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									St. Anthony's Alliance
  Celebrating 15 years of serving the global community.


                          From the Founder:                           Jim Tryon, M.D.
   December 2008
                         It’s likely that 2008 will be marked      we ever really make is in our
                         as a sentinel year in the United States   relationships, extending unlimited
                         where unforeseen changes dominated        “credit” to each other simply because
                         the landscape. Who could have             we care, with a level of “interest” no
                         predicted that our final racial barrier   bank could match and the certainty of
                         would be cast aside, that our credit      a “bail-out” whenever necessary with
                         system would disintegrate, that once      the immeasurable personal “capital”
                         rock-solid employers would be filing      of commitment.
                         for Chapter 11, that the price of oil
                         would accordion from $110/barrel to       St. Anthony’s is built on the promise
                         less than $60, and secure retirement      of relationship. Once again, within
                         investments would evaporate?              the pages of this newsletter, we find
   Lavender update       Clearly the operative word for the        the expressions of those relationships
   … pg. (6)             year has been “Change”. It has been       continuing on, thanks to the
                         a year when the assumed security and      generosity of our supporters and the
                         permanence of our marketplace has         commitment of the St. Anthony’s
   New friend brings     been shaken to the core, leaving          Board. I am most pleased to
   experience...(2)      many to ponder an uncertain future.       announce a new relationship we will
                                                                   establish this year with Casa de
                         There’s an irony in this. For most of     Salud, an innovative medical clinic in
   Casa de Salud
                         the people in the world, the certainty    the South Valley of Albuquerque.
   provides a New                                                  Established by Andru Ziwasimon,
                         that the future is anything but certain
   Mexico                is a cornerstone of their existence.      MD, the clinic offers innovative and
   connection... (3)     The events that have so shaken the        sophisticated medical services to
                         American foundation have passed by        predominantly Spanish-speaking
                         without much notice to many of the        patients who might not otherwise
   From Books to                                                   access medical care in our
                         worlds’ impoverished. It’s not that
   Brilliance brings                                               fragmented and exclusive healthcare
                         they won’t be affected in some form
   books to              or fashion, of course, but in their       system. St. Anthony’s has long been
   Nicaragua… (5)        daily struggle to survive it’s more       interested in establishing a
                         like, “So, what else is new?” They        partnership in Albuquerque, and Dr.
                         know life turns on a dime. We’re the      Ziwasimon’s clinic represents an
Individual Highlights:
                         ones getting a crash course in            ideal opportunity for us to be of
 Partnership      3      “Uncertainty 101”.                        service “at home”.

 Los Niños        4      There’s no question that things will      This holiday season will surely be
                         change for many of us. But I think        one of personal reflection for many
 Human Rights 4                                                    of us. Life is always uncertain, of
                         the events of the year will serve as a
 Heaven scent 7          wake-up call, like the unwanted           course, but we get lulled into a sense
                         morning alarm clock, startling us into    of complacency by our routines.
 Directors        8                                                Times like this call us to a renewal of
                         a renewed awareness that life really
                         does call for us to be participants,      our grounding principles in and of
                         and that we are all in this together.     relationship. It’s not surprising to me
                         So, maybe that’s not such a bad thing     that such a renewal is mediated
                         after all. Maybe we’ll be reminded        through the opportunities of hardship
                         that the most important investment        and suffering.
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                          A New Friend:                   Maurice Sherif

                          I don’t believe in coincidences …       there; but Maurice stayed in the
                          serendipity might be closer to          village. Soon he was engaged in
Maurice Sherif            reality, or good karma. Or, simply,     photographing individuals, the
brings                    Grace. Sort of like the Zen             women and children, and gleaning a
understanding             teaching, “When the student is          sense of what life is like when the
                          ready, the teacher appears.” That’s     men leave to find work “up North”.
and wisdom to
                          the way I like to think about St.
help guide St.            Anthony’s new friend, Maurice           It’s not easy to stay at the Rancho,
Anthony’s                 Sherif.                                 but Maurice seemed completely
financial future.                                                 content…this sophisticated, soft-
                          Maurice is a Frenchman who              spoken Parisian moving gently
                          dropped into our lives unexpectedly,    around and capturing pictures and
                          and now I wonder how we managed         stories. Now, in addition to his
                          before. He is an experienced world      other projects, he’s planning to
                          traveler, a French banking              publish his Rancho work, letting the
                          executive, an artistic photographer,    photographic technique and the
                          a global thinker, and incredibly        stories as told by the people, explain
                          soulful. I met Maurice through a        what life is like for a Mexican
                          friend, socially, and St. Anthony’s     village when all the men go to the
                          was the farthest thing from my          “States” to find work. That’s a
                          mind. But our activities did come       perspective not generally
                          up in conversation, and in his own      understood by us wall-builders.
                          quiet way he began to ask a
In addition to his                                                But Maurice has done more. He has
                          question or two, and follow up with
other projects,                                                   given us insights, and professional
Maurice is planning to
                          a few more inquiries. I soon realized
                          he had more than a passing interest     direction about the business of St.
publish his Rancho La
                          in our organization. And then I         Anthony’s, as seen from the eyes of
Colorada work, letting
                          discovered his own activities: a        a banker. His observations,
the photographic
                          photographic documentary of the         suggestions and support are helping
technique show what
                          atrocities in Rwanda, a study of the    St. Anthony’s mature into a long
life is like for a
                          “wall” being built by the U.S. along    term, sustainable organization. It’s
Mexican village when
                          our Mexican border, and other fairly    hard to imagine how this soft-
all the men head north.
                          rugged sojourns, like expeditions to    spoken, gentle soul of a man has
to find work.
                          Patagonia, the Sahara and the like.     become such an integral part of our
                          His trips all seemed to have a          “family”. But it’s true. I now find
                          common theme: What is the               myself smiling when, planning our
                          experience of the common person?        various project developments and so
                                                                  forth I find myself asking, “What
                          But a true understanding of Maurice     would Maurice think?”
                          came when he accompanied us on
                          our last trip to Rancho La Colorada
                          in July. He came with us, saying
                          he’d like to understand the story of
                          the people a little more. Teresa and
                          I stayed in San Miguel, as most of
                          our business required our presence
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Casa de Salud: The New Mexican Connection: Elyce Tryon

St. Anthony’s Alliance is           reduction services for injection
excited to begin its first          drug users. Students and               St. Anthony’s joins
relationship with a clinic in New   community volunteers truly play                    with an
Mexico! Recognizing the             an integral role in the ongoing
                                    success of the clinic.
                                                                           established family
importance of building strong
ties in the immediate                                                       medical center to
community, St. Anthony’s has        With the help of patients and the       set up a pharmacy
offered a grant to Casa de Salud    community, Casa de Salud has                     and lab in
to set up pharmacy and lab funds    been able to expand its services
                                    over the last few years. The            Albuquerque, NM.
for the 2009 upcoming year.
                                    clinic now offers Acute Detox
Casa de Salud Family Medical        services for heroin users seeking
Office (formerly known as           treatment, full-body acupuncture
Topahkal), founded in 2004,         treatments, prenatal care,
combines conventional and           comprehensive women’s health,
traditional medical practices to    herbal consultations, and
meet the spiritual and physical     nutritional counseling.
needs of patients. Located in the
South Valley of Albuquerque,        As a student volunteer at Casa de         Casa de Salud serves
New Mexico, Casa de Salud           Salud, I have seen first-hand the           over 8000 patients
provides affordable medical         ability of a small clinic to make a        each year, providing
services to anyone in need,         huge impact in a community.            comprehensive women’s
although the majority of the        With our current medical system              health, nutritional
                                    plagued with excessive costs,             counseling, and harm
patients are low-income and
                                    Casa de Salud has been able to          reduction services for
uninsured. No one is ever
                                    protect patients unable to receive     injection drug users, as
turned away for lack of funds.
                                    health care by providing the                 well as many other
Casa de Salud is a patient
                                    highest quality health services at a       community services.
centered and patient supported
clinic, relying mostly on patient   fair price. St. Anthony’s is
financial support and some small    looking forward to a growing
private donations to keep the       relationship with the clinic over
clinic running. Currently, the      the coming years.
clinic serves over 8,000 patients
a year.

In addition to serving patients,
Casa de Salud mentors work-
study and volunteer students,
and community members who
are aspiring to a career in
medicine or who simply want to
help their community. Students
and community members work
together to receive patients,
assist in medical procedures,
draw labs, schedule
appointments and carry out harm
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                         Human Rights Anniversary
                              Did you know that this year marks the 60th anniversary of
                              the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
                              A yearlong campaign to celebrate the 60th anniversary was
     St. Anthony’s            launched on December 10, 2007, Human Rights Day, and
    honors the UN             will finish on the anniversary date, December 10, 2008.
Development Goals             St. Anthony’s also places the UN Millennium Development
                              Goals in its vision for the future that by 2015, we as a world,
     with its work
                              make a commitment to:
 around the world.
                                  1.   Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
                                  2.   Achieve universal primary education
                                  3.   Promote gender equality and empower women
                                  4.   Reduce child mortality
                                  5.   Improve maternal health
                                  6.   Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
                                  7.   Ensure environmental sustainability
                                  8.   Develop a global partnership for development

                           Camera Kids To Publish Calendar in 2009

  In the summer of 2008 Rancho
  La Colorada kid's camera group,
  Los Ojos de Los Niños, had a
  visit with photographer Maurice
  Sherif. He helped them to
  explore many new subjects but
  favorites continue to be pictures
  of families and friends.

  As older children leave the
  program a few younger students
  have joined the group. The
  project hopes to be able to move
  the children on to using digital
  cameras in the near future. 2009
  marks the publication of their
  first photo calendar.

   View more photos by the
  children on our website.
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  From Books To Brilliance
                                        city of Managua, and this summer
 In 2007 St. Anthony’s partnered        purchased several hundred more.
with educator Kim Covill and her        We found that the library, closed
new organization From Books to          for nearly twenty years, had been
Brilliance to support them while                                               St. Anthony’s and
                                        relocated to a larger and more
they applied for their own non-                                                    From Books to
                                        inviting space. A handwritten sign
profit status. Kim Covill was a                                                 Brilliance teamed
                                        boasts its daily hours of operation,
patient of Dr. Teresa Balcomb who       overseen by two very capable and         up to bring over
insists that Dr. Balcomb gave her a     energetic volunteers from the           900 books to fill
subliminal message to start this        community.                                   the depleted
project while she was under                                                    shelves of several
anesthesia for hand surgery! Well,      We…are thrilled with the                 small libraries in
maybe so, but Ms. Covill and her        incredible progress witnessed at the            Nicaragua.
group certainly deserve kudos for       Samuel Vidaurre library. The
their wonderful new service             community’s children are eagerly
organization. Below are excerpts        visiting to read “stories”, and
from a letter she sent to us:           teachers are bringing in their
                                        students to introduce them to the
“With the creation of a second          proper care of books and the joy of
village library in central Nicaragua,   expanding their knowledge. The
the addition of several hundred         shelves are organized and the books
books to Mulukuku’s Biblioteca          are accessible to all. Records of
Samuel Vidaurre, and the approval       daily activity clearly demonstrate
of our 501c3 status from the            the town’s enthusiasm for this
Internal Revenue Service, From                                                  We believe that
                                        revitalized facility, and the
Books to Brilliance has much to         librarians excitedly informed us of         our small and
report. We are now a legally            their ambitious plans for its          initial effort can
recognized public charity! This is      immediate future…                               turn into
indeed a significant step toward our
mission to bring books to people                                               something great,
                                        …Central Nicaraguans have been
who do not have access to a local       creating a future for themselves               serving an
library or a book to read. We wish      since the ravages of war in the             ever-growing
to thank St. Anthony’s Alliance         1980’s took men from their                population well
for their unconditional support         households, and women were left to
and encouragement in this                                                       into the future.
                                        raise children alone. With
endeavor, and for serving as our        tremendous courage and
fiscal sponsor for the last two         determination the people of these
years.                                  villages have pulled themselves
                                        from that dark and chaotic past into
The citizens of Mulukuku are            a vibrant present with exploding
unmistakably energized and              enthusiasm…They envision a time
optimistic about the reopening and      when their children are literate and
growth of their library. In June of     well educated. Libraries with
2007 From Books to Brilliance           books for all will help to promote
purchased over 900 books for            that dream.”
beginning and intermediate readers      .
at multiple locations in the capital
             St. Anthony's Alliance • December 2008 • Page 6

                       The Captivating Aroma of The Future

                      It is hard to imagine, with the world spinning out of control economically,
                      that this year would have been such a whirlwind of success for The
Rancho La Colorada    Lavender Project.
Lavender fields
                      But in this forgotten corner of Mexico, the farmers can savor the heavenly
nearly doubled in     scent of their future as it wafts off of the four acres of lavender fields in
size in 2008 as The   bloom.
Lavender Project
continues to bloom.   One of our expressed goals as we began this economic development
                      project in central Mexico, was that families would be reunited by the new
                      economy in their village and men would be able to return home from
                      working in faraway places. This dream is steadily becoming a reality as
                      sales of lavender products have increased dramatically this year and as the
                      fields have nearly doubled in size.

                             This year with the help from St. Anthony’s and a generous
                             matching grant from the City of Dolores Hidalgo, Gto., MX of
                             $12,600, the workers built a small warehouse, installed drip
                             irrigation for their fields, and took delivery on a new still for
                             refining essential oil.

                             The seven member women’s soap cooperative has had even more
                             phenomenal success this year selling their exquisite line of soaps,
                             bath salts and body care products, bringing in sometimes as much
                             as a $800 dollars in a weekend at local handicraft markets. Their
                             soaps now are placed in five specialty stores in San Miguel de
                      The local sewing cooperative quickly recognized the charisma of the
Be sure to preview    lavender products and has now begun making hand embroidered lavender
                      sachet bags and decorative breadbaskets in conjunction with the other two
our new one page
www.thelavenderpro    The Lavender Project has just signed a contract with the luxury hotel
                      Sandhill in Menlo Park, CA to provide 1500 sachets for their guest rooms. for more
details.              Most importantly there is a sense of pride and self worth that beams from
                      the faces of these once seemingly forgotten villagers that radiates a sense
                      of future, heretofore never dreamed of.

                      Because of you, our St. Anthony’s family, we have all invested in the
                      future Rancho La Colorada, in their children, their education and their
                      dreams, by fostering and nurturing The Lavender Project these past three
                      years. And we hope to continue this support until these micro enterprises
                      are self-sustaining.
           St. Anthony's Alliance • December 2008 • Page 7

  Heaven Scent:                   Maria Fernanda Rebora

One of the reasons The Lavender Project
made so much progress this year can be
attributed to our marvelous new on site
coordinator, Maria Fernanda Rebora. A
native of Queretaro, Guanajuato, Mexico,
Maria Fernanda began her work with us in
July. With a strong background in the
hotel and retail industry and with her
natural keen eye for design, Maria
Fernanda quickly took charge of the
project, shepherding the various groups,
streamlining processes and developing
new products.

With one foot firmly planted in her
traditional Mexican heritage and one foot
in the business world, Ms. Rebora has the
unique ability to effectively educate and      The Lavender Project was strengthened this
support the villagers. In five short           year with the addition of Maria Fernanda
months, spreadsheets with cost analyses,       Rebora (center) as an on site coordinator.
understanding the need for absolute            With her in the Rancho La Colorada lavender
commitment to quality production and the       fields are Aucencio Domenzain and Jeannie
ability to plan a project from raw materials   Ralston. We celebrate St. Anthony’s good
to finished product are now within the         fortune in discovering this remarkable woman
realm of achievement for these men and         and welcome her to our operation.

A New Clinic Opens in Haiti
                                                         St. Anthony's contributed
                                                         $7500 to Haiti Projects
                                                         this year, part of which
                                                         was used to relocate their
                                                         new Clinique de la Sante
                                                         Familiale to this site in
                                                         Fond des Blancs. The clinic
                                                         is staffed six days a week
                                                         by a nurse practitioner
                                                         and a midwife. On
                                                         Sundays they have
                                                         mobile clinics in 6
                                                         outlying villages.
                                About St. Anthony’s Alliance
For the health of
                          St. Anthony’s Alliance is an international non-profit organization which supports life-
 an ailing world          saving and life enhancing interventions for the health and well being of people living
                          in moderate and extreme poverty.
                          Begun in 1992 as a public witness to the founders’ beliefs that faith and action must
                          go hand-in-hand, the board chose critical medical intervention for the victims of
St. Anthony's Alliance    Bosnia and Herzegovina as its first project. Since then, St. Anthony’s has been
4123 Montgomery Blvd.NE   involved in projects around the world – like the ones detailed in this newsletter –
Albuquerque, NM 87109
                          thanks to your generous donations of time and money.

Phone:                    Giving is easy, just return the enclosed pledge form, or go online to
                 and select the Donate Button.
                          Board of Directors:
Visit us on the web:      Jim Tryon …………..……….....
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