The Investment Allowance – Bonus 50%

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					                       The Investment Allowance – Bonus 50%

     The Australian Government has made the decision to increase the bonus tax
     deduction for small businesses to 50% and extend it until 31 December 2009.

  What is it? – The Basics:
  A tax deduction of 50% for:
   •    New trailers ordered ex factory
   •    New trailers in dealer stock, even if built before December 13th 2008
   •    Demonstrator trailers with reasonable demonstrator mileage and use (not second
        hand equipment).
   •    The bonus tax deduction is available to small businesses with a turnover of $2
        million or less.
   •    Small businesses need to invest $1,000 or more per asset to qualify for the

                       Investment Allowance Calendar - Small Business (Turnover < $2m)

 Order Placed                         50%
                                                                           $11,250 cash in
                                                                           hand on a $75k
     Delivery                                                   50%        trailer (excl GST)

                                                                                                   Assumes standard 30%
                                                                                                   Company tax rate
        13-Dec-08                   30-Jun-09                  31-Dec-09                        30-Jun-10          31-Dec-10

     2008                             2009                                                        2010

  The 50% deduction applies when:
   •   The trailer is ordered on or between 13th December 2008 and 31st December
   •   The trailer is delivered and invoiced on or before 31st December 2010.

  The Benefits to the customer:
  (A) 50% Investment Allowance:
     • Trailer costs $75,000 (as an example)
     • 50% tax deduction = $75k x 50% = $37,500 tax deduction
     • @30% company tax rate, after tax benefit = $37,500 x 30% = $11,250

  (B): Notes: (1): The usual depreciation tax deduction still applies in addition;
              (2): Some forms of trailer finance cause the benefit to be provided to the
                   finance company – check that this appears as reduced lease payments.

MaxiTRANS provides this information in good faith based upon information released by the Federal Government.
MaxiTRANS accepts no liability for the accuracy of the information provided above or its applicability to any particular
business or transaction.

MaxiTRANS strongly recommends that purchasers seek their own independent advice from their financiers
and tax accountants in respect of the application and operation of the Investment Allowance and their
eligibility for the benefit.

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