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Why bother with Testicular Self                  What to look for                                    What are the causes of testicular cancer?
Examination (TSE)?                               The testicle itself is egg-shaped, fairly firm to   The causes of testicular cancer are not known
Although testicular cancer is rare, it is the    touch and should be smooth and free of              but some factors that may lead to it are
most common cancer in men between the            lumps. There is also a soft tubelike structure      undescended testicle, trauma (injury), heat
ages of 15 and 34 years.                         at the back of the testis, called the               exposure and genetic factors.
                                                 epididymis. You should feel for any changes
With early detection, and recent advances in     in size, sensation, shape or consistency.
treatment, testicle cancer is one of the most
easily cured cancers.                            If you do find something abnormal it will
                                                 most likely be an area of firmness or a small
TSE is a simple procedure that can be a life     lump in the front or on the side of the testicle
saving habit.                                    (similar in feeling to a pea in a hard boiled
What are the symptoms?
The usual symptoms of testicular cancer
include a lump on or in the testicle, painless
swelling, or a dull ache or heavy dragging
sensation in the lower abdomen, groin or
scrotum. The early symptoms are mild and                                                             In most cases testicular cancer involves a
tend to be overlooked.                                                                               change that can be easily recognised in one of
                                                                                                     the testicles
How to do TSE
TSE is best done using two hands and should                                                          Detected and treated early, testicular cancer is
be done at least once a month, preferably                                                            unlikely to result in death.
after a warm bath or shower when the scrotal
skin is most relaxed.
                                                 If you find something you think is unusual,         Sexual Health Service Tasmania is staffed
Check each testicle by gently rolling them       see your doctor as soon as possible.                Monday to Friday from 8.30 am until 5.00 pm.
between the thumbs and forefingers. It is        However, remember not all lumps are due to          Clinic times vary from site to site so please
usual to have one testicle slightly larger and   cancer. TSE also can detect infections and          contact your local office for details (see contact
higher than the other.                           cysts.                                              details on the back of this pamphlet).
                                                                                                     This pamphlets has been adapted from:
                                                                                                     Australian Family Physician Vol 19, No 6 June 1990, 933
                                                                                                     Mona Vale Hospital, Health Promotion Unit NSW
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