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                 Sand Bypassing to Protect Coogee Beach

Sand bypassing works will take place at Coogee Beach in late October
2009 to offset minor sand piling that has occurred over the past couple of

The sand bypassing is part of Australand’s coastal monitoring and
protection program at Port Coogee.

During the three-week process from 26th October 2009 to 20th November
2009 a small section of beach immediately north and south of the marina
will be closed. This area will be fenced and clearly sign-posted for public

Sand bypassing is used worldwide as a permanent solution for sand
erosion affecting river mouths, marinas and navigation channels.

An experienced contractor will use a pipe transport system to collect sand
from the north side of the Port Coogee marina and pump it to the south

People may notice seawater around the large discharge pipe looking
cloudy during the sand bypassing, however this is normal and is safe for
people and marine life.

Australand’s comprehensive coastal monitoring will continue during the
sand bypass to assess changes in water depth around public areas such
as the Coogee Jetty.

The results will assist in refining and improving future sand bypassing, which
will be carried out approximately every three years.



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