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					We are looking for          Visit our website:
people with technical,

professional and trades
skills to help TAFE
Queensland deliver
excellence in vocational
education. The Skills
Treasury is a register
developed by TAFE
Queensland for
individuals with a keen
interest in sharing their
skills with students and
The Skills Treasury                                      About TAFE Queensland                                        Registration is Simple

Sharing your skills….                                    TAFE teaching….                                             Registering to share your skills….
TAFE Queensland values the skills and knowledge of       TAFE Queensland is the largest provider in the state        You can register to be a part of the Skills Treasury by
technicians, professionals and tradespeople and their    of quality vocational education and training. Courses       visiting our website:
contribution to skilling Queensland.                     are taught through various mediums including                and completing our simple on-line registration form.
                                                         classroom, distance, online, and in the workplace.          Once registered on the Skills Treasury, TAFE
The Skills Treasury is a register for individuals to     Across the 11 TAFE institutes and two statutory             institutes will be able to match your skills with any
express their interest in working for TAFE               TAFE institutes, over 700 skill areas are taught at         available vacancies and opportunities.
Queensland. The Skills Treasury may be of interest       more than 80 locations.
to you if you are:                                                                                                   A TAFE institute representative may then contact you
                                                         By sharing your skills with others they will benefit        to confirm your details of availability and make
    •   working in industry
                                                         from your extensive technical, professional or trade        arrangements for progressing your register of interest.
    •   returning to vocational teaching from a break    knowledge and experience. TAFE teachers train and           Recruitment activities will vary across the institutes
    •   wanting to combine work with travel, or          assess students as well as contribute to the future         and any application/selection process in which you
                                                         growth of TAFE Queensland through industry links            are asked to participate will be explained to you at
    •   already employed in vocational teaching and
                                                         and business know-how.                                      the time of contact by an institute representative.
        seeking a short-term change

Through the Skills Treasury you can indicate your        To be eligible to share your skills it is preferable that   Your record remains current for six months after
interest in short to medium term work through flexible   you have a current Certificate IV in Training and           which we will ask you to provide us with a
work options.                                            Assessment. Other experience and qualifications in          registration update. Further details are available at
                                                         your skill area/s apply. Please visit our website for       our website:
                                                         further information.

                                                         The Skills Treasury is an opportunity for TAFE Queensland to tap into the
                                                         skilled and talented technicians, professionals and tradespeople wanting
                                                         to share their skills with the next generation of students and apprentices.

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