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		                                                                             Issue 10

                           the joy of singing
                                 Workshop news!!
                                 Sight singing                      Voice Play 1,2 & 3                    Body Percussion
This issue:                      workshop (intensive)
                                                                    These workshops are about            In the Kiribati Islands of
Workshop & Choir News            This course covers basic           playing with the voice,              Micronesia, a Choral atoll 1
                                 music theory, reading,             improvising or making it up          degree north of the equator,
Shopping                         hearing and understanding.         on the spot. Brian taps into         Brian had his first
                                 Brian has developed this           the creative juices of the           experiences in body
Memory Lane - fun photos         course from the singers            singers he works with and            percussion. He learnt more
                                 perspective, so playing an         assists in unifying that             from Greg Shean, and still
Calendar at a glance                                                internal expression by               more from a Maori friend
                                 instrument is not necessary.       responding to what is                and others passionate
Feel the Love - Testimonials     This workshop has two              heard. He helps you create           about rhythm. He was
                                 formats. A two hour x ten          vocal grooves; 'jamming'             asked to work with the
                                 week module or an extended         with the voice. He takes             Dance department at
Question & Answers
                                 weekend intensive. This            you through several                  Lismore Conservatorium of
                                 course covers basic music          listening / responding               Arts Centre, where he
Workshop and Performance
                                 theory, reading, hearing and       experiences involving your           furthered a natural sense of
Stories                          understanding. It starts at the    inner self and the others in         movement and
                                 fundamental level and builds       the group. How to build              choreography. His body
       SHOPPING                  sequentially through               your own library of                  percussion is dynamic,
                                 experience.                        sounds through musical               energetic and surprisingly
                                                                    elements, and what makes             easy to learn. He will “break
   Joy of Singing CD’s                                              soloing work. "It's such             it down” and help you
                                                                    enormous fun." Brian                 discover how much fun you
                                                                    shares his passion in an             can have slapping yourself
                                                                    inspirational and deeply             around!!
Volume 1 & 2               $35                                      moving way.
Instructional set
                                 Ulladulla raise voices in singing workshop
Volume 1 & 2               $30
                                 More than fifty music-loving      seemed to show an                     workshop isn ’t called ‘Joy of
Music book                       locals got together at Cats’      adventurous spirit in their           Singing ’ by accident!”
                                 studio in Ulladulla last month,   singing. “I sensed a strong
                                 to join renowned Queensland       willingness among people to           “The workshop was a chance
Volume 1 & 2               $60   singing teacher, Brian Martin,    take a risk, to take a step and       to come together and put
                                 in an afternoon of songs          find out what they could really       aside thoughts about how
Combination set                  celebrating many of the world’    do. Everyone seemed to have a         accomplished we are as
                                 s cultures.                       healthy curiosity to learn more       singers and just really enjoy
                                                                   about their voices.”                  the chance to make music
                                 There were songs from and                                               together as a community, with
Volume 3 & 4               $35   about Africa and songs from       “Many people come to my               Brian’s expert guidance”
                                 native America, sung in four-     workshops thinking they ’re
Instructional set                part harmony by workshop          going to learn to sing, that it ’ s   “We didn ’t let Brian out of the
                                 participants of all ages. Brian   all about notes, harmonies and        venue until he ’d given us his
                                 Martin runs workshops with        parts. Hopefully, they walk           commitment that he’d be
                                 people all over Australia. He     away with that knowledge but          back in Ulladulla soon!”.
Volume 3 & 4               $30   teaches master classes at the     also with the idea that learning
Music book                       Queensland University of          can actually be easy. Often
                                 Technology; is a regular tutor    people have had something
                                 at Camp Creative and runs         drummed into them at
                                 vocal tutorials at major          childhood and think they can ’ t
Volume 1 & 2               $60   national festivals such as        sing. But my workshops help
                                 Woodford and Manshine.            them find their confidence
Combination set                  Speaking after the workshop,      again and they can walk away
                                 he said the Ulladulla group       with feelings of elation. The

Contact                                              Your questions answered...
Brian or Noeline Martin on 0419 162 392              On Clarity with any tone colour – Nazalised or DeNazalised Sound
                                                     Firstly, there is a special door (The Velar Port). It is at the back of the soft palette
                                                     and up. If you run the tip of your tongue along the roof of your mouth from hard to
 Performer — Composer — Arranger —                   soft to dangly bit (otherwise known as the Uvula), then if you could go straight up
Voice — Piano — Percussion —      Con-               from there you would go into your nose. This would be pretty uncomfortable and is
                                                     not something I would suggest, but that might give you an idea where the door to
     ductor — Workshop Facilitator                   the nazal cavity is. The gap, when this door is open, is referred to as the “velar port”.
       BRIAN IS AVAILABLE FOR                        This space can be open or shut, and that makes a big difference to the sound you
 PERFORMANCES AND MUSIC EVENTS                       make.
                                                     What you get is either;
                                                     Nasalised and De-Nasalised sound
Memory Lane
                                                     'M', 'N', 'Ng' when sustained must have an Open Velar Port and will have Nasalised
                                                     sound. For Example. Make a continued sound of 'M', 'N' or 'Ng', and then hold your
                                                     nose so that both nostrils are blocked. The sound will immediately stop. In other
                                                     words, these sounds have to go through the nose to work. Every other Consonant
                                                     can be achieved with a closed Velar port or De-Nasalised sound.
                                                     So, try this. Block both nostrils by pinching them closed and then say the alphabet.
                                                     What do you notice after ‘l’ and before ‘o’. Hmm…
                                                     Did you get any vibration in your nose other than on the letters M and N? If so,
                                                     pinch your nose and see if you can say those letters with no vibration in the nose.
                                                     This will mean your “Velar Port” is closed, and if you want more clarity and
                                                     projection in your sound, this is a good thing. And I mean projection whether or not
                                                     you are singing loader or softer. Singing loader will not automatically make the
Mount Tamborine performance - what a trip!!!         sound clearer. That comes from the Velar Port. Or “Raising the soft palette”.
                                                     Consonants are greatly effected by this little doorway.
                                                     Words starting with a vowel will more commonly be de-nasalised. e.g. 'At', 'ear', 'it',
                                Feel the             'oh', 'ooh'.
                                                     Non-pitched consonants such as 'sss', 't', 'k', (e)'x'. can all be achieved using the
                                  love               tongue and air pressure through the aural cavity. If the velar port opens you get a
                                                     muffled, drunken and hearing challenged kind of sound. Imagine putting a stereo
                                                     speaker in a room full of cushions, that’s what it’s like to put the sound in your nose.
                              I am so glad I         Then imagine that same stereo speaker placed in a bathroom. This is more like the
                              have found this        brighter and clearer sound that comes from directing your sound through your
                              group.                 mouth.
Members Jane and Pam                                 The consonant 'P', uses pressure behind the lips, 'fff' has air flow between lips and
                              It is exactly what I
                                                     teeth. Then you have the combination sounds such as 'B', 'D', 'G'(ee), 'J'(ay),
                              have been looking      'V'(ee), 'Zzz'.
                              for. I                 Another exercise to play with your Velar Port Control (sounds nifty really) is to say
                                                     hungee…. Now if you slow this down saying the first part of the word and landing
                               have been taking
                                                     quickly on ng, Hung….(now pinch nose, should stop sound)…ngee…(pinch nose
                              singing lessons        again, sound should keep going but change as you pinch)…eee..(pinch with the aim
                              privately, but am      of no vibration in the nose, you may feel like a door has just closed in the top and
                              not entirely           back of you throat). So Nazalized, mixed, denazalized - hung.. gnee..eee. Well
Sunshine Coast Choral Fest
                              satisfied with that    done.
                              path, and was          Now opposite, Denazalized, mixed, Nazalized – zzii…iiii…ng.
                              really hoping to       Note - 'Twang' can be either nasalised or de-nasalised. Velar Port open or closed.
                              find a choir to        You may find that 'Twang' is often referred to as being "through the nose" but it
                              join. Thank you        need not be. In fact it is generally more piercing and pronounced if it is directed
                              for moving here        through the aural cavity or 'de-nasalised'. An example of this is a Stereotypical
                              and sharing your       Australian "Occar" accent. Clarity is lost when the sound is sent through the nose.
                              talent with us.        It is important to realize that the opening and closing of the Velar Port simply directs
How Stunning are we at the
                                                     the airflow. So, falsetto, simultaneous, speech, twang, Opera, Sob, Cry any many
Camp Quality Fund Raiser?
                              Carolyn Ryan           other vocal qualities can be directed through the nose or the mouth.

                                  CHOIR NEWS For all term dates and fees in regards to Noossound Voices - Sunrise Beach/Noosa or
                                   World Voices - Maroochydore or Rhythmic Voices - Woombye, please email your enquiry and we
                                            will send you the appropriate brochure outlining all the information you need.

   If you have any photos or comments you would like included in the next newsletter, please email them to
Calendar at a glance
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           18             19          20            21                22                23         24
           Depart         Japan       Japan         Japan             Japan             Japan      Japan
           Brisbane for
                                                                      The Joy of        Voice      Sight Singing
                                                                      Singing           Training   Continues
                                                                      7 — 10 pm         1.30 pm    10 am —
                                                                                                   5 pm
                                                                                        3.30 —
                                                                                        7.30 pm

           25            26           27            28                29                30         1
           Japan         Japan        Japan         Japan             Japan             Japan      Japan
           Sight Singing              Voice                           12.00 pm                     The Joy of
                                                    The Joy of
           Continues                  Training                        Rhythmic Voices              Singing
           10 am —                    7 — 10 pm                       with Bronwen                 10 am —
                                                    7 —10 pm          Barton
           5 pm                                                                                    5 pm
                                                    12.00 pm
                                                                    7.00 pm
                                                    Rhythmic Voices
                                                                    World Voices
                                                    with Bronwen
                                                                    with Bronwen

                                                    7.00 pm
                                                    World Voices
                                                    with Bronwen

October    2              3            4            5                 6                 7          8
           Japan          Japan        Japan        Japan             Japan             Japan      Japan
           Voice          Brian Martin
           Training       performance               12.00 pm          7.15 pm
                                                    Rhythmic Voices   Noosound
           10 am —        7.30—9.30
                                                    with Imogen       Voices with
           1.30 pm        pm                        Wolf              Imogen Wolf
           Percussion                               7.00 pm
                                                    World Voices
           3.30 pm —
                                                    with Imogen
           7.00 pm                                  Wolf

           9              10          11            12                13                14         15
           Japan          Japan       Return from   12.00 pm        7.15 pm
                                                    Rhythmic Voices Noosound
                                                    7.00 pm
                                                    World Voices

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