Senior String Ensemble

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					                                                   Year 3 Compulsory String Program
                                         All students learn either the violin, cello or double bass

                     Paganini Strings
This is a year 3 orchestra, starting in term 4 for boys who
        have shown a commitment to the program

                                                                 Year 4
                                          Continuation of lessons by enrolment in private/small
                                                              group lessons

                    Kreisler Strings
    The majority of boys in this group are in Year 4

                                                       Year 5 Instrumental Program
                                          Continuation of string lessons for those who played in
                                         year 4. Option to begin learning a stringed instrument at
                                              this stage as part of the Compulsory Year 5 IP.

                      Elgar Strings
Majority of boys are in Year 5 and 6, or are allocated to
    this group as it is deemed appropriate by staff

                                                             Year 6 and 7
                                                  Continuation of lessons by enrolment

                   Cremona Strings
 The majority of boys are in year 6 and 7, but younger
   boys who meet the standard may be appointed.

                                                           Year 8 and Beyond
                                           Year 8 and Beyond – Lessons continue at the senior
                                           school. HJ King Scholarships are available from this
                                                  point onward for deserving recipients.

                                                                                   Advanced Senior School boys may participate in the
                                                                                                 Chamber Orchestra

                                                                                         Senior String Ensemble

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