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					the joy of learning
What MaKeS her a SCeggS girl?

             the SCeggS CoMMunity iS notable for itS
             diverSity. our StudentS and their faMilieS
             CoMe froM all over Sydney united in their
             CoMMitMent to the beSt eduCation poSSible.

             The relatively small student population of SCEGGS allows us to get to know
             and understand the needs of every girl. This is what makes it such a close
             and, I think, successful community.

             Jenny Allum
             head of School

             the School is small enough to be a warm and friendly environment
             in which each girl feels known, valued and nurtured, but large
             enough to provide depth across a range of programs.

             SCeggS girls stand out. they value individuality and
             independence of mind. they demonstrate flexibility and a
             capacity for innovation because they are encouraged to be
             adaptable and versatile.

             SCeggS has a strong and talented staff who are dedicated
             to ensuring that each student feels that she is an important
             member of our family. as a leading independent school, we have
             a reputation for achieving academic excellence and for having a
             strong community where parents are valued and included.

             the list of past students includes many of the women who have
             helped shape our country and are active globally and who
             continue to inspire today’s students.

8.44am       for over 100 years, the School’s history has been kept alive
             by our old girls who continue to provide a strong link between
             generations and a valuable resource for our current students.

         2                                         3
                                                                     I always liked the contrast between the incredible sense of tradition and what
                                                                     were, even by today’s standards, fairly progressive ideas.

                                                                     Professor Elizabeth Elliott AM (Class of ’74)
                                                                     dept. of paediatrics and Child health,
                                                                     university of Sydney

SCeggS’ firSt headMiStreSS, edith badhaM Coined
the SChool Motto “luCeat lux veStra” over a
Century ago. today “let your light Shine” iS juSt
aS relevant aS We Strive to help eaCh Student
diSCover her full potential.

While the staff and students of SCeggS are definitely not living
in the past, they are very aware and proud of its rich heritage.
founded in 1895 as an anglican School, SCeggS has played a
key role in setting high educational standards and providing
opportunities for generations of young women.

the School has been at its forbes Street site since 1901 and is
very much a part of Sydney. over the years, this site has
undergone many changes to accommodate a growing population
and its changing educational requirements. today it provides a
unique inner city location equipped with facilities of the highest

SCeggS darlinghurst uses its tradition as something to build on.
its unique history, combined with its academic excellence, broad
co-curricular program, enviable location and modern outlook,
make it particularly attractive to young women who want to be
part of an exciting era in a cosmopolitan city and are determined
to benefit from their time here.

                                4                                                                            5
                                                                    Success is not something that can be simply given to a child by a parent, nor can it be
                                                                    taught or guaranteed by a school curriculum. But what can be taught is the value of
                                                                    striving for success; and this is something I think SCEGGS teaches very well. Whether
                                                                    their success comes from an academic pursuit, charity fundraising effort, or a sporting or
                                                                    co-curricular activity, success is something we celebrate daily at SCEGGS.

                                                                    Luke Hanson
                                                                    head of Science

Well KnoWn for itS Strong reCord of
aCadeMiC aChieveMentS, SCeggS provideS a
diverSe CurriCuluM that prepareS itS StudentS
for the deMandS of the adult World.                                 dynamic environment which has an obvious and very positive
                                                                    effect on the academic success of their students.

                                                                    above all, there is an essential belief that our academic success
the School aims to develop students who will be confident in        stems from our ability to stimulate curiosity and to instil a love of
their ability and independent thinkers. this goal is supported by   learning in our students.
dedicated staff members who carefully monitor each student’s
progress and ensure her individual learning needs continue to       typically, thinking to the future, the SCeggS professional
be met.                                                             alumni network was established in 1997 providing SCeggS girls
                                                                    with access to an influential network of peers, alumni and
SCeggS has long been noted for its innovative educational           parents. those affiliated with Span can give advice, be mentors
practices and staff who are at the forefront of educational         and forge links between members. it is an invaluable resource
thinking. their passion and enthusiasm provide a stimulating and    for students who are in the workforce.

                                6                                                                                7
SCeggS girlS are enCouraged to be
CoMfortable With theMSelveS and Who
they are. our goal iS to prepare theM to
be Confident and artiCulate young WoMen
able to play a Meaningful role in SoCiety.

We weren’t private school princesses tucked away in genteel suburbia. Other
schools had rolling lawns and acres of playing fields but life was on our doorstep
with all the energy and vibrancy of the inner city. You can’t hide the real world
away from SCEGGS. It’s in the heart of it and that’s the secret.

Morag Ramsay (Class of ’91)

SCeggS takes full advantage of the vast cultural resources of the
inner city, developing programs which utilise nearby art galleries,
theatres, sporting facilities, libraries and museums. from an early
age, SCeggS students are at ease in the city environment.

this sense of ease is demonstrated by our girls who enjoy the
vibrancy of the city. they are outward looking and good
communicators who are aware of the wider community and
interested in how they can contribute.

We live in an information age where the ability to use technology
effectively is now a given. SCeggS’ students develop more than
the basic skills of information gathering and manipulation but
rather the deeper analytical and critical thinking skills to utilise
technology to its fullest capacity. SCeggS supports this through
the provision of a wide range of information technologies in all
classroom spaces whilst the focus always remains on providing
students with the communication and thinking skills to use
technology intelligently. We want our girls to understand the
nuances and ethics of technology and how best to apply it to
their learning and life.

as our society continues to change SCeggS students will face a
working future that will encompass many different career phases
and jobs. to meet this reality we offer a broad liberal education
which aims to ensure our students are flexible and confident
learners able to adapt to new challenges, work well in team
environments and integrate knowledge from a number of
different areas.
                                        8                                            9
healthy CoMpetition, Whether aCadeMiC,
Sporting or in Co-CurriCular endeavourS,
enCourageS our girlS to foSter their unique
abilitieS and helpS produCe young WoMen Who
Can MaKe a valuable Contribution to SoCiety.

                                                                                   the depth of the sports programs and the commitment of the
                                                                                   sports staff at SCeggS provides a particularly supportive
activities such as debating, public Speaking, tournament of the                    environment for gifted athletes, helping them to realise their
Minds and Mock trial are designed to build independent thinkers                    potential as elite competitors.
with the confidence to stand up for what they believe in.
                                                                                   SCeggS is a member of the independent girls’ Schools Sporting
involvement in a range of class and team activities is seen as a                   associations and successfully participates in a wide variety of
significant opportunity for the girls to develop their confidence,                 inter-school competitions each term. these include touch
sense of well being, organisational and leadership skills. team                    football, soccer, skiing, athletics, cricket, gymnastics, hockey,
spirit is encouraged, with girls from Kindergarten onwards                         netball, swimming, tennis and water polo. as well as developing
participating in a range of sporting activities supervised by                      skilled players, this interaction helps the girls to work in a team,
teachers dedicated to promoting fitness.                                           developing inter-dependence, sportsmanship and trust.

P.E. and sport at SCEGGS are as challenging and enjoyable as they are varied.
Our program aims to develop students physically and socially. It’s gratifying to
work with students who are experiencing a sport for the first time or are at a
State or National level.

Deborah Carroll
head of pdhpe
                                        10                                                                         11
1.22pm sat   SCeggS girlS are given the SKillS and
             inforMation they need to lead balanCed,
             healthy lifeStyleS and be CoMfortable
             With theMSelveS.

             SCEGGS encourages its girls to immerse themselves in many different activities
             and form friendships across year groups. I found that in doing this, as a young
             girl, I looked to the older students as role models, and as a senior I developed a
             sense of responsibility; an attribute that I know will be important for my future.

             Rose Davies (Class of ’08)
             head prefect

             SCeggS girls are encouraged to have an informed perspective on
             topics of particular relevance to today’s girls, to look objectively at
             external influences and to use this knowledge to build personal
             resilience and positive self-esteem.

             developing individual resilience is of key importance at SCeggS.
             girls need to have the capacity to bounce back when they
             experience adversity. We aim to instil in them the judgement to
             know what are the important things in life, to develop
             perspective and to accept that at times they will succeed and
             others not. We want the girls to gain the skills to develop into
             strong, confident and resilient young women.

             the work undertaken in our personal development, health and
             physical education classes is designed to ensure that a healthy
             lifestyle becomes an enduring part of post school life. as well as
             having an international standard Sports hall, the girls have easy
             access to the large variety of first class sporting facilities the city
             offers. We hope by offering a broad choice of sporting and
             fitness options that each girl will discover her own strengths and
             have some fun along the way.

             SCeggS aims to develop within each girl a connectedness to
             the school community. this is promoted in a number of different
             ways including our active house system, peer Support and an
             extensive outdoor education program which begins in the early
             years of primary School. the girls enjoy the opportunities
             provided by this side of school life immensely and value the way
             in which they are able to develop friendships across the School.

        12                                          13
At SCEGGS there are boundless opportunities for our girls to express
themselves through music and to create life-long friendships. We encourage all   the iMportanCe of individual expreSSion,
of them to make the most of those opportunities because Music makes a
difference in people’s lives.                                                    iMagination and Creativity iS eMphaSiSed by
                                                                                 our extenSive Creative artS CurriCuluM.
Felicia Chadwick
head of Music

                                                                                 both within the classroom and through a wide variety of
                                                                                 co-curricular options our students can explore their interest in
                                                                                 the creative arts developing their musical, dramatic and artistic
                                                                                 skills where both the beginner and the highly accomplished are
                                                                                 catered for.

                                                                                 Music plays a special role in the life of SCeggS. all students
                                                                                 from Kindergarten onwards are encouraged to join at least one
                                                                                 of the many performing groups simply to experience the
                                                                                 satisfaction and enjoyment of creating music. every girl is able
                                                                                 to experience music making, at a level appropriate to her needs
                                                                                 and musical interests. Whether it be as a member of a band,
                                                                                 a choir, a string orchestra, or a smaller instrumental or vocal
                                                                                 ensemble, the musical styles explored are as diverse as those
                                                                                 experienced in the ‘real world’ of professional performers and
                                                                                 composers. Chamber groups provide extension opportunities for
                                                                                 the most experienced musicians. Master classes, performances,
                                                                                 concerts and workshops with some of the country’s leading
                                                                                 performers and composers ensure that young musicians are
                                                                                 challenged and connected with the craft and discipline of the art
                                                                                 form. the talents of both our staff and students have earned
                                                                                 SCeggS an enviable reputation for developing and nurturing
                                                                                 young musicians.

                                                                                 SCeggS has a strong tradition of involving its students in
                                                                                 drama, to extend their skills and confidence. drama is a dynamic
                                                                                 classroom subject as well as offering a host of co-curricular
                                                                                 options through the St peter’s players drama group and the
                                                                                 regular production of musicals and plays which are supported by
                                                                                 a number of performance spaces, including the impressive
                                                                                 SCeggS great hall and the St peter’s playhouse.

                                                                                 the visual arts at SCeggS allow students to explore and
                                                                                 express their creative spirit with the opportunity to work in a
                                                                                 wide variety of media including painting, sculpture, ceramics,
                                                                                 photography and film making. the department has well equipped
                                                                                 facilities with specialist art rooms and being in the city allows
                                                                                 easy access to study the most fantastic examples of

                                                          2.14pm                 contemporary artwork, public sculpture and architecture. Most
                                                                                 importantly, the girls benefit from the guidance of teachers,
                                                                                 themselves practising artists, who have a keen interest in
                                                                                 realising each student’s potential.

                                      14                                                                         15
SCeggS haS a reputation for exCellenCe,
not only in itS aCadeMiC SuCCeSS but alSo
in itS Challenging CurriCuluM.

 Nothing is more rewarding for me than to watch the girls discovering something
 new about themselves as they perform. The musical and theatrical life of
 SCEGGS really does impact in the most positive way on everyone here.

 Inga Scarlett
 head of drama

our object is to ensure that every one of our students has her own
chance to shine. nothing is more rewarding for us than to see a girl
confident in her own accomplishments when she leaves us,
regardless of what area those accomplishments might be in.

SCeggS strives to meet the learning needs of all students in an
environment which encourages personal excellence and
academic achievement. Staff and students striving for excellence
underpins the academic success of our girls, with classroom
work that is carefully differentiated to extend students and help
them reach their own learning goals.

the girls can become self assured and articulate communicators,
partly through the diversity of our performing arts programs as
well as the strong support for debating and public Speaking. our
students participate in areas such as peer Support, the Student
representative Council, duke of edinburgh’s awards and air
force Cadets honing leadership skills and the ability to work
collaboratively with others.

broad involvement in the wide spectrum of co-curricular
activities is enthusiastically encouraged. this exposure to a
full range of academic, creative and sporting disciplines gives
our girls the confidence to “have a go” whilst developing an
understanding of themselves.
                                    16                                            17
10.34am                                                          at SCeggS, We are proud of our angliCan
                                                                 traditionS. the ChriStian faith and itS valueS
                                                                 underpin our philoSophy and our aCtionS.
                                                                 We alSo value the diverSity of our Student body,
                                                                 inCluding the religiouS baCKgroundS of their
                                                                 faMilieS. We WelCoMe equally girlS of all faithS.

                                                                 When SCeggS darlinghurst first opened its doors over a century
                                                                 ago, its object was to provide its girls with “a thorough
                                                                 education based on religious principles”. today, even though our
                                                                 perspective on Christianity has broadened (as has our acceptance
                                                                 and understanding of all religions) the same object remains.
                                                                 by helping our girls to discover their own spiritual self, we know
                                                                 that by the time they leave us they are on their way to becoming
                                                                 responsible and caring adults.

                                                                 in all we do, we encourage questioning, debate, research and
                                                                 inquiry in an open environment. girls are given the freedom and
                                                                 support to explore their own spirituality. perhaps most important
                                                                 to us, we want our girls to be compassionate and understanding,
                                                                 with a commitment to the service of others.

                                                                 SCeggS girls have always been encouraged to make a
                                                                 significant contribution to their community. now, more than
  Central to the way we developed as adults, were the values     ever, we encourage our girls to understand that the individual
  instilled at SCEGGS and the way we were encouraged to          can make a difference and to live their lives with compassion,
  give something back to the community. It was at SCEGGS         courage and determination to benefit society. our Community
  that I did my first voluntary work and this work has, today,
  become a primary source of meaning in my life.
                                                                 Service program highlights this, building personal social
                                                                 awareness and a sense of responsibility. it is intended that the
  Julie McCrossin                                                values that the School fosters will be of benefit to all girls
  Class of ‘71                                                   regardless of their religious background.

                                                                 the School was originally opened under the auspices of the
                                                                 Church of england but since 1977 has been owned and operated
                                                                 by a company, SCeggS darlinghurst ltd (all adult members of
                                                                 the school community are welcome to join the company and
                                                                 attend its annual general Meetings).

                              18                                                                19
SCeggS darlinghurSt WelCoMeS girlS froM all                                         the egalitarian principles of SCeggS extend across every
partS of Sydney and froM every ethniC and                                           aspect of the School and, as well as a comprehensive education,
SoCial baCKground. We reSpeCt and enCourage                                         we endeavour to instil in our girls a sense of integrity and
their individuality and all We aSK iS that they                                     compassion.
are Willing to learn and that they have a deSire
                                                                                    enrolling your daughter at SCeggS is intended to be just the
to MaKe the very beSt of their oWn potential.                                       beginning of a long and rewarding relationship. We are very
                                                                                    much a family, with the parents’ and friends’ association, old
                                                                                    girls’ union and Span providing a supportive school community.
I can clearly recall our very first visit to SCEGGS. We immediately felt
comfortable and welcome and we still feel the same today. With three girls, our     to really gain a true sense of the SCeggS community, the
involvement has naturally increased over the years and our sense of belonging       experiences our girls enjoy and the dynamic learning environment
has grown with it. We are very proud of our girls and they, in turn are confident   that we share, we warmly invite you to visit us. please contact us
and capable SCEGGS girls.                                                           to make a time and come to experience SCeggS for yourself.
                                                                                    visits can be easily arranged through the school registrar.
Hamish Fraser
Current parent

                                                                                                                 join us
                                       20                                                                           21
  SCeggS darlinghurst
   215 forbes Street
 darlinghurst nSW 2010
      ph: 9332 1133
      fax: 9332 1858
     a.b.n. 16 001 421 727

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