                                                                         take you as you are—that’s how Stillpoint brings that verse
communities in Scotland, Northumbria, Taizé in France and
                                                                         to life and expresses it for people.”
Helsinki in Finland, in order to learn from them.

Reflection Day – Journalling – Facilitator Helen Woolcock
                                        Have you wondered about coming to the Journalling Day but weren’t quite sure what it
                                        would involve? Is it like keeping a diary? No, not really. It is more about taking a few steps
                                        back so we can take in the broader perspective. It is a way of tracking our inner journey
                                        with God as that is reflected in our daily lives — our relationships, our experiences, our
                                        emotions to name a few. It is our own Pilgrim’s Progress! Helen says:

                                      “I get very excited about the benefits of Journalling, as I have experienced it. I can honestly
say that whenever I take the time to write and reflect in this way I always gain some new understanding about the issues I'm
dealing with and what God might want to show me. The emptying onto paper really does clear the brain and God's Spirit brings
new insights. We will hopefully experience that in our day together.

Do give it a go if you haven't before. There is no sense in which what you write will be evaluated. What you choose to work on is
between you and God. It will all seem very natural because it is your own life and energies that you are attending to.”

We have chosen a weekday — Friday 24 July 2009 — hoping to avoid the busy-ness of weekends. Perhaps you can call on
an RDO if you are still in the workforce. The day will commence with a cuppa at 9.00 for 9.30am and conclude with afternoon tea
at 3.00pm. Bring a lunch and a notebook. Morning and afternoon tea provided. Cost is $25 with concession $20 for full-time
students and those on limited income. Please use the enclosed registration form to register no later than 16 July.

Help! – Financial Downturn Hits Stillpoint
Along with many others, Stillpoint has                                                   delayed our reminder inviting people to
been struggling quite a bit more than                                                    renew their annual donations and,
usual this year. Our financial position is                                               together with the current worldwide
quite precarious, yet we feel this ministry                                              economic downturn, has had a flow-on
is needed more than ever, with                                                           effect on our scanty finances.
Australia's anxiety levels so much higher
at this time.                                                                            As you know, the Stillpoint Centre is
                                                                                         staffed entirely by volunteers and relies
It has been quite amazing how each year we receive just                on the generosity of its volunteers, visitors, friends and
enough to keep going and we are extremely thankful for                 supporters to finance the minimal infrastructure that
that. However, this current year’s donations have been                 supports our vital ministry. We want to thank you for your
significantly down, especially the annual donation of $80              past support and hope you will prayerfully and urgently
from Friends of Stillpoint (which includes a tax-deductible            consider how you can financially support Stillpoint during
donation to the Library of $40, and $10 towards newsletter             the coming year.
costs). In order to reduce costs we have cut the number of
issues of the newsletter from four to three, which has                 The enclosed Supporters’ Information Brochure
                                                                       contains full details of how donations can be made.

                                              SOME CHURCH BULLETIN BLOOPERS
“The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals.”                      “The sermon this morning: ‘Jesus Walks on the
                                                                        The sermon tonight: ‘Searching for Jesu”.
“Ladies, don’t forget the rummage sale. It’s a chance
to get rid of those things not worth keeping around                    “For those of you who have children and don’t know it,
the house. Bring your husbands.”                                        we have a nursery downstairs.”

“At the evening service tonight, the sermon topic will be ‘What Is Hell?’ Come early and listen to our Choir practice.”

Retreat In Everyday Life
                                              Now we’ve attracted you to this item with a very cute photo, we want to attract you
                                              to a very special retreat, which will follow a similar approach to the wonderfully
                                              enriching first Retreat in Everyday Life last year. Yes, it does last for a week, but
                                              you won’t spend your whole time praying beside your bed (with our without your
                                              pet)! Rather, you will “retreat” with God while continuing your normal life activities
                                              with family, home, work, and personal interests. And you will not be taking this
                                              journey alone. To start this very special experience you will meet with Dawn
                                              Courtman and other participants at Stillpoint on Sunday 21 June at 2.00pm for an
                                              introductory session and to receive some guidelines and handouts. These materials
                                              will help you determine for yourself the “how, what, when and where” of what it
                                              means to spend time in retreat in the midst of your normal life. Whilst this will
                                              vary from individual to individual, you will be asked to prayerfully covenant the
                                              amount of time you decide to set aside for your retreat. This could be anything from
                                              30 minutes to an hour each day and may be spread over more than one period of
                                              time – e.g. during an early morning walk; whilst having a quiet cuppa or lunch break
                                              or by taking a few final minutes before turning out the lights in the evening.

You will also be asked to commit to meet with a Stillpoint Spiritual Companion (sometimes called a Spiritual Director) three
times during the retreat week. These meetings will generally take place at Stillpoint and last about 30 minutes each time but may
be longer if that is what you need. Again days and times will be organised to suit you and if it is more practical to meet
elsewhere, that is also a possibility.

The retreat will conclude with a gathering of participants, Spiritual Companions and Dawn Courtman at Stillpoint on Sunday
28 June at 2.00pm for fellowship and perhaps to share experiences.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the retreat before registering, please phone Stillpoint on 3217 8992 and retreat
facilitator, Dawn Courtman, will contact you.

The all-inclusive cost of $100 includes opening and closing refreshments, use of the Stillpoint Centre, materials, and meetings
with a Spiritual Companion. Concession rate is $85 for full-time students and people on a limited income. Please use enclosed
registration form to register no later than Thursday 11 June.
“The Enneagram: Taking it further” — Patrick Oliver
                                                The Enneagram has been one of the most popular offerings at Stillpoint over the
                                                years. This year, Stillpoint is offering three evenings when those familiar with the
                                                Enneagram can come to hone their understandings of how this tool can help in
                                                self-understanding, prayer and relationships.

                                                It will be helpful for those attending to have some introductory knowledge of the
                                                Enneagram. Although there will be a little teaching of theory, most of the time will
                                                be spent looking at real-life situations that participants offer for reflection from an
                                                Enneagram standpoint. Come prepared with an example or two. Patrick and
                                                participants can then apply their Enneagram insights!

                                                Here are some questions that might be helpful to get you started, but don’t stop
                                                here—you may have other offerings to share:

•    When are situations that you find your Enneagram space particularly comes to the fore — for good or for ill?
•    How have you found an understanding of your Enneagram space has helped you to be a little more tolerant of self/others?
•    Through the Enneagram, have you been able to better understand others with whom you live or work?
•    Has it helped you to respond a little more to life, rather than simply react/react/react?
•    Have you found the Enneagram to be helpful in understanding a little more of God's presence in you?
•    Has it helped you to be a little more contemplative towards life?

This interactive workshop will run for three Wednesday evenings 22, 29 July, and 5 August, from 7.15 – 9.00pm. Cost: $70
(Concession $60). Please use the enclosed registration form to register no later than 15 July.

A Special Book
A new book donated to the Stillpoint Library is Mr Hopeful, Memoirs of John Wheeler,
Brisbane 2008. It is his personal story, beginning in England and covering involvement in
wartime, in public service and the Congregational Church, and travel experiences recorded for                 MR
his family. Central to his story is his wife of over 50 years Ann, who died in 2006 after years of
John’s caring for her. In 2007, John attended the first Seasons: Loss and Grief course held                 HOPEFUL
at Stillpoint and he records these words on the last page of his memoirs:
                                                                                                            MEMOIRS OF
“One final stage remaining to be recorded is the series of grief workshops I attended at Stillpoint,
the Christian meditation centre at Toowong. Centacare, the Catholic Family Welfare Agency in              JOHN WHEELER
Melbourne prepared the program and our companion and leader on the journey was Adele
Dingle, who herself has both tragic personal experience and specialist skills. As so often, I was
the only male participating, and when I mentioned this to Ian, a psychiatrist member of Pilgrim
Church, he commented that when males need emotional help, they frequently do not seek it –
and die in consequence.

People taking part in the workshops were experiencing many causes of grief but the traumas were much the same. Each session
embraced a stage in the grieving process, and I think those of us who attended the entire series benefited most. Procedure
included keeping a log, and recording events and feelings along the way. We were not required to share more than we wished,
and obviously needed to treat what other people said in strict confidence.

Week after week we each progressed along our personal grieving journey and, at the last meeting, wrote down emotions we
wished to release, tied them to helium balloons and together allowed them to ascend in the general direction of an airliner doing
a wide circuit above us. About a month later, we met for afternoon tea. The participants in the workshops were all good people,
we established temporary bonding, and although I can remember none of them, I affectionately hope their release from trauma is
as complete as mine.”

A photo in the book shows John releasing his balloon – releasing his trauma.

Seasons: Managing Grief and Loss: If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with grief brought about by significant
life changes including separation, death, unemployment and trauma, make a note in your diary to book in for the next series of
Seasons facilitated by Adele Dingle. Seasons consists of six sessions and will be held next on Monday evenings 19 October to
9 November 2009. Cost $120 (Concession $95). Registrations by 12 October. For further information please contact Stillpoint
on 3217 8992 and Adele will make contact with you.

A Monastic Day – for Ordinary, Everyday Men and Women?
During this very different Reflection Day, participants will be introduced to the spirituality of the Order of
St Benedict, and invited to experience as much as possible the Benedictine Experience by following the
normal pattern of a monastic day. This holds for a balance of community and individual time, work and
prayer, words and silence, activity and rest.

While the Benedictine Experience draws on the monastic day, it also aims to uncover how the Rule of
St Benedict can be a meaningful way to shape life for ordinary, everyday men and women.

                       Our Facilitator will be Andrew Cooper DipTeach, BTheol, GradDipRE, MSocSci (Pastoral
                       Counselling). Andrew is an Oblate of the Benedictine Abbey of St Mark in Camperdown, Victoria and
                       currently teaches Study of Religion and Religious Education at St Aidan’s School, Corinda. He is also in
                       formation for ordination to the priesthood with the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. He has a deep interest in
                       the spiritual journey, particularly in the contemplative tradition and its possibilities in the everyday.

                         Oblates of St Benedict are people who have associated themselves with a Benedictine Community in
                       order to enrich their Christian way of life. Oblates shape their lives by living the wisdom of Christ as
                       interpreted by St Benedict. Oblates seek God by serving him in their chosen way of life. By integrating
                       their prayer and work, they endeavour to show Christ's presence clearly in society.

Saturday 12 September 2009 at Stillpoint. Optional early start 6.30am for meditation, quiet time and continental breakfast.
Arriving and gathering for main program will be 8.30am for 9.00 start with the day closing at 5.00. Breakfast, morning and
afternoon tea provided, but please BYO lunch. Cost $30 (Concession $25). To register please use the enclosed registration
form and register no later than 3 September. Please indicate whether you will be attending from 6.30 or 8.30am.

Mother Teresa – Angel of Mercy

                                     In his book ‘Wash the Feet of the World – With Mother Teresa’ Dr Charles Ringma wrote:
                                     “Mother Teresa once said she wanted to ‘do something beautiful for God.’ Looking back at
                                     her decades of service and recognition—including the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize—Mother
                                     Teresa's life indeed proved to be a work of art in its purest form.”

                                     In this series of four evenings, Dr Ringma will reflect on the spirituality of Mother Teresa,
                                     allowing us to look for ways of doing something beautiful with our own lives.

                                     Wednesdays 19, 26 August, 2, 9 September 2009: 7.30 – 9.30pm. Cost: $80 (Concession
                                     $65). Please use the enclosed registration form to register no later than 12 August.

                        Weaving Our Journeys Discussion Group: A friendly and relaxed setting for
                        reflection and faith sharing which arise out of the articles in the bi-monthly journal
                        Weavings. Themes in the pipeline include ‘Where is your God?’ – ‘Turning the World
                        Upside Down’ and ‘Show Me Your Ways, O Lord’, Fridays 19 June, 28 August, 23
                        October, 4 December. 9.30 – 11.00am. $5 donation.

A Personal Perspective – Liz Antcliff
Sacred Connections: Creative Expression and Art Making

Downstairs at 16 Grove Street, below Stillpoint’s main lounge                      I have a love and respect for ritual and symbolism and have
and library, are shelves containing paints, inks, brushes,                         found that the traditions of the Christian faith, such as prayer
pastels, pens, tiles, clay, dried leaves, boxes of found objects                   and the sacraments, offer expression to the meanings and
such as buttons, ribbons, cork discs, broken glass tiles, small                    values of lived experience. That is, each of these elements
stones, beads, leather, raffia, an array of textured and printed                   addresses the interaction between the human and the divine.
papers, old magazines and various miscellaneous hardware                           “Art as prayer involves the drawing or painting or sculpturing
items. These, like the former garage of 16 Grove Street,                           of the everyday, ordinary images of life as they present
which has been converted to the Heartspace Artspace♥, are                          themselves” (Moon, 2001). Art-making is an alternate prayer
recyclable treasures. It is not so much what is done with                          language.
these treasures, as it is what they do with me. They inspire
and excite me, they pain me, and help me to see new                                Augustine of Hippo defined a Christian sacrament as an
possibilities.                                                                     “outward and visible sign of invisible reality”, what I have
                                                                                   previously named as an ultimate reality or God. Sacraments
When engaging with creative expression and art-making with                         take place in the context of community and engage the whole
these treasures, I feel that I’m engaging in a religious activity.                 person through actions that involve the sensing body as well
Allow me to explain. Lynda Sexson writes in ‘Ordinarily                            as the mind and the spirit. Sacrament is therefore a religious
Sacred’ —scandalously perhaps,                                                                                 symbolism (often as rites or
that the word religion is a confusing                                                                          manifested in rituals), which
and perhaps even a distorted term                                                                              conveys divine grace, blessings or
when held from the narrow                                                                                      sacredness. Within the context of
perspective of the institution of                                                                              the Artspace, making of art and the
church. “Religion then is the                                                                                  expressions of our inner journey
consecration of experience, or                                                                                 are conducted in the company of
person, so that the person or                                                                                  others, sometimes one other, often
experience is made whole (holy).                                                                               in small groups. The focus at these
Religion is more a quality of                                                                                  times is one of the acknowledge-
perceiving and knowing... and not a                                                                            ment and the representation of our
discrete category within human                                                                                 vulnerability, which is witnessed,
experience, rather a quality that                                                                              through our artistic creations, with
pervades all of experience” (p.9). The materials and                               respect and humility of the great mystery between the human
modalities of art making and creative expression then engage                       and divine. As such then, these times of shared creative
me with the sacred. I bring my humanness, my very ordinary                         expression become the symbolism and the ritual through
lived experiences to the offerings of the creative expressive                      which the very essence of our being is nourished through
process, where both the art materials and my humanness                             shared communion of hope, compassion, acceptance and
become agents and the embodiment of the divine presence.                           love, encountering the presence of the living God.

Art-making then is first and foremost an act of my faith. It is                    I resonate with Catherine Moon (2001) when she says “that
an acknowledgement that no matter what my life experiences                         like diving into a body of water, creative engagement has the
are... be they damaged, discarded, broken or worn and                              capacity to hold me up if I actively cooperate with its holding
preloved, just as the treasures contained on the Artspace                          power”. To me this is the tangible experience of grace, God’s
shelves, I am willing to participate in life, willing to make                      grace—grace as God’s love for humanity, to know that I am
something out of it. This act of faith is a statement of my                        always within that love.
belief in the ultimate goodness of life and the ultimate reality
of the mystery, the creator, and the divine, God. Making art                       Wonderfully, to participate in these sacred connections we do
provides opportunity for faith to become concretised, as the                       not need artistic talents... just a willing heart... would you like
objects and the processes of creative expression become                            to know more? Contact Liz Antcliff on 0438 163 255 or via
something that can be seen, heard, felt, touched, smelled                          email
and perhaps even tasted, witnessed and shared.
References: Hexam’s Concise Dictionary of Religion, “Sacrament” obtained
Moon. C. (2001) Prayer, Sacrament and Grace. In M. Farrelly-Hansen, Spirituality and Art Therapy: living the connection. London, Jessica Kingsley.
Sexson, L. (1992) Ordinarily Sacred. Charlottesville, NC. University Press of Virginia.

♥ Following a short break this year, Artspace Facilitator Liz Antcliff will recommence creative expression workshops on
Thursday evenings only commencing 16 July. The theme for these workshops will be planned with input from Artspace
participants. Anyone interested in either returning, or wanting to start exploring another way of knowing through creative
expression, are invited to contact Liz by email: or to leave a message on her mobile: 0438 163 255.
You are also invited to visit her personal blog:
                            ARTSPACE: Thursday evenings 16 July to 26 November inclusive, 6.00 to 9.0pm.
                                      Cost per session, including materials: $20 (Concession $15).

All about Books, CDs and DVDs in Stillpoint Library

                                Where is
                               that book?                  HELP! We’ve lost quite a few good books from the library over
                                                          the last year or two. When taken out, the loan was not recorded in
                                                       the computer so there is no record to follow up. We want people to
                                                     borrow books but we also need to have them returned. It takes money
                                                     from our limited budget to replace them. So, PLEASE could you
                                                     check to see whether there is a Stillpoint stamp in any of your
                                                     books that you may have borrowed and forgotten to return? Three
                                                     examples of much sought-after books that have not been returned are:
                                                     ‘Holy Listening’ by Margaret Guenther; ‘The Return of the Prodigal
                                                     Son’ by Henri Nouwen and ‘Necessary Losses’ by Judith Viorst.

                                      New Additions to the Library

                                                                                  Richard Rohr & Sr Mary Beth
         Holding the tension: the power of paradox
 CDs     Laughing and Weeping
                                                                                  Richard Rohr & Russ Hudson
         (further learnings from the Enneagram)
         How Men Change
         Mentoring                                                                Richard Rohr
         The Two Major Tasks of the Spiritual Life

                                   Assisi Pilgrimage: Walking in Faith with Francis and Clare
         Disenfranchised Grief: recognizing and treating hidden sorrow                  Kenneth Doka
         Searching for a God You’re Supposed To Have Found
                                                                                        Ben Windle
         (Written for those with a Christian upbringing)
         Praying with the Desert Mothers                                                Mary Forman
         Death Dreams                                                                   Kenneth P. Kramer
         Marriage to a Difficult Man: the uncommon union of Jonathan and Sarah
                                                                                        Elizabeth D. Dodds

  B      From Age-ing to Sage-ing: a profound new vision of growing older
         Not All of Us Are Saints
                                                                                        Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

  O      (Lessons from the practice of medicine amongst the poor of downtown
                                                                                        David Hilfike

         Will and Spirit: new understandings of psychology and the life of the spirit   Gerald May
  O      A Retreat with Mother Teresa and Damien of Molokai
                                                                                        Joan Guntzelman
         (Caring for those who suffer)
  K      My Only Friend Is Darkness: living the night of faith                          Barbara Dent
         Brides in the Desert: the spirituality of the Beguines                         Saskia Murk-Jansen
  S      The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram                                       Sandra Maitri
         Driven beyond the Call of God
                                                                                        Pamela Evans
         (Christians and the danger of burn-out)
         Essential Writings in Spirituality and Theology                                Charles Williams
         The Human Experience of God
                                                                                        Denis Edwards
         (Distinguishing a genuine experience of God)
         The Essential Enneagram                                                        David Daniels & Virginia Price

                                Planned Calendar of Events: 1 June to 31 December 2009

                          RETREATS                                     FACILITATOR                      DATES & TIME
Retreat in Everyday Life. An invitation to an experience of          Dawn Courtman       Start: Sunday 21 June.
God’s grace in the midst of normal living. The retreat will                              Closing: Sunday 28 June.
commence and conclude with gatherings at Stillpoint but the                              Cost: $100 (Concession $85).
retreat takes place in your normal everyday life. See page 3.                            Registrations by Thursday 11 June.

Manly Silent Retreat – Desert Mysteries. A silent retreat            Dawn Courtman       Friday 30 October – Sunday 1 November.
provides time for prayerful reflection and attentiveness to                              Venue: Presentation Spirituality Centre, Manly.
God’s Spirit in our lives. This retreat will also include input                          Cost: $210 (Concession $170).
sessions and creative evening prayer as well as time for                                 Registrations by Thursday 22 October.
physical re-creation and refreshment.

Enneagram: Taking it Further. This series will be                    Patrick Oliver      Wednesdays 22, 29 July, 5 August.
practically based, with participants encouraged to volunteer                             Cost $70 (Concession $60).
real-life situations that can be examined from an Enneagram                              Registrations by Thursday 16 July.
perspective. It will be helpful for those attending to have
some introductory knowledge of the Enneagram. See page 4.

Mother Teresa: Angel of Mercy. This program will                     Dr Charles Ringma   Wednesdays 19, 26 August, 2, 9 September.
introduce participants to the spirituality of Mother Teresa                              7.30 – 9.30pm.
whose passion and compassion call us to re-examine our                                   Cost: $80 (Concession $70).
own lives. See page 5.                                                                   Registrations by Thursday 13 August.

Seasons: Managing Grief & Loss. For anyone struggling                Adele Dingle        Monday evenings 19, 26 October and 2, 9, 16,
with grief brought about by significant life changes including                           23 November. Cost: $120 (Concession $95).
separation, death, unemployment and trauma. See page 4.                                  Registrations by Tuesday 13 October.

                      REFLECTION DAYS
Journalling. Journalling is another way of becoming aware            Helen Woolcock      Friday 24 July 9.00am – 3.30m.
of what is really going on in our lives. It is about taking in the                       Cost: $25 (Concession $20).
“big picture” and can offer some very helpful insights. It is not                        Registrations by Tuesday 21 July.
difficult—you just need to get started! See page 2.

A Monastic Day? An introduction to the spirituality of the           Andrew Cooper       Saturday 12 September: Optional early start
Order of St Benedict. We will live something of the                                      6.30am for meditation, quiet time and break-
Benedictine balance of work and prayer. See page 5.                                      fast. Main Program 8.30am for 9.00 start and
                                                                                         closing at 5.00. Cost: $30 (Concession $25).
                                                                                         Registrations by Tuesday 8 September.

                         SOUL DAYS
Soul Days provide quiet time and space for personal                  Dawn Courtman       Thursdays 16 July, 3 September, 26 November
reflection and renewal, ‘to be’ in the presence of God and to                            at ‘The Haven’, 3/38 Praed Street, Red Hill.
be nourished in one’s soul.                                                              Cost per day: $10.
                                                                                         To register phone 3369 2094.

            REGULAR STILLPOINT ACTIVITIES                                                           DURING SCHOOL TERMS
Artspace. Artspace provides a safe space where paints,               Liz Antcliff        Thursday evenings 16 July - 26 November
pastels, clay and collage can be used to express and                                     inclusive. Cost per session, including materials:
experience ones personal journey. See page 6.                                            $20 (Concession $15).

Weaving Our Journeys Discussion Group. See page 4.                   Dawn Courtman       Fridays 19 June, 28 August, 23 October,
                                                                                         4 December. 9.30 – 11.00 am. $5 donation.

Meditative Prayer. An opportunity to participate in various          Shirley Sargeant    First Tuesday of the month except 14 July
forms of meditation that are part of our Christian heritage.                             2009. This forms part of Stillpoint’s regular
                                                                                         Tuesday Prayer evenings. 7.30 – 9.00pm.
                                                                                         No cost.
Evening Prayer                                                                           Every Tuesday 7.30 – 9.00pm.


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