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									Research Fellowship

South Australian Cardiovascular Research
Development Program

Instructions for applicants for funding commencing in 2011

               Closing date: 5 March 2010. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

South Australian Cardiovascular                                Application forms
Research Development Program                                   Application forms and guidelines for all Heart Foundation
In 2010 the South Australian Cardiovascular Research           research awards may be obtained from:
Development Program (SACVRDP) will offer Fellowships           •	 Our	website	
to graduates of recognised institutions who currently or
                                                               •	 By	email
intend to reside in South Australia and who propose to
engage in clinical and population health research related      •	 Phone	queries:	(03)	9321	1581	
to cardiovascular disease and related disorders. The Heart
Foundation will administer the Research Fellowships.           Correspondence
The research supported by the Fellowship must be carried       Heart Foundation
out at institutions in South Australia. Work is neither        Research Program
planned nor supervised by the Heart Foundation. All            Level 12, 500 Collins Street,
successful applicants will be affiliated with the South        Melbourne VIC 3000,
Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.              Australia
For funding to be released, applicants must be Australian
citizens or have Permanent Resident status at the time
of application. Applicants must also clearly demonstrate
an intention to reside and develop their career in South
Australia to be considered for this award.
It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that their
application is complete and accurate. In particular,
applicants must take care that their electronic applications
include all supporting documentation and are an
accurate replication of the paper application. Electronic
applications must be submitted by email as a single file
of no more than 3MB in PDF format. The electronic
and paper applications must reach the Research Office
by 5PM on the due date. Applications that are late, or
do not adhere to the instructions/guidelines will not be

  Page 1 | Research Fellowship
Application and assessment                                   •	 Research	Fellowships	are	tenable	for	three	years.	They	
                                                                may be full or part time, but of no less than 0.5 FTE.
•	 Applicants	should	list	their	qualifications	and	
                                                                Appointment as Research Fellow is not renewable.
   experience and the program of research proposed.
   It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that       Application of conditions
   two referees’ reports, providing their opinion of the
   applicant’s ability and career plan are submitted by      This document sets out the terms and conditions which
   referees or preferably forwarded with the application.    shall apply to any application made by an applicant
                                                             for funding under the SACVRDP Research Fellowship.
•	 The	assessment	process	will	encompass	the	following	      Please read these terms and conditions carefully before
   stages, each contributing to the final decision:          submitting the application and select the option for
   i.   assessment by external expert assessors –            accepting these terms and conditions on the SACVRDP
        who provide a score and comments based on            application accordingly. If you refuse to accept these terms
        the criteria of the research project proposed,       and conditions, your application will not be considered.
        the potential contribution of the applicant to       Successful applicants must enter a formal funding
        cardiovascular research in South Australia and       agreement with the Heart Foundation, in the form set out
        more broadly, the applicant’s track record and       in the SACVRDP Research Fellowship Deed. A copy of the
        an overall score for the application. This process   SACVRDP Research Fellowship Deed is available via the
        will	equate	with	a	50%	weighting	of	the	total	       Heart Foundation website. All applicants should review
        assessment.                                          the SACVRDP Research Fellowship Deed prior to applying
   ii. an interview of short listed applicants by the        for funding. All award offers will be subject to compliance
       South Australian Fellowships Committee. This          with the terms and conditions set out in the SACVRDP
       committee will be composed of three independent       Research Fellowship Deed and no negotiation of these
       researchers with suitable expertise, selected from    terms and conditions will be possible.
       outside the South Australian research community.      The Heart Foundation may, from time to time, vary
       The assessment at interview will not only explore     these terms and conditions, with such variation to apply
       the scientific merit of the application, but the      prospectively or retrospectively (at the Heart Foundation’s
       contribution to South Australian research in depth.   election).
       The	latter	aspect	will	have	a	50%	weighting	to	the	
       overall score for each applicant.                     Funding from the tobacco industry
•	 The	South	Australian	Fellowships	Committee	is	            Fellowship Grant applications will not be accepted from
   responsible for short listing applicants for interview.   individuals, research groups or research institutions who
   Fellowship interviews will occur in either Adelaide       receive funding by way of research grants, consultancies
   or Melbourne. The interview dates for each year are       or sponsorships from the tobacco industry or persons
   indicated in the application form. Applicants must be     connected with the tobacco industry. This includes direct
   available for interviews on these days. Interviews may    funding, as well as advertising, sponsorship, gifts or loan of
   be conducted by telephone; however, the interview         goods or services, or funding by any other means.
   must still occur between the dates listed. All those
   interviewed will be sent copies of the Fellowships        Activities
   Committee report.
                                                             Research	Fellows	shall	spend	a	minimum	of	80%	of	their	
•	 Recommendations	from	the	Fellowships	Committee	           time on research. Participation in teaching and attendance
   are considered by the SACVRDP Scientific Advisory         at advanced courses relevant to the research program
   Committee and final approval for funding is made by       may be allowed if they occupy only a small proportion of
   the Heart Foundation South Australian Board.              time. The private practice of medicine and routine clinical
•	 Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their       or administrative duties are not compatible with the
   application in mid-2010. Successful applicants are        Fellowship. Fellows may not receive regular remuneration
   given administrative details about the funding.           or grants that contain additional salary support in addition
                                                             to the Fellowship award except with the prior approval of
                                                             the Heart Foundation.
Research Fellowship eligibility criteria
•	 The	purpose	of	the	Research	Fellowship	is	to	develop	     Stipends
   the career of Australian citizens or permanent
                                                             •	 The	stipend	determined	for	the	Research	Fellowship	is	
   residents, who are 3-10 years post MD or PhD. These
                                                                $90,000	per	annum.	
   applicants are expected to have spent at least 3 years
   actively contributing to cardiovascular research in       •	 The	SACVDRP	Research	Fellowship	also	includes	
   Australia. Suitable interstate and overseas applicants,      project funding of $60,000 per annum over the three
   with a strong track record in cardiovascular research        year tenure of the award. This funding must be used as
   will also be considered; however, a commitment               per the research program outlined in the application
   to a research career in South Australia must be              and	an	acquittal	will	be	required	annually.	The	project	
   demonstrated.                                                funding may be used for relevant travel to support the

  Page 2 | Research Fellowship
    development of the career of the Fellow holding the          through public donation. Public awareness of the Heart
    award.                                                       Foundation’s role in funding research, particularly
                                                                 successful research, is therefore crucial. For this
•	 Funding	will	be	paid	to	the	administering	institution	in	
                                                                 reason, receipt of a Heart Foundation Fellowship
   quarterly	instalments	and	in	advance.	
                                                                 places obligations on the Fellows and their institutions
•	 Funding	offered	is	inclusive	of	Superannuation	               about involving the Heart Foundation in any publicity
   Guarantee Contribution, workers compensation, leave           surrounding the research.
   loading and payroll tax.
                                                                 High impact publications arising from your Fellowship or
•	 The	commencement	date	of	a	Fellowship	for	payment	            key presentations at national or international conferences
   purposes is the date on which work is commenced at            are excellent topics of interest for the media. We ask
   the institution, or as specified in the letter of offer.      that you contact the Research Manager in advance of
                                                                 publications going to press or conference presentations
Concurrent or other appointments involving                       occurring.
                                                                 Where a media release or conference is planned, it is
The Heart Foundation may provide entitlement for a               the responsibility of both the Fellow and the institution’s
Research Fellow to engage in a small amount of additional        media office to give the Heart Foundation’s Research
paid work; however, permission must be sought from the           Office	adequate	notice	of	the	release	or	organisation	of	
Heart Foundation prior to the work being undertaken. A           the	conference,	and	to	accommodate	reasonable	requests	
Fellow proposing to accept a substantive paid appointment        for the Heart Foundation’s participation in the publicity.
will	normally	be	required	to	resign	from	the	Fellowship	         In addition, Fellows may be called on to participate in
appointment. In such cases, the Fellow shall advise the          the Heart Foundation’s promotional initiatives, such
Heart Foundation in writing and in advance.                      as presentations to major donors or the preparation of
                                                                 promotional materials.
Administering institution
                                                                 Similarly the affiliation of the researcher with the South
•	 The	administering	institution	shall	provide	the	facilities	   Australian Health and Medical Research Institute will
   and services necessary for the efficient conduct of           place an obligation to involve the Institute in any planned
   research during the term of the Fellowship in South           publicity.
•	 The	Heart	Foundation	expects	that	all	administering	          Acknowledgment in publications
   institutes will have appropriate policies and                 Award holders are expected to make the results of
   procedures in place to deal with any allegations of           their research available through the usual scientific
   research misconduct that may arise.                           channels. The support of the Heart Foundation shall be
                                                                 acknowledged in any publications or media publicity
Certification of expenditure                                     arising from research supported by the Foundation. E.g.
An authorised officer of the administering institution           ‘This work was supported by a Research Fellowship
shall submit to the Research Manager by 13 March,                (Award Reference No) from the National Heart Foundation
a statement of expenditure (expenditure form can be              of Australia”. The affiliation with the South Australian
downloaded from our website) for the Fellowship as at 31         Health and Medical Research Institute must also be
December of the preceding year. At the completion of the         acknowledged.
Fellowship, a final statement shall be submitted, at which       One copy of any reprints or published paper shall be sent
time any unexpended balance shall be returned to the             to the Heart Foundation’s Research Director.
Heart Foundation. Failure to submit this document may
jeopardise any future funding applications.                      Previous Heart Foundation funding

Termination of award                                             Previous funding by the Heart Foundation does not
                                                                 preclude an individual from submitting an application
A Fellowship shall be terminated if the Fellow does not          under the SACVRDP program. However, applicants must
observe the conditions of the award. When a Fellowship           ensure	that	they	have	met	the	reporting	requirements	for	
terminates any unexpended balance shall be returned to           all previous research awards. Failure to provide progress
the Heart Foundation. The Fellow must advise the Heart           or financial reports for previously funded Heart Foundation
Foundation if the research ends for any reason.                  awards will jeopardise the funding of this application.
                                                                 Please ensure that all progress reports and financial reports
The obligations of Heart Foundation                              have been submitted prior to the submission of your
Fellows                                                          application to ensure that your application is accepted.

Media coverage of the research                                   Availability of Fellows as expert assessors

The ability of the Heart Foundation to fund research             The increasing complexity and broadening of knowledge
is dependent entirely on its ability to raise money              about	cardiovascular	disease	requires	the	maintenance	of	
                                                                 a large national panel of assessors. For this reason, there

  Page 3 | Research Fellowship
is an expectation that Fellows be willing to be included           Crown to whom it is customary for the Minister to
on the assessor database and be available to review                disclose information (whether or not the Minister is
applications by researchers in other states.                       legally obliged to do so); or
                                                               •	 to	the	Government	as	a	consequence	of	constitutional	
Assistance at Heart Foundation special events
The Heart Foundation may call upon Fellows to provide
assistance, where appropriate, with publicity and other        Completing the application
special events. This could include presentations at donor
functions, fundraising events and health and medical           Q1. Project title
professional conferences, or other public relations
activities such as being interviewed or featured in Heart      This scientific title will be used to identify the application
Foundation media promotions.                                   and should accurately describe the nature of the project.

                                                               Q2. Research experience
Conduct of research and clearance
                                                               Please state date (month/year) PhD was awarded/ MD
                                                               Graduation. Please also state how many years since your
Safe-guarding the rights and welfare of human subjects         MD and/or PhD was awarded 3-10 years (max).
involved in research, and maintaining high standards for
the humane treatment and welfare of animals used during        Q3. Administering institution
the tenure of a SACVRDP Fellowship is the responsibility
                                                               The administering institution shall provide the facilities
of the Fellow and of the institution in which the award is
                                                               and services necessary for the efficient conduct of research
                                                               during the term of the grant. The Heart Foundation
Research funded by the SACVRDP shall be conducted in           does not provide funds for administrative charges to
accordance with the Australian Code for the Responsible        administering institutions.
Conduct of Research (2007). Clearances for research that
                                                               A researcher may only relocate within South Australia
involves any of the following shall be obtained from the
                                                               during the term of the grant and he/she must notify the
appropriate Ethics Committee and/or Biosafety Committee
                                                               Heart Foundation in writing. Written confirmation that
prior to the commencement of the research. The Heart
                                                               the	requisite	facilities	and	services	will	be	provided	to	the	
Foundation will not release funding for this award until all
                                                               researcher for the remainder of the grant term must be
copies of all clearances have been received.
                                                               provided by the new institution. If the researcher moves
                                                               interstate or overseas during the tenure of the award, the
Privacy legislations                                           funding will be terminated.
In accordance with the Privacy Amendment (Private              Please ensure all contact details provided for the Research
Sector) Bill 2000, individuals, investigators or research      Administering Institute and the officer responsible for
institutions associated with a Research Fellowship Award,      administration of this award are accurate throughout the
shall	abide	by	the	NHMRC	Guidelines	under	Section	95	of	       application.
the	Privacy	Act	1988.	
                                                               Q4. Applicant
                                                               Personal Details:	Enter	your	requested	personal	details.	
All Research Fellowship applications shall be treated
                                                               Current Appointment: Provide details of your main
confidentially by the Heart Foundation and will be
                                                               appointment, institution, date of appointment, current
used only for undertaking the assessment and approval
                                                               level of appointment and address.
process for the purposes of the SACVRDP. The applicant
acknowledges that this assessment and approval                 Citizenship Status: If born in Australia, copy of passport or
process	may	require	the	disclosure	of	the	development	         birth certificate must be submitted with application or for
grant application (and/or related information) to third        applicants whose country of birth is other than Australia,
parties, including without limitation assessors, interview     a copy of Australian citizenship or permanent resident
committees and the South Australian Minister for               certificate must be submitted.
Health (for the purposes of the Cardiovascular Research        Qualifications: Enter details of up to three most recent
Agreement between the Heart Foundation and the Minister        and	highest	qualifications,	including	year	and	conferring	
for Health, through which the SACVDRP is co-funded).           institution.
The applicant acknowledges that the Minister for Health
may, in certain circumstances, need to disclose the            Previous appointments: Please include all previous
development grant application:                                 appointments.

•	 to	Parliament,	the	Governor,	Cabinet,	any	Minister	of	      Q5. Referee nominees
   the Crown or any Parliamentary or Cabinet committee
   or sub-committee;                                           Applicants must arrange for two referees to prepare reports
                                                               giving their opinions of the applicant and their ability
•	 to	any	agency,	authority	or	instrumentality	of	the	

  Page 4 | Research Fellowship
to carry out and benefit from the proposed research or           The	Heart	Foundation	does	not	require	copies	of	ethics	
training.	The	referees	will	also	be	required	to	provide	         clearances from Research Fellows as we recognise that
comment on the applicant’s career plan within South              multiple projects will be undertaken during the tenure of
Australia. It is desirable that one of the two referees          the	Fellowship.	However,	confirmation	is	required	that	you	
required	be	the	applicant’s	current	or	most	recent	              agree to obtain all necessary ethical clearances prior to the
supervisor. Applicants are strongly encouraged to ask            commencement of any research undertaken.
referees to provide reports to them, rather than directly
to the Heart Foundation to ensure that these reports are         Q1O. Research environment
submitted with the application.
                                                                 (a). Include details of facilities, infrastructure and funding
It is suggested that candidates forward a copy of their               that will be available to support your proposed
application	to	the	referees	when	requesting	a	report.	The	            research activities (half page maximum).
absence of referees’ reports may prejudice the application.
                                                                 (b). Justify the choice of host institution, department and
The candidate may include completed referee’s reports
                                                                      supervisor within South Australia (10 lines maximum).
with their application or ensure that referee’s submit an
electronic copy of the report to the Research Office. The        Q11. Simplified project title
applicant must ensure these reports reach the Research
Office by 5PM on the application due date. The Heart             This should be suitable for release to the media or for
Foundation will take no responsibility for notifying the         general publication.
applicant or the Research Administering Office if the
referee reports are missing.                                     Q12. Project synopsis
                                                                 Describe overall aims of the research and expected
Q6. Proposed start/end of fellowship                             cardiovascular health outcomes. Please avoid the use of
Please indicate the proposed start and end dates of              technical terms and write this section for an audience with
Fellowship. This will be subject to approval by the Heart        little or no scientific background. This should be suitable
Foundation.                                                      for release to the media or for general publication (15 lines
Q7. Research commitment
                                                                 Q13. Project significance
Please state the percentage of your time you will spend
conducting	research.			If	less	than	100%,	please	indicate	if	    (a). Specific aims
you are applying for a part time award as a proportion of             List the specific aims of the project, including a clear
Full	Time	Equivalency	(fte)	where	1.0	is	a	Full	Time	award.		         statement of the specific aims and hypotheses to be
Please note, that applications of less than 0.5fte will not be        tested (15 lines maximum).
accepted.                                                        (b). Potential outcomes
                                                                      In lay terms list how your research will contribute to
Q8. Current grants                                                    the Heart Foundation mission of reducing suffering
Please supply details of current grants on which you are              and death caused by cardiovascular disease (focus
a named investigator approved for research undertaken                 on clinical or public health significance) (10 lines
during this fellowship tenure. Indicate your role in each             maximum).
                                                                 Q14. Publications
Q9. Clearance requirements                                       Include a maximum of 50 publications which have been
Safe-guarding the rights and welfare of human subjects           published, or accepted for publication, in refereed
involved in research, and maintaining high standards for         journals in the last five years. Up to 6 publications
the humane treatment and welfare of animals used during          most relevant to this application may be marked with an
the tenure of a SACVRDP Fellowship is the responsibility         asterisk. The list should be numbered and each reference
of the Fellow and of the institution in which the award is       should include title, authors, journal name, year, volume
tenable.                                                         and page numbers. Please add impact factors and citations
                                                                 for each of your publications as well as the relative ranking
Research funded by the SACVRDP shall be conducted in
                                                                 or importance of each journal within its field.
accordance with the Australian Code for the Responsible
Conduct of Research (2007). Clearances for research that         Q15. Research career and track record
involves any of the following shall be obtained from the
appropriate Ethics Committee and/or Biosafety Committee          (a). Track record will be judged relative to opportunity.
prior to the commencement of the research. The Heart                  Provide details (one page maximum) of significant
Foundation will not release funding until such clearances             scientific achievements (excluding information
are received.                                                         provided in other sections about publications). Any
                                                                      additional information will not be submitted to
Applicants must indicate which ethics clearances will be
required	for	completion	of	the	research	project	proposed.		

  Page 5 | Research Fellowship
Information may include details of invited presentations,       Q17. Research plan references
awards and prizes, representation on major scientific
                                                                The reference list for the research plan should be one
bodies, published books or reports, professional activities
                                                                page maximum. Use a minimum font size of 12 point,
or other significant recognition of scientific achievement
                                                                Arial (or similar). Any additional information will not be
etc. Also include any details of patents, licences, spin-
                                                                submitted to assessors. Any relevant publications of the
off companies etc resulting from research you have
                                                                applicant should be listed under Q14. References should
conducted. List any grants held on which you are/were a
                                                                include title, authors, journal name, year, volume and
named investigator and indicate your role in the project
                                                                page numbers.
(do	not	repeat	information	given	in	Q8).	Information	
additional to that provided in Q2 on any changes in career
                                                                Q18. Signatures
direction or significant interruptions to career progress may
be given, if considered relevant.                               Only	required	on	hard	copy	of	application.	
(b). Outline your career plan within the South Australian       Signatures	are	required	for	Applicant,	Head	of	
     research environment over the next 0-5 years (one          Department, Head/Nominee of Administering Institution,
     page maximum).                                             and Verification by Research Administrative Officer.
Applicants must demonstrate future career plans within the      Signature by the Applicant certifies that all details given
South Australian cardiovascular research environment to         in the application are correct and they agree to carry out
show a commitment to remaining in South Australia after         the project in accordance with the Heart Foundation’s
the completion of the Research Fellowship or to returning       current Conditions of Award for Fellowships and in
to the state after a short interval, so as to contribute        accordance with the principles of the Australian Code for
actively to the health and medical research field in South      the Responsible Conduct of Research (2007).
Australia.                                                      By signing, the Applicant and Research Administrative
Q16. Research plan & figures                                    Officer confirm compliance with all instructions in the
                                                                application form and understand that failure to do so may
Provide details of your previous, current and proposed
                                                                result in the withdrawal of the application from the review
research highlighting those contributions that stand out
in your area of research (six pages maximum). Figures
may be included. A minimum font size of 12 point must
be used. Please note that prior to forwarding to assessors,
any submission less than 12 font will be reformatted to 12
font and anything exceeding the limit will be removed.
Additional pages will not be forwarded for assessment.

  Page 6 | Research Fellowship
Research fellowship
application checklist
•	 Please	complete	this	checklist	before	submitting	               •	 Please	ensure	that	only	12	point	Arial	or	similar	
   your application.                                                  font is used in your application.
•	 Applicants	are	responsible	for	ensuring	that	all	relevant	      The electronic copy should be emailed to
   information has been included in both electronic      	
   and hardcopy of the application, including referee
   reports. The Research Office will not be responsible for
   ensuring that electronic and hardcopy applications are          One (1) hardcopy should be posted to:
   complete.                                                       Research Program
•	 Note	that	your	application	will	only	be	valid	if	you	           Heart Foundation
   submit the hardcopies and the electronic copy to the            Level 12, 500 Collins Street
   Heart Foundation by the due date - late applications            Melbourne VIC 3000
   will not be considered and nor will any paperwork               Australia.
   submitted after the due date.

 1. Hardcopy application                                                                                            tick when

 Layout of application form has not been altered. All entries on the application form are in 12 point Arial font.
 One original single-sided copy of the application is required on standard A4 paper (stapled in the top left
 hand corner)
 Include all attachments:
 Citizenship status or permanent residency or copy of birth certificate or passport
 Curriculum vitae
 Academic transcripts
 Referee reports have been submitted to the research office AND included in hardcopy
 Question	9	Clearance	Requirements	-	Signed	by	applicant
 Application has been signed by applicant, head of department, head/nominee of administering institution &
 Research Administrative Officer
 Complete application has been submitted by mail or courier

 2. Electronic application
 PDF version of the application maximum email size of 3 MB. Please name your file using the following
 convention: Surname_cDA_Year (e.g. Smith_cDA_2008)
 Include all attachments:
 Citizenship status or permanent residency or copy of birth certificate or passport
 Curriculum vitae
 Academic transcripts
 Referee reports have been submitted to the research office AND included in electronic copy
 Emailed	to

  Page 7 | Research Fellowship

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